Best Specialized Physicians Paediatrics Arequipa Near Me

Pediatrika Cardiosalud - Cardiólogos profesionales en Arequipa Centro especializado en Cardiologia Centro Oftalmológico OFTALNOVA Especialistas de RETINA y MÁCULA en Arequipa Clínica Dental Doctor Muelita Hospital Nacional Carlos Alberto Seguin Escobedo EsSalud SERMEDI Arequipa My Home Centro de Atención al Niño y al Adolescente Dental Clinic Doctor Muelita Hospital Goyeneche

1. Dr. Luis Rivera Villafuerte - Arequipa

· 0 reviews

Galería Nueva Visión, Pizarro 224, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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2. Pediatrika - Arequipa



· 16 reviews

Matias Manzanilla, Arequipa 04013, Peru

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Pediatrika: what do users think?
Angie Lucero Díaz Riega: The treatment is friendly, the doctor who treats my baby is excellent. Not much waiting time
Dizamary Rodriguez: Super recommended, very good attention 😊
Jhade Gómez: Super recommended good attention 😊
Johanna Alejandra Veliz Herrera: They have a great deficiency with meeting the appointment schedule, my appointment was 3pm, I arrived at 2:50pm and they just made me enter the office at 4pm, although the doctors are first class, the organization is a disaster
Juan Carlos Luque Qqueccaña: I know a good clinic on the recommendation of my little one's doctor, the only bad thing is that they do not accept a visa, so it would be 5 stars
Maria Mg (Maia): The best pediatricians. First class attention.
Mafer Vdl: The attention is very good! They are very good professionals and always took good care of my baby
Veronica Diaz Flores: Very good care.. There was no doctor who would listen to me step by step what happened to my baby in such detail as doctor lazo.. Thank you very much for being empathic
Eliz CV: The care given to my child was excellent, the care and attention he received was very good. Professionals dedicated to their patients.
Jakeline Paola Caceres Mamani: A cozy place for my baby and above all good treatment

3. Dr.Anibal Ramirez De La Cruz - Arequipa

· 0 reviews

Av. Emmel 405, Yanahuara 04013, Peru

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4. Cardiosalud - Cardiólogos profesionales en Arequipa Centro especializado en Cardiologia - Yanahuara

· 3 reviews

Francisco Bolognesi 120, Yanahuara 04017, Peru

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Cardiosalud - Cardiólogos profesionales en Arequipa Centro especializado en Cardiologia: what do users think?
Paul Ricardo Chavez Valdivia: The best cardiology center, highly recommended with highly specialized and experienced doctors, personalized and pleasant attention that made me feel safe and more calm in such a delicate subject as heart health, thank you Cardiosalud, thank you Doctor Torres
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5. Centro Oftalmológico OFTALNOVA Especialistas de RETINA y MÁCULA en Arequipa - Yanahuara

· 4 reviews

Avenida Ejercito 604 . Edificio Centro de Negocios 3er y, Arequipa 04000, Peru

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Centro Oftalmológico OFTALNOVA Especialistas de RETINA y MÁCULA en Arequipa: what do users think?
Ruth Mogrovejo: Unfortunately this Dr is not honest, he charges according to the appearance you have. Its staff makes theater to tell you the price and the discounts that the wife of the dr who is the owner would give you. They also do not tell you the cost of the operation or additional treatments.They do not take the time to explain in detail the problem one may have and the consequences. They assume that people do not understand or are ignorant.He is only interested in money.When it comes to their Venezuelan compatriots the cost is much lower. This means discrimination that should not exist in a medical center.That's why I didn't have surgery with him.
KndyFiorella Ojeda: Very good attention excellent professionals!
Karem Olenka Nuñez del Prado Guevara: Excellent attention from Dr. Aristides.
Tania Torres monge: Very good attention, order and cleanliness 😃
Nicol Agramonte Rosado: The attention is very good and the staff friendly.
Cristty Dianderas: Excellent care and experts on macula issues.

