Best Night Buses In Arequipa Near Me

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1. Puente Grau - Arequipa

· 3532 reviews

C. Puente Grau, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Puente Grau: what do users think?
karina huaraya rojas: Quiet place and good service
Adrián Mateo: You can find recreational green areas on its sides, there is also a bcp agent near the bridge in case you want to withdraw or deposit money, the view towards the river is beautiful and there are some restaurants around it and when you cross the bridge going north.
Cristhian Gomez De La Cruz: It is beautiful, a good viewpoint to see the banks of the chili river, and also to see the volcano
Alexandra Ramos Diaz: During peak hours there is a lot of traffic. The cars take time to pass.
Juan Flores: A must visit part. He has very good eyesight. Ideal for taking and taking photos
gian marco s huillca: Place to remember the old infrastructure and historical value...!!
REPRESENTACIONES DLG: Very congested, heavy public transport but
Darcy Sauñe H.: good guy
Oscar Monroy: Excellent service and food all okay
frank M Layme: Well traveled place.
Enrique Andrade: Nice
Marcel Velazco: I think the best pedestrian place to capture volcanoes!
Yu Solis: From the Grau bridge you have very nice views
valeria brousard: Access point to any destination.
bigner llaza: Spectacular
Fernando Barrientos: If I went for a walk 😎👍👏
Pamela Chávez: Nice view
Alexandra Astulle: The Grau Bridge is an iconic structure that spans the Chili River in the city of Arequipa, Peru. Named after the Peruvian hero Miguel Grau Seminario, the bridge has become an important symbol of the city and an integral part of its historical heritage. It has an incredible view.
Erimar Canvar: Beautiful view
Roysi Fredy Arizaca Claros: Place that has a very nice view of the landscape
Patricia C: Good place to walk and see a part of the city

2. PeruRail - Arequipa Station | Arequipa station - Arequipa



· 57 reviews

Tacna y Arica 200, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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PeruRail - Arequipa Station | Arequipa station: what do users think?
Arnaldo Condori Martinez: It maintains the historical construction of the train transport of yesteryear
Nelson Luque: Nice place although it is not designed for Peruvians
Luis Salaverry Lazarte: an excellent company
William x3: Very old facilities, but very correct in their security protocols
Cesar Angel Ochoa Quispe: The only passenger railway dam in Arequipa
Elmer Mamani Ramirez: Well organized
Fredi Nuñez: The trip in the BAE is spectacular!!! the luxury train
jeaneth chambilla quiñonez: There is almost no taxi traffic in that area
eloy rodriguez: attention is excellent
elbuencesar5: a place to remember
Jaime Antonio Marquez Roque: I like it because I work there
Yudit ZP: It is a very quiet place, apart from queuing for some sandwiches
Juan Manuel Márquez Camacho: Fulfills its function
Zulanyer: Good attention
César Hugo Diaz Espinoza: It does not have trains from aqp to other places
April Mena: Dirty... People taking it bad that there is no security
Discover Why I Love Egypt Tours for the Soul: We arrived at the station to music being played and welcome drinks. Not realizing that we were about to embark on an experience of a lifetime. The train, staff, food, cocktails and entertainment were phenomenal. A journey I will never forget. Belmond Andean Explorer provided the beat service!!!♡
Sixto Charalla: Beautiful place
Luis Grimal Velarde Candia: Much drunk and huactero"
Juan Francisco Teran: Nice place

