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PERU ADVENTURE TOURS E.I.R.L: what do users think?
Warner en Anita Tiemensma/van Brederode: Uitstekende organisatie. Reageert snel op vragen in e-mail. We hebben de private tour “DAY TOUR AND HIKE IN THE LAGUNA DE SALINAS AREQUIPA” gedaan en dit was een perfecte dag, mede door onze gids en chauffeur!
Haiduc Cosmin: Trully recomended!Well organised, good equipment and fair price!
kisology: мы брали трехдневный тур в каньон Колка и на вершину Чачани с личным гидом. В первый день на каньоне Колка мы позавтракали в 7 утра, закончили наш трек в час дня и потом два часа просто сидели на дороге и ждали автобус! Почему нельзя было организовать машину при стоимости тура в почти 700$ не понятно. Нас предлагали подвезти за небольшую плату, но гид отказывался и в итоге мы потеряли пол-дня. По плану у нас были термальные источники, но в городе мы оказались только в 16:30, все это время не было ни еды, ни даже перекуса!!! Конечно, уставшие и обгоревшие от сидения 2 часа на дороге мы побежали есть, так и не посмотрев город и источники. На след день гид сказал, что наш автобус в 9, но оказалось он ушел по расписанию в 8:30 и мы опять просто ждали автобус. Затем был обед - кусок сухого хлеба с тонкой колбаской и помидоркой, и все! Конда машина привезла нас на 5000м гид несколько раз проговорил, что машина будет ждать нас на этой высоте. Мы поднялись на 5200, мне сразу стало нехорошо, но гид не делал ничего. Сказал только выпить обезболивающее, если у меня есть. Ночью стало плохо моему парню, мы не смогли пойти на вершину, гид сказал, что надо дождаться рассвета. Сам спокойно вернулся в палатку и храпел до утра. Утром мы кое-как собрали наши вещи и пошли вниз. Оказалось, что машина нас там не ждет и у гида не ловит телефон, он никак не может вызвать машину! А если бы что еще более серьезное случилось?! Как можно так организовывать тур?! К счастью, мы встретили другого гида, она вызвала нам машину и прождав еще час, нас, наконец, эвакуировали. Моему парню было очень плохо, я чувствовала себя нормально. Наш ужин был в 6 вечера, всю ночь мы не спали, и утром тоже. Но когда я сказала гиду утром, что хочу есть - единственное, что он мне предложил - немного орехов. Я не рекомендую эту фирму для организации ваших туров, в перу много других достойных операторов. Это неоправданно дорого, но еще и опасно для жизни!
Marisol Cainero: There is all that I love
Mo Al: These guys are hero's!First very sincere and faithful in their work. They did their best for us to bring us in safety during the demonstrations.They took care of us the whole trip and offered food and drinks as if we were their family or friends. Saul and Carlos were driving very careful and very professional. They know the way as experts.More important is the clear communication and honesty. They knew that we were in emergency and wanted to leave the country but they didn't make use of that to ask more money. They requested exactly the usual price of the tour from Arequipa to Puno.Thank you guys, we trusted our lives in your hands and you were very adequate.
Eliáš Slunečko: Scammers. I tried to rent a car. The company asked me to send money (1500USD) on private account. All the certification on their website is more than 10years old. Definitely frauds. I consulted that case with our Embassy.
Fabienne Peter: You want some fresh air and silence? We booked the half-day trekking on the Misti-volcano. Our guides Marcello and Marco Antonio were always really friendly and told us a lot about the peruvian culture. At our top we had a stunning view at sunset. It was just amazing, thanks a lot!
El Mer: There are dozens of travel agencies but if you choose Peru Adventure Tours, you won't be least for us, it was a very good choice! First, the site of this agency is visible on the Net. It is so extensive (even to excess ;-) ) that you have all the useful and necessary explanations, ranging from the description of the different tours by category, with what is included or not, recommendations, how to book , payment methods, terms and conditions, FAQs… in short, everything from A to Z! No surprises on arrival!The adventure began in 2019 with the reservation for autumn 2020... as the coronavirus arrived, the postponement to 2021 or even 2022 was immediately proposed by Saul Ceron, the director of the agency. Peru only reopened its borders in mid-2021 and Saul advised us not to rush... the postponement to 2022 was very good advice!The day before the first tour allows us to take stock with the staff. We also met Saul who offered us some modifications. He was very good advice once again and we really appreciated the changes.Bike tour in Colca Canyon, transfer to Puno, excursion to lake Titicaca, transfer from Puno to Cusco via Langui Lake and three other lakes and bike tour, four days Inca trail trek, Maras Moray Ollantaytambo Pisac … super wow tours !In addition to the great landscapes, you can count on the competence and kindness of the guides and drivers, on their knowledge, on their humor, on equipment in very good condition (mountain bike in this case), on a car that is always very clean despite all the dust stirred up… wow wow wow! Great times! Thank you to all of you who make Peru Adventure Tours a great agency and allow us to have an amazing vacation! We will not forget your address if we return to Peru!
Raffaela Ackermann: We had an amazing adventure climbing Chachani in one day - thanks so much! Everything was perfectly organised, our guide Jarly was just perfect and we loved it!
Gwen: We hadden last minute een privé tour geboekt voor El Misti. Peru adventures heeft toch een gids die Engels spreekt voor ons kunnen regelen. Fernando, de gids, heeft veel tips gegeven wat wij in Arequipa kunnen doen. Hij gaf ook veel tips voor onze reis in Bolivia. Tijdens de tour heeft hij erg goed voor ons gezorgd. Betrouwbare tour. Top dag gehad!
marco mayta: An incredible adventure tourism travel agency!!!
Emily Zhang: Great tour company! We did the Isla Ballesta and Huachina tour. Our tour guide ROSE was amazing! Rose and the tour company made everything super convenient and easy for us. For example, they picked us up from our hotel on time and took care of our luggage by keeping it in the car. We were dropped off with Rose to Isla Ballesta, and she handled the tickets for the boat ride. The boat tour was incredible and had English translation too! We saw many sea lions and penguins which was amazing. Ride was def windy so bring a jacket (November is when we went).Once we got back to main land, we went to Huachina. Rose was extremely knowledgable and give us a great backstory of the area. Rose was with us the whole time. We did the sand dune ride and the driver was AWESOME. The best sand dune ride of my life, the driver took many exciting and fun paths that made the ride extremely thrilling. Best part Rose came with us which was nice. Our driver also stopped at a nice top spot to watch the sunset which was not in the scheduled plan, which made the experience more authentic and genuine.Overall, my family and I had a great experience with this tour company and Rose is the best! Highly recommend.
Jose Cueva: Excellent service
Ivan Dillinger: On Thursday 23rd of January 2020 we had absolutely amazing tour COMPLETE EXCURSION TO RESERVA NACIONAL DE AGUADA BLANCA Y LAGUNA Salinas.Prior the tour I contacted Peru adventures via email. All communication was clear and good organized.We had pick up at our hotel at 6:15 am on Thursday 23rd of January. Our driver Saul Ceron and our guide Salome Gomez were waiting for us with comfortable 4x4 suv Toyota.We departed shortly after and head to national reservation. Our first stop was in small village Chiguata with beautiful church and square.After approx 2 hours we arrived to laguna Salinas. Amazing view and short trek for 1 hour around. Trek was quite challenging because of hight altitude. Our guide Salome adjusted to us. She is very attentive and she helped us with high altitude sickness. She offered us some cocca leaves and explained how them work and how we should chew them. She gave us excellent information about nature and history. As well we get to know plant Chachacoma which helped a lot.Later on we continued to rock forest of Puruña. On the way we saw plenty of lamas and alpacas. We were lucky to see Vicuñas.When we arrived, we had a snack - chocolate, banana and orange. To gain some energy. Rock forest offered astonishing views. This place is a hidden gem. We were also lucky to see El Misti mountain when clouds shattered.Followed by a lunch in small restaurant. Lunch and drinks were include with selections of many sandwiches and soft drinks.I have to say that our guide Salome is absolutely amazing. Far above expectations. She is very funny, attentive, carrying and super knowledgeable. She told us some much about Peruvian nature and culture. She took pictures of us on various viewpoints. She encouraged us on treks and had plenty of useful tips to help us with high altitude. It was genuine pleasure to spend time with her.Our driver Saul was great as well. Funny and professional. We felt very save when he was driving on bumpy roads. He definitely knows how to handle difficult roads and we enjoyed magnificent views on the way.Thank you Salome and Saul for this experience. This was absolutely fantastic tour and we enjoyed every second.Warm regards boys from Czech RepublicDaniel + Ivan + Ondra.
Hamish McIlveen: Bought a ticket with this company from Uyuni to La Paz. The blockades in La Paz caused the bus to be cancelled. No refund was given
Elena Boschini: Awesome company! Elida is the best guide ever! Super passionate and knowledgeable about her country and culture.
H. Stephen Olson: Saul Ceron in Arequipa is a very poor communicator and unprofessional booking agent. Didn't return emails, did not respond to questions and on the last day before my tour was supposed to happen I was told by the agency the tour would not happen. I walked to the office 3 times in 3 days and was disappointed at every interaction. I would recommend not using this company and instead working with the smaller more genuine agencies around the town.
becky dieffenbach: Had a wonderful experience going to the Reserva National for a half day with our trusty guide Johan. Johan was thoughtful and knowledgeable, always checking in to see how we were doing and sharing with us information about Misti and the area. I would recommend Peru Adventure Tours and especially Johan!
Clipton Mayhua Coaquira: Travel agency with different programs for all tastes
Simran Afsah: I do not recommend Peru Adventure Tours. We went in to schedule a mountain bike excursion with the agency and we were told (and confirmed by their website) that the tour would include an hour and a half ride up the mountain and 3 hours on the bike. Additionally, were guaranteed an english speaking guide. In the end, we ended up spending 1.5 hours in the car, as expected, but only 1.5 hours on the bike. Also, the guide did not speak English and even told me that at one point he could speak english conversationally, but now he cannot (I speak Spanish so i could understand all this, but my partner does not and this proved to be a difficulty.) Lastly, the guide provided no information during the tour-- he didn't tell us where we were going, how long we would be on the bikes, or anything about the surroundings--instead, he kept talking to me about his girlfriends... We requested a refund from the shop and we were given a small percentage of our money back after significant hassle. Overall, this was a bad experience!
Lorenzo Pierini: Molto precisi e affidabili. Abbiamo fatto 2 giorni in bici per il Colca Canyon e mi sento di consigliarli. Unico neo l'albergo in cui abbiamo soggiornato a Chivay, però la città di suo nn offre niente di molto meglio.