6. Clínica Dental Doctor Muelita - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 8 reviews

Av. Porongoche 528, Arequipa 04002, Peru

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Clínica Dental Doctor Muelita: what do users think?
Carlos Alberto Pacci Apaza: La mejor clínica del Perú muy agradecido con doctor muelita Dios le siga dando muchos éxitos y bendiciones 👏👏👏👏👏
Maria Alejandra Juarez Pacheco: Atención especializada, de calidad.
Juan Carlos Nieves Gallegos: Excelente atención de todos los profesionales, altamente recomendable, cuidan cada detalle de la atención

7. Hospital Nacional Carlos Alberto Seguin Escobedo EsSalud - Arequipa

· 53 reviews

Esquina de Peral y Filtro S/N, Arequipa, Peru

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Hospital Nacional Carlos Alberto Seguin Escobedo EsSalud: what do users think?
Enna Del Rosario Fernandez Chacolla: Good morning, I need to make an appointment for GASTROENTEROLOGY, but no phone answers, everyone says that the call cannot be made due to problems with the receiver. I'm from Tacna, I hope they solve the problem.
Arturo Carrillo: There are good staff and there are also those who believe that being there is...
Julio Lipa Quispe: For scheduled medications and there are not in the pharmacy
Kathy Aparco: They expect that one is about to die before they can just operate 😠 I went to the emergency room 5 times due to inflammation of the gallbladder and all they did was reduce the pain and apply very strong medication that even made me vomit
Sofia Fenandez Vizcarra: The attention on the floor is good, the Doctors are very concerned and the attention of the nurses is good, what I did not like is that the wait for medical procedures is so long
alex valdez: Incredible that they do not attend the number that they provide in the blood bank to schedule donations, two days in a row,,.incredible
Manuel Rodriguez Caceres: Well I work there
Yeny DL: They are very slow to serve you, there are staff who do not explain well where to go, they are thick, and especially with older adults.
Jorge Vargas Torres: Those who attend the modules are very indolent there are never appointments lousy administration the insured is not interested
Victor Ivan Medina Mendoza: I have noticed that unlike other ESSALUD hospitals, the attention is not so hostile.
Sonia Neves: No comment
Raymond Florez: The attention is good but slow and there is a lack of guides to know the attention procedures
Axel Tejada: It is incredible how some doctors egg and eat during work hours and are indifferent to human pain. It's a shame they call themselves doctors
Mario Alberto Valencia Zegarra: I went twiceOperated the excellent service
zaito alejandro: Its workers mistreat the user, especially security
Dora Feliza Sosa Laura: Free access well I went to a few people
Angela More: it helped me a lot
A.G. W.W.: Despite the immense difficulties, shortcomings and limitations, they are fighting hard not only against the Covid pandemic, but also with the various diseasesThank you health gladiators
Luz Chilcho: The attention with my mother was quick, the issue that due to the Covid we can no longer visit my mother as before, now all information is by phone.
silvio luis Tala: Clean environments and excellent doctors.
Ignacio Lizarraga: A huge hospital complex located in the city of Arequipa, in the central part of the city. The public entity in charge of providing health services on behalf of the State administration belongs to ESSALUD. My experience in the hospital is summarized in blood and platelet donation. The hospital's Blood Bank is very well implemented, the donation process is fast and you have first-class medical assistance that accompanies you during the 5 to 7 minutes that the donation lasts. Donation campaigns and recruitment of voluntary donors should work more actively to combat the commercialization of blood units, taking advantage of the need of individuals and families of people who suffer from illnesses or suffered accidents.

