Best Apple Shops In Arequipa Near Me

World Apple Arequipa iShop Chaqchao Chocolates Starbucks Starbucks Starbucks M.A.C COSMETICS- Arequipa Casta Fior Mac Miniso

1. World Apple Arequipa - Yanahuara

· 54 reviews

Av. Cayma 532, Cayma 04017, Peru

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World Apple Arequipa: what do users think?
Samuel Josué: Good and reliable place if you bring your apple
Juan Medrano: Variety
Angel Rosas: it was apple
luis astudillo: great variety
Carlos Zegarra: Good attention to visit.
jorge luis: recommendable
luis alberto guillen lazo: Computer store and related to the computer theme
Rommel Reategui: they know about the subject but like everything related to mac, it is not cheap
Damian Cloud: Little variety of equipment and few staff
rodrigo sanchez: Very good customer service and first class repair service
Raquel Fernández: Very expensive
Martin Oswaldo Barreda LLerena: This is a quiet store, I would even go so far as to say that it has very good facilities, but its surroundings are a bit bland, somewhat sad, otherwise it is fine.
Jhonny Mestas: everything is very expensive
Andres A. Romero J.: excellent
Ana Solis: Peaceful place
Luis David Huallpa Tapia: Clean place and easy to get to from the city center
Favio Fernández: in something and nice trsto
Sebasthián mamani mamani: Green almost all things a child desires

2. Mac Laptop - Arequipa



· 3 reviews

Int. 102, Compuplaza Calle, Octavio Muñoz Najar 223, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Mac Laptop: what do users think?
jorge nuñez: good gaming laptop
lino alfredo condori hancco: scam is a store that offers no guarantees and nothing, it only takes care of passing your card and they set you up anyway they scammed me and I am willing to report everything and it is better to set up your own team there they scam and I have proof but they play crazy don't buy

3. iShop - Yanahuara

· 24 reviews

Centro Comercial MallPlaza, Av. Ejercito 795, Arequipa 04014, Peru

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iShop: what do users think?
Leidy Ojeda: Terrible attention, I just left the store today April 8 and it is unfortunate that despite the fact that I had the intention of buying my first iPhone there, the ladies treat them so despotically.
Edwin Alonso Chero Mantilla: The attention they provide in choosing a cell phone is very cordial and attentive to our needs. Especially the attention of the young Josemaria, thanks for your help and the good choice 👍🏻📱
Angie Fiorella C: Terrible attention, the sellers don't even know what products they have one has to look for, especially a lady with red hair
Elio Cardenas Huapaya: Excellent attention.
Carlos Alonso Barra Febres: Buy a defective MacBook Air M1 from iShop. The speakers are terrible, they sound bad with music, audio, calls. Despite being under warranty, and even having changed the speakers, the problem continues. TECHNICAL SERVICE SAYS THAT NO MORE CAN BE DONE, BECAUSE IT IS A SOFTWARE PROBLEM. DO NOT BUY THIS MODEL THAT IS ON PROMOTION, THEY DO NOT FIX OR CHANGE MY COMPUTER BECAUSE THEY SAY THAT ALL ARE WRONG, ALL HAVE THIS DEFECT.
Ponle Play: Bieen
Santiago Sasco Chirinos: , fui al día siguiente a que los revisaran y me den una explicación de por qué sonaban así y el 'técnico de apple' me comunicó que no tenían ningún ruido y que no se podía hacer nada. El gerente me dijo que esperara una semana a ver si el ruido continuaba y claramente el ruido siguió. Hoy los llevé a ver qué se podía hacer y los terminé devolviendo, no sin antes pagar el 25% de los auriculares (que inicialmente me dijeron que eran 30% quizá para disuadirme de devolverlos
Mathieuw Roland Julian Neira Gales: Store disappointment. They do not handle minimum stock. 👎🏻
Luis Mecklenburg: Excellent atention
Marnie Medina: The person who attended me was not attentive, unfortunately it is where you can get iPhone and its articles.
Violeta Nancy GUTIERREZ MAMANI: What number can I contact this store?Thank you
Maria Ines Vargas Baez: the best
underblue 1: It offers personalized attention and a biosecurity system, a pleasant cozy atmosphere + excellent treatment, I don't know what else you can expect
Henry Flores Medina: The attention of the staff is excellent, they help you choose what you are looking for
Guillermo Bernardo Arenas Vera: Complete
Jan Svartberg: Nice very elegant store for the sale of Apple Usa Iphone technology. Exclusive cell phone brand. Expensive but with IOS technology very difficult to hack. If it is within your reach to pay for an Iphone for more than 1000 dollars. This store offers you the best.
Betto Rivera: The best option to get products from Apple Inc. There are things that can still be improved, such as having more stock in certain products and/or variety in them. The attention of the boys is good but I think it can be even better.
Josefrankgu _ YT: that gives in mall plaza no
Carlos Calla: The only Apple reseller store in Arequipa
Briam Velasquez: Good attention, in this store all Apple products are sold, their accessories are also sold

