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LiberDance Studio Saltare Dance Company Escuela The House Smart Fit Arequipa center Escuela De Baile Si o Si

1. Ballet De María Esther Basurco - Arequipa

· 3 reviews

C. Jerusalén 121, Cercado De Arequipa 04001, Peru

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2. LiberDance Studio - Arequipa



· 8 reviews

Av La Marina 200, Arequipa 04000, Peru

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LiberDance Studio: what do users think?
Stefany: I love it
hugo quiroz: excellent place to learn, get out of your comfort zone and fight for your dreams; I would highly recommend liberdance studio if your dream is to be a great artist...if you love dancing, singing and acting this is the best place to start! Thank you teachers for your delivery, I admire you very much! 🖤


· 2 reviews

Urbano Magisterial III Etapa f14, Arequipa 04014, Peru

MARUXA ORTIZ BALLET: what do users think?
Rolf Manrique: The only accredited academy.Maruxa Ortiz honorary member of the Royal Academy of London.Prima ballerina.Excellent and demanding teacher.Highly recommended for all lovers of classical ballet

4. FitClub - Arequipa

· 0 reviews

Calle Juan 111, Cercado de Arequipa 04001, Peru

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5. Urban Dance AQP - Arequipa

· 9 reviews

Maria Nieves y Bustamante 110, Arequipa 04013, Peru

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Urban Dance AQP: what do users think?
Charlangas: The best 🔥❤️
LU BI: (Translated by Google
Luz Chilcho: An academy where you can find good teachers to do excellent choreography.
anny lama calle: Visit the Av Dolores headquarters, they are on the third floor, there is no elevator in case you want to know, the dance room is wide with mirrors, the dance teacher for children is friendly, her choreography is elaborate and believe it or not the children they follow his step. Reasonable costs. I hope they have more hours for children soon, now only on Saturdays.
José Alejandro Canchillo: A good place and good service
the whitejack: they no longer exist... at least in that place
Jeremy Zapana: I want to go

6. Saltare Dance Company - Cerro Colorado

· 24 reviews

Calle 27 de Noviembre 212 Referencia: Frente al Módulo de Justicia, a 3 cuadras de Plaza Las Américas, 04000, Peru

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Saltare Dance Company: what do users think?
Madeleim Steffania Quispe Dabalos: Excellent
Cintya Luque Ccahui: Great, attention and teaching very good
Milagros Huerta: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
Anne Bellido: Positive:Quality,Value
Fiorella Sirlopu: The teachers are always attentive to their students.I have been taking classes for a year now, from face-to-face classes until now that they are virtual10 out of 10 in his teaching at his dance academy 😺
Tania Achahuanco: Saltare Dance is a very professional academy, its teachers have a good relationship with their students, they teach with joy, affection and a lot of positive energy, highly recommended for their children.
linet carpio lazo: Positive:Quality
Esther McGee: Excellent service, good location. Teacher Mily's passion for dance and skills are hard to find. 100% recommended.
Joshua Nuñez Gamboa: Excellent place... Good teachers, excellent environments...!!!
Mileidys Riera: Excellent place to learn to dance professionally.
Milagros Gonzales Arias: Very good teaching and discipline
Erika Ramirez: The teachers are very good and the attention is also recommended
Susan Mejia: Excellent academy, my daughter takes the courses and is very happy, thank you, I will skip Dance.
Landys Koshka Huaranca Tinta: Good environment and excellent professionals. Recommended
Daniel Gelvis: A magical place, everything feels like family
POLA: The best place to dance.
Operador Web: Excellent service. I didn't think Arequipa had an academy like this. A lot of professionalism and quality

7. Escuela The House - Arequipa

· 4 reviews

ONLINE VIRTUAL, C. Mercaderes 334, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Escuela The House: what do users think?
ANGELLA MEDINA: Excellent work, highly recommended.
Stanislav Tsvitkov: I like it. Very good school. I recommend

8. Smart Fit Arequipa center - Cerro Colorado

· 55 reviews

Arequipa 04017, Peru

Address Website
Smart Fit Arequipa center: what do users think?
Dario Iván: All good except that the shower space is very small
KARZIS: Excellent machines; reception and attention of the coaches.
Carlos Alonso Valdivia: Good and clean environment, modern machines, very attentive and polite staff.
Kellys Querales: EXCELLENT
Paula Bernal: It is a good gym, friendly staff, clean, and well-equipped. The main area of improvement is regarding the music’s volume. Almost everyone has their own headphones, but not even with noise cancellation can one avoid listening to the music they play. It would be ideal to keep a lower volume so that it does not interfere with the customers own music or so that one can listen to the instructors. Gyms always have background music, but this one is quite high.
Edwin Esmarbeache: Its facilities are excellent. Although it is the only SMAR FIT that is in Arequipa.
Giannina Aponte: y Israel .(Translated by Google
Viviana Alessandra Saldarriaga Jara: Very clean and friendly staff.
Carlos Macedo: Garage enabled for customers and the attention is very cordial
Ivonne Leonor Fuentes Echegaray: Group classes are great!
Hans Jose Moscosso Bedregal: Good service
Victor Pantigoso: Excellent,
Ramiro Gomez: The smartfit chain provides excellent service to its affiliates. Highly recommended
José Ariel Bermejo Ortiz: The best Smart Fit place in the city
Diego Medina: Excellent place, clean and with operational machines, excellent service
Ernesto Tur: Good attention, clean and with good access.
velotus tx: Good gym very quiet and cleanNice to be there.
LORENA Fajardo: So far the best gym I've been to, good dance instructors!
Kathy Carpio Vargas: Good atmosphere, good service, variety of machines, sports equipment and accessories, proper cleaning, they comply with covid protocols, good trainers.
rubi cristina azcarate: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality
Pamela Del Valle: Pay presale membership; however, they still do not give an opening date for the new headquarters AREQUIPa Mall Aventura

9. Escuela De Baile Si o Si - Arequipa

· 20 reviews

Av. Goyeneche 507, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Escuela De Baile Si o Si: what do users think?
Alessandra Rodriguez: Excellent, super patient
Jean Carlos Luna Ito: 100% recommended
angela Núñez: Recommended 💯 classes from 0!
Ricardo Müller alarcon: Critical:Quality
victor QA: The best place to learn salsa and bachata in Arequipa
Yeny veronica Estofanero mamani: Honestly I am disappointed muxo
fabiola guillen meza: Very good teaching I love it
Yashira Condori: I would like to teach
Julia Clemen: Beautiful

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