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ACADEMIA DE AJEDREZ CHESSCOLOR AREQUIPA ACADEMIA DE AJEDREZ Liga de Ajedrez de Arequipa Universidad Católica San Pablo Way Kap Hostel Arequipa Chuck E. Cheese's Arequipa


· 0 reviews

Av Union 506, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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C. Pampita Zevallos, Yanahuara 04011, Peru

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3. Liga de Ajedrez de Arequipa - Arequipa

· 1 reviews

Av Metropolitana 441, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Liga de Ajedrez de Arequipa: what do users think?
Luis Asto ramirez: Trash
Marlon Rodriguez: Bad

4. Colegio Ebenezer - Arequipa

· 1 reviews

Melgar 512, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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5. Universidad Católica San Pablo - Arequipa

· 226 reviews

Urb. Campiña Paisajista, s/n, Quinta Vivanco, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Universidad Católica San Pablo: what do users think?
Aishwary Shukla: Very good
vibha v: UCSP has a strong research focus, and its faculty members are actively involved in research in various fields. The university has several research centers and institutes, including the Institute of Bioethics, the Institute of Social Research, and the Institute of Energy and Environment.
Geetu Girotra: Education facilities mainly in face-to-face learning format
karthik palani: Good university
David JCV: Great University
mahesh shivamurti: University structure is very good 👍🏻
Vijay Sukka: Good university for students
Roshni Gupta: Good university for study
Abhishek Bapat: Excellent to study
mounika sanke: Nice place to study
Anoop Gupta: Magical moments...and excited to share the experiences
prawej alam: Good University for a reason
Mohammed Farmaan: One of the best universities in San Pablo.
LALMAHAMMAD SHAIK: It's good , learned lot of life skills
Rekha Singh Bidlan: Great place
Rahul Kumar: One of the great University
Rocky Singh: Great institution for higher studies
Taruneema Pal: Great place to study and nice opportunity to develop career.
Arvind Chikale: Very nice
Anandan Dey: San Pablo catholic University is one of the biggest University with lush green field and pleasant environment which make academics and study more fun
rathnakar reddy: Good

