Best Sports Outlets In Arequipa Near Me

Specialized Arequipa Andesgear Aventura Todo Sport Monark Arequipa Bata 2 Arequipa Mall Aventura Plaza Arequipa

1. Multideportes Arequipa - Arequipa

· 11 reviews

Av. La Paz 308, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Multideportes Arequipa: what do users think?
Florentino Mamani Borda: The vendors do not know if they sell sportswear or something else, they are lost
Adolfo Vilca: Variety of products
Adrián Lazo: It is a well-equipped store, and the treatment of the staff is very good.
Oscar Flores Fernandez: The prices are somewhat expensive if one requests them online from other suppliers but it has a varied stock and it gets you out of trouble
Hever Antonio Iriarte Valenzuela: Very good
Maximo B.B.: The customer service is a bit bad due to the attitude of the sellers, but apart from that everything is fine.
Brayan Vera: Variety and fast service!
Henry Zapata Luque: Variety of products at a good price
Max Sihues: Well-appointed. Badminton rackets are over
Luis Loayza Casas: They have a variety for all sports, but the venue was too small for them
David Calla Mendoza: They had what I was looking for
Gino Solis: Variety of products.
Diego Pulido: Very good, the only bad thing is that it is somewhat expensive
george chani: Excellent atention
Raúl Cortez: Excellent service
Diego Perez (Music FLAC): Excellent attention, a benchmark in sports equipment.

2. Sport Store - Arequipa



· 1 reviews

Centro Comercial Via Xristo, Int. 116, Av. Siglo XX 218, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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3. adidas Store Mall Aventura Arequipa - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 59 reviews

Av. Porongoche 500, Arequipa 04002, Peru

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adidas Store Mall Aventura Arequipa: what do users think?
juan carlos del campo: Chevere
Julio Meniz: Spacious and well cared for.
Nelly Flores: Excellent quality products.
Edwin Fernández: Good service and good deals
Econ. Jessica Rangel: Shop Adidas Items
JOSE DANIEL MACEDO PUMA: Good...good prices
william lazarte: missing models
Mauricio angelo taco gonzales: Fast attention. Precise and complying with security protocols.
Paul Arce: Good offers.
Fernando Barrientos: The running shoes are good but very expensive 💸💸💸
Jefersson “Jefood” Garcia: Cool
Aldo Cerpe: Undoubtedly the best sports and urban clothing store.
Oscar Flores Fernandez: The people who serve you are very friendly and always give you options when you have problems with the models or their availability
Sisko sgty: Good attention. The bad thing is that they don't have a variety of models in the store. If you like something from the web store. You must place your order, they do it here too.
Carlos Pérez: Good
luz mariela garcia mendoza: Little variety of merchandise
Juan Medrano: Adidas mall adventure opens 10 am
Jaime Valdivieso: One more store
Luis Emiliano “LuisEmiliano” Ponce Zanabria: There is not much variety.
Victor Rosas: Good site, good products... but they haven't renewed it for a long time
soraida chavez: Missing models For children

4. adidas Store Arequipa Real Plaza - Yanahuara

· 37 reviews

Av. Ejercito NRO. 1009, Cayma 04014, Peru

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adidas Store Arequipa Real Plaza: what do users think?
Danitsa Fernández: Good products only direct you a lot to buy online
Saul Coa: I didn't find what I was looking for..and they don't help you..everyone is very, I got help.
Nexmi Medina: Good place to buy sportswear
Anthony Ortiz Vargas: Variety of offers and models of shoes, it lacks more models of another for boys and girls.
Guillermo Pareja: has news
luis angles: All nice, except the attention of the cashier who attended me yesterday 01/26/21, who was more concerned about what was happening on her PC than attending to me and more with a face of few friends
JOSE DANIEL MACEDO PUMA: Very good prices and the attention not to mention ...
Christian Saenz: Excellent products, very clean and organized place, and very good service
Fernando Barrientos: I went to see the prices 😎💸💸💸
LESLIE GABRIELA RAMIREZ HUAHUACHAMBI: Adidas remodeled its store about a year ago. It is a store with a very well distributed space, the staff is friendly, the capacity of people inside is met, it has a variety of shoe designs.
Dariel Santillana (Dariel`Z): no new models
Gabriela Madeleine Diaz: terrible attention
Abel DdelaV: Bad attention
Yvan Velazco: The lousy attention
Natalia Ordóñez Guillén: Bad attention, arrogant staff
luz mariela garcia mendoza: Large store but need to vary products
Kenny Ray Meza arias: A great place with several options to buy sports
Lucas Nicolas Medina Muñoz: need more shoes