2. ColcaTrek - Arequipa



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B, C. Jerusalén 401, Arequipa, Peru

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ColcaTrek: what do users think?
Katherine d'Elloy: We had a great time discovering the Colca Valley with Vlado. He has so many stories, an immense cultural background and took us to absolutely breathtaking non touristic places. Go and book that tour it is so worth it. The Colca Valley and its surroundings are an absolute must do when in Arequipa.
Nicolò Piccione: L'esperienza con Colca Trek è stata indimenticabile! La nostra guida Vladi era preparatissimo e il nostro driver Michi super simpatico e anche un ottimo fotografo per le foto ricordo. Ricorderò sempre il baile del condor che ci hanno insegnato.Sono stati giorni stupendi, abbiamo visto panorami unici, che toglievano il fiato, e imparato moltissime cose: tour consigliatissimo!
EDGARD BELTRAN: Good attentionWith experience in tourism
Luuk Deen: Vlado is the best guide. Thinks about everything and makes you feel extremely comfortable
Lotte VDE: Our 3 day visit to the Colca canyon was just what we wanted: in a group of 6 people with Patty, our very kind and professional guide and Erly, our very kind and safe driver. Golden duo, it was very nice to travel with this agency! We were able to visit the Colca canyon in very calm and charming way, with avoiding the big crowds (e.g. we were alone at Cruz del Condor). Last but definetely not least, we had the opportunity to sleep in the amazing Colca Trek Lodge. Highly recommend!
Helber Paredes Tairo: I went to the Cotahuasi canyon, not the Coloca
Simon Cuerden: I did the two-day Colca Canyon tour. The tour was undoubtedly good but it was not great.Firstly, the staff were definitely amiable although the information I was given beforehand did not adequately prepare me for the trip.I was specifically told to bring insect repellent. I have no idea why. This was completely unnecessary because I never had to use it. Secondly, nobody bothered to give me the most important piece of advice: bring warm clothes! Nobody in my small group had done so either. In fact, a group member told me that before the tour she had explicitly asked if she should bring warm clothes and was advised it was unnecessary. I was freezing cold at night. This annoyed me because I had warm clothes – back in Arequipa! Yes, it may be hot during the day, but the temperature drops dramatically at night. Nobody bothered to tell me this.I was expecting a lot more information on the tour but didn’t receive very much. If I contrast this to my Sacred Valley tour near Cusco, we were constantly informed.The first part of the trip involved an off-road visit to some striking rock formations. Our guide took us on a short walk. However, we got to a point where we were at the bottom of a short but steep incline. It was tough to scramble up and felt dangerous. If I’d fallen, I could have hurt myself. I thought this was an unnecessary risk.The walks we did were pleasant but were nothing extraordinary. One involved stopping on the road and walking alongside observing local wildlife – but we were walking along the side of the road! I had expected something a little more uplifting than this.When we arrived at our hotel, it was pleasant but very cold. This could have easily been avoided if someone had told us to bring warm clothes! (Yes, I know I’m harping on about this, but this issue would have been so easy to avoid.) We went for an early evening walk nearby. It was okay, but I wasn’t too impressed at the amount of garbage on the footpath. It was pretty depressing to see. Once we got to the edge of the canyon, our guide asked if we wanted to proceed further. But we were all so cold that we asked to turn back.On the second day, we went on a bicycle ride. Most of it was downhill so it didn’t require much effort. The views were lovely, and this was fun. This was an enjoyable excursion.The food at the lodge was decent and basic – but it wasn’t exceptional. By the way, the lodge doesn’t have internet. Although my cellphone provider, Claro, had an excellent signal, it would have been nice to know about the lack of internet in advance. After all, for better or worse we live in a connected world – and it would have been better to have known this beforehand.The van we travelled in was comfortable enough, but the door rattled slightly. This made for quite a noisy journey. I know this may seem trivial, but for a long trip, it matters. The constant juddering was a bit jarring.We were asked to complete a questionnaire at the end of the trip. This is always a good idea, but for a questionnaire to accurately reflect people's opinions, it’s much better to give guests the privacy to complete it. Then you are more likely to receive an accurate reflection of what they think. Why so? Well, some people are happy to discuss things in person while others are more non-confrontational and prefer to privately give their thoughts on paper. This was not possible, as our guide was hovering over us the entire time and immediately read the questionnaires after they had been completed.As I said, this tour was certainly good but not great. Judging by how much this cost compared to other tours, in my heart I cannot really recommend it.
Tim Peelen: Perfect information provided about hiking in the region by vlado. Most kind and helpfull person you will ever find :)
Robert de Vos: We did the 2 day/1 night Colca Trek and it was great! We were picked up early in the morning at our hostel by a private bus from Colca Trek. Here we met our tourguide Savino and our driver Michi. These two really made our trip even more special because they were so much fun together! Very high knowledge level and always time for some jokes (often at expense of each other :) ). The first day you drive towards Colca Canyon and make multible stops on the way to look at nice places, nature and animals. At the end of day one you arrrive in their beautiful lodge with a magnificent view of the canyon. There is a nice fireplace where you can have a drink and relax. The second day you have a walk along the canyon towards the viewpont of the Condors, also beautiful (we saw 3!). After this you have a bikeride down and enjoy the magical scenery. All in all a great experience, Savino and Michi thank you!
Martin Gonzalez Ramirez: Had a great experience climbing the Misti with Johan Zarate. I have climbed a few similar-profile mountains and he's the best guide I've encountered so far. Without his support and management, both mentally and physically (setting the right pace), our group wouldn't have made it to the top. Very glad we climbed with him and thanks to Colca Trek for organising it at such short notice (36 hours).
yanet bellido: 🤬
Debora Martins: Disappointed with the food served.
Gard Hulzen, Van: Mooi maar niet heel bijzonder omdat je door steile wandelingen niet erg ver komt in twee of drie dagen . In drie dagen. Is de trip goed te doen, in twee dagen doe ik of dag 1 veel.
Christian W.: We made a tour to the Colca Canyon and we loved it. We was never be a part of the crowd and could see each stop with a good explanation of the guide. The night in the lodge was very comfortable with an amazing view. And of cause, our group was first to see the condors.
angelica c: Bit hard, accommodations in the oasis were very simple
Angéline Berthet: We had a wonderful trip with Mihail Soto alias Michi, a human person who did everything to make us stay the best trip ever away from others tourists.Thanks a lot colca trek and Michi to organise our trip of fantastic 4 days
Thiago Moulin: The Colca Canyon is a great place to see, but I would not recommend doing a tour. Rather, it seems to me that it is a better value to rent a car, drive around there and stay in a nice hotel (such as the Colca Lodge with hot springs).I will start from the beginning: If you plan do book this online know that they do not have any system implemented and everything is done over email (more prone to mistakes too). You have then to wire $100 to them to make sure you have a spot. This was more complicated than it seems with my bank and there was a $20 fee involved. Colca Trek made an exception and I transferred them the money over Western Union, which saved me such fee. Still, very cumbersome process.I booked the 2 day tour. Initially, it was advertised that we would be picked up from our hotel and that we would go to hot springs at the end of the second day. About a month prior we received an email stating that they would not be able to pick us up, rather, we would have to go to their store to get the van. About 15 days prior to the tour we get another email stating that the hot springs are too crowded and that we would do a hike instead. It surprises me that being in this business for so long they could not anticipate how the hot springs would be and not falsely advertise such a feature in their tour.Very well, we go on our tour. First thing to know is that the Colca Valley/Canyon is a 3h drive from Arequipa. Add in the stops to pee, have lunch, see animals (llama, vicuña, etc) and some rock formations and you've spent pretty much all of your first day with very, VERY skippable things. After dropping our stuff off at the nice hotel they have there, we go on a short hike down to where the Valley narrows down into the Canyon and watch the sunset. This was great, but lasted 30 min, maybe less.The second day starts early. We go to the Cruz del Condor and arrive there around 7:30. No condors in sight but it was quite nice seeing the beautiful canyon with no tourists around. We go to our downhill bike experience. This lasted 30 min max, which was such a shame. Instead of touring down slowly and appreciating the vistas, our tour guide rushed the way down. Given that we were instructed to stay together and follow him, we all finished this activity so much faster than it should have been. The views are incredible. The valley and the ancient terraces are wonderful. Unfortunately we were not able to enjoy it as much as we could. We then head back to the Cruz del Condor, around 9:00 and this time we see so many condors. It is now packed with tourists too.To end the day we go on a pretty mediocre hike to a lake. Why we didn't use this time to see more of the canyon/valley is beyond me. We then go back to the hotel, have lunch and then head back to Arequipa.Now here's why I think you should go to the canyon but not do a tour: the best thing about the Colca, by far, is its geography and the terracing. The condor watching is also another highlight. None of this requires any knowledge. There's no hidden gems. It's right there. If you drive around, stopping at the miradores that you think are nice you'll have a much better, unique and exclusive experience, not having to share it with a 16 people tour. Our tour guide, Sabino, was a nice guy, but the information he offered is not worth the price you pay - in money terms (US$190/person) but also in having to pace yourself with the other 16 people, never really having solitude in a place that kinda requires quiet admiration, etc. Also, the food we ate was ok (I think it's almost impossible to eat bad food in Peru) and the hotel is nice, but, again, not worth $190/person.If you are a couple, and decide to rent a car and stay in the Colca Lodge, for example, you'll spend less, stay in a much nicer hotel, spend as much time as you want admiring the canyon and can then use the savings to buy a good book on the history of the Colca ;-) .
Patrick Dec: Wir hatten eine unvergessliche Zeit während unserer 2-tägigen Tour mit Colca Trek. Alles war von Anfang bis Ende super geplant und organisiert. Auch auf einen kurzfristigen Streik in Arequipa wurde bestens mit einer Alternativroute zum Colca Tal reagiert. Unser Guide war extrem freundlich und hat uns unglaublich viele interessante Sachen zum Tal, der Natur, den Menschen und den Tieren erklärt. Der Fahrer war ebenfalls absolut klasse und hat uns sicher und zuverlässig von Ort zu Ort gefahren. Die Übernachtung in der Colca Lodge war auch ein super Erlebnis, die Leute alle sehr nett und das Essen war extrem lecker! Wir würden sofort wieder über Colca Trekk buchen, die Tour war ein absolutes Highlight unserer gesamten Peru-Reise!
Guillermo Caballero: An unforgettable experience, descending into the depths of the Colca and feeling the micro climates is fabulous, the richness of the valley, the use of pre-Inca platforms and the landscapes make this trek something fabulous.
Imke Schoppink: We had an amazing tour with Colca Trek to the Colca Canyon. At first we wanted to do a tour where we would hike more but we're glad that we didn't because the altitude hit us harder then expected. In stead of walking we biked a lot which was a very nice alternative. With the tour we drove to a beautifull lodge with a lot of stops on the way to watch wildlife and nature scenes. The lodge is wonderfull with an amazing view over the mountains and very nice staff. It gets super cold at night and they put warm water bottles in our kingsize bed.The absolute best thing about out trek was our guide Sabino. He was born in the canyon and gives a lot of interesting information about the flora and fauna in the region. He is very friendly and helpfull and takes very good care of the people in his group, especially if you suffer from altitude sickness. He also taught us how to make amazing pisco sours.And he makes sure you get to see Condors!

