Best Venezuelan Bakeries In Arequipa Near Me

Masamama La Valeriana Bake Shop EL RINCON DEL CHAMO La Canasta La Petite Francaise Escalante Pasteleria Ristretto - coffee house Crepísimo Creperie Puku Puku KUNTUY Pasteleria San Pablo Escalante Panaderia Y Pasteleria Pan Y Canela Pork&Bean

1. Masamama - Arequipa

· 61 reviews

Los Cristales 102, Arequipa 04000, Peru

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Masamama: what do users think?
Shirley Zuñiga: They have excellent sourdough bread the owners make sure that customers receive high quality sourdough bread. They have foccacias, finger food, coffee and some sweet pastries. The place is small, however, it is still cozy, the staff is very attentive, friendly and informative.
Carolina Medina: Yesterday I bought a lemon cake.Awful, caked on, rancid tasting.
Lorenzo Menegon: There is not much to say about this place. I am Italian, and I have been eating baked goods in the morning almost all my life, yet this quality I have seen few times outside of Italy and France. The croissants are excellent. You will not find better in South America!
Татьяна Ковалева: Rich bread and desserts
Vero Rv (Its.veriux): Nice place to have a coffee and some of their desserts or breads that are good
Sandy Lu: Not like most of the breads I found in Peru are hollow and dry, the bread I got here is soft and moist inside, and crunchy outside! I can seriously eat this everyday!
JS: Top
Shanti Path: Now I understand the idea of buying bread in a bakery! Respect ✊
Carlos Saenz: Very tasty breads and good coffee
Pegogo (Pegogo): Super service / good bread!
Amell Tejada: first class
Diego Aguirre Vallenas: The best bread in Arequipa!!! Varieties of bread and cakes made with sourdough
Daria Generalova: Divine ciabatta, great croissants with ham and cheese, and very good coffee. Haven't tried other items on the menu but I suspect they're as good.
Vlad Sofronov: Amazing bread and croissant. Huge discounts in the end of the day. I’m keep coming for more.
Rubi Ale: I think the best healthy bakery in Arequipa, a variety of breads made with sourdough, some gluten-free. They are delicious
Giovanny Grovas Chavez: I must say that this is no longer the address since it is now located on Sucre street near the main square.We went in out of curiosity and ordered a dessert and some bread made from purple cornmeal. Likewise, we ordered an American coffee and a Capuccino, everything was acceptable, the gentleman's attention is very good and his breads are of quality. The prices are somewhat high, so it is intended for people looking for value for money.I will come back to this place very soon.
marisa ibarcua: Excellent attention.
Angela Paredes: Great! The delicious products! Natural, affordable prices, clear attention, support social projects!!!
Alina Jurje: a bit pricey but excellent bakery
edgar ignacio manzaneda salas: very yummy
Roberto Trujillano: Very good for those who already know about true bread, until recently I thought that a good bread was that buttery and sweet, now after talking and watching videos about true bread, I know that the humble simple bread is water, salt and wheat flour, It's the real thing, not the chemicals they give us. Thank you mommy

2. La Valeriana Bake Shop - Arequipa



· 84 reviews

Peru, Arequipa, C. Mercaderes, 128, Mercaderes Plaza

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La Valeriana Bake Shop: what do users think?
IVAN VLADIMIR APARICIO ARENAS: Very good Anack cafeteria, ideal to accompany it with a cake or sandwich. Good attention. It is necessary to be stricter in compliance with COVID_19 protocols, some people go too far and no one stops them at the door.
Suyin Anali Herrera: ok nice cafe
Sabino gutierrez pfoccori: It is a very nice place with a comfortable price, it is half a block from Plaza de Amas Arequipa.
dario dios: Very good atmosphere, cozy, quiet, good desserts, lacks air conditioning
Abogado Resuelve: Regular good attention, but a little neglected the environment.
jimmya masse: more than excellent
Gichanest 기차니스트 (Gichanest): 쿠스코에 있는 La valeriana 에서의 추억이 좋아서 방문해봤는데, 음료뿐 아니라 많은 케이크의 종류가 있어서 놀라웠다.
Dianna Marroquin: New food, good atmosphere, attention and music
Lucia Cuellar Díaz: I loved! Good food! It has many desserts. Very good attention. The prices are reasonable. To spend a cozy afternoon alone or accompanied.
karen puclla justiniani: Very good attention, delicious desserts, thank you!!!
Luliana Monroy: The attention is very good, they are friendly, the desserts were good, I recommend it!!
Lucho Paz: Very nice, try the Bills they are rich with a coffee
Milton Jhon Velasquez Curo: Pleasant
Win Empresas: A good place to have exquisite coffees!
Daniela Paredes García: Warm atmosphere, attention and very good options in terms of bakery
Andrea L: It was not bad, the decoration is nice, the products do have high prices but the taste is good, something that I disliked was the music and the other thing was the crockery in which they served the cheesecake as antiques do not suit me well, but in general it was a nice experience.
Emil Garcia: Cozy place...well located...very well decorated...great service...A very interesting and innovative menu of what they serve...Some very special teas...I would like to return...If you are in Arequipa or Cuzco... Do not stop visiting it.
Calutavi 18: The best coffee I've had so far
Angela G. (angie): very rich and very pretty
Patricia Gladys Vega Puma: Nice place very cozy, the desserts are good
Mishelle Tapia Rodriguez: Excellent parties and very friendly staff


