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1. Arequipa Paintball - Arequipa

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Arequipa Paintball
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Address: HFV4+353, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: +51 982 331 421

Business type: Adventure sports center

Arequipa Paintball: what do users think?
Administrador -: When I called to reserve Mr. He was very kind, I went with my partner and unlike the other paintball sites, here they did not deny us access only because we were 2 people and not a group, they gave us facilities to reschedule the day in which we could go
Isaac Alberti: Good atmosphere
Rolando Jove mamani: Why three? A lot of crime a lot of ring between the criminals and the authorities and also the transportation is the worst they grab what they want when they want and those who are or less waiting they harass it worse and they don't realize those who are behind are the worst
elvis pari torres: Entertaining, good place to spend with friends and family.
Durby Gaona Garcia: Lots of fun!!
Rosma De castro: Very nice
hola rez: Hahahahahahaha

2. Skin and Laser Clinic - Arequipa

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16 reviews
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Skin and Laser Clinic
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Address: Urbanización Villa Gloria C 8, Francisco Mostajo 105, Arequipa 04002, Peru

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 8AM

Telephone: +51 54 330212

Business type: Dermatologist

Skin and Laser Clinic: what do users think?
Pia kiara Cha: I went to have a laser treatment to reduce the spots and it went very well, it hurt a little but I think it's normalThe attention is good and in their pharmacy they have products that are difficult to find elsewhere
NICOLE CUNURANA: Terrible service, I expected much more from the clinic, terrible care in every way, the worst investment I made in my life.
German Yupanqui Z: the location is wrong, one never reaches the place because the location on the map is not. locate by address.
Eliana qs: Some time ago I went to do a simple consultation on how to improve my skin. The doctor did not explain anything to me, she just told me what we all already know... sunscreen and vit c. I don't explain anything else. And the price of the appointment is not for them to just tell you that. I don't know if it was because I was the last patient but I felt like I was trying to finish everything quickly. It was waste of money and time.
Madeleine Maribel Urdanivia Cerpa: Not recommendable.
Álvaro Sosa: Effective and safe foot treatments, they have a good medical staff.
Renzo Solis: Secure Treatments to your skin. The best staff of doctors who answer all kind of questions that you have
Daniela María Vargas Pinto: Good doctors excellent treatment
Liz Loayza Valdivia: Excellent facilities and attention! very good doctors!

3. Bella Spa Estetica Laser Integral - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

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22 reviews
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Bella Spa Estetica Laser Integral
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Address: Av. Dolores 187, Arequipa 04009, Peru

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Telephone: +51 997 302 562

Business type: Spa

Bella Spa Estetica Laser Integral: what do users think?
Fernanda Febres Salas: Laser hair removal excellent results from the first session and a friendly and patient treatment of his patients.
Marcello Barrios Cacya: Good care and excellent treatments!
alexander cardenas: There was no attention, the lady who attended had left and instead left a guy from an insurance company and said that it would take a while after that I don't know how the attention will be, I waited more than 45 and nothing, no one came or the reason for the person who attends
Samuel Josué: Excellent atention
Pamela Soto: Some massages Wow👏👏👏 👏 I came out super relaxed 😌😌😌💆💆💆💆💆
Estéfano 1313: A cozy atmosphere with music, aromatherapy plus massages I was relaxed
Luis Alberto Gomel Mamani: Good place and good attention, even more they are very professional.
Denis Cesar Argüelles Flores: first class care

4. Clinica Estetica Nuñez Villar - Arequipa

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43 reviews
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Clinica Estetica Nuñez Villar
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Address: Salaverry 422, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Telephone: +51 54 282233

Business type: Plastic surgery clinic

Clinica Estetica Nuñez Villar: what do users think?
martin tito: For pleasure they make an appointment for you at an hour, well unfulfilled and do not respect the patient.
Angie Benavides Guzman: My sister had surgery at this clinic and it turned out spectacular!! Now I am about to undergo surgery and Dr. Percy resolved all my doubts and gave me more confidence. If you are looking for the best clinic in Arequipa, do not doubt that it is this one.
Sthefanie Sueros: I was satisfied with the results thanks to Dr. Percy who was able to answer my questions and inform me in the best way about the entire procedure 👍🏻
Milagros Laura Santos: I love the attention, very friendly and they comply with all the protocols, the clinic is fully equipped and clean, with the best specialists! I would definitely come back again, highly recommended!!
Angel Augusto Muñoz González: Dr Nuñez is an excellent professional, he takes great care of the details and gives you all the confidence you need to operate with the best plastic surgeon in Arequipa
Antuanet Guzmán Sueros: Doctor Percy was very attentive and kind, he clarified all my doubts and I decided to have surgery with him during my stay, all the clinic staff were always available. I totally recommend this clinic
Juan Tapia Paredez: Very grateful for the attention of the clinic, I really liked the results 100% recommended
Adrian Cardenas: Very good service, personalized attention, I was satisfied
Sidney SIA: The worst experience, it is sad, it is impotence, it is unfortunate, despite the fact that this "doctor" charges a high amount, the results of my family member were disastrous, I just need to report him for his malpractice, but I do not live in Arequipa and the complaint would follow me carrying even more expenses. If you go think well.
Carmen Ramos Callata: The best Dr. Núñez, a plastic surgeon of excellence, I am very happy with the results of my operations, cozy environments, excellent medical team, clean operating rooms with all the necessary instruments and another clean environment for recovery, personal rooms. Good treatment as a professional and his team. The best clinic in Arequipa.
Pedro Luis Chalco Quilla: Good attention, very pleasant stay and a precise and simple solution. Thank you very much and continue your successes.
patribanda ong: Good attention
saul delgado: It is a quiet place and has a parking space
Juan Carlos Herrera: An excellent clinic. Good professionals, comfortable environment, first-class operating rooms, state-of-the-art equipment, cordial and friendly treatment.
Mary Escobar Huamani: the most
krysthall pc: An incredible Clinic, with first class doctors, directed by the best plastic surgeon "Percy Nuñez Villar"
Diego Jose Valdivia Silva: Excellent clinic!! First class professionals and equipment.
Rocio Yanque guillen: Excellent clinic, with the best PLASTIC SURGEON !!!!! I recommend it.
Noelia Gonzales Marquez: The best clinic in Plastic Surgery!!!
arte Pinto: Very good Clinic, with a highly trained medical staff. Directed by the best plastic surgeon, Dr. Percy Núñez Villar.
Elizabeth Vanessa: Excellent clinic with good professionals 😉

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