3. Pablo Tour Travel Agency - Arequipa

· 27 reviews

AB-1, C. Jerusalén 400, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Pablo Tour Travel Agency: what do users think?
Ornella: Si paga più degli altri tour? Sì! C'è un motivo? Eccome!!!Tour di due giorni, solo per noi (eravamo in tre).Guida preparata, guidatore attento, sistemazione ottima, pasti buonissimi.Tour lontano dalla folla e molto interessante.
Angela Hunter: This tour agency was recommended in Lonely Planet, although more expensive than other tour operators in town we couldn't fault them! Edwin was very helpful & their tours are more bespoke than others, we would highly recommend them. We did the Nature & Culture tour to Colca Canyon & it was excellent, as was our guide, Marcelo & driver, Ephraim.
Y A: We are a retired couple, and we really enjoyed receiving personal, efficient, attentive, prompt and very professional service from Mr. Edwin, the owner of Pablo Tour. We chose two-day tour plan in Colca Canyon. Every detail of the tour plan prepared by Mr. Edwin was carried out to our complete satisfaction. The tour included just the two of us, together with the excellent guide Mr. Honorio and the skilled driver Mr. Efrain, and we traveled in a comfortable, clean and well-equipped jeep. Mr. Honorio was very sensitive to our needs all along, treated us well and took care of us with great attention.The tour was instructive from a historical, social, geological, botanical and cultural point of view as well. We had a very good experience, which we will remember for a long time
Karla Olivera: We did the semi/private 2 day Colca Canyon trek. We were the only ones on the tour so it ended up being a private tour. You get what you pay for!! We had the best experience with this tour company. Their route is different from the other tours and it works!! We didn't see any other tour companies in our route. The food was good. The accommodations were perfect. We had the oasis to ourselves and we were able to spend plenty of time in the hot springs. The tour guide was punctual. He said he was going to be there at 4am and he was at the door exactly at 4am. Both the driver (Efrain) and the tour guide (Marcelo) were very friendly, knowledgeable and patient. I couldn't ask for a better team. Marcelo was very patient and stopped for breaks when we needed to. Just in case you are wondering if you are physically able to do this trek, I go to the gym everyday but I do zero cardio. I only weightlift. My boyfriend does zero physical activities but he has an athletic built. I'm 43 and he is 39yo. We completed the trek with no issues. Of course it's challenging but we are so glad we did it. The views are amazing!!!I took protein bars to eat in between meals, trail mix and water. 1 change of clothes and pj's for 1 night. Bathing suit and sandals. They rent towels at the oasis and the hot springs. If it's rainy season, bring a poncho. You'll need it!! Hat and sunscreen. Walking poles. Bring a headlamp or a flaslight for the 2nd day. Bring cash if you want to get snacks or water on the way.If you are wondering about the political turmoil in Perú, we didn't encounter any protests.There was police presence in most touristy places that we visited. We felt safe everywhere we went.
Jamie Halpin: An incredible experience from start to finish climbing Volcano Misti.Reaching the summit was unforgettable and something I'd recommend to anyone. My girlfriend and I opted for a private tour which meant we could climb at our own pace.Pablo's Tours were incredibly responsive and helpful, with everything running smoothly and on time. The equipment that we borrowed (tent, sleeping bag, ski jacket and trousers, etc) was all in excellent condition.Our guide, Johan, and our porter, Harley, were first class: professional, patient and very helpful. We would not have made it without them.Highly recommended.
Simea Bachmann: Marcelo and Ulysses created a wonderful Colca-Cañon-experience for us. Well organised, equiped, attentive and informed, they tailored the hiking-tour to our needs. We definitely recommend Pablo Tours for their high-quality services.
Jesús Villar Fernández: We did the 2D/1N excursion and the experience is 100% recommendable.Marcelo is an excellent guide with whom we were able to get to know the Salinas y Aguada Reserve, do some treks that were not touristy at all, try 100% local food and enjoy the condors and viewpoints of the Colca canyon at little-traveled times.The accommodation in Cabanaconde was also excellent.
Lucia Gonzalez Contreras: The experience doing the cultural tour of the Colca with this agency was wonderful, the best choice without a doubt. 100% recommended, we would repeat without thinking about it. Special mention to our Guide Marcelo, an excellent guide.
Maciej Piekarski: Together with my wife we did the 2 day Colca Canyon trek with Marcel, one of their guides.Since it was a low season, we got a private tour but usually its up to 6 people. Marcel made everything go smooth and on schedule but at the same time let us enjoy the trek at our own pace.Going the opposite direction is definitely the way to do it. You won't get stuck in traffic with other tours and arrive at the oasis before lunch - best time to go for a swim in the pool. The climb back up on the 2nd day is less steep and covers more distance, giving you a better chance to enjoy various views of the canyon in the soft morning light.We got significantly better (and more) food than other groups and everything was included in the price (no hidden costs) which also made the whole experience better!
Víctor Sevillano: Three times as expensive as the rest of the agencies on the same street. They don't even give valid information, and they try to scare the tourist into hiring their tour, when it can be done for free, without problem. Waiky and Quechua agencies are much better!!
Pablo Villa: Excellent experience with this agency. We wanted an experience away from the typical tours and crowds as promised and it is exactly what they finally offered us. Edwin is a very close and committed person, he attended us despite booking very little in advance. Once the tour started, we met a French couple who undoubtedly added great value to the experience. Honorio, our guide during these two days. He is an absolute crack... he is a great professional, with outstanding teaching skills and a great cultural background. I hope we meet him again one day. I cannot fail to mention Vidal, a great driver and person.I definitely recommend doing the Colca tour with this agency. The price increase compared to other tours is more than justified.
Óscar Jiménez Arranz: Excellent experience! We were able to see the Colca Valley in a different way than the rest of the tours, without crowds and at our own pace. Edwin was great with us and Honorio, our guide, phenomenal doing his job and excellent in the personal treatment. I would repeat without hesitation!
Sonia Rodríguez: en el tour más el guía y el conductor. El guia inmejorable, Honorio sabe muchísimo, nos explicaba todo super bien y nos ha encantado como profesional y como persona. La ruta que hacen es genial, ves todos los sitios sin aglomeración de gente y prácticamente solos, algo que nosotros valoramos mucho. El hotel donde pasamos noche muy limpio y lindo y las comidas realizadas durante el tour también muy ricas!!! De verdad recomiendo al 100% este tour.(Translated by Google
