Best Shuffle Courses Arequipa Near Me

1. Urban Dance AQP - Arequipa

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9 reviews
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Urban Dance AQP
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Address: Maria Nieves y Bustamante 110, Arequipa 04013, Peru

Schedule: Open until 1:30 PM

Telephone: +51 994 516 364

Business type: Dance school

Urban Dance AQP: what do users think?
Charlangas: The best 🔥❤️
LU BI: (Translated by Google
Luz Chilcho: An academy where you can find good teachers to do excellent choreography.
anny lama calle: Visit the Av Dolores headquarters, they are on the third floor, there is no elevator in case you want to know, the dance room is wide with mirrors, the dance teacher for children is friendly, her choreography is elaborate and believe it or not the children they follow his step. Reasonable costs. I hope they have more hours for children soon, now only on Saturdays.
José Alejandro Canchillo: A good place and good service
the whitejack: they no longer exist... at least in that place
Jeremy Zapana: I want to go

2. Escuela De Baile Si o Si - Arequipa

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20 reviews
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Address: Av. Goyeneche 507, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +51 958 484 251

Business type: Dance school

Escuela De Baile Si o Si: what do users think?
Alessandra Rodriguez: Excellent, super patient
Jean Carlos Luna Ito: 100% recommended
angela Núñez: Recommended 💯 classes from 0!
Ricardo Müller alarcon: Critical:Quality
victor QA: The best place to learn salsa and bachata in Arequipa
Yeny veronica Estofanero mamani: Honestly I am disappointed muxo
fabiola guillen meza: Very good teaching I love it
Yashira Condori: I would like to teach
Julia Clemen: Beautiful

3. Casona 7 - Arequipa

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28 reviews
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Casona 7
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Address: C. Palacio Viejo 325, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Schedule: Open until 3:00 PM

Telephone: +51 941 083 932

Business type: Function room facility

Casona 7: what do users think?
Willy Murillo: Nice place with live music, the space does not allow many people and it is nice for a night of healthy fun.
Juan Carlos Salinas Neyra: In addition to having a great stage and very good or delicious appetizers at a good price, they are well located or in a central place with easy access and arrival.
Alfredo Urrutia Vizcarra: Beautiful, elegant, culture and history are breathed
Jesus Egoabil: Very good place, pleasant surprise
Juan Carlos Portillo: Cozy place, they present good musical shows.
Carmen Cecilia Barreda Kraljevic: I really like the atmosphere and its good coffee
marilyn nifla: Personalized attention, calm atmospheres, live music... I love it...!!!
Luz Marina Urday Guzmán: An excellent place to be with friends, its good firm, and the dances, the young people are professionals when dancing, a cozy place.
MATEO VILLACIS: Good show and food.
Sara Ruiz: Bad food. Great live music.
Maria Luisa Barreda Paredes: Excellent place to dine and enjoy good shows
Juan Carlos Rivadeneyra Monje: Very rich and very good shows
Regina Torres: Well all music, treatment, venue, attention and security highly recommended.
Katia Gangitano: Highly recommend this experience. Wonderful staff and dancers. Great price for a buffet meal and show. Don’t miss this if you’re in Arequipa.
Chari GM: . No pueden perderse de esta experiencia Arequipeña(Translated by Google
Lya Mendoza del Solar: The place is very nice to listen to live music with a drink and a snack. The brochettes are delicious. The pisco sour doesn't convince me but the mojito is fine. The calm and welcoming atmosphere invites those of us who are past our thirties in good weather to come back and enjoy the different and varied shows.
Ted Williams: The Casona7 restaurant provides several hours of entertainment from 4 energetic dancers dressed in national Peruvian costumes, along with a delicious dinner served in a classic room (Arequipa white sillar stone interior providing good acoustics). We were impressed with the quality and extended duration of the dances. A narrator explains the historical context before each set, the dancers perform on a close stage, and then some come down into the audience table area. Behind the stage, a screen shows colorful pictures of Peru between the dance sets. The dinner and dance combination is at a fixed price and provides a good value. Casona7 was a highlight of our visit to Peru and Arequipa.
daniel pacheco: Excellent place, safe, comfortable and a very pleasant atmosphere. It has everything you need to enjoy good Peruvian gastronomy. various environmentsas a cafeteria ⛾ very nice, salad juices 🥗 organic As well as a multi-event room for corporate, business, social and cultural events. Live concerts with the best artists from Peru and the world, a cast of dances in colorful costumes and outfits. It is very close to the Plaza de Armas and has garages around it for your comfort. I recommend it 💯%
Flor Esteban: Cozy atmosphere, very good food, varied environments, very varied dances, good value for money

4. Boxes Karaoke - Arequipa

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215 reviews
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Boxes Karaoke
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Address: Av. Dolores, Arequipa 04002, Peru

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 PM

Telephone: +51 963 967 871

Business type: Disco club

Boxes Karaoke: what do users think?
franck monteagudo: Food: 1/5|Service: 2/5|Atmosphere: 3/5More
Elizabeth Bejar: Terrible place, both as a worker and as a client, I worked one night in the place, because they required staff and I went, they scammed me with a false bill as payment, when I went and complained, the manager or supervisor hid and did not show his face, the person who It was the administrator who took care of me who lacks the capacity to manage said place, in the end they did not pay me what they owed me, they very arrogantly denied me any solution, and they refused to pay me for the work, they pay 60 soles a night for 7 hours, they keep 35% of the tip you generate, it is advisable to tip them in cash if you want it, and as a customer they take a long time to serve you, they deny food products, they prioritize those who pay or ask for the most, and those who they don't just leave you waiting, lousy place, I don't recommend it for work or to go and eat
Lucia Ramos: very dreary
Leonardo Favio Velasquez Mendoza: Good place to go with friends, with good drinks and decent food.
Raquel Silloca Castro (Pandita :3): A good place to hang out with friends. The food and drinks very rich.
Hugo Tumpay Pizarro: very excellent
Luis: Good food
gimena rodriguez: Very good
Francisco Iván Aragón Parra: It is a very good place to spend singing. Delicious food and drinks too. We were attended by Montserrat who was very kind. Good one!
Yuli Nieto: 35 the private box, good service, good attention
Suleyka Aguirre: Excellent place to sing, to go in a duo or private groups 👏
cecilia lar: You do not pay entrance, only consumption but... I did not like the drinks, they had no flavor, the attention was very regular.
Mario Gamero Diaz: Excellent placeExcellent service
Javier Angel Rodriguez: Piola, to share with friends!!!
Image 7colors: Excellent place, pleasant with ample space for group enjoyment, a first-rate environment for all ages!
Edison Luigi Madueño Ponce (Edi): An exclusive place, with excellent attention and privacy, recommended
Carmen Albarracin: super place!!!!! I had so much fun!!!!!
Abimael Saico: The best in karaoke.. It gives you privacy and comfort..
Sergio Rodriguez Bom Simas: Privacy, attention to detail
Alejandra Obando: The last time I went, it was many years ago and the experience was very bad back then. Today I was invited to a birthday there, and I see that the service has improved a lot. There is still room to continue growing and improving, but I have a pleasant experience today.I hope they continue like this
Gabriel Puma: It has several pleasant environments.

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