Best Functional Training Courses Arequipa Near Me

IOON Sports & Fitness Team training Gym Revo Sport Gimnasio Fit Funcional Cayma Smart Fit Arequipa center Bodytech Revo Sport Fitpro 7 Funcional Training Club Cayma Spanish School Arequipa Llama Education Spanish FACE-TO-FACE / ONLINE Spanish School Arequipa Peru 馃嚨馃嚜

1. IOON Sports & Fitness - Cerro Colorado

路 39 reviews

Av. Pumacahua sn, Arequipa 04017, Peru

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IOON Sports & Fitness: what do users think?
Javier Mayta S.: Good place, I like that young people are encouraged to follow sports, especially basketball, which is my favorite... Good facilities and from what I've seen, they are very competent. I wish they had more courts or a bigger venue.
Jhojan Lerma: It is a good physical training center, it is not very big but it offers what is necessary, the trainers support and encourage you all the time. Its services can be used by adults and children. Finally, the parking lot is very small and in the rainy season the courts end up wet since they are outdoors.
franz moscoso: Very demanding
Urpi Garc铆a Mej铆a: Esrupendo luvar of physical orreparacion
Juan Carlos Cedron Solis: Healthy body.
Max Sihues: Highly recommended center to train and practice basketball and soccer
EVELYN NAVARRETE: Good place to train
Pedro Re谩tegui Ball贸n: good trainers
Sebastian Mendiguri Tuesta: Excellent training center.
jesica perez: the most
Renato M.: It's not a big deal but it covers all the needs
Alexander Molero Chacon: Excellent place for sport and implemented.
Sonqqo: Well located, spacious and ventilated. Ideal for sports practice for adults and children.
Manuel Ampuero: The best Training Center in Arequipa.
Beto Arteaga: Functional and personalized training. They make you feel no matter your physical condition. Innovative and intense exercises... I recommend it again
Mateo Arenas: A very good training center.Personalized
Howard Vargas Zapata: Very good
Julieth Carbajal: I loved this place because it is very beautiful. Since you do exercises, it is in the open air, it is like a mini gym, it has courts and many more things.
Andres Alvarez Grupp: The best training center in Arequipa and southern Peru. Innovative and highly efficient working methods.
paolo echegaray: Good place, however it lacks awnings for better training comfort.
Jimmy Morales: Need to finish the implementation...

2. Strong - Arequipa



路 366 reviews

Octavio Mu帽oz Najar 240, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Strong: what do users think?
Roysi Fredy Arizaca Claros: Good place and good prices, although a few times the machine you want is not available.
Juan David CA: good one added more machines
iber: Very good. Very good machines. It is spacious and comfortable. environments for weights, cardio, dances, abs, bathrooms, showers, and the cost is very accessible to everyone. Another point in favor is that it has parking for smaller vehicles such as bicycles and motorcycles
Jose Isaac Diaz Zapata: One of the only gyms that open EVERY DAY until holidays.Good option for being in the center of the city, but sometimes it does not have the monitoring of a personal trainer who sees the order in what it is to have the dumbbells and discs and this occurs in both places, that is why I would give it the number of stars, but they do have good staff at the entrances to the gyms
Caronte: Good place, although they removed some machines but it is still good.
yuri mamani: It is big and spacious but needs a trainer to teach the new ones or simply indicate the correct way to do the exercise
Guillermo Sebastian Zevillanos Nu帽ez: Brilliant
marck antony: It was a good place, now it is very neglected and there is no control, people take over the machines and weights and leave them where they want, they don't wear a towel, they leave the machines sweaty, everything is filthy, the boxers spit in it floor...terrible, taking into account that it was a very good option due to the variety of its machines...I do not recommend it
BrOokLyN !: The place is well located and implemented with respect to any gym, the problem is in its dance halls where the maximum allowed limit of sound and volume of an environment is not respected. The noise is practically so much that having long-term problems is something that limits not only going but also even thinking about being there for hours. Very bad and little consideration regarding the decibels that stop being music to become just noise and chaos.
Guisella Zuzunaga Oblitas: I like it, good instructors.
steho x: 5 sol for a day pass. a lot of weights and bars available, large cardio area. recommended!
Ruben Paucar: super comfortable
Legion Nocturna: It stinks of feet and sweat. lousy place
Andre Fabricio: There is a lack of light weight dumbbells, but it is the gym that never closes in AQP
Evelin Galindo: Gymmm. Everything to do sports.The entrance is 5 soles
Javier Mayta S.: Terrible place, all dirty, nobody follows the protocols, there are no trainers... They practically do whatever they want... After so many years it has gotten worse, it's a pity that this place is still open.
Luis Huarancca Puma: I've been back for years... the smell in the halls is the same... it cost 1 sol... now it's 5 but it's the same... it doesn't justify the increase
Angelo Enriquez: Not bad
James Reggio: 5 soles for the day. Cardio equipment doesn鈥檛 work. Chest, back, and leg machines are fine.