4. Green Apple - Yanahuara

· 1 reviews

Urb. Los Álamos, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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5. Compuusa - Mall Aventura (Porongoche) - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 3 reviews

C.C. Mall Aventura 2do nivel, al costado de Viale Jose L. Bustamante y Rivero, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

6. Chaqchao Chocolates - Arequipa

· 1307 reviews

Santa Catalina 204, Cercado De Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Chaqchao Chocolates: what do users think?
Andrew Betts: Just popped into the shop. Found the range a bit limited, and bought a 55% slab but found it too bitter for that.
Christos Lianos: I had a course about chocolate at this place. Learned history and how to distinguish real from fake chocolate. I definitely recommend if you have time to attend a course. It is fun
APES FIT my private training: L'atelier chocolat est une superbe experience.Vous en apprenez beaucoup sur l'histoire du cacao et vous faites vos propres chocolats, avec lesquels vous repartez.Andrea était vraiment super ! Il nous a fait passer 3h extra et très ludique.On manipule le cacao, on le concasse pour parvenir à en faire une pâte, ...Et bien sur, on goûte les différents types de chocolats.Je vous recommande vivement cet atelier. Vous passerez un très bon moment.
Emperatriz Perry: Pleasant its taste
Marcell Sierra: Delicious as always, always take care to know your cake menu by heart. The waiter told me that there was no banana cake or red velvet and when I went up I realized that if they had, I happily did not order until that moment.
Solen Cs: J'ai adoré le cours de chocolat, très complet ! Je recommande vraiment très intéressant
Brooke Szucs: We really enjoyed the chocolate class! This was one of our highlights in Arequipa. It was super fun, and Josué was a great, fun guide! We learned a lot about chocolate and now feel we have graduated to be chocolate snobs! Haha. I especially liked pouring out all the Peruvian flavours for our take home chocolate~
Gustavo Cano: They took a long time to attend, everything else was super good
Maddy Jenkins: Andreas was absolutely amazing!! Had sooo much fun on this 3 hour class and learned a ton!! Got to use my fav.. white chocolate which was a nice surprise. Highly recommend this class and try to get Andres if you can, he surpassed our expectations
Paul Jacyna: Andreas was an amazing guide we loved our experience and left with so much knowledge of cacao ! 10/10 !!!!
Sophie: I really enjoyed the chocolate workshop, it was so much fun and so informative. Andres was great, so engaging and perfect English and the chocolates tasted amazing! Highly recommend to do this in Arequipa!
Ricardo La torre: Nice place. I recommend
Tuomas Kiviranta: I can highly recommend the chocolate making workshop for all friends of chocolate! Andres was an enthusiastic instructor and the class is well organised.
HENRY CESAR FERNANDEZ OJEDA: Chaqchao Chocolatería is a store selling organic chocolate with a delicious flavor, where cakes, desserts, sandwiches, drinks, coffee, cocoa, and a wide variety of organic products based on chocolate and coffee are also sold, widely visited by foreign national tourists and local residents.
Natalie Hulme: We had a workshop today with Andres, and it was AMAZING. We learned a lot, the amount of things you do in the time you have is such good value for money, plus you get a little bag of chocolates to take away. I absolutely loved the workshop. Andres was funny, engaging and an excellent teacher. This is a must for a visit to Arequipa!
OSCAR J BONIFAZ Cossío (Chosky): could be better
Katherine d'Elloy: Nous avons fait l'atelier sur la fabrication du chocolat, c'était génial ! Très complet, nous avons appris plein de choses de la fève de cacao à la fabrication du chocolat. Nous avons fabriqué une boisson au cacao et aussi nos propres chocolats. Et en bonus il y a eu un petit cours de dégustation de chocolats. Ultra intéressant. Vraiment à faire !
Andrea Vera: It is a beautiful place to have breakfast, they have a wide variety of coffees and craft beers!I would love for there to be one in Lima and to be able to drink that delicious Hazelnut Latte again!
David Radau: We did the chocolate workshop and it was one of the best experiences we had. Learning the history of chocolate and cocoa, have the tastings and also produce or own chocolate pieces made it a fulfilling experience. We only can recommend it to everyone.
Angélica Vilela: postres increíbles, tienen el mejor cheesecake que haya comido en Perú (cremoso y con un ligero sabor a canela
azeida paz diaz: The food is very good

