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1. Department of Immigration and Naturalization - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

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Department of Immigration and Naturalization
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Address: Urb. Quinta Tristán 2do Parque, Los Cedros, José Luis Bustamante y Rivero, Peru

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +51 54 421759

Business type: Immigration & naturalization service

Department of Immigration and Naturalization: what do users think?
Douglas Cardozo: The attention was terrible, to answer a query what the doorman in charge answers is "stand in line to be given the information", and it is a very long line, it is a total lack of efficiency, apart from providing the tickets should be in the ability to solve simple concerns.
SANTIAGO SEGUNDO MERINO NAVARRO: Schedules are not respected, nor people, much less what is determined by the LAW OF PREFERENTIAL ATTENTION.Despite the fact that preferential attention was indicated and requested, requested by a Mother with two babies and a person unable to speak, THE OFFICIALS ARE NOT INTERESTED IN IMPROVING THE CARE.Untidy, messy place.Unsanitary environment, outdoor benches inside the establishment are "dirty" and do not indicate the order of attention.Officials are not proactive to the public.attention disorder.Documented papers supporting immigration procedures, passports, visas, are deposited in EL SUELO.There is a lack of training in customer service, since officials SHOUT at people to give information about the case.Attention information, pasted on "papers" of URGENCY is not fulfilled.In charge of the Migration Office, she does not take for granted every situation that is observed in the vicinity of the establishment.Rows and spaces are SOLD by people who occupy the outskirts of attention and officials show no interest in SOLVING this type of corruption.It is noticeable that PEOPLE, WITHOUT SCRUPLES, DO BUSINESS WITH THE VACANCIES OF ATTENTION.Officials must identify these cases.Unsafe exteriors and lack of order for improvement and speed of attention
JOHN EDER MOLINA CAMPIÑO: Their attention is good, they have no tact for attention to the public.
Hilda Diaz: Good attention, you just have to queue for procedures or be in the consultation queue if you just need to have your doubts clarified. Fast attention
Camilo Vega: Incompetence can reach incredible levels with these entities...
ruben alfonzo perez martinez: Regards. They don't answer calls. I am in poor health and cannot go to the headquarters. Even so they do not answer the calls, they should be attentive with that.
Yacqueline Weiss: I have been trying to get a C5 permit for two weeks, I have made the payment, I have attached the Form and the receipt in the virtual parts table and so far no response. In the Aqp offices the attention is terrible, the treatment they give goes without saying, impossible over the phone. I don't know what to do, what do the supervisors, bosses and others do?
Erick Mercado: Orderly, punctual and precise service. My congratulations!!!
Jefferson Mamani: Appalling
Victor Zaferson: Very few appointment options, they attend to few people, they attend slowly and do not start on time, on top of any power outage and the system goes down and they simply do not attend to anything, lousy like any state entity. The worst thing is that there is no qualified person to provide information, the watchman has to guide people according to his poorly trained criteria
Esperanza Mogrovejo: It seems to me very inconsiderate that until today there is no kind of attention, nor information, we need an explanation for their incompetence.
Mr. Pool: please open now, many people are desperate for their passport
Angelis Lopez: The lack of awareness of the State is fatal, I have my Family in Arequipa, I need to renew passports so that they travel to the United States urgently and they tell me that only Lima is operating? To complete, I thought of arranging for them to travel to Lima and now there is no type of transportation for them to renew their documents. Too bad, this is not a pandemic. And there is still no information on when they will reopen 😤👎
Partituras Musicales: Bad experience, lack of employee training, everyone asks you for different requirements, they are not totally sure of the procedures and paperwork.
Lázaro José Regalado Ponte: Good afternoon, I need to know if you are attending, because today I went to carry out a procedure and I found the Office completely closed. Perhaps they are attending inside the establishment. I would appreciate if anyone can have information. Thank you
amilcar junior chacca rodriguez: They should notify you if the passports are in production, there are people who wait all day for them to tell you that you have to return the next day
HAPPY TRAVEL TOURS: Excellent service and efficiency
Kellys Querales: Excellent attention from the officials.
Martin Zapata: There is nothing charming about it.
Adrian Chacon: Excellent atention

2. IELTS Perú - Arequipa | Francisco Rojas School - Arequipa

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IELTS Perú - Arequipa | Francisco Rojas School
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Address: Juan de Dios Salazar 251, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +51 938 743 786