3. Taxi Mundo - Alto Selva Alegre

· 93 reviews

Abraham Valdelomar 126, Arequipa 04012, Peru

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Taxi Mundo: what do users think?
Rebecca Ling: Very helpful during the booking process and provided an excellent professional service. Our driver Julio was always on time and was very helpful and courteous. The vehicle was spotlessly clean.
trevor bateman: Excellent service from start to finish. I do not speak Spanish but they understood what I wanted and answered any queries that I had. Julio the driver was great and the car was clean and comfortable. Would highly recommendService:Limousines
Pablo Maranon: Very good service and everything in order!Service:Limousines
Florian Faucher: Julio a été parfait ! Plus qu’un chauffeur c’est quasi un guide ! On peut lui poser toutes les questions que l’on souhaite! Il nous a amené la ou l’on voulait le tout avec une conduite prudente !Bref parfait ! On recommande !
Lizbeth Montalvan: I'm from Lima. I needed a procedure in the Municipality of Arequipa and Taxi Mundo solved my problem! I had constant communication. Miss Marcela very kind. I recommend them 100%...
LILI LARA VARGAS: Private transportation from Arequipa to Moquegua and Ilo.All very well, our driver was very punctual and attentive to our needs during the trip. I recommend it 100%.
MARIANO ANTONIO GONZALES REATEGUI: Punctuality, cleanliness, professionalism.
Eduardo Herrera: Excellent
Juan Jesús Meléndez Rodriguez: Excellent service
Luis Meza Palomino: Excellent service, personalized attention with efficiency and customer orientation.
Sheila Maclean: Taximundo were able to get me to Tacna from Arequipa during the challenging times of the political unrest. The driver very calmly and safely avoided a road block and got me safely to Tacna. He then organised for a pick up to the airport early the next morning. Taximundo were responsive, kind and helpful during quite a challenging time in Peru. I would definitely use them again.Service:Limousines
Ady Beth Durand Fernández: Fast and reliable.
Sonia Ortiz: I needed transfers to and from the Arequipa airport and wanted to book them in advance so I wouldn't have to take a last minute taxi. Taximundo responded very quickly and professionally via Whatsapp and helped me organize credit card payment since as a foreigner it is sometimes difficult to have cash when you first arrive. The drivers in both cases were friendly and punctual - especially mr. Olsen. Professional and safe service. Totally recommended 👍
Mariela Vera (Veramar): Very good and safe experience
Jean-Claude Gabriele: Superbe présentation.Le chauffeur Julio très ponctuel et très sympathique.Nous avons pus nous arrêté là où nous voulions.J'ai eu a ma disposition une bouteille d'oxygène pour vaincre mon mal d'altitude.Je recommande.
Thomas Brinson: We got a great driver, really helpful and nice!
Jessy Caiado: Avoid this service. One of their drivers asked one of our clients for an extra S/5, arguing that there was a lot of traffic. It made us look very bad, and we will have to report it to INDECOPI.
Lara Asheshov: Very punctual and friendly!
Víctor Salas: Excellent attention via WhatsApp. In the end I canceled the service but at all times they treated me very well and very quickly
Gladys Condori: Excellent service and very friendly, thank you blessings and the very comfortable price
Gabriela Alatrista: Good service, fast, friendly and good treatment.