· 69 reviews

Alvarez Thomas 420 A media cuadra de biblioteca municipal, Cercado Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address WhatsApp
EL RINCON DEL CHAMO: what do users think?
javier garcia: Excellent Venezuelan gastronomy, recommended to taste succulent dishes and feel at home, our beloved country Venezuela. Kudos to the owners and staff.
Karibay Valecillos: Delicious Venezuelan dishes to make you feel at home
Salvador Rivas: Excellent place to dine rich typical Venezuelan food. Excellent attention. There are two parking lots just before arriving at the site.
Gabriela A Ruiz B: Exquisite Venezuelan food... Thank you
Marcos Gutiérrez: The best Venezuelan food in Arequipa, full panas
Uxit: Very good
Deyvis Pineda: Good restaurant Venezuelan food in Peru
Carlos Muñoz: Need to improve attention.
Ana Teresa Carrero Sanchez: Its menu is very good, but better attention is needed
Frank Falcon: incredible cachapas
Rebeca M Herrera G: Unique and very special to share with friends
Wilfredo C: Excellent location, cozy place and very delicious food
Giselle v: Brilliant
jose pirela: amazing food
Luis Méndez: Good food
Janice Otazu: The food is delicious and the service is super friendly. I highly recommend it.
Juan Susarra: Excellent place, very good service and exquisite flavors.
vitina valera: The place is small
josiree rodriguez: Very good food, I would only recommend a larger space, more tables and chairs.
Humberto Valladares: It is the same culture... of Venezuela, the same atmosphere of our land... very, very good food 100%
Francesca Denaro: The best cachapas I have tried in Arequipa and the hamburgers do not deny anything, everything is very good