Business type: English language school

3. LAE Educación Internacional - Yanahuara

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Address: Av. Ejército 710, Cercado de Arequipa 04001, Peru

Telephone: +51 54 274441

Business type: Educational consultant

4. Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano, Arequipa - Arequipa

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Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano, Arequipa
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Address: Melgar 109, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Telephone: +51 54 391020

Business type: Learning center

Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano, Arequipa: what do users think?
oly Ccc: Very bad avia been topic
Edgard Alonso Andía Calderón: A good place to learn English and with excellent proposals for cultural activities.
Jose Miranda: I took my grandson Andersito to his English keys.
Allan Lopez: The best place to learn English.
Angel Mendoza: It is unfortunate that this institution provides a lousy quality of service in the virtual class modality. Today my wife tried to enter the classes at 7:15 p.m. and they did not let her enter until 7:35 p.m., losing much of the content. This, added to the previous cycles, where the teacher's audio had. low quality, show that this institution is not properly prepared for the products they offer. I will do the respective tests to present a formal complaint to INDECOPI. Students do not deserve this treatment.
Ronal: Of the worst.
Maria Elena CC: , buena seguridad con cámaras de seguridad en diferentes ambientes. Las clases por ahora pueden ser virtuales o presenciales según disponibilidad de horarios. Y sobre la enseñanza muy buena, excelentes profesores y muy amigables, te brindan esa confianza de hablar y aprender el inglés sin problemas.(Translated by Google
Jos Hancco: In face-to-face the environments were good, in the 3 buildings, the classroom house has its cannon and computer. The teachers are very good and English is not heavy and they have been adapted online to make it interactive.
Kathie Ollachica Cabana: Good infrastructure. Excellent treatment.
Raquel De los Reyes Villegas: A disaster and inefficiency, it ended after so long because they keep changing books to delay the students and on top of that I've been waiting for my certificate for 7 months, I would never study at the cultural center again.
Alexis Bachoir: HORRIBLE! I paid a lot of money for a course that was not worth it at all, they did not send me the link of the classes several times, and they did not even return my money, nor recovery. Also, that communication is disgusting, everything is by mail, and sometimes it doesn't even arrive. Also, they do not have any platform to upload the material to study, retrograde methodology! I do not recommend this institute for nd.
Jazmin Sanca: They teach well, but not all teachers. Unfortunately, these months I have been dealing with teachers who had problems with internet connection almost every day. It was a disappointment.
yuliana brillante: It's great great
Pierina Estefani Coya T.방탄 소년단: My aunts studied in this place and they did very well, I will also study here, so I will enroll soon.
Jose Eduardo Aparicio: Well
Walter Díaz Cornejo: Good institute to learn to speak English, variety of hours, good local infrastructure, competitive prices, right in the center of Arequipa.
Diana Rojas: I studied English at this center and I thought it was a nice experience, I don't know what it will be like now but it does promote not only learning why the teachers are super fun but also sharing experiences and making a great group of friends, that way they make you want to learn even math, now they do have more benefits and agreements than before, so I think it's a very good option if you're looking for a place to learn this language.
Tomas Taco Quispe: It is my workplace
Jhojan Lerma: It has a good way of teaching the English language, the teachers in general are very good, sometimes you can have problems with the schedules as there are not enough students to cover said schedule, some classrooms are not very comfortable but despite all that, it is a good place to learn not only English but culture as well.
Cristell Granados Gordillo: They have to give vacations and on the days that are declared holidays, take them into account, it is very unfair for the students that everyone has a holiday and they don't, when there is a strike that classes are suspended, young people are in great danger, young people they cannot be willing to this danger. I am very angry and disappointed in the work they are doing. I hope they take it into account.
Luis Eduardo Aymara Huacallo: It is a good place to learn to speak English, as well as having very good cultural events every week.

