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notaria rodriguez velarde Notaría Llerena CIVA | Transporte y Turismo Arequipa

1. notaria rodriguez velarde - Yanahuara

· 47 reviews

Miguel Colina More 9, Arequipa 04017, Peru

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notaria rodriguez velarde: what do users think?
Franzs Peralta: Terrible attention, I waited like 2 hours and they never attended me.
Cevichopp Barra Mar: Terrible service and never answer the phone
Mariela Isabel: Very bad attention, especially from lawyers, I do not recommend it and its prices are very high compared to others in the city.
laura molina: Very bad attention….. I recently had an accident inside the place. They did not have a miserable cotton pad or emergency kit….terrible! The lady who attends the front is despotic, no one comes to ask or see what happened. I went to the clinic on my own and they sutured me…, I had an expense of 800 SunsAnother thing. They never answer the phone, to make a simple query and avoid going to the place….and to top it off, if you are going to pay you have to wait for the cashier to finish her pleasant conversation on the phone so that she can take care of you. It's not the first time I've seen that behavior in her, she seems to do it on purpose i. I'm not the only person who has this opinion.Horrible attention
Rene Mendoza Huamani: Excellent attention...
Enzo Miguel Bedregal Zevallos: The infrastructure is very nice, improve attention
Idearte Studio Peru: Excellent attention. Deep knowledge of Dr. Javier Rodriguez of notarial and registry law.
Ricardo Salazar: Terrible, they do not solve the problems
Ada Luisa Chávez de Urrutia: Quick and friendly service. Also economical.
Linsfordh Leif Torres Manrique: He lacks better fluidity in attention
Giancarlo Bocchio: I went to legalize a signature and they attended me quickly and efficiently.The staff was very friendly
Ursula Diez Canseco: Good service but you have to wait a bit
Christian Ordoñez: Very good. Although they took time to give me attention because of how full it is, they completed my process in a short time.When you enter, a receptionist attends you to guide you in what you need, she also gives you a number to queue. The waiting area is very small. But the place is well organized. The prices are high I guess it's for the area. But it was worth it because of how fast and efficient they did my process.
Lucia Mendoza: Terrible attention, they look at you with a face that their work disgusts them, they don't care about solving anything. The only thing they say is that I don't know and I don't care, they attend with such reluctance, honestly the worst attention I've received. I would never go back to that place again.
Patricia Posadas: They never answer the phone, for reports and they tell you that a requirement is missing, you have to go to the notary
yonathan aguayo anccasi: Terrible attention, they left me waiting for 1 hour to make a query, the ladies are dedicated to chatting and do not attend to you.
Cesar Augusto Quenta Quilla: Terrible, I wanted to know the status of my procedure that a month ago I made a purchase and the number of the operator never answers... I go like 30 minutes without answer.I will have to go in person and expose myself to the crowdI will never come to this place again, a thousand times another notary. Notary Rodríguez Velarde went bad with their lousy customer service...
Ruben Mamcilla: Good attention 🤠
alvaro sotomayor: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,Value
Matthew Flow: Positive:Professionalism
Roger Mamani Aquise: Terrible service, programs in advance for the delivery of documents and they ignore it. I do not recommend them.