3. Team training - Paucarpata

路 10 reviews

John F. Kennedy 709, Arequipa 04000, Peru

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Team training: what do users think?
Luis Alcides Bocangel Amable: Good place
Silvia 脥beros coaguila: Chevere to train
pablo G M: good instructors

4. Gym Revo Sport - Arequipa

路 452 reviews

Paucarpata 302, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Gym Revo Sport: what do users think?
Adri谩n Mateo: An excellent gym with very good service and a variety of machines to practice what you have according to the schedule that has been given to you, only that it would be good if there were more machines since sometimes they are used by other gymnasts
leonardo miguel galindo luna: Good atmosphere but it is in bad shape, the machines are breaking down, I think it will be due to use, I asked someone who was in the gym a few months ago and the machines are still damaged, very bad use of machines 馃憖馃憖馃憖
Karla TC Meza: (Translated by Google
Milagros Rodriguez: It is the best gym in Arequipa to train or work
Brigitte Ayvar: me parece elevado.(Translated by Google
Chiqui Casta帽eda: Excellent!!!
WERNER BRIHAN TUNY ZUNIGA: Good facilities, just be careful with rush hours. Afterwards it is an excellent training club.
David Castro: Cleanliness and adequate space to train.
JESSY ALEXIS NU脩EZ ORTEGA: Good experience in the gym
Harrinson Bol铆var salazar: Good area to train, spacious and a large variety of machines
Edmundo Valverde: Limited group classes, the trainers don't guide you... They see what you're doing wrong and they don't correct you, during the pandemic they didn't consider me a six-month-old membership
Piero Gerardo Molleapaza: Everything in perfect condition 10/10 鉁
Manuel Calderon Farro帽ay: Excellent gym, with a good atmosphere, and excellent facilities, I can't wait for childcare and Sauna services to open
Edwin Ascencios: Although , a bit expensive for what they offer .
Enribel Ram铆rez: Cool
Jose Luis: A clean and tidy place, the machines need maintenance, some slip due to use. The background music they play can improve. It tends to be too crowded on a regular basis.
yohana susan llerena ventura: Spacious, clean, tidy environments, friendly service Recommended
Jhon Steel: It has a good implementation
JULIO ENRIQUE LOPEZ CARDENAS: Excellent gym for sportsThey have place for:CardioDumbbellsDanceShower and toilet areanutrition guidanceDance
steho x: 25 sol for a day pass鈥 quite expensive.
Juan Zea: Good attention

5. Gimnasio Fit Funcional Cayma - Yanahuara

路 9 reviews

Grifo Primax, Avenida Bolognesi 201 Una Cuadra m谩s arriba de plaza de Cayma Referencia Frente a, Cayma 04017, Peru

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6. Smart Fit Arequipa center - Cerro Colorado

路 55 reviews

Arequipa 04017, Peru

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Smart Fit Arequipa center: what do users think?
Dario Iv谩n: All good except that the shower space is very small
KARZIS: Excellent machines; reception and attention of the coaches.
Carlos Alonso Valdivia: Good and clean environment, modern machines, very attentive and polite staff.
Kellys Querales: EXCELLENT
Paula Bernal: It is a good gym, friendly staff, clean, and well-equipped. The main area of improvement is regarding the music鈥檚 volume. Almost everyone has their own headphones, but not even with noise cancellation can one avoid listening to the music they play. It would be ideal to keep a lower volume so that it does not interfere with the customers own music or so that one can listen to the instructors. Gyms always have background music, but this one is quite high.
Edwin Esmarbeache: Its facilities are excellent. Although it is the only SMAR FIT that is in Arequipa.
Giannina Aponte: y Israel .(Translated by Google
Viviana Alessandra Saldarriaga Jara: Very clean and friendly staff.
Carlos Macedo: Garage enabled for customers and the attention is very cordial
Ivonne Leonor Fuentes Echegaray: Group classes are great!
Hans Jose Moscosso Bedregal: Good service
Victor Pantigoso: Excellent,
Ramiro Gomez: The smartfit chain provides excellent service to its affiliates. Highly recommended
Jos茅 Ariel Bermejo Ortiz: The best Smart Fit place in the city
Diego Medina: Excellent place, clean and with operational machines, excellent service
Ernesto Tur: Good attention, clean and with good access.
velotus tx: Good gym very quiet and cleanNice to be there.
LORENA Fajardo: So far the best gym I've been to, good dance instructors!
Kathy Carpio Vargas: Good atmosphere, good service, variety of machines, sports equipment and accessories, proper cleaning, they comply with covid protocols, good trainers.
rubi cristina azcarate: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality
Pamela Del Valle: Pay presale membership; however, they still do not give an opening date for the new headquarters AREQUIPa Mall Aventura