4. Terminal Cruz Del Sur - Arequipa

· 925 reviews

Av. Javier Pérez de Cuéllar 223, Jacobo Hunter 04011, Peru

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Terminal Cruz Del Sur: what do users think?
Edgar Asencios: If they buy online, any claim is made that way, the administrators are not responsible for the scam they can do when they change your bus and schedule with just two hours after the bus leaves and if they take the trouble to call you, at the last minute Where can I get a ticket in another company?They are scammers because they know that no claim will work before any authority. NEVER MORE They changed me from a three-row seat to a bus with four-row seats without flinching, and on top of that they tell you: take it or leave it!
Oswaldo Alpaca Salazar: Good attention and cleanliness in the vehicle to transport us.
Reinaldo Gutiérrez H.: They never answer calls, it's a disgusting attitude of total indifference.
정혜경: 크루즈 델 수르를 절대 사용하지 마십시오.이카에서 리마로 가는 크루즈 델 수르 버스에서 위탁받은 가방을 잃어버렸어요. 버스에 타기 전에 가방을 들고 타겠다고 했지만, 그들은 나의 요청을 거절하고 무조건 가방을 위탁하라 강요했습니다.리마에 도착했을때 가방이 안나왔고 확인해보겠다고 했는데 3일동안 찾고있었는데 분실을 인정했어요.어디서 어떻게 사라졌는지도 모르는 크루즈 델 수르가 내 여행을 망쳤습니다. 무책임한 버스 회사여행을 망치고 싶지 않다면 절대 이용하지마세요
José Carlos L. Sánchez: Apparently they haven't found out that the health emergency is over, that they have the supposed waiting area for decoration and they won't let you use it.
Anna: Compared to other bud companies in Peru, I’d say Cruz Del Sur is one of the best. The seating is comfortable and the seats recline nicely. I recommend trying the get the front seats as there’s extra leg room. They usually leave on time or slightly later. We arrived at our destination an hour later than expected on the overnight ones (which we actually preferred).
funkypopcorn: Everyone seems to love their bus service but actually we are not so big fans. The service is great no doubt but the driving of their bus drivers is not what you would call comfortable. It's hard to sleep because they drive quiet fast and use the breaks excessively.We felt more chilled with other bus companies and had much better sleeps there during the night.I don't understand why especially at night drives they don't go more relaxed and just add another+1-2h to their ride times in favour for a comfortable bus ride where you as a customer can relax. Specifically if the ride is 10h plus. For me a good bus driver, has to drive not fast but in the first hand good and relaxed. You really have to concentrate not to puke after a curvy ride.
Daniel Rameder: UnfreundlichUnpünktlichDiskriminierend
Santiago Málaga: Bad attention
Miguiar Apestegui: Safety and professionalism
Gustav Nyh: They double booked our seats and made 0 effort to fix this after the fact, making us lose over 100USD in hotel bookings. Highly dismissive and unhelpful customer service.
Hugo Paulo Zegarra Valdivia: Good option for traveling. But I must say that exclusive is one point higher. Comply with biosecurity protocols.
Victor Zaferson: As always, the Cruz del Sur agency in Arequipa is the worst in customer service, the others are totally different
Andy: This was the worst bus ride ever, to Cusco from Arequipa, the fan was high blowing cold air, heating was off, temperature outside was 3 degrees same as inside.It was impossible to contact the bus driver, not even for an emergency. Also the driver was not replaced and was by himself for 11 hour ride.I doubt of Cruz del Sur safety and service.Next time bring your snow gear or sleeping bag
Jesus Yañez: Good attention. Big company.
Jorge Rosendo Paredes Bravo: Very good, easy access, bathrooms in good condition and cheap restaurants
Lennys Alvarez: It is a safe place
German Espinoza: The staff is not distinguished by its courtesy.
Berthyventura Montielrincon: Good terminal, very good atmosphere and good service
Andrés Díaz: Comfortable VIP room to wait for the bus to leave, clean bathrooms and good service
Carlos Garcia: Have a good trip