4. La Canasta - Arequipa

· 35 reviews

C. Jerusalén 115, Cercado De Arequipa 04001, Peru

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La Canasta: what do users think?
Joel Nieves: In theory it should open at 8.30am but it's 8.40am and they still haven't opened, noises are heard as if they were fighting. 🤦
Seanie Murphy: This is a real hidden gem in Arequipa, beautiful quiches so fresh and such friendly staff all in a quite courtyard, spotlessly clean, great place to relax,Prices very reasonable
Camila Santa Maria Luna: Prices a bit high, but good croissants and good coffee
Marie Barry: Beautiful courtyard cafe away from the hustle and bustle of the street. The savoury pies are homemade and so tasty. Coffee excellent and the place is run by the loveliest ladies.
Millie Hodge: sweetest bakery with the most beautiful courtyard and an amazing chocolate croissant for only 2 soles!
matan vesirmen: Excellent coffee shop , cute 😍 and nice.Very peaceful and quit with a place to sit outside.
Candan Krämer: Wir waren gestern schon mal da und so begeistert, dass wir heute nochmal gekommen sind. Die Kaffees sind gut, da sie nicht wie Mokkas schmecken. Auch das Gebäck ist sehr zu empfehlen.
Stefan Maier: Lovely courtyard, friendly people and their vegetarian quiche is Soo delicious :)
Dirk: Our favourite bakery! Very nice cakes, empanadas and quiches.The perfect place for lunch or coffee.
Andreas Hellwing: Most calm café in the town
J. Andres Alves: I had the sandwich mixto (ham and cheese)And i loved it. The bread is the real star. They make it in house every morning.It's light and crunchy. Very tasty.
Enrique Avellaneda Amaro: Una panadería ,café mi buena de caridad de panes frescos y en un ambiente acogedor muy buena atención ,local amplio recomendable
Wendy Feria: ...muy rico su pan, de buena textura, crocante y de sabor exquisito. Buen trato del personal. Me encanta poder visitarlos y encontrar los mini sándwiches.
Anthony Starc: I always buy empanadas, cakes and bread but the attendants are not very friendly!!!!
Sergio Eduardo Moreno Pinochet: Very rich coffee, sweets and cakes too. The beautiful place is like in a rather mystical interior patio. The attention that one of the employees gave us was excellent.I don't know if card payments are accepted, it doesn't have a toilet, it doesn't have wheelchair access, or parking.Finally, it is very central, blocks from the Arequipa main square.
D. August: Amazing bakery! The bread and the quiches were some of the best food I've had in Peru
WILDER ORCCON: I did not like the empanada, it had a lot of coloring, the service and the intermediate place.
William Fowkes: My favourite bakery! Would thoroughly recommend the croissant de manjar
Anouk van der Stap: Best bakery in Arequipa. The staff was very helpful and really kind. The bread is freshly made every day and tastes really good. It reminded me of home.
Gichanest 기차니스트 (Gichanest): 아레키파에서 보기힘든 맛있는 빵을 먹어볼 수 있는 곳. 덕분에 주변 제과점에 비해 비싼 빵을 팔고 있긴 하지만 제데로된 맛있는 빵을 먹어보고 싶은 사람이라면 방문해보길 바란다.
Guénola LAURAS: Petit-déjeuner 12,5 soles, pas assez de beurre et confiture pour accompagner le pain ou alors c'est en supplément. Service trop lent.

5. Pastelería Escalante - Arequipa

· 5 reviews

Av. Emmel 411, Arequipa 04013, Peru

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Pastelería Escalante: what do users think?
Logística Emmel: Very good food
Paamela Reaño: I liked
ivan aguilar: The delicious empanada and its chicha, fresh and delicious pastries of the day, recommended
Luisa Angela Pickmann Adriazola: Their empanadas are very tasty
Jose Villena: goodness
jen cerpa espinal: Terrible attention from the boy with tattoos, half spoiled and arrogant.

6. La Petite Francaise - Arequipa

· 551 reviews

Santa Catalina 413, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
La Petite Francaise: what do users think?
itamar Holtzman: Great crepes! All the staff always with smiles
Tom Garin: Nous sommes venus 3 fois en 2 jours tellement ces crêpes sont garnies et délicieuses !
Vico Chambi Torres: Nice atmosphere and delicious food... Nutella and strawberry crepe.... Delicious
JimCalMed: Rich cheesecake creepes highly recommended
Jessica Buc: Les crêpes sont très bonne et vraiment généreuse, les demoiselles qui s’occupent de la boutique souriante et accueillante, une jolie découverte 👍🏼. Un grand merci à Eli et Carito.
Helbert O: Rich crêpesFood: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Erika Valdivia Gómez: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Julio Condori: could improve a little moreFood: 3/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 3/5 …More
Gabriella Milagros Ojeda Arce: Food: 3/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 3/5More
Zamy Castillo: I love the quality and the flavor, it is very rich and handmade, you can see the love.The environment is small but very cozy, basically "aesthetic" so I recommend it 100%, they also have delivery so you can opt for that option.They have sweet and salty desserts so there is something for everyone's taste ☺️
Mario: Magnificent place, I went with my sweetheart and we loved it. Highly recommended. All the best.
Renato Fabricio Medina Quiroz: Very good attention, a delicious experience
Wendy Mil: Very rich!!!Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Milagros Quintanilla (Milichi): They have from drinks like Fraps or coffees to crêpes with multiple accompaniments. All very rich 😋. The service is fast and friendly. The atmosphere is very nice, perfect for enjoying a treat with someone special or sharing with friends.
Milagros Quintanilla: It has a diversity of crêpe dishes with different accompaniments and multiple drinks to accommodate them, ranging from Fraps fruit juices or coffees. Service is usually fast and pleasant.
abel peña y lillo zapata: Cozy place, delicious crepes and good coffee.
Carla Snoeren: The staff is very friendly and are well spoken in English. The crêpes are delicious. They are very generous with the fillings. One crêpe is a full meal.
Isabel Muñoz: An excellent option for some delicious, very French crepes. My husband, as a good Frenchman, has said that they are the best crepes he has tasted outside of France, and without hesitation I also affirm it. 100% recommended
Sam Drieux: Très bonne crêpes bien copieuse, je recommande