NATHALIE CANY-GODARD: Nous avons choisi Pablo Tour, pour une visite de 2 jours dans la vallée du Colca.Nous adressons à toute l’équipe nos très sincères félicitations et remerciements pour l’organisation du Colca Tour dont nous sommes revenus avec de très belles images et souvenirs.La restauration ainsi que l’hébergement nous ont satisfaits.Quant au guide Honorio, il a été absolument parfait, de la gentillesse, du professionnalisme.Nous les recommandons chaleureusement.
szabó éva: I went to Pablo Tour Agency with a lot of questions and Señor Edwin gave me all of the informations I needed. He was very friendly, competent and patient. I can highly recommend to go there if you need professional advices.
Alessandro Soj: Agenzia super affidabile che permette di fare il trekking del colca senza ressa muovendosi nella direzione opposta.Un applauso particolare a Marcelo, una delle migliori guide mai incontrate nei nostri viaggi!!
angel izquierdo: Unfortunately, we coincided on many occasions with other tours, and it was impossible to escape from the great mass of tourists, despite contracting with this agency and paying almost triple to avoid it.
Eliška Michlová: I did the 2D1N colca canyon tour and for me it was 6/5 stars! The tour is a bit more expensive compared to what the rest of the agencies offer, but it’s totally worth it. Communication with Edwin when booking was very easy and straightforward and he explained everything regarding the tour when I came to pay it. Paul was a very good driver and i felt safe on the bus with him. Onorio was our passionate guide who knew a lot about the history and culture of the Colca Canyon & Valley and Peru in general and was always there for any of our questions or requests. We’ve seen and learned so many things it felt like we’ve been travelling with them for a week! We’ve seen volcano eruptions, alpacas, vicuñas, guanacos and llamas. We were also very lucky to see a fox, viscachas and many condors without all the crowds, as we did different timing than the rest of the groups. Thank you very much for this unforgettable tour!
Alexander Castle: In our opinion totally worth the extra penny as it does come with severak benefits (e.g. increased chance of turning into a mostly private tour). Shoutout to our guide Marcelo, who did a superb job.
Simon Jones: The 2 day trek with Pablo Tours has been our highlight of Peru so far. Our guide Marcello was exceptional; really friendly, knowledgeable and good at keeping the group well paced with breaks. My partner and I trekked in a small group of 5, we had a great rapport with the others and had the canyon paths completely to ourselves doing the reverse route. The pools and food are included unlike other tours so you can really relax and not worry about surprise extras - definitely worth paying for!
Mariane Ponsy: Nous ne sommes pas passés par eux car leur prix sont beaucoup plus élevés que les autres.

4. Anderra Travel - Arequipa

· 21 reviews

C. Palacio Viejo 206-B, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Anderra Travel: what do users think?
Dianamar _: We did the tour to the colca! Everything was very nice!
Lorena C R F: Excellent service, we took a private tour to Colca and from the coordination to the trip itself it was first class, with well standardized protocols, the guide Mr. Jimy and the driver Mr. Andrés are very professional and knew how to guide us to get there without major discomfort. Colca with 2 children, we have very nice memories of the trip, thank you very much, I recommend the service 100%.
Peter Sanchez: Good attention, direct from their WhatsApp from the first moment I wanted to hire the tour, they inform about the itinerary and cost. They also offer several payment methods, due to the rush and because I contracted the Colca tour service the day before, being far from their facilities, they offered me to pay online. After confirming the payment, they asked me where I was staying to be able to pick me up, included in the tour; It is one of the tours that start early because they picked me up at 3:10 am and it included breakfast. The experience and information of the guide was great because he gave information in each district that we passed from Chivay until we reached the Colca viewpoint. When lunchtime arrived, the bus dropped us off at a restaurant that included a buffet, the best choice and at a reasonable price because you can try the variety of Arequipa cuisine. Due to all this, I chose to hire the tour to Salinas again, the payment was online, safe and fast.
Fabiola Aravena Montino: Before starting the trip to Arequipa I sent them emails 2 times asking about some tours to hire, THEY NEVER ANSWERED
mariana zuniga: Punctual, well organized
Nadinn Óscar Romero Cruz: A very good tourism agency, complies with what it offers to tourists.
Nathaniel Leo: Very nice experience in the full day to Colca, the guide Johnny very friendly and knew a lot about the subject. The bus is a bit small. My only problem was with the other tourists who delayed the tour, but this is not the agency's fault 🤔 THE driver had a good shakira playlist.You have to be careful if you enter the hot springs because the security protocol against covid is non-existent 😐
Alejandra Guillén Lazo: Good tour of the sillar route, but the tour guide gave inaccurate information and made sexist comments. I recommend changing the guide.
Denis Goycochea: Good and detailed information, prices a little more than the others.
Elisa C.: Friendly staff and guide. The tour of the Ruta del Sillar was good and the price too. Everything agreed was fulfilled. I definitely recommend it.
Álvaro Rincón: I was not convinced by their prices compared to other companies
denis justo mayhua coaquira: I took the tour of the sillar route, they were very punctual at the pick up, at all times very friendly, when we arrived at the quarries they gave an excellent review of the area and the way of extraction, as well as the live demonstration of the work of the stonecutters, without a doubt a guaranteed and trustworthy service and an experience worth remembering.
Vanessa Colquehuanca: Professionals, they offer a first class service with kindness, responsibility and punctuality.
Fernanda Ramírez Soto: Everything is very good, in my opinion, it is the most reliable in the area, since the agencies that were around the main square have bad comments and this one complies with everything it offers, the guide had a lot of knowledge to deliver
Marisol Robles: Excellent service!!
Valerie Rechel: Arequipa is so great but it was good to get out and see a different side of the area. A low key tour but you see very hard working people that make the stone blocks so many of the historical buildings were constructed from. Also some cool carvings the workers have done.
Stanley Bernard Suaña Curo: Excellent
Dany Moreno: Towards the ashlar we can know different prices, a tour from 30 or 40 soles per person or a round trip taxi from 40 or 60 soles...on the way we can see the misti. Upon arrival at the destination, the entrance is 50 soles and students half, we can observe the ashlar in its natural state before being used in the constructions, the interesting thing about this is that it gives the sensation of a Roman, Greco style. We can also observe the stonemasons working
Alejandro Lopez: What is your whatsapp number to communicate?
audrey: Jimmy and our driver were amazing!The knowledge of Jimmy about his city Arequipa is amazing. We did the ruta del sillar tour and we loved it ! Totally recommend !We booked the same day and i recieved confirmation for my tour 1h after.
M. Eugenia Lamm: Recommendable. Colca Canyon full data. Excellent guide and service

