Best Salsa Classes In Arequipa Near Me

LiberDance Studio Escuela The House Baila Conmigo Arequipa Estudio de Baile Legacy EVELAND, estudio de baile Saltare Dance Company CEPESMA IDIOMAS SPANISH SCHOOL AREQUIPA Spanish School Arequipa Tanta Escuela De Baile Si o Si

1. LiberDance Studio - Arequipa

路 7 reviews

Av La Marina 200, Arequipa 04000, Peru

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LiberDance Studio: what do users think?
Stefany: Me encanta
hugo quiroz: excelente lugar para aprender, salir de tu zona de confort y luchar por tus sue帽os; recomendar铆a mucho a liberdance studio si tu sue帽o es ser un gran artista... si amas bailar, cantar y actuar, 茅ste es el mejor lugar para empezar! gracias profesores por su entrega, los admiro much铆simo! 馃枻

2. Urban Dance AQP - Arequipa



路 8 reviews

Maria Nieves y Bustamante 110, Arequipa 04013, Peru

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Urban Dance AQP: what do users think?
Charlangas: The best 馃敟鉂わ笍
LU BI: (Translated by Google
Luz Chilcho: An academy where you can find good teachers to do excellent choreography.
anny lama calle: Visit the Av Dolores headquarters, they are on the third floor, there is no elevator in case you want to know, the dance room is wide with mirrors, the dance teacher for children is friendly, her choreography is elaborate and believe it or not the children they follow his step. Reasonable costs. I hope they have more hours for children soon, now only on Saturdays.
Jos茅 Alejandro Canchillo: A good place and good service
the whitejack: they no longer exist... at least in that place
Jeremy Zapana: I want to go

3. Escuela The House - Arequipa

路 4 reviews

ONLINE VIRTUAL, C. Mercaderes 334, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Escuela The House: what do users think?
ANGELLA MEDINA: Excellent work, highly recommended.
Stanislav Tsvitkov: I like it. Very good school. I recommend

4. Baila Conmigo Arequipa - Arequipa

路 9 reviews

Claustros de la Compan铆a Interior 21 (Tercer patio), Cercado, Peru

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5. Fulgor Studio - Sede Umacollo - Arequipa

路 3 reviews

Calle, Samuel Velarde 101, Arequipa, Peru

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Fulgor Studio - Sede Umacollo: what do users think?
Eduardo Leon: Here even a lame person can dance, they are very good

6. Estudio de Baile Legacy - Arequipa

路 6 reviews

Av. La Paz 404, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Estudio de Baile Legacy: what do users think?
Hever Antonio Iriarte Valenzuela: Super cool
TheJulidance: Excellent dance studio, the atmosphere is special, the teachers perform well as such, I recommend it without a doubt.
Rodrigo Quz: beautiful place to dance
Sara haydee Condori Huamani: Very good
karina gongora: Brilliant

7. EVELAND, estudio de baile - Paucarpata

路 4 reviews

John F. Kennedy 1201, Arequipa 04007, Peru

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EVELAND, estudio de baile: what do users think?
Yury Pabel Mu帽iz Calvo: For order and discipline
Javier Bringas: Applied dance studio for all ages.come and dance

8. Saltare Dance Company - Cerro Colorado

路 24 reviews

Alfonso Ugarte 322, Arequipa 04014, Peru

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Saltare Dance Company: what do users think?
Madeleim Steffania Quispe Dabalos: Excellent
Cintya Luque Ccahui: Great, attention and teaching very good
Milagros Huerta: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
Anne Bellido: Positive:Quality,Value
Fiorella Sirlopu: The teachers are always attentive to their students.I have been taking classes for a year now, from face-to-face classes until now that they are virtual10 out of 10 in his teaching at his dance academy 馃樅
Tania Achahuanco: Saltare Dance is a very professional academy, its teachers have a good relationship with their students, they teach with joy, affection and a lot of positive energy, highly recommended for their children.
linet carpio lazo: Positive:Quality
Esther McGee: Excellent service, good location. Teacher Mily's passion for dance and skills are hard to find. 100% recommended.
Joshua Nu帽ez Gamboa: Excellent place... Good teachers, excellent environments...!!!
Mileidys Riera: Excellent place to learn to dance professionally.
Milagros Gonzales Arias: Very good teaching and discipline
Erika Ramirez: The teachers are very good and the attention is also recommended
Susan Mejia: Excellent academy, my daughter takes the courses and is very happy, thank you, I will skip Dance.
Landys Koshka Huaranca Tinta: Good environment and excellent professionals. Recommended
Daniel Gelvis: A magical place, everything feels like family
POLA: The best place to dance.
Operador Web: Excellent service. I didn't think Arequipa had an academy like this. A lot of professionalism and quality


路 1 reviews

Peru, Arequipa 04013, Peru

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Dan Rowe: I moved to Arequipa at the beginning of January 2013, since then I have taken Spanish classes at three different institutes. I always found them to be a chore and a necessity that had to be done. That was until I started having lessons at Cepesma Idiomas in December 2013.Cecilia, through her teaching, has somehow made my Spanish lessons to be one of the highlights of my week and something that I look forward to going to. As a result my Spanish has improved tenfold.At other institutes I was just inundated with sheets of paper that had rules and exercises but with Cecilia, she makes sure that you really understand and always has a different exercise waiting if your attention starts to waiver.I cannot recommend Cepesma Idiomas enough and believe it will be one of the best decisions you make on your trip to Arequipa.Cepesma Idiomas also offer home stays, even though I have not stayed there personally, I have seen the accommodation and it looks very nice and what better way to improve your Spanish than staying with a Peruvian family.If you're thinking of taking Spanish lessons in Peru, head to Cepesma Idiomas!

