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BMW Perú (Driving Experience Center Arequipa) HUNTER DOUGLAS - WINDFLOOR Santa Catalina Monastery Estación de Servicio Repsol Kärcher Repsol Atlas Copco POWER EFCO DEL PERU LTD SUCURSAL - AREQUIPA

1. BMW Perú (Driving Experience Center Arequipa) - Yanahuara

· 373 reviews

Av. Ejercito 793 Mall Plaza Arequipa. Local I-03, Cayma 04013, Peru

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BMW Perú (Driving Experience Center Arequipa): what do users think?
Daniel Cárdenas Vildoso: Excellent place, enhances the name of the exclusive BMW brand, the attention provided makes you feel that you are part of the BMW family.
FLOR LOPEZ: They have a very well qualified staff, first class attention.
Stop Girls: Alvar Sanchez helped me a lot with all the information I needed, highly recommended
Mathias Tejada Bedregal: Very good attention from Alva.
Dante Armando Cervantes Anaya: Very good and with a lot of technical knowledge, thanks Alvar for the good attention, what a great level, congratulations
Lili Fernan Zegarra: Very pleased with the friendly and committed attention of Mr. Alvar Sanchez. Excellent!!!
Ignacio Rivera: The information was very precise, the best attention, given by Mr. Alvar Sanchez from the Arequipa Plaza Mall store
Sofia Valdez: The seller Alvar Sanchez attended me, he was very helpful! Excellent atention
Aldo José Miguel Gutiérrez Carrillo: I attended with Alvar. Excellent very friendly service at all times, solid concepts and easy to understand. Thanks to your support I decided to trust the brand. totally recommendable
Jorge Santos: Mr. Alvar Sánchez always gives me spectacular attention even knowing how to handle stressful situations such as handling the visit of my hyperactive son
Bruno Valdivieso: Excellent advice, especially from Alvar Sánchez.
Gustavo Westres: Excellent care and advice. alvar sanchez.
KAELSETH: Alvar Sanchez, a great adviser and connoisseur of the brand, helped me in this important decision, the fourth time I have decided on the brand and I am very happy!
Ebert Huamani: Alvar good attention
Robert John Bravo Encalada: Very good attention from Alvar Sánchez, he gave me complete information about the vehicle, soon I would like to buy a car
Alejandra Chirinos: Alvar has very good attention, the store is all in order and good service
Hector Pizarro: Excellent attention and explanation, very willing to answer all my questions
CARLOS STIP QUISPE CHUQUICAÑA: Alvar Sánchez, offered me excellent information about the vehicle in question.
Alesandra Chacon: Advisor Alvar Sánchez, attentive at all times, I deliver the motorcycle in record time
abelardo jaramillo: Alvar and Angel attended me, excellent attention, I am about to purchase a van in the following days. Thank you so much




· 19 reviews

C. Vinatea Reynoso #110, Yanahuara 04017, Peru

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HUNTER DOUGLAS - WINDFLOOR: what do users think?
Edgard Miranda: Very happy and grateful for the attention they gave me and the advice to be able to choose the best windows, curtains, awnings and floors for my house. I have exactly what I wanted. I congratulate you for adapting to the circumstances and for being able to provide good remote care, complying with all the necessary protocols and care.
Susana Arteta: They proved to be experts and specialists in everything they do. I am very happy with how everything turned out in my house, first class products and very careful with the installation.
Maria josé Araujo: I recommend them 100%, very good service, the rollers and the furniture in my office were beautiful!!
Maria Alejandra Vizcarra: Excellent service and advice, I was very happy with my roller blinds and my wooden floor
Fernando Araujo: Excellent service!
Paola Gonzalez: Excellent products, incomparable quality service.
Jimena Portillo Diaz: Thank you Home & Office, my Bozovich wood floors were beautiful, super satisfied with all the advice you gave me
Karla Gómez gallegos: Thank you Home & Office for the service you gave me!! totally recommended
Ana Paula Miranda Postigo: The best place in Arequipa to find home finishes!!
Ana Maria Postigo: I had my blinds, roller blinds and carpets washed and maintained and they were unthinkable!!! A first class servicefully recommended
Paula M: I bought furniture for my office and put in modular rugs, everything turned out better than I expected, they exceeded my expectations!! I am very happy for the specialized attention they gave me at all times and for the quality of their products.
Jeannette Valdez: Super happy with the attention and professionalism that they presented to me. My rollers were beautiful and just how I wanted. Totally recommended !!!
Pablo M: I found what I needed, perfect thermoacoustic windows to reduce noise. I also found hardwood floors that fit perfectly. Very happy with the service and the products I found at Home & Office, they are experts!!!
Ana Paula MP: The best of the best I found in Arequipa, Thank you for the great service and advice you gave me. My Rollers and my wooden floor were BEAUTIFUL!!!
Alfredo Gama: (Translated by Google