5. Cevitur - Arequipa

· 11 reviews

Santa Catalina, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Cevitur: what do users think?
Henrietta Saunders: Cannot say enough about the professionalism and kindness here. I left important documents in my room in Puno and didn't remember until we were almost at Colca. Flavio, from the company, went back to my hotel on his own time to pick them up and brought them to us the next day. He explained perfectly how he was going to handle this and I felt very confident with his care. Both the tours we took were well-run, on time, and interesting as well. I am glad we booked with them and hope we can get back to Peru and book with them again.
Gustavo Cano: good place for tours
Claire Stone: We really appreciated Rulian's care, attention (and perfect English!) when advising us on booking a tour to see the Nazca lines from Arequipa. He not only booked an excellent company that we had a great experience with, but helped us book our transport to and onwards from Nazca. He checked in on us throughout the process and made sure we were in the right places along the way. A great, very honest and friendly travel agent! We would book with Rulian again for sure.
Tomer Raz: They took a really long time to get the information for the tour I wanted, but they were really patient and tried their best.
Juliette Voisard: Super excursion à la journée à la laguna de Salinas avec Cevitur ! Départ tôt le matin, petit déjeuner en route, nombreux stop avec vue sur les volcans et incroyable découverte de la laguna et de ses animaux.
sandy ch: I would highly recommend this agency. Rulian is a very professional and kind agent. He helped me and my family find comfortable flights and a comfortable stay on our vacation to Tarapoto.
Bruno VERHOEVEN: Je cherchais un guide pour aller voir des pétroglyphes. Rulian est un des rares guides a connaitre des sites alternatifs aux tours classiques. Un bon véhicule, un bon guide , je recommande vivement.
Elena Gonzalez: We did the excursion to the Colca Canyon with them. Very good experience, everything very well prepared and the cheapest prices in the area. They picked us up at the hotel and Maria, the guide, was fantastic. They are very prepared in case someone suffers from altitude sickness and they behaved very well trying to help those who got sick. Maria told us a lot about the history and the landscape and we saw quite a few things. The bus was very comfortable.
Sel Ma: Wir haben drei Tage Colca Canyon gebucht. Die Organisation war top! All unsere spezial Wünsche wurden berücksichtigt. Die Tourguids waren freundlich, hilfsbereit und pünktlich. Wir würden wieder über Cevitur buchen.
Dany: Excellent service, I took the full day tour to Colca, it was one of the best tours I took in southern Peru, the pick up was on time and the guides had all the information about the Canyon, recommended!

6. Perou Voyage Tour Operator - Cerro Colorado

· 27 reviews

04000, Av. Los Incas 415-A, Cerro Colorado, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Perou Voyage Tour Operator: what do users think?
Miguel Tavira Díaz: They are an excellent company. I would definitely take a tour with them again. 100% recommendable.
Lone Plum: We had a wonderfull tour with Perou Voyage and Honario as our guide. I contacted Carlota because we needed transport for 12 persons from Arequipa to Puno, with an overnight stop in Coporaque. All communication was fast and easy. The bus picked part of the group up at a hotel in Arequipa, and then the rest at the airport. The noticed that not all would be acclimatised, and adviced us to be prepared. We had a guided tour through the national parks, and in coporaque they drove us to the hot springs to swim. Next morning we went to see Colca Canyon and the kondors. Honario told us a lot about nature, history and politics of Peru. Our bus had a break down on day two - but even though we where in the middle of the Andes Mountains, the resolved the problem so quickly, we got a new bus and within an hour we where on our way again. Just amazing. We had a wonderfull experience, and I would definitely go with Perou Voyage again. Highly recommended!
Marcos Pacheco: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,ResponsivenessWe spent a nice tome un the Colca Canyon on a full day tour. Great tour guide and a very profesional driver
Machupicchufun Perú: Positive:Quality,ValueGreat Full Day Colca Tour. Thanks for such a great time
Elizabeth Pauca Mendoza: Great Colca Canyon Trekking 2 Day/1 night. Private tour guide patient and funny. Thanks!
Club Miyagi: Wonderful Private Colca Canyon Tour.
CARLOS HUERTA: Great organization and the best tour guide innall over Peru. Thanks Perou Voyage for such a good experience!
Chick Corea: Great Tour
Dominique Jeunet: Great Experience!!!

7. Casa de Avila Hotel - Arequipa

· 339 reviews

Av. San Martin 116, Arequipa 40001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Casa de Avila Hotel: what do users think?
Julie Binysh: The perfect base from which to explore the lovely city of Arequipa. Comfortable rooms, a beautiful garden, very helpful staff and a 10 minute walk to the centre.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Quiet, Great value …More
howard binysh: Fabulous hotel with lovely staff both FOH (Fresia) and the breakfast team. They also can store bags if you take trips. Clean rooms and bathrooms.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Quiet, Great value …More
Catharine Pinglo: Excellent attention and luxurious environments... Totally recommended.
Rosie Clayton: Lovely garden and breakfast was great and Fresia spoke very good English. Reception was very helpful in directing us to local attractions.Food & drinks: Good breakfast
M C B: Good communication, very nice, friendly and helpful people. They brought my postcards to the post office. Amazing 🙏🏻 100% recommendation!Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Great view, Romantic, Quiet …More
Yerina López Aburto: Good place to stay. Comfortable rooms, it has a large garden where you can rest, sunbathe and listen to the birds singing. All the staff are very friendly and are always attentive to the needs of the guests.
Mario Rumiche: A pleasant place, with beautiful gardens and first class attention. A special thanks to Fresia for her availability and kindness during our stay. 100 recommended
andrew quinn: Checkin was seemless and easy. The staff is so lovely and conveniently speak great English. The rooms are lovely, clean, modern, and of great quality. They have a nice cozy quiet courtyard with seats and shade and great wifi.Food & drinks: Included Breakfast was the best we have had in Peru! They provided a great variety of cereals, pancakes, sandwiches, and fresh fruits and jams and drinks. The staff was so lovely and happy to provide anything we needed. We highly recommend. I look forward to desayunos tomorrow
Dennys Franco Porras Anco: The hotel is very nice and cozy, the breakfast they offer is varied and very rich but better still the attention of Miss Frescia in charge of that department; The back garden is very spacious and where children and adults have a good time.
ruben scollo: Fresca and Dany, at the reception, as well as Natalia, took great care of us...Rooms: ExcelenteNearby activities: Excelente
Daniel Scollo: Excellent attention from the staff, Frescia, Natalia and Dany,
Martin Purizaga: The place is very nice. Excellent service and very nice rooms. The breakfast was very rich and Fresia took excellent care of usVery comfortable and prettyRooms: La limpieza y comodidadNearby activities: Todos los toursSafety: Los alrededores contaban con vigilancia asi como el interiro del hotelWalkability: Cerca al centro y a los centros comerciales
Marlon Yosip: We visited Arequipa for the first time with my mom and cousin as a gift for Mother's Day. The Casa de Ávila hotel is beautiful, quiet and the service is excellent. The very rich buffet breakfast and the attention of Ms. Frescia A1, the same as the staff and the srts. of reception. If you visit Arequipa, stay at Casa Ávila, I recommend it 100%.Rooms: Acogedoras, limpias y un excelente servicio.Nearby activities: Está a pocas cuadras de la plaza de armas así que se puede ir caminando a visitar la catedral, restaurantes y agencias de paquetes turísticos.Safety: Tienen cámaras de seguridad en todo el hotel.Walkability: La ciudad es tranquila y se puede caminar sin problemas hasta bien entrada la noche.Noteworthy details: La ciudad es muy limpia, la gente es atenta y la comida muy rica.
Sandy Mason: The staff were so friendly and helpful. The cafeteria staff, especially Fresia took time to explain what was on offer and they even set up breakfast early for us when we were leaving early for a tour.Nearby activities: Very easy to walk to the main Plaza.Food & drinks: Very good buffet breakfast.
Manuel Noya: To improve: The breakfast service. Improve the environment where it is served. Put lighters to keep food warm and not candles. The coffee is very bad. Good hotel and location. Urgently improve the breakfast offer.Walkability: Cerca de la Plaza.Food & drinks: No se ofrece nada.
Juan Manuel Portocarrero Ramirez: y la excelente atención de la srta. Fresia. Y ante cualquier necesidad, la srta. Natalia fue muy atenta en todo momento. Definitivamente me dieron la tranquilidad de poder y querer regresar a Arequipa y específicamente a Casa de Ávila.(Translated by Google
Tanja Van Sterthem: We are a family of four (2 adolescents) and stayed 3 nights in a family room. The hotel is very well situated within walking distance from the main square and all attractions. And it is quiet, no street noise! The staff is very friendly and helpful and the breakfast really nice. We loved the inner courtyard with garden! Great value for money!!Food & drinks: Really nice breakfast
Manuel Bernales: Rooms: Excelente habitacionesFood & drinks: La comida la sirven fría. Una jalada de oreja.
Claudia Sanz Nina: A place suitable for holding events for 100 people, it has an auditorium and a fairly large patio.