10. Spanish School Arequipa - Arequipa

路 15 reviews

Av. San Martin 116, Arequipa 40001, Peru

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Spanish School Arequipa: what do users think?
Petter Skau-Nilsen: I had an amazing time with Giovanna and Juliana. They really adapted the course to fit my wants and needs. I learned a lot, not only spanish, but also about life in Peru, some history and culture which was really amazing. I had 20 hours of courses and was really pleased!
Sukru Ozutok: A course that teaches only spanish to english speaking people, when i went with my wife they said they can teach spanish only to english speaking people, this is really ridiculous, they also say their teachers have 10 years of experience, if they are so professional, i can't understand why they can't teach someone who doesn't speak spanish. I really don't understand this situation.
Christoph Janssen: A beautiful school with awesome and very professional teachers! I learned so much and always felt very comfortable:) thanks a lot for everything you made my stay in South America so much better!
Oriane Petitmengin: I spent 5 weeks in Arequipa and the spanish classes really helped me communicate more fluently in Spanish. The private teachers adapt really well to your level and your interests and the school is very flexible to adapt the class to your timetable.
Sophia Kruz: Casa de Avila is a very special place. I spent 4 months in Arequipa and it was my home away from home. One on one lessons with the fantastic teacher Jeanette were far more than a basic tutorial in Spanish. She taught me local places to eat, shop, dance and hang out. I even came home with a puppy, because Jeanette told me about the pet market... But most importantly, before coming to Peru, I couldn't speak a word of Spanish. By the end of my stay in Arequipa, I was conversational, and my accent was pretty good!Armando the owner is also really wonderful and made me feel welcome from the first day. We went to a few picanterias, my husband played Santa at a local elementary school Armando sponsors, and most importantly, we became friends over the course of my trip. I also loved the cooking class we took when my dad came to visit!If you're thinking of taking Spanish in Peru, I highly recommend you do so at Casa de Avila. The lessons are high quality, one on one, and take place in a beautiful garden. Also, Arequipa doesn't see a lot of tourists compared to Cuzco/Machu Picchu so most people don't speak English. It's a great place to be immersed in the language. Plus, the sun shines most days, and the food is out of this world.
Peter Boggs: I enjoyed my stay and my studies in Arequipa. I found the teachers to be very skilled and professional. I learned a lot, but I still have a lot to learn. The school also helped me find a very comfortable apartment nearby. I strongly recommend the school to any prospective students! Peter Boggs, North Carolina, USA
Angelica Haas: I had a great time learning at the Spanish school in Arequipa. I only took two days of classes but I did learn a lot in the short time I was studying. The teachers are very nice and also challenge you to always be thinking and speaking in Spanish. The classes are within walking distance of the center so it was convenient to get there as well. I would recommend these classes to future visitors to Arequipa.
Mostafa Khorsandi: I took spanish classes for a week. Great experience and excellent teachers. compared to other neighboring countries I visited they provide excellent value for their classes.
Andrew Monroe: Excellent teachers and a cozy learning environment. Recommended.
Petrus Johannes van Soest: Excelent school, I stayed there for 2 weeks doing conversation and gramatics for 4 hours a day, I had 3 marvelous teachers, their professional pride and perseverance made me understand the difficulties in the Spanish language much better, many thanks to Giovanna, Juliana, and Angela.I will recommend this school to everyone that will learn the spanish language.The school is situated inside an hotel area, (Casa de Avila) the hotel can offer you rooms of different standards, in the middle of the area there is a beautiful garden.I will not hesitate to come back here.Petrus.
Wu Jayaliil谩 (Jayaliila'): Cozy place
Lay San: I wanted a structure in learning, this is one of the things I like about my teachers here (I had two), they set levels on studies, like if I've learned one topic we move on to the next.There is never a blank moment, they know how to ask questions that's relevant to the lesson at hand. They ask you to talk using the grammar and words you are learning/discussing.It's also very helpful that what you study is immediately applicable to travelling or daily lives.Though I felt like we could cover more lessons in four hours, still I believe I've improve rapidly in the three weeks I studied here.I have to say though, that sometimes I have to push them to teach me what I want to learn (past and future tense for example)instead of sticking to their plans which sometimes I don't feel suites me (like, pronouncing words after them) and also sometimes they would ask a question and when it's taking you a bit to formulate your words they would provide you the answers and I have to say no, give me a moment more to answer it myself.It's also good that you get to choose your time schedule and your teachers.What I don't like though is, in their flyer/marketing/advertisement it says they have a garden you can study in, but when I asked my teacher to go in the garden, I was told they were forbidden to hold classes there.
Paul Artale: Started with a week's class of private tuition, but added an extra week of grammar because it was worth it.Teaching method is half grammar/half communication and no workbooks are used. This makes learning direct, no frills and more effective than being chained to a book.Grammar was very good as the teacher (Beatriz) knew what she was doing, focusing on creating and completing a permanent and transportable grammar plan. The only drawback was those clases weren't always in Spanish 100% of the time.Communication was okay however could be better with a linkage to the current grammar topics.The location is excellent and fees lower than schools in Lima and Cusco, also Arequipa is a better city for a Spanish student.Overall this school might be the best option in Peru.

11. Tanta - Arequipa

路 464 reviews

Santa Catalina 105, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Escuela De Baile Si o Si - Arequipa

路 15 reviews

Av. Goyeneche 507, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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