3. Santa Catalina Monastery - Arequipa

· 6573 reviews

Santa Catalina 301, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Santa Catalina Monastery: what do users think?
Ad Nan: Der Eintritt ist mit 45 PEN für peruanische Verhältnisse übertrieben überteuert.
Carmen Alvarez: Visited on Weekend Wait time 1 hr+ Reservation recommended YesMore
Marilú Pinedo: Visited on WeekendMore
Rudy Wong: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended YesMore
Carlos Eduardo Mendoza Olivera: A beautiful and historical place in Arequipa
Lucio Ernesto Velarde Robles: Visited on Weekend Reservation recommended NoMore
Keen Torres Gallardo: Very attractive historical placeVisited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Elaine Rodrigues: Sensacional a história deste lugar, uma cidade dentro de outra, uma vida de clausura, somente visitando para conseguir entender.
Miguel Angel Alvarez: The Monastery keeps a part of the history of Arequipa from the viceregal era until the previous century, you can appreciate what the life of the religious women of that time was like. The buildings, paintings and objects are of high historical value, pride for the Arequipeños and Peruvians who have visited
Andrew Betts: Superbly preserved, and well explained in Spanish and English throughout. Took us 90 minutes, self guided. Huge.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Philip Attukadavil: A wonderful must see place in Arequipa. An ancient but elegant monument, worth visiting. One of my favorite places in Arequipa
Manuel Martin: Must visit if you are in Arequipa
Warthongful: It was going back in time with spectacular views
German Jesus Zapata: If or if take some time to visit this place.
JANNE POVIS: !! Y sacas buenas fotitos de recuerdo !!!(Translated by Google
Piero Alarcon: Spectacular!! As everyone says, if you go to Arequipa this is a point that you should go to anyway!
Ornella: Molto suggestivo. Un tuffo nel passato. Le guide sono dolcissime e vale assolutamente la pena fare un giro con loro.
Daniela Diazgranados Ortiz: Beautiful place full of stories and culture, the only bad thing was that a guide was not very friendly, so we decided to do the tour without a guide
Senna: A great way to spend a few hours of your day, and an absolute recommendation for Antigua. The monastery is very big, and there are signs in almost every room explaining the significance of certain tools/spaces in English and Spanish. I would say you won't necessarily need a tour if you search for the info signs.The colours are lovely, and it's just beautiful all around. Perfect place to learn some history.Only downside were the prices, they are quite high at 45PEN for an adult.
María Daniela Cano: Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended NoMore

4. Estación de Servicio Repsol - Cayma

· 62 reviews

Av. Bolognesi 904, Arequipa 04017, Peru

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Estación de Servicio Repsol: what do users think?
Ebert Gustavo Aponte Valdiviezo: . Kinteroni está situado al este de la Cordillera de los Andes y su producción de gas natural y líquidos asociados son procesados en las facilidades de Camisea. Específicamente el Lote 57 se ubica en la cuenca de los ríos Ucayali y Madre de Dios en la amazonia, región de Cusco, provincia de la Convención, al norte del yacimiento de Camisea.El área en el que se ubica el Lote 57 es de rica biodiversidad por lo que Repsol ha incorporado en su gestión medidas innovadoras de control y prevención ambiental además de conservación de la biodiversidad. Se incorporaron las mejores prácticas en la industria de gestión ambiental, empleando personal y procesos especializados para proteger la flora y la fauna.Campo SagariRepsol culmina con el desarrollo tras finalizar la construcción y poner en operación las facilidades de producción del Lote 57 correspondientes al desarrollo del Campo Sagari que permite aumentar la producción de Gas Natural en el orden del 25% hasta llegar a los 200 millones de pies cúbicos de gas de venta por día. La inversión total en la infraestructura que inicia operación alcanza a los 353 millones US$, con más de 8 millones de horas trabajadas sin ningún accidente.El desarrollo del campo ha supuesto la perforación de dos pozos productores, el acondicionamiento del pozo exploratorio y un pozo de inyección de recortes de perforación. La construcción de casi 20 km de ducto de transporte de gas que une las plataformas Sagari Ax y Bx, con la existente Kinteroni, así como todas las instalaciones de producción de las dos plataformas.Más sobre el proyecto SagariCamiseaRepsol también cuenta con la participación del 10% en el Consorcio Camisea, operador de los Lotes 88 y 56, con una producción de gas natural y líquidos asociados que se procesan en las plantas de Malvinas y Pisco para el abastecimiento del mercado local y de exportación.Planta de CompresiónLa Planta de Compresión permitirá compensar la presión de los pozos de gas de los campos Kinteroni y Sagari. Esta se ubica en la Base Nuevo Mundo de donde es conducida la producción a través del ducto existente hasta la Planta Malvinas del Consorcio Camisea.(Translated by Google
Luigi Ernesto Villa Erquínigo: Good price
Daniel Carpio: Gas station with high prices, bad option.
Ray Sánchez: Nice staff! Good service.
Roberto Suarez: The best hotdog sandwich, just like the lime one 🥇
Cristian: Bad attention
Diego: This gas station is always nice, the attention, the place, everything
Andres: Friendly attention all day at all times. Staff.
Vincenzo Valente: Optimal service.
Herbert Gygax: Fast and in the right place
Juan Carlos Portillo Benavides: Spacious and clean service station. Good attention.
Juan Carlos Portillo: Well located place, good service.
Jose Efrain Aleman Bellido: Spacious service station good service very friendly and polite recommended
Alfredo Mendoza: Good attention. Information as requested. Very well.
Juan Delgado: Good attentionGood ubication
Your Dad: You can find the most expensive fuel in Arequipa here
Marco Salinas: Good place
Juan Corrales Gallegos: Service station quite expensive, attention is good.
edwin martinez: Good attention
Santiago Pardo: The store offers good options to eat and drink
Marlube Herencia: Excellent