5. Giardino Tour Operator Perú - Arequipa

· 45 reviews

C. Jerusalén 604 A, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Giardino Tour Operator Perú: what do users think?
Ash K: Had an awesome trip to the Colca Canyon with Jesus and Julio. Jesus is so knowledgable and friendly, we felt instantly in safe hands. The accommodation was lovely - it even had hot showers which we weren’t expecting!The only reason I have given this 4 stars rather than 5 is because for the lunch and dinner on the first day, the only option available was to eat at the hotel, which was fine but it cost 35 soles each. Which isn’t too bad, but if you are a backpacker on a budget - it’s quite steep for both meals! As it is the only food option available, I think it should be included in the price of the tour. Other than that, great trip, thank you so much Julio & Jesus. 😊
Radoslava Kacherilska: We booked our 14-day South Peru trip with Giardino and we are absolutely delighted! They organized everything perfectly and chose the best guides in English in every city. Most of our excursions were private, considering our personal interests and comfort. Special thanks to Antonio, our guide in Arequipa and Colca canyon, who is the best and made our trip to the canyon an unforgettable experience!
Bijou Léa: Nous avons eu l’occasion de faire le tour de deux jours au canyon de Colca ainsi que celui de Culebrillas. Dans les deux cas, cela a été une très belle expérience grâce à Antonio, son savoir, son enthousiasme, son envie de partager et sa bienveillance !Adela, qui a aidé pour l’organisation est également adorable et à l’écoute. Et se fut un plaisir d’échanger ces moments avec Julio !Merci à tous pour tous ces beaux souvenirs ! On ne peut que recommander chaudement !Pili et Léa
Weeble L: We had an exceptional tour with Giardino Tours while in Arequipa and Colca Canyon, thru to Puno. The tour was booked through the tour company so we were not sure what to expect. Both were group tours but the first ended up being just my husband and I and the colca canyon tour only had 5 people. We were lucky enough to have the same guide for both tours. Antonio is amazing. His passion, love, and knowledge of his city and country is infectious. Without Antonio it would have just been another tour. We did many tours in the two weeks we were there and Antonio was the best guide by far. We were disappointed when we had to leave us in Puno.
Carola Patricia Bellina Santti: Really SUPER RECOMMENDED, Herbert and our guide Elar are a perfect duo, I traveled with my youngest daughter of 9 years and it was a nice experience, you can see the professionalism and seriousness in their work of both people, as well as punctuality in departures and arrivals throughout the tour.I feel very satisfied to have chosen them, it's the second time I've done it and with the same company GIARDINO, I think I'm already excited for the third one hahaha,Blessings and thank you very much.
Dayana Lipe: From Giardino we would like to highlight ADELA's attention and kindness from the moment we entered the agency with the sole intention of asking questions.She was attentive to us during the whole tour at all times, always answering our questions with great kindness, and making sure that everything went as planned.Our tour was from Ica-Paracas-Nazca, and everything went perfectly.In addition to this I must highlight the work of the guides, especially ALBERTO, who was our guide in Paracas, and HILDA and the driver who accompanied her in Nazca, giving us detailed information unlike other guides from other agencies who only stick to the basics.Thank you Giardino tours!
Elize: Had an amazing trip to the Colca canyon with Giardino tours. Our guide Maya had so much knowledge about everything we saw and proudly explained us about her country and culture. Unfortunately we got sick during the trip. Our guide was really helpful and eventually called a doctor for us. She translated during his visit. We are so thankful for her help! Definitely recommend!
Chloé Cabantous: We had an exceptional experience with Giardino Tour and highly recommend to book with them in the region of Arequipa. We especially enjoyed our tours at Laguna de Salinas and Canyon del Colca with our guide Elar. Elar is a very professional and knowledgeable tour guide who gave us lots of insights on the places we visited. He is very kind and also an engaging storyteller which made the trip even more fun! Giardino Tour is a reliable agency. They are punctual, provide good recommendations and communicate effectively through whatsapp as well. Thank you for the best trip and memories in Arequipa!
Noemi Navas Alonso: A very professional Arequipa travel agency. Personalized treatment, well-prepared tours with quality guides and accommodation.Our guide Luis Ángel was great. He provided a lot of information from the first moment in a pleasant and well-founded way. It is noticeable that he prepares the excursions and adds current data and curiosities.The driver Richard was friendly and wise.
Jesús Caudeli: We visited the Colca Canyon and the experience has been great from the first moment. Carla has been watching over us before, during and after the excursion, taking care of us with great kindness and efficiency.During the tour, Luis Ángel has been a fantastic guide, he is a true storyteller full of knowledge and a sense of humor. Richard is a friendly and prudent driver. It is the first time that I have not been afraid in a vehicle in Peru!
Rafael Gaede: Fizemos o Tour Canyon Colca 2D/1N com transfer a Puno ao final do segundo dia.O valor foi de U$$ 110 por pessoa, não incluídas as refeições.O passeio foi realmente incrível, com muitas atividades, incluindo um caminhada em Coporaque ao final do primeiro dia (que não está inclusa na maioria dos passeios). A guia Olivia foi bastante informativa e simpática. O motorista dirige de forma muito tranquila e não passa dos 80Km/h. Isso realmente deve ser muito valorizado, pois os motoristas peruanos são loucos, agressivos e extremamente imprudentes. Assim, ter um motorista tranquilo é realmente muito tranqulizador.Os horários são um pouco corridos e não se consegue muito aproveitar o Hotel Casa de Mamaychi em Coporaque (que tem uma vista espetacular). Mas isso é compreensível tendo em vista o número de atividades e as distâncias envolvidas.Recomendo muito que fechem com a Giardino. Apesar dos valores as vezes um pouco mais elevados, a qualidade é realmente muito boa.Contras:- Espere gastar mais uma quantia considerável em "extras". As refeições no Hotel não são nada baratas!- Minha noiva fala principalmente espanhol e 90% dos demais turistas só entendiam Inglês. Com isso, percebemos que as explicações em espanhol acabavam sendo mais curtas ou comprometidas em alguns momentos. Portanto, se for falante de espanhol, certifique-se de que o guia falará sua língua. Ou melhor, feche um tour só com falantes de espanhol!