8. La Casa de Ana - Peru - Yanahuara

· 45 reviews

Tacna 806, Arequipa 04017, Peru

Address WhatsApp
La Casa de Ana - Peru: what do users think?
Marilú Pinedo: Rooms: Muy buenaHotel highlights Quiet …More
Petra: Everything was dirty, glass door to the room, but nice staff
Felix Andres Villalobos: Very quiet environment, central, close to restaurants and bars. I recommend it..
Carolina García: Everything clean and the beds very comfortable. The breakfast was rich.The only detail is that it does not have parking, we were able to leave the car on the avenue only because we were the only guests with a vehicle 😅
Fidel Valdez: Nice place .. the double and triple super spacious rooms ... excellent breakfast. Friendliness and disposition of attention.. 4 stars because it lacks parking..
Fernanda Suarez: Excellent stay, very quiet, clean.
León Pérez: no reception
han rsk: Fantastic, clean, good value, beautiful terrace.

9. THAQQINAQQA UÑJJATIRI Trekking Tour Operator by JOhsElm CANTO - Arequipa

· 42 reviews

Andrés Martinez 205, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
THAQQINAQQA UÑJJATIRI Trekking Tour Operator by JOhsElm CANTO: what do users think?
Fernando Matos: Zusammen mit meiner Freundin habe ich mit Johselm eine 2 Tages Tour zum Colca Canyon unternommen. Ich kann eine Tour mit Johselm uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen. Beim nächsten Peru Besuch, würde ich jeden anderen Tour Wunsch bei Johselm vorab Anfragen und würde ihn auch Freunden und Familie weiterempfehlen.Wir haben uns am Vorabend mit Johselm am großen Platz in Arequipa getroffen, nachdem wir vorher reibungslos über WhatsApp kommuniziert hatten. Er erklärte uns die unterschiedlichen Schwierigkeitsgrade der Routen. Was alle Routen gemeinsam haben, ist dass sie abseits vom Massentourismus sind. Das können wir nur bestätigen, da wir auf der gesamten Tour keine anderen Touristen getroffen haben, dafür aber viele nette einheimische Menschen.Am Tag vor der eigentlichen Tour sind wir mit Johselm auf einen riesigen Markt abseits des Stadtzentrums gefahren. Dort haben wir gemeinsam Obst und Gemüse für die Tour gekauft. Johlsem hat währenddessen sehr viel zum Alltag in Peru erzählt. Mit dem öffentlichen Bus sind wir dann gemeinsam ins Stadtzentrum zurückgefahren.Die Tour startet am frühen Morgen und Johlsem hat uns mit dem Fahrer Victor an unserem Airbnb abgeholt. Das Fahrzeug war ein neuwertiger 4x4 Truck. Das Fahrzeug und mit der ruhigen Fahrweise von Victor haben wir uns immer sehr sicher gefühlt.Nach einer langen Fahrt sind wir im Canyon angekommen und haben die Tour gestartet. Diese war wunderschön und Johlsem hat sich um alles gekümmert. Zur Mittagspause gab es super leckere Sandwiches mit dem Obst und Gemüse aus dem Markt. Auch für Wasser war immer gesorgt. Johlsem hat viel zu Flora und Fauna erzählen können und auch zur Bevölkerung vor Ort. Auch über die Geschichte und die Kultur kann er viel erzählen. Die Tour an sich war wunderschön.Abends sind wir dann müde im Hostel angekommen. Dieses liegt wunderschön am Fluss. Johlsem hat für uns abends ein super leckeres vegetarisches Gericht gekocht. Auch die Hütte in der wir übernachtet haben war super, mit eigenem Bad und Dusche. Das Bett war gemütlich und mit den vielen Decken haben wir auch nicht gefroren. Das Hostel verfügt auch über heiße Quellen.Am nächsten Tag ging es weiter um Kondore zu sichten. Auch hier abseits der touristischen Hotspots. Dafür haben wir auch mehrere Kondore gesehen und konnten viele Aufnahmen machen.Nach einem gemeinsamen Mittagessen wurden wir wieder zum Airbnb gefahren.Wir haben Johlsem als sehr freundlichen, offenen, ehrlichen und fairen Menschen kennengelernt. Nicht nur uns gegenüber sondern auch der lokalen Bevölkerung gegenüber, mit denen er gemeinsam Projekte aufbaut um auch kleinere Ortschaften am Tourismus teilhaben zu lassen.Langer Text, aber am Ende bleibt: Wir würden jederzeit wieder mit Johlsem auf Tour gehen 👍
Mariluz Mamani Parque: Very good service!
Hannah Moshontz: Johselm was a wonderful guide - we appreciated his skill as a tour guide and hiker, and his kindness and thoughtfulness in his approach to tourism. He took our family, including my dad in his seventies, on a Colca canyon tour that we will never forget!
Paweł Deska: We came to Peru at the worst possible moment of protests and lockdowns. Luckily we found JOhsElm THAQQINAQQA UÑJJATIR. Thanks to his help and experience, we were able to go on a dedicated and accessible trekking route. We reached the village at the end of the world and then walked through a very charming valley. We went down to its bottom along the routes for the natives and to the other side of the canyon we climbed the stream. The whole trip took us 13 hours and left an unforgettable impression. It is also worth adding that the guide also told about the 6,500 years of history of these places and the tribes that lived here over the centuries. I can confidently recommend Johselm as a very experienced and aware of the sustainable development of the region guide.
Chuck Moshontz: Johselm was a stellar guide, friendly, super knowledgeable, intimate with the terrain and people of Colca Canyon. He tailored a hiking tour to our needs, took us to places and along trails typically not visited by other tour guides, and was attentive to everyone’s condition and capabilities (I’m 74 and required a slower pace and occasional rests).I felt we lucked out in finding such a good guide. I would highly recommend Johselm whether you’re looking for a moderate hike or the most challenging Colca adventures!
Patrick Langenbucher: With 300% confidence, we can only recommend Johselm as a tour guide. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️We met him one day prior to the trek (June 2022) to clarify all details and afterwards we went to the local market with him which was really nice to see. As his office is not existing anymore due to Covid, we simply texted him (WhatsApp) via+51 987 976 343 (posting his number after he approved it) and met close to Plaza de Armas.We booked the 3D/2N Colca Canyon Trek incl. Condor spotting which is really off the beaten track. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive compared to other operators but in my opinion really worth it. Especially day 1 and 2 were pretty amazing as well as challenging and rewarding. Overall our route covered approximately 34km in three days covering ⅔ on the first day, but you can choose between different routes / difficulties as well as shorter and longer hike options.In between breaks and during dinner, he shared a lot of information about the region, history, pre-inka times till today. Also he’s offering vegetarian meal options.From getting picked up at the hotel to being dropped off at a different accommodation, we felt more than welcomed, taken care of and safe. On the day after the trek, we also did a little city tour with Johselm visiting the„Mercado grande“ outside of the city center of Arequipa. Don’t be shy to ask for any recommendations in the area, Johselm is a local and very knowledgeable :)Furhtermore (and that alone deserves 5 stars), he accompanied us to see a doctor after a little incident we had. He made sure the doctor understood the issue, all is taken care of and that we won’t overpay.Overall, Johselm is a super interesting & entertaining person, kind and caring. We really enjoyed our trip and would not hesitate to book with him again. Lastly, one thing I personally liked, he was asking for feedback and if he could/should do things differently which only highlights his commitment and love for what he’s doing.Till me wet again, Johselm. 🙏🏼😊Remark: If you expect steep cliffs and harsh environment like at Grand Canyon, you might be bit disappointed as it’s a relatively green and fertile area.
Nora David-Kiss: Inka trail trecking- amazing lifetime experienceReview of ChoquequiraoThe sacred valley tour was a full day of excitement. Well planned bus tour with four different special locations along the valley. Inca monument Ollantaytambo with a very experienced native good english spoken guide, country side visit of the valley with special agricultural locations Moray , salt mines and alpakka wool hand made demonstrations. We enjoyed the natural beauty, the rich history and everday life of the peruvian people.The Choquequirao ‘inca trail’ was a four day walking, mule riding, nature exploration in the high Andies . The four day was planned very well with a great support from experienced crew who helped our group with lodging, food and travelling. The four day trip included hiking up and down valleys , crossing rivers, visiting hidden inca villages and terraces. Sleeping in camping sites that are along the trail but always completely alone without no trace of human intervention. This was a lifetime experience!At the end of our trecking tour we went up to the Machupicchu site.We had for one day two tickets and this was the best solution to explore the entire site. In the morning we climbed up to Wayna Picchu, from where we had a fantastic view and in the afternoon we could see the site from the “postcard side”.Our whole tour was amasing, so many natural beauties, and hidden treasures to explore.Thank you so much Johselm and Alex!Date of experience: April 2022