7. iCheap - Yanahuara

· 5 reviews

Urb. León XIII G-1, Cayma 04013, Peru

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iCheap: what do users think?
Dennis Chire: Good variety of products for smartwatch and they gave me a timely solution to my purchase requirement.
Alexis Leonel Jara Charca: Product diversity
Edwin José Aranibar Pumacota: Store where you can find everything and cheap.
Nato Tubilla: (Translated by Google
Logística Emmel: excellent products
jose luis bobadilla sotomayor: Excellent attention
Christian F. Quichua: Very varied, excellent attention
Deivid Castillo: Good attention
Daniel Belzares: Very good service and very good products, they give a ticket and have gel alcohol available to everyone, the online service is also excellent with good delivery!!!
Ricardo Humberto Montes Carrera: Good service, they have a variety of products.
jul: Excellent place to buy all Apple accessories and also with great attention 🤩 100% recommended, plus they offer you delivery!

8. Coffee roaster - Kaffeehaus - Arequipa

· 330 reviews

Melgar 117, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Coffee roaster - Kaffeehaus: what do users think?
Geraldine Velazco: The atmosphere is the best thing about this place! I really liked that they gave it a homey touch with the plants and decoration. The food was also super good, the waffles and the light omelette 10/10 and quite large.However, the attention was not so good, they took a long time to take our order and they brought the dishes more than 15 minutes apart. By the time my waffles were brought, my companion had already finished her omelet. Perhaps the experience could have been better.
Masiel Lamas Figueroa: Good service, pleasant atmosphere and variety on the menu.
Jorge Pacheco: An excellent place to taste good coffee with some additions and fusions.I recommend the coffee with lucuma, if you are one of those who likes intensity, add a shot of espresso...The carrot cake is nice and fresh, the atmosphere is a typical classic of the region... I definitely recommend it...
lambert Gerv ais-Vachon: Place is nice and coffe is great. The only thing I would say is that they advertise maple syrup or honey for they waffles. I was super excited to have real maple syrup for the first time in south America. Turns out its corn syrup. You can't fool a Canadian. It was disappointing. Still the waffles and fruits were good.Food: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Edson Tejada: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5Recommended dishes SCE ChocolateMore
EDILCE RAMIREZ: Good specialty coffee and accompaniments of very good flavor and freshness. careful attention. Cozy, innovative and ecological decoration.
Melissa Saveleva: Such a great place!!! I loved the coffee of lúcuma flavor, was a wonderful drink.The variety of drinks and food is incredible.It’s the FIRST PLACE in Arequipa where I finally found the tastiest dessert called TIRAMISU.I was looking for it for weeks and didn’t find in any of the cafes I’ve been to.The atmosphere in the cafe is so relaxing and gives off awesome vibes. You feel like being more calm and peaceful, connected to yourself and to nature around ((cuz the place of the ‘garden part’ of the cafe is full of flowers and plants)).Also, here they have free WiFi, so it’s really helpful!Highly recommended!!!