Veronica Carta: Abbiamo prenotato il tour di due giorni a Chivay-Canyon del Colca e ci siamo trovati benissimo! Consigliamo a tutti questa agenzia, seria e professionale. Un punto di forza è il fatto che i gruppi siano ridotti (noi eravamo 7 in tutto). Ale, la nostra guida, è stato impeccabile, puntuale e ci ha spiegato tutto con passione. E non dimentichiamo il nostro autista Richard, guida sicura (e qui non è scontato) e massima disponibilità! Bravi GiardinoTours!
Mattia DC: Wir haben die zweitägige Colca-Canyon Tour gebucht und können diese nur wärmstens empfehlen. Der Ausflug war super organisiert und unsere Reiseführerin Milagros war einfach nur fantastisch. Sie versorgte uns während den Busfahrten mit vielen Informationen über die Geschichte, Traditionen, Region, Einheimischen, Tierwelt etc... Das Tal ist wunderschön und ein Muss, wenn man in der Gegend ist. Nicht vergessen möchten wir auch unseren tollen Chauffeur Elias. Vielen Dank für das wundervolle Erlebnis!
Marianna C.: Abbiamo prenotato direttamente presso i loro uffici di Arequipa un tour privato per il giorno seguente (Ruta del Sillar y Quebrada de Culebrillas). La prenotazione è stata davvero semplice e la referente dell'agenzia è stata molto disponibile nello spiegarci lo svolgimento dell'attività e fornirci tutte le informazioni relative. Il prezzo è in linea con quello di altri tour operator organizzati per un tour privato (agosto 2022 $45 per persona). Il mattino seguente la nostra guida ci ha raggiunti in hotel insieme ad un autista dedicato. Tutto si è svolto in modo puntuale e la guida ha organizzato gli orari in modo da evitare la folla per avere più tempo a nostra disposizione. Inoltre è stata molto disponibile nel fornirci le informazioni durante la visita e anche alcuni consigli extra sulla città e sulle attività in generale. Abbiamo ricevuto acqua e uno snack durante la mattinata. In generale un buon servizio!
Mary A: I decided to hire a travel agency for Arequipa as this was the first time for my 11 year old daughter in the Andes. Best decision! We felt safe and well taken care from day one. The agency helped us with all the arrangements to make our stay relax and pleasant. In the end it was me the one suffering from altitude sickness but our tour guide had lot of experience and she helped me to go through it with love and care. We thank our both tour guides Gerbert and Olivia for being so passionate about the stories they shared, for taking care of us and for showing us Arequipa and their beautiful places. I’ll definitely recommend Giardiano tours to my family and friends.
Lena Janßen: Sehr gute Organisation und ein super Guide. Gerber hat uns total viel über die Gegend, die Tiere, das Essen und die Geschichte vom Colca Canyon erzählt. Wir haben sehr viel gesehen und gelernt. Wir würden die Tour auf jeden Fall wieder machen, danke Gerber!
Miguel Cayon Ruisanchez: Our experience with Giardino tours was unbeatable. We did 2d1n in the Colca Canyon with our guide Beti and everything was incredible. In addition, Karla was always very kind during the organization and helped us a lot with the search for transport, beyond what was contracted with Giardino tours. Thank you very much for that Karla!
Sylvain H: Our tour of the Colca canyon with Luis Angel and Julio was amazing.The size of the group is the right one and the knowledge of the guide was exactly what was needed during these 2 days.We had a lot of history on all the landscape and the inhabitants of the region as well as many tips on local traditions.Really recommend Giardino tour for tours from Arequipa.
C C: We booked our 2 days/1 night Colca Tour and transfer to Puno with Giardino Tours. Since we had our accommodation in the Colca valley already booked and wanted to transfer to Puno not directly but after some days the schedule of the tour had to be adjusted. Adela took care of everything and was checking on us frequently via our tour guide or directly via WhatsApp. We were told the names of our tour guides/taxidrivers and the pick-up times in advance and never got forgotten or were late.Giardino Tours has some companies they work with, so we did the Colca canyon tour with Colonial Tours (which was great!) (maybe it is cheaper if you book directly with them), and the transfer to Puno with another company ( forgot the name, but it was okay, since the tour guide wasn't that good and we had some delay arriving in Puno).Although the prices are higher if you compare them to the prices you can get in the city centre of Arequipa for the same tour we chose Giardino Tours because they seemed to be more professional (they have a proper office instead of being located in some tourist shop) and only had good reviews comparing to other tour operators. Since we booked the Colca tour plus the transfer we got some discount on the final price. Summarising it was a good experience and we would recommend to book with this tour operator being aware that you are paying a higher price than in other places.
Olga Ahn: we had a really great experience with Giardino tours! We did a tour to Salinas Lake.The tour guide was super professional and the service overall was excellent. Highly recommended!!!
Julien LEMARCHAND: En plein COVID, Juillet 2021 nous avons fait appel à eux pour notre mois de Tour du Monde au Pérou. Super expérience, 5 guides français, des bons chauffeurs. Bref, une belle expérience de voyage et de découverte.Super réactivité et envie de vraiment bien servir le client ! Merci encore et Viva Péru!