5. Kärcher - Yanahuara

· 30 reviews

Grande 101, Yanahuara 04014, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Kärcher: what do users think?
Alvaro Toledo: Good service for a part that didn't last long.
Manolo Rimané Briceño Guitton: Good attention, fast dispatch, and above all you find everything you need regarding karcher
luzelena JIMENEZ VASQUEZ: Excellent attention
Jane Montoya: I did very well,. They answered all my questions, they were very kind.
Yorman José “Yorman Goyo” Goyo Mendoza: Trained staff, and excellent quality products
Davidson Carrillo: Good
Rosario Peralta: Very good
Jordan Victor Cahuas Ortega: A very dirty place to be a store that carries a prestige brand, the warehouse boxes are all neglected.
Jaime David Flores Pamo: Very good deal, variety of products.
djjavier tbecas: Excellent atention
Andres Concha-Fernandez Castillo: VERY BAD service and they sell used things.I bought a Pressure Washer a year ago, the Pressure Washer was used for approximately 15 hours since it is for private use and not for a business, and for some reason it did not work anymore, I took it to the SINTEGLI center, which is where I bought it.It took them 10 days to tell me what I had and what the budget would be.after approaching the store 3 times to claim.At such insistence they called me and prayed a rosary of parts and more or less the budget amounted to 1/3 of the value of the machine. The most unpleasant thing was that I asked the manager why they changed so many parts and she answered that it was because of WEAR.... I wonder? With 15 hours they change parts for wear? Or is it perhaps a question of changing for the sake of changing... I mean... if they change it and thus charge more.The day I took the High Pressure Washer I saw a carpet sweeper and I decided to buy it, not suspecting what would come to me in the following days, as explained above....ohhh surprise...the sweeper was USED and the subsequent apology was that they try it to sell it.The inner bag of the sweeper was with dirt, dirt, hairs !!!!!Where things have been seen to be used and then passed off as NEWWhat a pity that this brand is losing prestige with this distributor.FOR MY SIDE I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING OF THAT BRAND AGAIN AND LESS FROM THAT DEALER
José Carlos Vega Mendoza: Official technical service and sale of German brand equipment

6. Repsol - Arequipa

· 127 reviews

Ricardo Palma 305, Arequipa 04013, Peru

Nasshir: Yes, reliable.
Jose Silva: excellent fuel
Geraldine Fernandez: The price of fuel is too high
Jose Efrain Aleman Bellido: Service station with good treatment and cordiality
Arturo Vizarreta: comfortable prices
Sergio Segura: Good attention.
jefferson ventura: Good service and good fuel.
Veronica Juarez: very kind
Percy Dante Y. T.: good gasoline
Juan José Alca Huaquipaco: Excellent service
Breshstar Villanova: I don't know why but my gasoline lasts twice as long and my corolita feels more powerful
Cristhian Sandoval: Attentive and courteous employees
Jazmín García Veliz: Good service.
Cristhian Laureano (crslaureano): Well
Walter Alfredo Obando Montoya: Very good deals...
daniela bermudez: Normal then gasoline at last
Carlos Dongo Mardini: lousy attention
carlos crispin: accept visa

7. Atlas Copco POWER - Arequipa

· 4 reviews

Pje. Martinetti 129, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Atlas Copco POWER: what do users think?
PIERO TV: Very good .. I did the tour from Lima to Arequipa .. and the comfort is A1 .. there is a usb port .. to charge and the food .. is nice .. that's why the score ...
Jhordy Sony Ibañez Chicaña: Is

8. Repsol - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 5 reviews

Arequipa 62, Arequipa 04009, Peru

Repsol: what do users think?
Cesar Angel Ochoa Quispe: He took me where I was supposed to go, thank you
Jesús Ricardo Huerta: Very good excellent place if you come from the Countryside, you can stock up there, something away from the center.
Abraham Aima Valero: Do not drive planes, do not drive boats, do not drive cars, do not drive bicycles, do not drive skateboards or motorcycles.


· 11 reviews

Prolongación de Vía de Evitamiento, en el Cruce de la Variante Uchumayo con Vía de Evitamiento, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Jorge hestip Pumacayo porcela: super cool at work
José Zúñiga: very quiet and cozy
Miguel Angel Delgado Ortiz: Experiencia en encofrados

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