2. Notaría Llerena - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero



· 32 reviews

Urb Guardia Civil, Americo Carpio 108, Paucarpata, Peru

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Notaría Llerena: what do users think?
Carlos Chambilla Zamata: Bad experience in their method of payment, they force you to pay in different accounts and in cash, creating discomfort for the client, they should anticipate, I go to another notary that accepts everything in a single payment. Being these delayed policies because nobody pays for a service separately. If you go, go with cash.
Luciana Llerena Flores: Very good attention, trained and respectful staff and a modern and spacious place. Satisfied with the service provided. Keep in that way!! 👏
jose leonardo neira trujillo: Excellent attention.
Luz Chacon: Normally her performance is fast, but yesterday we had more than two hours in writing and the lady failed and failed, perhaps she lacks training or ordering herself in the documentation
Emiko Orozco Nashiro: Excellent attention, prices according to the market and the Notary is very clean
ANA GABRIELA LANCHIPA MENDOZA: Very kind in attention, and advice in procedures
Eda Salas: Good attention, the advisers are good, super efficient
Yessy Angelica Apaza: Thank you, for the support in the procedures, they are a great support
Giuliana Solis Gutierrez: It is a very cozy place, and professional treatment of its collaborators I hope they continue like this, successes
Juan Miranda Chávez: Very professional and efficient in their work
Xiomara Herrera: Very good attention, they are very well organized and the advisers provide accurate information
Jorge Mattos OA6DWH: Very good atrnction! Excellent treatment
Luis Cordova Salas: For having good attention, speed in the procedures highly recommended
Evr Enrique: Thank you for your guidance and the empathy you had with me from the moment I consulted for reports, until the end of the process I carried out within the notary's office, a good, spacious and safe environment.
denver rendon paredes: Very good attention thank you
Dagne Salas: Excellent work by the notary and her workers
Gracela rosa Durán salas: Very good attention and very kind with people
Angela Giuliana Lanchipa Gutierrez: Very good attention !!! The ladies are very attentive, everything is clean, the procedures are well advised, super recommended !!!!
HECTOR ARMANDO SALAS TITO: The area for registering notarial letters is very good. Good service.
Cesibel Cordova salas: Without a doubt, the best Notary Public in Arequipa, good professionals and modern infrastructure.
Mirella Salas: Excellent service.

3. Abogados en línea Arequipa - Arequipa

· 2 reviews

C. Santo Domingo 205, Arequipa 04000, Peru

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Abogados en línea Arequipa: what do users think?
Carlos Layme: Critical:Quality

4. CIVA | Transporte y Turismo Arequipa - Arequipa

· 76 reviews

Av. Arturo Ibáñez S/N counter C-41 y C-42,, Terrapuerto de Arequipa, Arequipa, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
CIVA | Transporte y Turismo Arequipa: what do users think?
Dulman Chávez: It is full destinations, all of Peru from north to south and from south to north, it can carry all luggage of open weight
Victor Soto: The Misses The reception staff are very kind, and they take time to attend to everyone.The place is clean and well organized.Although I noticed that the only public clock that would be of great help to travelers, was not working.
Brisa Ramos Díaz: comfortable and safe
Luis Miguel Chavez: Interprovincial bus company.
C Mitma: Terrible service
MAGNO RAÚL RIVERA MAMANI: Very responsible when selling tickets
Edgar U Rondon O: Civa charge, bad attention they don't take care of things broken things arrive
Thomas Fernandes: Entreprise de voleurs, prenez Cruz Del Sur, ne jamais prendre leur compagnie de bus. Ces gens nous on royalement laissé sans nouvelles alors que le pays sombre dans les manifestations et les blocages de routes a répétition et que le bus que nous avions réservé était annulé. Ils ont par la suite jamais voulu nous rembourser. Aucun courriel ne nous a été envoyé et leur soit disant système de communication, a.k.a Facebook et Whatsapp, ne nous on jamais répondu. Ils osent même mettre une adresse courriel qui ne fonctionne pas dans leurs contacts. Honte à vous. Cruz Del Sur nous ont rembourser eux.
Alfredo Pari: Good car
wilfredo luis galarza camarena: Good attention 👍👍👍
anthony huachaca meza: Comfortable
Maritza Castillo: Very good attention and BIO security protocols
Brigitte Ayvar: Their phone lines are down and they have no refund policy.
Stephen Booth: Be very wary of this company. They sold me tickets for a bus that was never running and refused to give me a refund.
Kibsaim sanchez escobal: 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
Ender Steven Phillips Veliz: Despite everything, it is still one of my favorite companies to travel to
Never Settel: No air conditioning, even I told driver it is too hot turn please the air conditioning but no reaction. Seats for long distance not suitable. They are only 120 or 140 degrees.
Rocío del Carmen Mandujano Medina: It is very good to travel by civa, it goes fast and excellent service
VENTAS PROVINCIAS: Exclusive is good transport service, somewhat expensive and they do not give refreshments or snacks
aldo nacor C.T.: Good service, in transportation comfort is what stood out in my trip.
Edwin Gallegos: Dirty buses with a bad smell, lousy

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