6. Casa Andina Premium Arequipa - Arequipa

· 457 reviews

C. Ugarte 403, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Casa Andina Premium Arequipa: what do users think?
Ebert Gustavo Aponte Valdiviezo: Casa Andina Private Collection Arequipa is built on the old Casa de la Moneda, a national historic monument built in 1794, which makes our hotel more of a living museum than a hotel.Its strategic location just a few blocks from Arequipa's Plaza de Armas make it the ideal option for business travelers and tourists. It has 40 rooms – 100% non-smoking, including an Imperial Suite and two Senior Suites.
Tony G.: Very nice hotel and close to everything in the colonial part of Arequipa. Breakfast was excellent and room was very nice. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Would definitely stay there again.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Luxury …More
Elizabeth liz: Very expensive and regular flavors of the food, I could only go back for the place
Hugo Andres Gomero Guerra: Very good attention, since I arrived. Very friendly hotel staff. The buffet breakfast service is very good as always. It is always comfortable to stay at Casa Andina.
Tino Basso: The excellent service. Everyone very attentive.The rooms could be better for a 5 ⭐.The precise location.
Manuel Borja: Nice hotel with good location and excellent service!
Manly Matt Schulman: Highly recommended. Although almost every hotel we stayed in on our Peru trip was a Casa Andina property, this was the best of them. The location is close enough to the center of town to be easily walkable, but out of its busiest area. It is beautiful and welcoming, and the staff was helpful and polite. As a side note, we came with rudimentary Spanish, but didn't need it here -- the staff's English was far better than our Spanish. The breakfast was impressive, even including a pleasant performance by a local musician. Our room was spotless and comfortable, and they even included a little nosh as a treat for our anniversary. Certainly a fine place to stay when you visit Arequipa.
Soledad Cunliffe: Wonderful stay. The staff is very friendly and the hotel is very nice and quiet.
Mary Padilla: . Solicitamos otra, se ve el interior del hotel, parte del comedor (301
Manoel Patrocinio De Moraes Neto: Food & drinks: Muy buenasRooms: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Luxury …More
Stephen Baggaley: Small rooms. Breakfast not very appealing. Staff not very customer friendly. Very noisy at nights.Rooms: 2/5|Service: 2/5|Location: 3/5 …More
Hector Calchei: Magnificent hotel. High attention.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More