5. Colegio Max Uhle - Sachaca

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Colegio Max Uhle
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Address: Av. Fernandini s/n, Arequipa 04013, Peru

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +51 54 232921

Business type: High school

Colegio Max Uhle: what do users think?
Jime Zapater: que me cuentan que su colegio les hacía menciones, ceremonias, entre otros eventos mientras que en mi caso no hubo mención ni en el anuario.(Translated by Google
Diego Alonso Huamani Luque: Good place
Sophie A.: Super Schule👍. Ich war 2 Monate da und alles war toll organisiert und auch der Klassenwechsel hat innerhalb eines Tages funktioniert. Alle sind unglaublich nett und ab der 11. Klasse haben die Schüler auch einen sehr anspruchsvollen Deutschunterricht.
Renato Begazo Torres: good school
Bruno Castro: Not... just not
Franyer Hinojosa: Excellent study house
sebastian alvarez torres: A school that has a teacher named JUSTO ZEA CANNOT BE SERIOUS
Javier Caipo: Excellent school, good infrastructure, first class teachers
Lucho C: Top-level German-Peruvian mixed school
Lucía D'Tormmo Polar: Good school, with good infrastructure and is generally pleasant
Consuelo Reynoso: Ñ ​​In the afternoon
antocami 2006: it is one of the best schools
Ethel Medina Añasco: It is a beautiful school, it has resting places, I liked it
Yesenia Medina: They have reduced many green areas and raised pensions
Carlos Calla: An International Baccalaureate school.
Renato Cordova: Very good school, with an exchange to Germany that gives you the opportunity to get to know a totally different culture from ours
Kalusmii Cruz: It's pretty
Antuanett Teran: it's disgusting I studied there for two months and then they changed my german it didn't help me I went to our lady of fatima and until now I'm there, the max uhle school is nice and all that you can choose the tasks but I don't recommend that put your children there, that school is for lazy, greedy and irresponsible children
Sabrina Vasquez Prevate Salazar: That school is horrible I give it one star because I can't put less
Mitsuo Tokumori: it's good

6. Casa de Avila Hotel - Arequipa

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Casa de Avila Hotel
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Address: Av. San Martin 116, Arequipa 40001, Peru

Telephone: +51 959 556 443

Business type: Hotel

Casa de Avila Hotel: what do users think?
Julie Binysh: The perfect base from which to explore the lovely city of Arequipa. Comfortable rooms, a beautiful garden, very helpful staff and a 10 minute walk to the centre.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Quiet, Great value …More
howard binysh: Fabulous hotel with lovely staff both FOH (Fresia) and the breakfast team. They also can store bags if you take trips. Clean rooms and bathrooms.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Quiet, Great value …More
Catharine Pinglo: Excellent attention and luxurious environments... Totally recommended.
Rosie Clayton: Lovely garden and breakfast was great and Fresia spoke very good English. Reception was very helpful in directing us to local attractions.Food & drinks: Good breakfast
M C B: Good communication, very nice, friendly and helpful people. They brought my postcards to the post office. Amazing 🙏🏻 100% recommendation!Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Great view, Romantic, Quiet …More
Yerina López Aburto: Good place to stay. Comfortable rooms, it has a large garden where you can rest, sunbathe and listen to the birds singing. All the staff are very friendly and are always attentive to the needs of the guests.
Mario Rumiche: A pleasant place, with beautiful gardens and first class attention. A special thanks to Fresia for her availability and kindness during our stay. 100 recommended
andrew quinn: Checkin was seemless and easy. The staff is so lovely and conveniently speak great English. The rooms are lovely, clean, modern, and of great quality. They have a nice cozy quiet courtyard with seats and shade and great wifi.Food & drinks: Included Breakfast was the best we have had in Peru! They provided a great variety of cereals, pancakes, sandwiches, and fresh fruits and jams and drinks. The staff was so lovely and happy to provide anything we needed. We highly recommend. I look forward to desayunos tomorrow
Dennys Franco Porras Anco: The hotel is very nice and cozy, the breakfast they offer is varied and very rich but even better is the attention of Miss Frescia in charge of that department; The back garden is very spacious and where children and adults have a good time.
ruben scollo: Fresca and Dany, at the reception, as well as Natalia, took great care of us...Rooms: ExcelenteNearby activities: Excelente
Daniel Scollo: Excellent attention from the staff, Frescia, Natalia and Dany,
Martin Purizaga: The place is very nice. Excellent service and very nice rooms. The breakfast was very rich and Fresia took excellent care of usVery comfortable and prettyRooms: La limpieza y comodidadNearby activities: Todos los toursSafety: Los alrededores contaban con vigilancia asi como el interiro del hotelWalkability: Cerca al centro y a los centros comerciales
Marlon Yosip: We visited Arequipa for the first time with my mom and cousin as a gift for Mother's Day. The Casa de Ávila hotel is beautiful, quiet and the service is excellent. The very rich buffet breakfast and the attention of Ms. Frescia A1, the same as the staff and the srts. of reception. If you visit Arequipa, stay at Casa Ávila, I recommend it 100%.Rooms: Acogedoras, limpias y un excelente servicio.Nearby activities: Está a pocas cuadras de la plaza de armas así que se puede ir caminando a visitar la catedral, restaurantes y agencias de paquetes turísticos.Safety: Tienen cámaras de seguridad en todo el hotel.Walkability: La ciudad es tranquila y se puede caminar sin problemas hasta bien entrada la noche.Noteworthy details: La ciudad es muy limpia, la gente es atenta y la comida muy rica.
Sandy Mason: The staff were so friendly and helpful. The cafeteria staff, especially Fresia took time to explain what was on offer and they even set up breakfast early for us when we were leaving early for a tour.Nearby activities: Very easy to walk to the main Plaza.Food & drinks: Very good buffet breakfast.
Manuel Noya: To improve: The breakfast service. Improve the environment where it is served. Put lighters to keep food warm and not candles. The coffee is very bad. Good hotel and location. Urgently improve the breakfast offer.Walkability: Cerca de la Plaza.Food & drinks: No se ofrece nada.
Juan Manuel Portocarrero Ramirez: y la excelente atención de la srta. Fresia. Y ante cualquier necesidad, la srta. Natalia fue muy atenta en todo momento. Definitivamente me dieron la tranquilidad de poder y querer regresar a Arequipa y específicamente a Casa de Ávila.(Translated by Google
Tanja Van Sterthem: We are a family of four (2 adolescents) and stayed 3 nights in a family room. The hotel is very well situated within walking distance from the main square and all attractions. And it is quiet, no street noise! The staff is very friendly and helpful and the breakfast really nice. We loved the inner courtyard with garden! Great value for money!!Food & drinks: Really nice breakfast
Manuel Bernales: Rooms: Excelente habitacionesFood & drinks: La comida la sirven fría. Una jalada de oreja.
Claudia Sanz Nina: A place suitable for holding events for 100 people, it has an auditorium and a fairly large patio.