Jan F: Top Guide mit den besten routen und spots 👍 immer wieder johselm!
S. M. (Silvia107): Wir haben im Oktober eine zwei-tägige Wanderung durch den Colca Canyon gemacht. Da wir keine typische Touri-Tour machen wollten, haben wir uns für eine Wandertour mit Johselm entschieden. Die vielen guten Bewertungen waren dabei absolut gerechtfertigt. Man zahlt natürlich mehr als bei einer Standardtour, dafür waren wir aber abseits der touristischen Pfade unterwegs und hatten einen erfahrenen Guide, der sich auf unsere Fitness und Bedürfnisse eingestellt hat. Johselm weiß auch sehr viel zur Natur, Kultur und Geschichte Perus und unterstützt mit diesen Wanderungen auch die einheimische Bevölkerung. Absolut empfehlenswert für jeden der ein authentisches Wandererlebnis in Peru sucht!
Robert Ackermann: had to choose between 3 difficulty levels and of course picked the easiest one which we did not regret at all.Before the actually 2 day tour we have been picked up by Johselm who actually runs that agency. He gave us a exciting and entertaining tour through the “real” Arequipa- meaning we didn’t see any tourist other than us when we went through an enormous food market.The tour started on the next day very early with a bus ride to the region of colca canyon. After a refreshing breakfast with some locals we had a great off-road Jeep tour through a beautiful landscape to reach our starting destination for the trekking trail. Johselm picked a very nice and doable trail and gave a lot of information about the history, culture and nature of this place. As a very knowledgeable person he gave us a lot of insights that you would not be able to google by yourself :
Johannes Schmitt: Absolut empfehlenswert!Über das Internet und die vielen guten Rezensionen sind wir auf Johselm gestoßen. Wir haben bei ihm eine zweitägige Tour durch den Colca Canyon gebucht.Johselm hat sich sofort auf unsere Anfrage zurückgemeldet und vorab bereits einige offenen Fragen jederzeit sehr hilfsbereit beantwortet.Ausgangspunkt für die Tour war Arequipa. Da wir bereits einen Tag vor der Tour in Arequipa angereist sind, hat Johselm uns eine kostenlose City-Tour angeboten. Anders als beim typischen Abklappern von Sehenswürdigkeiten, vermittelte uns Johselm einen tiefen Eindruck vom täglichen Leben in Arequipa mit typischen Getränken, Mahlzeiten (Ceviceria), Märkten und einigen Geheimtipps.Ähnlich wie bei der Stadtführung war die Colca Canyon-Wanderung ein ganz besonderes Erlebnis abseits des Haupttouristenstroms. Die Nähe zu den Einheimischen, die wundervolle Natur zusammen mit der Ruhe und Abgeschiedenheit und die wertvollen Informationen von Johselm zur Geschichte und Kultur machten diesen Ausflug unvergesslich.Wir können die Tour mit Johselm absolut empfehlen!!!
Filherp Derp: From start to finish, hiking with johselm was an absolut delight!We arrived at Arequipa and had not really considered what we wanted to do there. Just that we wanted to see the colca canyon and the colca Valley and that we wanted to do some hiking. The typical mass tourist offers were nothing for us, so we looked on tripadvisor and found jishelm there with fantastic reviews and a link to his website. There we found his WhatsApp and within 10 minutes we had set up a meeting that same morning. Joshelm made different offers for different tour options and gave us advice on what to wear and to pack. We went for the 2 day 1 night private colca trekking tour, starting that same night at 1 in the morning. We were picked up at our hotel by Joshelm and our driver in a 4wd vehicle for the 5 hour drive to the canyon. We had breakfast at a local farmer's house and then started walking. The canyon was beautiful and we had it practically to ourselves. Johselm organised lunch in a small village and dinner and a room for the night in a lodge with hot springs. In the morning we headed to a nice and secret lookout point to watch the condors fly. The place and the experience were beautiful. Then our driver took us back to Arequipa, making stops to take photos of vicunias, lamas, volcanoes and beautiful landscapes. The next day Joshelm took us on a tour of Arequipa. We felt very comfortable all the time we spent with him. Also, he could answer all of our many questions, no matter if they were about plants, animals, the landscape, history or politics. And there was lots and lots of food and drink (so you don't have to bring your own).Thank you Joshelm for this adventure!
Frank Herzfeldt: Wir haben im Mai 2019 mit Johselm Canto eine 5-tägige Trekkingtour nach Choquequirao unternommen und es war wunderschön! Nur wir zwei, Johselm und die Maultierführerin Nancy Tapia mit ihren 5 Maultieren. Am ersten Tag hat uns Johselm mit dem Auto in unserem Hotel in Cuzco abgeholt und wir haben den etwa 4-stündigen Transfer bis nach San Pedro de Cachora absolviert. Übernachtung in einem gepflegten Gasthaus bei sehr netten Leuten. Am nächsten Tag früher Start und kurzer Transfer mit dem Auto bis zum Gate Choquequirao. Bevor es richtig losging, gab es dort ein kräftiges Frühstück. Dann mit Trekkingstöcken bewaffnet (sehr sinnvoll!) stundenlang durch atemberaubende Landschaft bergab und Pause in Chiquisca. Weiter, den Rio Apurimac überquert und ab dort steil bergauf. Zum Glück konnten wir einen Teil der Strecke im Sattel der Maultiere zurücklegen, sonst wäre es kaum zu schaffen gewesen. Abends kaputt und müde Ankunft in Marampata. Übernachtung bei einer freundlichen einheimischen Familie, schmackhaftes Abendessen. Das Zimmer war einfach, aber wir konnten in richtigen Betten schlafen. Am nächsten Morgen knappe zwei Stunden zusammen mit Roy (aus Marampata) bis nach Choquequirao. Wir hatten gute fünf Stunden Zeit uns alles anzusehen, waren fast allein dort und das Wetter hat auch mitgespielt! Glücksgefühle. Rückweg nach Marampata, Erschöpfung, Abendessen, Schlafen. Früher Aufbruch am Morgen, Rückweg, Pause wieder in Chiquisca (mit selbst vom Baum gepflückten Zimtäpfeln), bergauf wieder teilweise auf den Maultieren. Das Gate haben wir rechtzeitig vor dem Schließen um 16:00 Uhr erreicht. Transfer mit dem Auto nach San Pedro de Cachora. Die Zeit bis zum Sonnenuntergang reichte noch für einen gemütlichen Spaziergang durch das Dorf. Am letzten Tag war dann wieder der Transfer im Auto bis nach Cuzco zu absolvieren, wo wir am frühen Nachmittag eintrafen.Johselm ist ein freundlicher, lebensfroher und angenehmer Zeitgenosse, der sein enormes Wissen bereitwillig teilt. Er hat diese Tour für uns sehr gut organisiert, alles hat für uns gepasst. Wir haben unsere erste Lebenshälfte gerade überschritten und würden uns als sportlich und körperlich leistungsfähig bezeichnen. Dennoch war diese Tour sehr anspruchsvoll und ging bis an das Ende unserer Kräfte. Wir sind sehr zufrieden und würden die Tour wieder genauso mit Johselm machen.
Monica Russo: We booked a 3days/2nights Colca trip with Johselm after reading the great reviews of his alternative treks.. we didn’t like the sound of what the other tour companies were offering as we wanted to experience what life in the canyon is like and see amazing scenery without being surrounded by loads of tourists. After meeting Johselm in person we knew he was the right guide for us! Johselm is very knowledgable about the culture of people living in the canyon and he knows a lot if not all of the locals! He shared with us his knowledge of nature, geology and especially history. He will plan the trip based on your hiking experience and interests which is important when visiting areas like these. During our walks we saw few other tourists and a lot of nature and wildlife which was exactly what we wanted when visiting such a remote area! Johselm is conscious about supporting the local community and by booking with him that’s exactly what you are doing. Johselm may not offer the cheapest tour but it is extremely good value when you consider everything he includes and the real experience you get by visiting the canyon with him. He catered for vegetarian requests himself (carrying the food all the way and cooking it) and ensured we were 100% comfortable even when on one day one of his contacts didn’t deliver to the standard we were expecting. In a professional manner he resolved the situation and ensured we were happy with our Colca experience! He was also very kind to share with us some great tips for the rest of our trip in Peru :) we really have nothing but good things to say about Johselm!