7. Chelawasi Public House - Arequipa

· 617 reviews

Campo Redondo 102, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Chelawasi Public House: what do users think?
WCDC: Low quality of care.
Ebert Gustavo Aponte Valdiviezo: Don't hesitate to go to Chelawasi. Casey, the owner, will treat you like family! They have a small menu of excellent food and an impressive variety of Peruvian craft beers, including Chelawasi on tap.Ideal place for novices or experts in good beer!
Your Dad: They do not answer their contact numbers, lousy service.
Rubén Rivera Jáuregui: Good craft beers, nice atmosphere
Patricia Pacheco Melgarejo: (Translated by Google
Sambo's Hostel: Good atmosphere, very good beers in the San Lazaro neighborhood, recommended
Petra Vřesová: Nice craft beer selection, but served unfortunately only in pint.
Jonathan Anderson: Firstly, there is good music and a decent selection of beers but the service and organisation are awful. Four of us went for food and drink and we were put on a table in the back next to a toilet. We only got given one menu for four people. They forgot about us so we had to go and ask them to take our order and were told we had to order at the bar which was not mentioned before. As this was a craft beer bar I asked for a beer menu and I was told they did not have one (in my way out the manager later said they did have one). Some are shown on the TV but there are dozens in the fridge . The roof leaks so there was lots of water on the floor and I nearly slipped and broke my leg. The women at the bar were not very friendly and serving people out of order. Bizarrely for a beer bar they do not offer flights/paddles or any different sizes of beer except a large. We decided to leave without buying any beer. Unfortunately a couple of us had already ordered food so took it to go. I would strongly recommend going to nearby Barbarian or Nowhere instead. Service is much better, you can get different sizes of beers and you can see clearly what is on offer.
Mariela Campos Portugal: Good craft beers but they didn't have all the ones offered on the menu
Anthony Edwards: Really nice bar with a couple nice beers. Very friendly and helpful
Susan Fuentes: Good music, I like the atmosphere and the variety of craft beers available. I ordered a snack and it was super tasty. The attention is also very good! Definitely recommended ✨
Yuki Orellana: Price quality in terms of beers is very good and recommended 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Jorge Alberto Ocaña Diaz: Good music, good snacks and excellent craft beer.
J. Ramiro Cuadros N.: Nice atmosphere, good service and very good drinks.
Annika Kortmann: Sehr nettes Personal. Eine umfangreiche Bierkarte. Wegen der vielen kleinen Nieschen ist für eine größere Reisegruppe hier jedoch kein Platz.
Ángel Flores: Excellent flavors of craft beer and the appetizers and food are delicious. Very improvable the attention of the staff that is very relaxed and not very attentive, the food takes time to come out of the kitchen. The place is good for casual meetings because it is small, many times there are not all the flavors of beer on the menu.
Patrick W: In this bar, I tried some of the most interesting beers in my life. The service team is very friendly and helpful. Prices are a little high, but the beers are worth it. It's definitely a must visit for beer lovers in Areqipa.
morgyn ross: Popped in for a couple of drinks. The place is a cool environment. We liked the posters on the wall and the atmosphere. The staff are very friendly and welcoming. They have a large selection of drinks which you will struggle to find elsewhere in Peru. This means the price is quite high. Average price for was around 20-22 SOL per drink. The Irish stout was tasty.
fernando zegarra: Very good
Yairza Curi: The wings were horrible and they gave us 7 native potatoes, the price is too expensive for the portion they offer