7. Escalante Pasteleria - Arequipa

· 185 reviews

C. Santo Domingo 304, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address WhatsApp
Escalante Pasteleria: what do users think?
johny jimenez guarniz: Good attention, cleanliness
Giancarlo Bocchio: para consumir en el local(Translated by Google
Belen Raquel Apaza Chambi: All delicious empanadas and cupcakes but there is not much space to eat right there
Milagros Quintanilla: A very long tradition is shared in each recipe for each dessert and pastries served here, I love the empanadas served here, especially the cheese ones, and to sweeten life, any pastry is perfect and very delicious. The atmosphere is very nice to share with family, friends or to take children.
Laura Salas: Las empanadas y postres son ricos, atención masomenos, no lo recomiendo para comer en el lugar, ya que anda muy lleno 🤭
Rolando Melgar: Muy buenas empanadas y pasteles, local limpio
Daniela Suarez Cabrera: I always come back for their empanadas
Jennifer Pinto: Delicious snacks. It just lacks variety.
DARWIN FABIO SARUBBE CASTRO: The maximum in pastries, empanadas, cakes, etc. You have to try it, it's the best!!
NoeDio BP: The best empanadas in Arequipa. You have to eat them with a Scottish kola YES OR YES
Juan Carlos: Very good and at a good price
Marron Ron: They serve by preference and or whoever is most convenient, they offer products that they do not have and if they have they tell you it is already sold or separated, when there is a queue of 15 minutes and with all the people crowdedPeople agglomerate in the middle of a pandemic
marichio reyes: There is a lot of irresponsibility in the delivery of the orders, despite the fact that the orders are made in advance when I arrived they did not have my orders ready and it took them a while to deliver them.
Maria Fernanda Portilla Vilca: Good service
Rosa Rucano: Highly recommended! One of the best places in Arequipa to eat empanadas and cakes, they are sooooo good, personally I like cheese empanadas, chard cake, millefeuille and chicha morada. The prices are quite affordable and the attention is fast.
angie hilario: Very detailed in their presentation.
Juan Midolo :v: Food is delicious
Dorian Carpio: Nice and good attention
Pepe Carazas: warm and nice
katty zuniga: It has a good presentation and good service and it is delicious 👌👍
edith zapana: Ok

8. Aleiana Bakery - Yanahuara

· 7 reviews

Jerusalèn 910 Yanahuara - Arequipa

Address Website WhatsApp
Aleiana Bakery: what do users think?
alfredo morote: It is an ideal place to go as a couple or with friends and have a good time, the food is excellent, the desserts are fantastic and it has good places to take photos
katia saldarriaga jara: The super cozy and cute place, the delicious, fresh and above all healthy food, a place that I had been looking for for a long time every time I came to visit Arequipa
Jimena Salas: Very good service and delicious food
Leonela Díaz: Good service and excellent menu.
Lucero Jackelyn Málaga Chamorro: The food is very rich, the place is very nice, and the attention 10/10Parking: Facilitado frente al local
Alejandra Almeyda: Everything is really nice, the food is varied and different and it feels like gourmet. It is an ideal place to go out with friends or a date, the atmosphere is very cozy and it is very nice.
Gretel Fuentes Revilla: I didn't like how they delivered my cake, they modified my model, it was quite rough, before they did better jobs, what a pity and disappointment.
Jorge Leon: It is always a pleasure to come to your place...They are our accomplices in our dates with my wife...Thank you.
Elizabeth “Liz” Casey: My partner and I had a spontaneous date night here and it was perfect! The atmosphere is beautiful, the cakes are moist and flavorful, and the owners and staff are very welcoming. It is definitely a place we will visit regularly and we can't wait to try their breakfast foods.
luz luna: It is a nice place, and their cakes are RIIIIQUIIISIMAAAA, with their kind attention treatment makes you feel at home.
Alexandra Diazgranados: Beautiful thanks!
Michelle Trujillo: y también su té de rosas. Es uno de mis lugares favoritos y espero poder ir en un futuro con mis amigas y hasta un pequeño grupo de familia , un gran momento acogedor e íntimo(Translated by Google
luis villagra: A small environment with very good service, pastries in general and sale of fruit smoothies.About the product, quite pleasant without being cloying and a very good presentation, ideal for sharing as a couple. The only drawback is the size of the venue.
C. Monjaras: Amazing chocolate cake!! Good music, nice atmosphere!!