7. Bodytech - Arequipa

路 77 reviews

HFQJ+P4G, Arequipa 04002, Peru

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8. Revo Sport - Jos茅 Luis Bustamante y Rivero

路 416 reviews

Av. Dolores 163, Arequipa 04000, Peru

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Revo Sport: what do users think?
Miguel Rodriguez: A lot of variety of machines, modern rooms and good service
Italo: Nothing to claim from this gym, I went to visit and ended up enrolling
Luis Seijas: Excellent place
Elizabeth Jesus Gonzales Llut: Clean, illuminated and good machines.Except thatQuite a lot of people at rush hour.
Hair Gonzales: my quiet place
Piero Ticona: Good gym xd complete
Yosaya Castro Miranda: Very well equipped
carlos perez: Good experience and professional trainers
Jhon Anderson Sillo Surco: Good place, has parking
Garfield-Kun: Very complete, good prices, everything clean and tidy and in good condition 24/7, it has enough discs and dumbbells to progress at a good pace and different machines for Biomechanics
Christian Cassas: The best gym in all of Bustamante
Bruce Anthony Belizario: The attention is Meh, but in equipment the gym is complete.
Jennifer Pinto: They don't have paper in the bathrooms. There is a toilet paper dispenser outside the bathrooms so they don't take out much. Poor cleaning in the bathrooms. On the other hand, some trainers are dedicated to socializing instead of monitoring the exercises of their partners.
Edy Condori Navarro: Excellent number of machines, good instructors and always clean environments.
Lizbeth Katherin Santos Huaman铆: Excellent 馃憣馃徎
Joe Vargas: Undoubtedly the best in Arequipa
Nelly Flores: Everything very clean and safe. Complies with biosecurity protocols
Alexander Armando Velasquez Sucari: Good machines!!! But very crowded!!!
Aldo Cerpe: Good place to train and exercise
Pool Junior Campos Acu帽a: Good gym, full body classes help a lot ... very fun.
Ofelia Amat Arenas: Super good 馃槂

9. Fitpro 7 - Arequipa

Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

10. FitClub - Arequipa

Calle Juan 111, Cercado de Arequipa 04001, Peru

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11. Racing Training Center - Arequipa

Av. Progreso 103, Miraflores 04004, Peru


12. Arequipa Combat Club - Arequipa

路 7 reviews

C. Palacio Viejo 208, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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13. Lions training center - Arequipa

C. Palacio Viejo 208, Cercado De Arequipa 04001, Peru

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14. Diego fitness&health - Arequipa

C. Rivero 406, Arequipa 04001, Peru


15. Funcional Training Club Cayma - Cayma

JFH5+8R8, Cayma 04017, Peru

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16. Gimnasio A-Nimal - Miraflores

路 1 reviews

Elias Aguirre 305, Miraflores 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Fit Camp RV - Yanahuara

路 2 reviews

Av. Bolognesi 201, Arequipa 04017, Peru

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18. Spanish School Arequipa - Arequipa

路 15 reviews

Av. San Martin 116, Arequipa 40001, Peru

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19. Llama Education Spanish FACE-TO-FACE / ONLINE Spanish School Arequipa Peru 馃嚨馃嚜 - Cerro Colorado

路 29 reviews

Challapampa 102 Residencial Casa Bella A6 Cerro Colorado Arequipa - Per煤, Arequipa

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Body training - Cerro Colorado

Unnamed Road, 04018, Peru


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