Best Forensic Medical Schools Arequipa Near Me

Technological University of Peru Catholic University of Santa María

1. Escuela Profesional de Ciencia de la Computación - Arequipa

· 8 reviews

HFVG+C5W, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Escuela Profesional de Ciencia de la Computación: what do users think?
Niels Vasquez: Good teaching
Rubén Rivera Jáuregui: Of the best

2. Technological University of Peru - Arequipa



· 104 reviews

Tacna y Arica 160, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Technological University of Peru: what do users think?
Aarón: How does my high school certificate stay within the UTP forever lol
Mohd Shoeb: Best university
Yury Pabel Muñiz Calvo: Beautiful infrastructure that has the implementation of more than 50specialized laboratories.
Romel Ross: It has a good infrastructure but with an outdated image compared to other universities with good appearance, it looks more like a hospital, and the venue is Av. Tacha y Arica is very outdated and should be remodeled.
Javier Mendoza: Local with modern infrastructure and implemented laboratories
Marcus Perez Pino: Good if infrastructure. But it lacks signage for the Hygienic Services.
Antuaneth Zavala: bad university
AXEL STIFLER: Very large and burns security, for my taste I would put more security
Monokuma GR: Look for other engineers who teach highway engineering
Manuel Ernesto Quicaño Quispe: A comfortable and welcoming environmentFace-to-face classes are at full throttle
Julio Efrain Postigo Zumaran: good infrastructure
Daniela Tejeda: A good university where you can learn in the same way as face-to-face in virtual sessions where more and more professionals come out
Juan Bardo Manuel Taipe Calienes: Poor service and mistreatment of students
Jefferson Marquez viza: I liked it very nice and big uwu
Ana Lucia Quispe Ticona: Good attention, nice and comfortable place. Location near the center, with easy access to all means of transport.
Arazely Diaz: Good attention and space, although I feel that there is a lack of cleanliness and a little more ventilation.
Milagros Delfina Nina Curo: Tidy
paul VR: spacious and pretty
Franco Farro Lozada: The customer service is lousy, I'm waiting 1h and 30min to make a request... and I'm still waiting in line.I just left. At 4pm, from 1:30. So that they tell me that the process I did on July 9 was a mistake and that I have to redo it. Without warning and shamelessly.
Diego Reynoso Yana: Buena universidad
Carlos Arturo Colque Candia: 👍

3. Catholic University of Santa María - Arequipa

· 381 reviews

Urb. San José, San Jose s/n, Yanahuara, Peru

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Catholic University of Santa María: what do users think?
paola HP: I studied dentistry and then I moved to Lima and this university has taught me with quality, I am very proud of my decision, and I thank my teachers for sharing their experience, I had professors from Cayetano, San Marcos, Católica de Santa María, USP - Brazil, etc. with different ways of working and they give you the choice of the work technique that best suits you.
MaVa: Bn
Anibal Diaz: neat modern
Erick Sin Calzones: nice and proper
Rivaldo Alegria: Brilliant
José Andrés NV: Being a former student, it is sad to describe my "alma mater" in this way. But it is necessary to emphasize that the institution is in decline in terms of innovation, academic model, research and professors. The reflection is that the university no longer appears for many years in any ranking at the national level, much less internationally. The experience in administrative issues and paperwork is very poor, not to say unbearable. There are better academic alternatives, since being a private university there are options that give more value to your money and your education.
Wanditonet Studios: It looks like school 🏫😴
saurav suman: It is a very clean, orderly university, it has adequate environments and laboratories for learning.
itz chandu: Beat university
Gustavo Herrera Lazo: Totally deficient attention, a very bad experience, 3-hour queues to be attended because they only have one secretary for 300 students, many administrative problems since most of the queries are about enrollment issues, courses, etc.
Mia Meza: Someone please recommend private universities in Arequipa943 544 972
Brian Larico: Good
Briana A. Carpio: excellent teaching
Nayeli Sanchez Garcia: Nice infrastructure, spacious with elevator and rampsA very nice university with opportunities to travel to studyIt has language and computer courses
John Hower Mamani Ayque: Bad attention
Carlos Ernesto Llerena Botto: The facilities of the CATÓLICA UNIVERSITY OF AREQUIPA are modern and perhaps have a well-equipped laboratory, however...With the sole purpose of economic profit, it has become a large CEMENT JUNGLE.There are no more green areas from before, spaces for recreation and sociability for students no longer exist.* It is a clean, safe, modern but not nice space.
Alfredo Lazarte Villacorta: Adequate Infrastructure and in full consolidation and growth
Bernardo Rivera: Good study environment
Juan Diego Mendoza Ibañez: My university

4. Escuela de Posgrado Universidad Nacional de - Arequipa

· 9 reviews

C. San Agustín 108, Cercado Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Escuela de Posgrado Universidad Nacional de: what do users think?
lilian leon: Magnificent
Katherine Saji: Safety protocols for COVID19 are followed. Most of the procedures are online!

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