6. Way Kap Hostel Arequipa - Arequipa

· 78 reviews

C. Bolivar 315, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Way Kap Hostel Arequipa: what do users think?
Jana Brust: Amazing hostel! Its so cheap but for this price so so good! Book over their website then you get the best price!+ basic breakfast but you can eat as much as you want! Amazing!+ comtable bed with curtains, light and sockets!+ nice chillout area with Playstation and more+ good location+ hot water with tee all day+ good laundry service+ rooms have windows to the outside so no bad smell or air- can be loud at night with the cars outside- no water fillup- the atmosphere could be better. Nobody really talks to each other
Nina Devinck: Deux amis et moi-même sommes arrivés en pleine nuit à 4h du matin pour dormir à l’hostel. Le jeune homme travaillant cette nuit là nous accueille et nous fait payer seulement la nuit suivante car il s’agit d’un « early checking » forcément nous sommes ravis!Le lendemain en rentrant de balade, l’employée d’accueil nous agresse directement en nous disant que l’on doit payer (le early checking) bien évidement nous cherchons à comprendre pourquoi alors que son collègue nous a dit l’inverse… elle s’énerve, devient limite agressive et hautaine. L’erreur vient de son collègue et elle s’en prend à nous comme ci nous étions des voleurs. Quelle belle mentalité… l’ambiance est vraiment malsaine. Cette fille ne nous a plus dit bonjour du séjour (même pas une réponse) Quelle mentalité ! Je crois qu’elle n’a pas compris ce que c’est que de travailler dans le tourisme..Je ne reviendrai en aucun cas dans cette hostel!Dommage car l’auberge en elle-même n’est pas si mal
Lucía Garcia Barriga: In addition to being a very nice hostel, it is clean, quiet and tidy. The guys at the reception are super good people and they guided me with any questions I had. In addition, the location is ideal and at very affordable prices. Highly recommended, I would stay there again!
Jo Campos: Do not stay if you are coming in with PeruHop. I arrived very early in the morning (emailed and called beforehand to inform them of this) and I was knocking for 30 minutes, in the cold, before opening the door. Then this dude had the audacity to get an attitude with me because I kept ringing the doorbell. We argued for 15 minutes in the street simply because he wanted to be right about how I was waking everyone up ringing the doorbell. I told him the solution to that is pretty clear: open the door. I told him off and please believe, that if I wasn't a single female alone in a foreign country at 5am on a cold street, I most definitely would have punched that little b**** in the throat. The other dude (Brazilian) that works there is cool af, though. He's the reason I stayed.
Jeeremy Medrano Martinez: (Translated by Google
Louis Neville: Great location and great place to meet other travellers. Really friendly and helpful staff. Staff are meticulous when it comes to cleaning the hostel. Spotless!Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Que Te importa: good and expensive
Yovana Almidón: y salas con sillones para descansar. Incluye desayuno básico. Lo único que no me gustó fue que el personal no era muy amigable y al ser mi primera vez en un lugar así, me sentí un poco incomoda. Estéticamente el lugar es bonito.(Translated by Google
Ericson Michel: Awesome hostel, location is really good, clean and so far the staff was really nice.Rooms: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Cristina Vukic: One of the best hostels in Peru. I love the way the beds have a curtain, it gives you a sense of space and privacy that is not that common. Location is great and price is even better. Without doubt one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in hostels. I will highly recommend staying at Way Kap!
אופק אפריאט: שהינו במקום במשך שבוע אז תהיה ביקורת שונה שמי שמתכוון לשהות ליום - יומיים..דברים שמאוד אהבנו בהוסטל:1. נמצא במיקום מעולה בעיר.2. מחירים זולים לחדרים המעורבים.3. הצוות מאוד זמין ונחמד.4. כולל ארוחת בוקר (ארחיב אחר כך).5. מקפידים לנקות את המקום.6. הרגשנו מאוד בטוחים.7. יש מחשב שניתן להשתמש בכל זמן שנוח.8. מציעים שירותי כביסה בתשלום (מעט יקר לדעתי).9. שתייה חמה זמינה כל הזמן בחינם.10. יש טלוויזיה עם נטפליקס + גיטרה.11. 2 שקעים להטענה לכל מיטה!בכללי נחמד לשבת שם ולדבר עם שאר המטיילים.לצערי ישנם כמה חסרונות..1. אין חדרים פרטיים / זוגיים.2. מוזיקה חזקה משעה 08:00 בבוקר עד אזור 22:30 בלילה.3. ארוחת בוקר שלא מספיקה למי שלא מגיע כשנפתח (נשאר מעט מאוד)4. ווי פיי שלא מגיע לחלק גדול מההוסטל.5. יש בעיות במקלחות!!! לפעמים אין מים חמים וגם כשיש צריך לכוון את המים כל כמה שניות.6. לא מקבלים מגבות. (ניתן להשכיר מגבת ב-5 סולס).7. חדר אחסון לתיקים מאוד לא נוח ונגיש (מאוד קטן ונמוך).לסיכום, מקום מומלץ אך יש כמה דברים שעלולים להיות קריטים עבורכם ולא תרצו לשהות שם.
Thalia Gonzales: Great value for money. It is quite comfortable, clean, the staff is super cool and the cleaning girls always keep everything clean.Pros:- not expensive- 3 blocks from downtown- decent breakfast from 7 to 9- they have hot water- there is a kitchen to prepare things for you- they have board games-they can store your suitcase after check outcons- at night after 12 am it takes a while to open the doors
Milton Fernández: Good service, feels like being at home. The breakfasts are very delicious, the staff is good, the beds are very comfortable.
Elvis Flores Sandonas: The place is nice, clean and modern.The best reception, good place to stay close to the center.
Lucia Romero: Yep, there were all the services

7. Chuck E. Cheese's Arequipa - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 1123 reviews

Av. Porongoche 500, Paucarpata, Arequipa, Peru

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8. securitas - Yanahuara

· 19 reviews

Tahuaycani 116, Yanahuara 04013, Peru

Address Website
securitas: what do users think?
David Yanarico: It is one of the most responsible companies. in every way
Bucanner G.r: Little job offer and salary :'(
Yuri Wilder Salazar Torres: Office of the Arequipa branch of the multinational SECURITAS.
Rober Vasquez: A good company in which I serve and I had no problem.
harold obando: Optimum quality of service
Enrique Prado: General regime company, apparently orderly.
Ariana Pilco t.: the best company

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