Alina Lea: 3 Tage verbrachten wir mit Johslem im Colca Canyon. Es war ein absolutes Highlight unserer Südamerikareise. Wir haben Johslem per WhatsApp kontaktiert und trafen ihn am nächsten Morgen. Er offerierte uns verschiedene Möglichkeiten und wir buchten direkt bei ihm. Am nächsten Morgen machte er mit uns noch eine lokale Stadt-Tour in Arequipa (inbegriffen). In den ganzen 3 Stunden ist uns kein einziger Tourist begenet und wir sahen wunderschöne Sachen! Danach fuhren wir los in den Canyon. Die erste Nacht verbrachten wir bei einer einheimischen Familie, die einfache, aber gemütliche Zimmer (privat) zur Verfügung stellte. Das Essen war hervorragend (Vegetarisch möglich!). Am nächsten Morgen gab es ein ebenso leckeres Frückstück und wir starteten unsere Wanderung. Johslem weiss unheimlich viel. Er erklärte uns die verschiedene Pflanzen, Blumen, ihre Heilkräfte und erzählte uns alles über den Canyon, die Einheimischen und die gesamte Geschichte von Peru / Südamerika. Der Weg führte durch die absolute Natur (keine Naturstrassen!) - WUNDERSCHÖN! Auf der ganzen 10 stündigen Wanderung sind wir nur zwei Tourstisten begegnet! Picknick und Mittagessen gab es bei einheimischen Familien. Die zweite Nacht verbrachten wir in Bungalows mit echten heissen Quellen (traumhafter Sternenhimmel). Am dritten Tag beobachteten wir Kondore. Wir waren alleine, weshalb die Vögel extrem nah kamen. Johslem gab uns auch viele Tipps und Inspirationen für unsere Weiterreise. Die Tour ist zwar teurer als andere, mit dem Geld werden jedoch viele Einheimische unterstützt (durch Übernachtungen, Mittag- und Abendessen, Transport etc.) und man ist definitiv nicht auf der „Touri-Route“ unterwegs. Ich empfehle die Tour herzlich weiter. Liebe Grüsse Alina & Simon 🇨🇭PS: Toure vom Johslem sind nöd uf de Internetsite, will er verhindere will, dass anderi Abüter sini Route „nohmached“ 😉👍🏼
Iker Pikbea: Beyond the beaten path Trails & Off the grindSearching the web, you’ll find yourself inundated with articles professing to tell you about the top ‘must-see’ destinations in the whole world; the places that you just have to go to if you’re travelling; or the top ten south american destinations that you need to fit into a three-week holiday. But I wanted to do something a little differently. I wanted to travel more profoundly, more consciously and off the beaten path and adventurous experiences from unusual hotels, alternative routes to a popular destination, trekking trails, offbeat attractions, street food tours, and other uncommon experiences.If you like to travel a bit differently and are willing to put in the effort for incredible experiences fewer people are having so let me tell you Johselm Canto worth it! then that is why you can stop being a mute outsider and can start to learn more about the country from those who know it best and not from "swindlers" who think they are experts when they are not.For me, travel is best when it’s off the grind( peering beneath the manicured lawns of the tourist trail and see the raw, pumping veins of the life flowing beneath.) and meaningful; taking us away from the tourist hot spots and plunge us deep into the heart of this wonderful country. It’s about heading to a small town where no other tourists go or finding barely-known adventures a stone’s throw from the cities where everyone goes. Discovering untouched and unvisited parts of Peru – where you’ll likely find few, if any, other tourists. We (9 of us: five 55-60yo + four 27-34yo )opted in total for one tour and two trekking tours with him : Millpu 2D; Huancacalle to Choquequirao 9D and from Cusco to Colca Canyon 6D; which gave us memorable(and often much more unique)experiences than merely following the hordes of other tourists as it brings you into closer proximity with the local people and their real common lives; rather we have not enough words for recommend him and in no way we are disappointed.
Sonja Varglien: 4 of us did a 3 day hike at the end of December in the Colca Canyon with Joshelm Canto as our guide. None of us are experienced hikers, but this didn't matter as Joshelm organised a great itinerary that accommodated our level and fitness. We really appreciated that as well as wanting us to enjoy the hike, that it had to be safe. It is actually not that easy to spot condors as apparently you have to be really really quiet and wait when the thermal winds are right. We were thrilled as we saw a young condor on the first afternoon of our tour and on the morning of our last day - an adult and another juvenile. Our first night was spent in a tiny local village and we ate really well at Mr Maurizio's! We we were up early the next day and after a fantastic breakfast of banana pancakes we set off on our all day hike. We finished a long and enjoyable day with a long dip in an outdoor bath next to the river that is fed with hot water from a natural spring. The terrain in the Colca Canyon is very rugged and we highly recommend using a guide like Joshelm who not only has maximum local knowledge of the area but also provided lots of information on the rich Quechua history of the area. Apart from being a knowledgeable guide, Josehelm is just an all round nice guy, he's funny and entertaining and we laughed heaps. Thanks to him, we were able to meet many local people, visit markets and try new and delicious food. It is obvious that Joshelm loves and has a deep affection for the local people and they return him the same laughter and affection. Joshelm's 14 year old and also very capable nephew Lalo accompanied us for the 3 days. This was fantastic for our 15 year old son as it meant the boys could skip on ahead where possible and not have to go at the slower, plodding pace of the adults! We loved our visit and we were able enjoy a full experience of the Colca Canyon thanks to Joshelm and Lalo. We now realise that most tour companies only offer visits to the edge of the canyon with views down, descending into the Canyon is a much bigger deal and requires more time. We were really excited by our trip and spent a lot of time talking to Joshelm about what type of personalised trekking tour he can organise for us for when we return to Peru - we can hardly wait! We cannot speak highly enough of Joshelm (and Lalo) and recommend that you book your personalised visit/hike into the Colca Canyon with him.
Lena Ko: Die Tour mit Johselm im Colca-Canyon war eines der schönsten Erlebnisse während meines Peru-Aufenthalts! Er ist ein sehr erfahrener Guide und hat ein immenses Wissen, das er gerne teilt. Vielen lieben Dank!
Radoje Krstic: Nachdem wir die verschiedenen Tourangebote angeschaut haben, waren wir nicht wirklich überzeugt. Wir haben dann die ganzen guten Bewertungen von Johselm Canto gesehen und ihn per Whatsapp angeschrieben und ihn noch am selben Abend persönlich getroffen, um die Möglichkeiten anzuschauen. Wir haben daraufhin eine zweitägige Wanderung im Colca Canyon mit Johselm gemacht. Der Preis für eine private Tour ist logischerweise etwas höher als bei den Standard-Touren, aber das war es definitiv Wert!Die Route war auf unsere Wünsche & Fitness angepasst. Morgen- und Mittagessen gabs bei lokalen Familien. Die Übernachtung war in einem Hostel mit Bungalows und heissen Quellen im Canyon. Am zweiten Tag beobachteten wir Kondore, und zwar nicht an den überfüllten und lauten Touri-Spots, weshalb die Kondore super nah kommen. Unterwegs hat er uns viel über die Geschichte Perus und die verschiedenen Kulturen erzählt und viele Tipps für die Weiterreise gegeben.Auch wenn der Canyon einfach aussieht ist er dennoch gefährlich. Weshalb wir allgemein empfehlen im Colca Canyon immer einen erfahrenen Guide zu nehmen. Die Wege sind zu einem grossen Teil abschüssig und auch rutschig, die Felswände sind stellenweise instabil und es kommt regelmässig zu Steinschlägen, vor allem während Erdbeben, was in dieser Gegend relativ oft passiert. Viele Pfade führen ins nirgendwo, weshalb sich immer wieder Leute verlaufen. Als wir beim Hostel ankammen mussten wir leider erfahren, dass ein erfahrenen Bergsteiger vermisst wurde. Zwei Tage später wurde er gefunden, er war abgestürzt. Johselm hat uns unterwegs viele Sicherheits- und Verhaltenstipps gegeben für den Canyon.Insgesamt war unser Trek mit Johselm eine super Erfahrung!
Yasmin S.: Wir waren mit Johselm zwei Tage im Canon de Colca unterwegs und können uns den anderen bewertungne nur anschließen: Uneingeschränkte Weiterempfehlung!
Matthias Käser: Die Tour mit Johselm war grossartig. Fern von Touristengruppen erkundeten wir den Colca Canyon. Wir bekamen sehr viele Tiere und die wunderbare Natur zu sehen und profitierten vom grossen Wissen unseres Tourguides. Er kennt auch alle wichtigen Begriffe auf Deutsch und sein Englisch ist perfekt. Die warmen Quellen abends waren entspannend. Die Kondore die nur wenige Meter über uns flogen waren das Highlight. Johselm gibt auch eine ausführliche Einführung in die Geschichte der Quechas und Inkas.

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