9. Mi Kcao chocolates y cafe - Arequipa

· 340 reviews

rooftop mango hostel, 051, C. la Merced 131, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address WhatsApp
Mi Kcao chocolates y cafe: what do users think?
Ana Paula: Great and very cute ideal for vegans 💚✨
Juliana Garcia Zabaleta Barreda: Delicious super nice place!
lenka campos: Excellent mulled wine and hot chocolate uf ♨️ nice terrace 😍
Dayana Hermoza Huanca: I recommend this cafeteria, they have the best coffee and chocolate 😍😍 thank you ybeth for the delicious brownie 😘❤️
0505nn: Joel made me feel really welcome, his friendly service just brightens up the whole place. Thank you Joel. :)))
Miguel Flores Jacobe: Super comfortable and nice, Choco Berry Exquisite ❤️
Maxime Louyot: Vue imprenable sur Arequipa et les volcans aux alentours. Service très agréable et nourriture/boissons excellentes, des chocolats chaud/froid aux cocktails avec pisco infusé maison en passant par les gâteaux.
Guillaume Veron: Ambiance très cool, on prend le temps de boire de bons chocolats chauds et café, avec une vue incroyable sur 3 les trois monts majestueux au nord de la ville. L'occasion aussi de goûter des snacks vegan et de discuter avec les tenancier.èresVend également des tablettes de chocolat fabriqué de manière équitable, à Cuzco.
Nat Nomad: Rooftop com vista melhor que mirador!!! Cafés orgânicos, chocolates quentes e comida vegana. Vale muito a pena ver o pôr do sol todo dia!!!
Vanesa Durand: Beautiful place, excellent location, I loved their Brownie and banana bread, delicious! A super recommended place ❤
Elizabeth Burga: Thank you Joss and Joel, great chocolates and desserts.
Angie Sotelo: !!(Translated by Google
Valeria Márquez: Excellent chocolates and drinks!! Thank you Joss and Joel good hosts
Fernando De Jesus Escalante Torres: Very good place and excellent service from Joel and Joss
Karen Alexandra Morán Soto: Excellent place, very quiet environment. Jos and Joel the best bartenders, super friendly.Ideal to come with my friends and have a great time.
Daphne Lourenço: O melhor brownie vegano que já comi! Equipe muito atenciosa e o visual mais bonito de arequipa!
Ernesto: Excellent spot to take photos of Arequipa at sunset
CHRISTIAN ARTURO DELGADO MORALES: Excellent place to spend with your friends, the attention of Joel and Joss 10 of 19 nothing to add and their chilcano coffee specialty left me speechless, simply a mandatory experience while in Arequipa.
GUSTAVO TEOFILO MALDONADO CENTENO: Ybeth!! Thank you for recommending the best place to eat some delicious desserts, with the best view of the three volcanoes.
Quality Gangsta: The best view of Arequipa and attention from Miss Ybeth.Try the desserts and brusketas
Katherine Cayllagua: Delighted with the service they provide, they have delicious coffee and chocolate, highly recommended.

10. Kafi Wasi Coffee House - Arequipa

· 211 reviews

Calle, Calle Pte. Bolognesi 216, Arequipa, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

11. Ristretto - coffee house - Arequipa

· 187 reviews

Campo Redondo 100-B, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Crepísimo Creperie - Arequipa

· 429 reviews

Santa Catalina 208, Cercado de Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Puku Puku - Arequipa

· 376 reviews

Santa Catalina 124, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website

14. KUNTUY - Cerro Colorado

· 40 reviews

Unnamed Road, Arequipa 04017, Peru

Address WhatsApp

15. Panadería Praliné - Yanahuara

· 6 reviews

Grande 823, Arequipa 04014, Peru

Address WhatsApp

16. Pasteleria San Pablo Escalante - Arequipa

· 8 reviews

C. San José 209, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address WhatsApp

17. Nación Café - Arequipa

· 55 reviews

C. Jerusalén 410, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address WhatsApp

18. Panaderia Y Pasteleria Pan Y Canela - Miraflores

· 23 reviews

Av. Tarapacá 1600, Miraflores 04004, Peru


19. Pork&Bean - Arequipa

· 34 reviews

C. Consuelo 401a, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address WhatsApp

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