5. Specialized Arequipa - Yanahuara

· 20 reviews

Av. Ejercito 504, Yanahuara 04013, Peru

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Specialized Arequipa: what do users think?
Tijmen van Loon: Don’t know about the quality of their bike service (although I would guess it’s on point given their professional shop and friendly attitude), but Oscar helped me greatly with information and contacts to hike the Misti volcano. I came to the shop looking for a bike box and left with the idea to climb Misti instead. Super friendly people with a good command of English.
Carlos Eduardo Cabrera Godinez: Good attention and bicycles, you find everything for your bike.
José Mauricio Llerena Juárez: Everything for our pedaling
Jaime Chavez: Sale of Specialized bikes although a bit expensive but worth the investment
Lucia Delgado: Excellent service, highly recommended.
Jose Cayro: Good service, good products.
Edgar Sánchez: Excellent!
Guillermo Velarde A.: The excellent attention
Connie Valdeiglesias: The hours that appear here are a lie, it's 2:24 p.m. and the workers say they have already closed when one of their pages shows that they close at 3pm. And on this ad it says 8:00 pm. I think that if they have money to spare or it's hard for them to work, they should remove these ads from the Internet.
Cesar Salas: Personalized service, they have almost everything for the cyclist and they give you good advice. It has a workshop in the same store. And good bikes for sale, even electric.
Renzo Carpio: 👍👍👍
Bryce Mancell: Got the basics, good spot and has a bike mechanic on staff.
Carlos Valdez: Excellent products and maintenance service.
Christian Castro Socolich: Excellent treatment
Renzo Rodriguez: 👍🏼

6. Andesgear - Arequipa

· 18 reviews

Santa Catalina 210, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Andesgear: what do users think?
Perica Matijevic: Permanently closed!
Alexander Daniel Arratia Pérez: Good atmosphere
Juan Carlos Chávez Flores: They have a wide variety of accessories for all kinds of extreme sports.
jeff g.: Small but complete mountain gear shop. Good selection of North face and Mammut. They have a deal with the business around. So grab a bite a tanta restaurant or a guided tour at the monastery and you'll get 20% discount in the shop :)
Patricio Fuentes (Patostudio On Go): Technical clothing and camping and climbing equipment store.
Mercedes Valdivia: Very good!!!
Sven Adams: Bought a small North Face travel bag here upon arriving in Arequipa. Paid a European retail price, which I was ok with. Only, the next day we visited the monastery which is just across the street and found out that you are entitled to a 20% discount on the entire collection at Andesgear if you present your admission ticket!! We went back into the shop and asked them about this. All 3 salespeople claimed they did not know about this and refused to offer us the discount after sales or any other commercial gesture for that matter. Needless to say we did not believe one word they said and were quite annoyed, if not angry. So word to the wise: first visit the monastery and then go into this shop. If you still trust these people that is...
Brock T: Really nice outdoor store that carries a nice selection of North Face. Great spot to gear up with quality goods before Colca Canyon or other treks. Expect to pay retail prices but it's tough to find good stuff outside of Lima. Highly recommended.

7. Quiksilver - Arequipa

· 1 reviews

HFQH+MM2, Arequipa 04002, Peru


8. Aventura Todo Sport - Arequipa

· 1 reviews

HFXC+XF6, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

9. Monark Arequipa - Yanahuara

· 21 reviews

Av. Del Ejercito esq. con, José Gálvez, Arequipa, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

10. Bata 2 Arequipa - Arequipa

· 22 reviews

C. Mercaderes 108, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

11. Mall Aventura Plaza Arequipa - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 16574 reviews

Av. Porongoche 500, Paucarpata 04002, Peru

Address Website

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