Best Skateboarding Lessons For Kids Arequipa Near Me

Skatepark La Marina Skatepark Independencia adidas Store Arequipa, Real Plaza adidas Originals Store Arequipa

1. Skatepark La Marina - Arequipa

路 30 reviews

Av La Marina, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Skatepark La Marina: what do users think?
Ebert Gustavo Aponte Valdiviezo: A nice skatepark to practice the sport of skateboarding. It is recommended to go in the morning since at night, like everywhere else, there are people who want to harm others.They should put more security but in conclusion it is a nice place to practice the sport.
Alejandro Cornejo: was god
Alberto Salome: I took off the mrd but they received me well
gustavo brayan mamani huisa: It's nice and good place to skate
Juan Carlos: Super cool, children and young people have a lot of fun, healthy environment, the police and serenazgo visit it constantly
Maycol Henrri: Good place to hang out whether with friends or not
adolfo c juno: needs cleaning
Jose San Roman: there is always someone practicing
Emerson Andres: Cool place, in the day
Jorge Mendoza diaz: I love
Luis Miguel Chavez: Place where Skate is practiced.
dlajp pchd: to pass the mouse

2. Skatepark Independencia - Alto Selva Alegre



路 16 reviews

JFJG+X94, Alto Selva Alegre 04003, Peru

Skatepark Independencia: what do users think?
Maria Luisa Barreda Paredes: Very good facilities
DeNnIaN: Good place
Robert Quispe Acero: It is good to play with children
Rubi Pe帽aloza: A nice place to spend time with the family you can take food the games are themed well-kept areas very clean I recommend it
Joel Fernandez: I like your skate park
yonathan castro: normal
dlajp pchd: To spend the time.

3. Quiksilver - Arequipa

路 1 reviews

HFQH+MM2, Arequipa 04002, Peru


4. adidas Store Arequipa, Real Plaza - Yanahuara

路 40 reviews

Real Plaza, Av. Ej茅rcito 1009, Cayma 00003, Peru

Address Website
adidas Store Arequipa, Real Plaza: what do users think?
Danitsa Fern谩ndez: Good products only direct you a lot to buy online
Saul Coa: I didn't find what I was looking for..and they don't help you..everyone is very, I got help.
Nexmi Medina: Good place to buy sportswear
Anthony Ortiz Vargas: Variety of offers and models of shoes, it lacks more models of another for boys and girls.
Guillermo Pareja: has news
luis angles: All nice, except the attention of the cashier who attended me yesterday 01/26/21, who was more concerned about what was happening on her PC than attending to me and more with a face of few friends
JOSE DANIEL MACEDO PUMA: Very good prices and the attention not to mention ...
Julio Sillo Lima (Linnk): Very good
Christian Saenz: Excellent products, very clean and organized place, and very good service
Fernando Barrientos: I went to see the prices 馃槑馃捀馃捀馃捀
LESLIE GABRIELA RAMIREZ HUAHUACHAMBI: Adidas remodeled its store about a year ago. It is a store with a very well distributed space, the staff is friendly, the capacity of people inside is met, it has a variety of shoe designs.
Dariel Santillana (Dariel`Z): no new models
Gabriela Madeleine Diaz: terrible attention
Abel DdelaV: Bad attention
Yvan Velazco: The lousy attention
Natalia Ord贸帽ez Guill茅n: Bad attention, arrogant staff
luz mariela garcia mendoza: Large store but need to vary products
Kenny Ray Meza arias: A great place with several options to buy sports
Lucas Nicolas Medina Mu帽oz: need more shoes

5. adidas Originals Store Arequipa - Jos茅 Luis Bustamante y Rivero

Av. Porongoche 500, Arequipa 00033, Peru

Address Website
adidas Originals Store Arequipa: what do users think?
juan carlos del campo: Chevere
Julio Meniz: Spacious and well cared for.
Nelly Flores: Excellent quality products.
Edwin Fern谩ndez: Good service and good deals
Econ. Jessica Rangel: Shop Adidas Items
JOSE DANIEL MACEDO PUMA: Good...good prices
william lazarte: missing models
Mauricio angelo taco gonzales: Fast attention. Precise and complying with security protocols.
Paul Arce: Good offers.
Fernando Barrientos: The running shoes are good but very expensive 馃捀馃捀馃捀
Jefersson 鈥淛efood鈥 Garcia: Cool
Aldo Cerpe: Undoubtedly the best sports and urban clothing store.
Oscar Flores Fernandez: The people who serve you are very friendly and always give you options when you have problems with the models or their availability
Sisko sgty: Good attention. The bad thing is that they don't have a variety of models in the store. If you like something from the web store. You must place your order, they do it here too.
Carlos P茅rez: Good
luz mariela garcia mendoza: Little variety of merchandise
Juan Medrano: Adidas mall adventure opens 10 am
Jaime Valdivieso: One more store
Luis Emiliano 鈥淟uisEmiliano鈥 Ponce Zanabria: There is not much variety.
Victor Rosas: Good site, good products... but they haven't renewed it for a long time
soraida chavez: Missing models For children

6. Oakley - Yanahuara


Address WhatsApp

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