8. SERMEDI Arequipa - Arequipa

· 27 reviews

Av Parra 324-326, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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SERMEDI Arequipa: what do users think?
Brayan ChambiCalizaya: The worst misfortune of attention that can exist ... horrible place
Daniel Moto: This health center does not have any functional communication channel. They only have a service number, but they never answer. They have a bad customer service approach.
Bruno Valencia: Good service, properly organized and with good Covid protocols.
Moises Rojas: No one answers the landline.
Rony Oviedo condori: No. They report the results of the Occupational Examination on time....Emp. Concor Sac. Rony Oviedo...
Janet De Venegas: Good attention
Ximena Nuñez Vargas: They never answer the phone
Aldo Maradiegue: Good attention and fast
Alessandra Nahui Zegarra: Very good care, it is a very modern clinic with good facilities.
Diego Gutierrez: Excellent care and service, highly qualified staff, recommended.
Fernanda Llanos: The best healthcare clinic in Arequipa, friendly treatment by everyone and the medical team cares about the patients.
Carlos Alberto Huallata Monge: Excellent service, and quality staff very cordial and predisposed.
Victor Zaferson: A mi parecer es una de las peores clínicas de Arequipa, si es que se le puede llamar clínica ya que lo mas correcto sería centro de exámenes médicos ocupacionales obligatorios, las evaluaciones son superficiales y con una intención nula de escuchar cualquier consulta o dolencia de los pacientes por lo que se ven limitados a seguir el recorrido como robots
Cesar Dennis Loayza Carbajal: Ordenado ... Atención rápida

9. My Home Centro de Atención al Niño y al Adolescente - Yanahuara

· 2 reviews

Leon XIII I-16, Cayma 04013, Peru

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10. Dental Clinic Doctor Muelita - Arequipa

· 31 reviews

Manuel Aguirre 133-A, Yanahuara 04013, Peru

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Dental Clinic Doctor Muelita: what do users think?
A Pyper: En mi primera consulta para la revisión del estado de mi dentadura supuestamente necesitaba 4 endodoncias y 50 curaciones, enhorabuena solo me trataron dos endodoncias, la endodoncia estaba bien hecha siempre después del segundo intento en cuanto se demoraron por cada endodoncia ? 1 mesSINCERAMENTE lo único bueno que hacen en esta (CLINICA
Carla Cornejo: I loved the attention and detail of seeing the best way to care for the patient. It gives a lot of security that it is the best of everything.
Mary Butrón: Excellent service, A1 quality, top professionals.
Lita Peralta Mercado: Very good care, the best specialists, all first class, I highly recommend the Dr Muelita Clinic
Jean Delgado: Excellent very clean, very good organization and above all happy for the work of my mouth recommended 😉
Ivan Loxano: Excellent atention
JESSICA MARGARITA: The clinic has modern infrastructure but the doctor who attends pediatric dentistry does not have much patience, I do not like the pediatric dentistry care.
Clinica Dental Doctor Muelita: Excellent attention! It has all the dental specialties and you can go with the whole family!
Play Storeman: They charged me S/. 180.00 for a dental extraction... seems like a high price to me...
Lizbeth Zegarra: Excellent attention 😊 I'm very happy with the results 🤗🤗🤗... I love how my little teeth turned out and therefore I love your work 🤩 Thank you very much Dr. Muelita ☺️
Magaly Mercado: Excellent attention, highly qualified professionals, very happy with the results, highly recommended.
Ruth Maria Pacci Apaza: I am currently undergoing treatment at the Doctor Muelita clinic, I am living an excellent experience, the specialists who attend us are first class, I am very grateful to the clinic and obviously I recommend it.
Aida maritza Cusi arellano: It was a wonderful experience, I am very happy with the results and the good attention
Carlos Alberto Pacci Apaza: The best experience that one can have and even more so for the care of our teeth, for me the best in Arequipa and in all of southern Peru, many blessings doctor muelita and may the successes continue 👏👏👏👏
Fernanda Meneses: The work being done is very good. Attention is correct. You have a lot of care and implements against covid 19. The quality of the cough treatments that are carried out are excellent. Very satisfied.
Edu “Edu”: Dental clinic for adults and children
Gabriela Nagahama: Very good service, highly recommended

11. Hospital Goyeneche - Arequipa

· 73 reviews

Av. Goyeneche, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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12. ESTÉTICA DENTAL Y DEL ROSTRO - Clínica Dental Y Ortodoncia - Yanahuara

· 12 reviews

Las Lilas 104, Yanahuara 04013, Peru

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