8. Casa de Avila Hotel - Arequipa

· 339 reviews

Av. San Martin 116, Arequipa 40001, Peru

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Casa de Avila Hotel: what do users think?
Julie Binysh: The perfect base from which to explore the lovely city of Arequipa. Comfortable rooms, a beautiful garden, very helpful staff and a 10 minute walk to the centre.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Quiet, Great value …More
howard binysh: Fabulous hotel with lovely staff both FOH (Fresia) and the breakfast team. They also can store bags if you take trips. Clean rooms and bathrooms.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Quiet, Great value …More
Catharine Pinglo: Excellent attention and luxurious environments... Totally recommended.
Rosie Clayton: Lovely garden and breakfast was great and Fresia spoke very good English. Reception was very helpful in directing us to local attractions.Food & drinks: Good breakfast
M C B: Good communication, very nice, friendly and helpful people. They brought my postcards to the post office. Amazing 🙏🏻 100% recommendation!Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Great view, Romantic, Quiet …More
Yerina López Aburto: Good place to stay. Comfortable rooms, it has a large garden where you can rest, sunbathe and listen to the birds singing. All the staff are very friendly and are always attentive to the needs of the guests.
Mario Rumiche: A pleasant place, with beautiful gardens and first class attention. A special thanks to Fresia for her availability and kindness during our stay. 100 recommended
andrew quinn: Checkin was seemless and easy. The staff is so lovely and conveniently speak great English. The rooms are lovely, clean, modern, and of great quality. They have a nice cozy quiet courtyard with seats and shade and great wifi.Food & drinks: Included Breakfast was the best we have had in Peru! They provided a great variety of cereals, pancakes, sandwiches, and fresh fruits and jams and drinks. The staff was so lovely and happy to provide anything we needed. We highly recommend. I look forward to desayunos tomorrow
Dennys Franco Porras Anco: The hotel is very nice and cozy, the breakfast they offer is varied and very rich but better still the attention of Miss Frescia in charge of that department; The back garden is very spacious and where children and adults have a good time.
ruben scollo: Fresca and Dany, at the reception, as well as Natalia, took great care of us...Rooms: ExcelenteNearby activities: Excelente
Daniel Scollo: Excellent attention from the staff, Frescia, Natalia and Dany,
Martin Purizaga: The place is very nice. Excellent service and very nice rooms. The breakfast was very rich and Fresia took excellent care of usVery comfortable and prettyRooms: La limpieza y comodidadNearby activities: Todos los toursSafety: Los alrededores contaban con vigilancia asi como el interiro del hotelWalkability: Cerca al centro y a los centros comerciales
Marlon Yosip: We visited Arequipa for the first time with my mom and cousin as a gift for Mother's Day. The Casa de Ávila hotel is beautiful, quiet and the service is excellent. The very rich buffet breakfast and the attention of Ms. Frescia A1, the same as the staff and the srts. of reception. If you visit Arequipa, stay at Casa Ávila, I recommend it 100%.Rooms: Acogedoras, limpias y un excelente servicio.Nearby activities: Está a pocas cuadras de la plaza de armas así que se puede ir caminando a visitar la catedral, restaurantes y agencias de paquetes turísticos.Safety: Tienen cámaras de seguridad en todo el hotel.Walkability: La ciudad es tranquila y se puede caminar sin problemas hasta bien entrada la noche.Noteworthy details: La ciudad es muy limpia, la gente es atenta y la comida muy rica.
Sandy Mason: The staff were so friendly and helpful. The cafeteria staff, especially Fresia took time to explain what was on offer and they even set up breakfast early for us when we were leaving early for a tour.Nearby activities: Very easy to walk to the main Plaza.Food & drinks: Very good buffet breakfast.
Manuel Noya: To improve: The breakfast service. Improve the environment where it is served. Put lighters to keep food warm and not candles. The coffee is very bad. Good hotel and location. Urgently improve the breakfast offer.Walkability: Cerca de la Plaza.Food & drinks: No se ofrece nada.
Juan Manuel Portocarrero Ramirez: y la excelente atención de la srta. Fresia. Y ante cualquier necesidad, la srta. Natalia fue muy atenta en todo momento. Definitivamente me dieron la tranquilidad de poder y querer regresar a Arequipa y específicamente a Casa de Ávila.(Translated by Google
Tanja Van Sterthem: We are a family of four (2 adolescents) and stayed 3 nights in a family room. The hotel is very well situated within walking distance from the main square and all attractions. And it is quiet, no street noise! The staff is very friendly and helpful and the breakfast really nice. We loved the inner courtyard with garden! Great value for money!!Food & drinks: Really nice breakfast
Manuel Bernales: Rooms: Excelente habitacionesFood & drinks: La comida la sirven fría. Una jalada de oreja.
Claudia Sanz Nina: A place suitable for holding events for 100 people, it has an auditorium and a fairly large patio.

9. Starbucks - Arequipa

· 1117 reviews

C. Mercaderes 120, Arequipa 04000, Peru

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Starbucks: what do users think?
Josué Mejía: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Panini de Pollo, Donas Y Galletas de Chocolate, Frappuccino de Chocolate, Brownie de ChocolateMore
Marcos Valencia: Food: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
ANTHONY RG: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
John Carpio: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 3/5Recommended dishes Frappuccino de ChocolateMore
Rodriguez Valdivia Maylen Itan: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Frappuccino de ChocolateMore
Renato Fabricio Medina Quiroz: Very nice place gives you a feeling of privacy to have a good conversation
Luis Carlos Gutierrez: Recommended dishes Frappuccino de ChocolateMore
nisu 201: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
alan piedrabuena: not worth what it costs
Andre Brañez: Food: 3/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Alberto Alvarez Camacho: Place with a pleasant atmosphere, efficient service and on the side of its drinks and food is delicious.
manuel gonzales: Good place, only there are many people who see you and there is not much privacy.
Rita Mercedes Arias Pérez: Good attention, delicious coffee, good sandwiches and cakes.
Sebas: Cozy place, makes you feel at homeFood: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
LUIS ANGEL MARTINEZ CHOQUEHUANCA: Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 2/5Recommended dishes Frappuccino de ChocolateMore
Magaly Rojas Macedo: Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
jacel talavera: Food: 5/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Luis Alberto Vargas Miranda: Food: 5/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 3/5More

10. Starbucks - Yanahuara

· 211 reviews

Av. Prolongación los Arces, s/n, Arequipa 04000, Peru

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11. Starbucks - Yanahuara

· 45 reviews

Av. Ejercito 1009, Cercado De Arequipa 04000, Peru

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12. Alfredo Rodriguez Ballon International Airport - Cerro Colorado

· 1167 reviews

Av. Aeropuerto S/N, Cerro Colorado 04017, Peru

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