hanbit choi: I see why this place is number one on trip advisor for Arequipa. Quality offerings with: stunning outdoor garden, good coffee, wonderful breakfast food and cabinet treats.Having been in Peru for three months, it's always nice to find a place that serves good bread and quality cheese in their meals. Their spinach, tomato and cheese on toast is really delicious especially with olives added. Also, it's nice to see a cafe that caters to vegetarians in more of a creative way, not only offering avocado on toast.It's good value breakfast too 15sol for 3 pieces of toast with those fried vegetables.Their spinach and tomato waffles with cheese sauce had potential to be amazing but didn't hit the mark because of the cheese sauce- just plain cheese would have been sufficient. The cheese sauce is made with egg I think because mine had runny water making the waffle soggy and I think the egg wasn't cooked because I had a bad tummy afterwards.Their cakes are fantastic and coffee very good too. Though I wish their cup sizes were smaller because it's very milky.Overall a great find ☘☘☘🍀☘
Carlos Vargas: Always a pleasure to enjoy a delicious coffee in the beautiful garden of KAFFEEHOUS. accompanied by its delicious desserts and attended with great pleasure.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Muffin Sin Gluten, 06 Mini Galletas de Avena, Galleta de Avena, Piqueo Mix, Cappuccino Lúcuma O Algarrobina, Infusión Detox la Clotilde, Zanahoria …More
Cau Ramirez: Best coffee ☕️ in town by far. Not only freshly roasted, also good baristas doing great shots.
Claudia Linares: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Darib Nuñez Vasquez: I had a double espresso, very good, I ate a brownie that was also very tasty and I added a pint beer, which was also very good, the prices are reasonable, it has a nice internal patio, the service was fast and friendly, highly recommended, I'll be back .
Yourgett Barrios: A pleasant experience, it is located about 3 blocks from the Plaza de Armasl. The coffee is very good.
Pame P. V.: It is a picturesque coffe shop, a perfect place to spent time with friendsRecommended dishes Muffin Sin Gluten …More
Tobias Kutrieb: Great breakfast, especially the avocado cream. Really nice to sit in the garden.
maryorie velarde: It was so good that you couldn't contain yourself when the food arrived! Their little coffees are a MUST and they have a lot of variety ❤️ 100% recommended
Andrea Milena Monsalve Valencia: Excellent experience, one of the most creative and pleasant places I've been to in Arequipa. its coffee a delight and its food options varied and delicious. I would return without hesitation
Ramiro Rosado: Food: 3/5|Service: 2/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Sophia Hornstein: Nice café with a chill garden atmosphere. Definitely recommended!
Luis Alberto Vargas Miranda: A Nice and Peaceful place in the Historic Center of Arequipa where you can enjoy a Good Coffee and nice snacks. Try their Cookies, they are a Success!
Karra Peppler: Very chill and good coffee!

9. Starbucks - Arequipa

· 1117 reviews

C. Mercaderes 120, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

10. Starbucks - Yanahuara

· 211 reviews

Av. Prolongación los Arces, s/n, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

11. Starbucks - Yanahuara

· 45 reviews

Av. Ejercito 1009, Cercado De Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

12. M.A.C COSMETICS- Arequipa - Yanahuara

· 13 reviews

JF53+RCV, Cayma 04013, Peru

Address Website

13. Casta Fior - Yanahuara

· 527 reviews

Francisco Bolognesi 106, Arequipa 04017, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Mac - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 4 reviews

Av. Porongoche Nro. 500 (Int-A1041 A1043 C.C.Mall Aventura Pza) Aventura Mall, Peru


15. Quiksilver - Arequipa

· 1 reviews

HFQH+MM2, Arequipa 04002, Peru


16. Miniso - Yanahuara

· 11 reviews

Av. Ejercito 1011, Cercado de Arequipa 04014, Peru


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