7. Colegio Prescott - Sachaca

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Colegio Prescott
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Address: Av. Alfonso Ugarte, Arequipa 04011, Peru

Telephone: +51 54 232540

Business type: School

Colegio Prescott: what do users think?
Ursula Diez Canseco: The Cambridge English exam was very poorly organised.
Manu Barquito: Very inappropriate school for underage minds
Pamela Garcia: There isn't much of a soccer tradition, but it's one of the best in ENG
Oscar Flores Fernandez: Good education and best proposal for comprehensive training
lindsay nuñes: The best school in Peru is perfect
Carlos Calla: Good school, I recommend it, excellent level of English and in addition to the possibility of graduating with the International Baccalaureate.
Luciana Moscoso: It is a very good school_the teaching of English is very good
Luis Renato Delgado: The best
Diego Alonso Mejia Melgar: Has two high school programs
Silvia Herrera Valdivia: hide the best
Diego Damian: very good school
Rando Gregorio: I want this year to learn more,

8. Virgen de Chapi - Socabaya

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433 reviews
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Address: Geranios, Arequipa 04012, Peru

Telephone: +51 959 697 444

Business type: Church

Virgen de Chapi: what do users think?
Fernando sedan salas: Beautiful place
Cintya Bejar torres: Beautiful
Salvador Cayo: Excellent
Eliana Salas: Pretty
Tania Flores Marquez: Nice place to rest
MULTIKAR GROUP: This is the real address; at the entrance of the park
Arturo Carrillo: masses every sunday
Carlos Carbonell: A modest temple, but it is almost always closed.
Jhon Richard Condori Pocco: Nice place
Bely Aduviri: I loved it, the day that they honored him arrived, everything was very beautiful until the mass...
Paul Alonso: Pleasant
Kim_ Bambi: Excuse me, good morning, does anyone by chance know if there is a pass to go to the sanctuary of the Virgin of Chapi?thank you!!!
Walter Santos Chambi Calle: Good place to spend a moment of reflection.
ARÉSTEGUI MARCO: Nice park with frontage of the Virgen de Chapi chapel
Abdel Alejandro Portocarrero Banda: I don't like the place
Gerardo Gaona: The renovations make the pilgrimage more welcoming

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