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1. Vitta Clinic - Medictour - Yanahuara

路 8 reviews

Misti 601, Yanahuara 04017, Peru

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Vitta Clinic - Medictour: what do users think?
Marlene Russack: Great place to go when sick during travels. Call first to check if the English speaking doc is in that day (not ever day). The consult will cost 120soles no matter what, but they also come to your hostel for an extra 20soles. The lady doc checked my blood pressure, heart beat, oxygen level and temperature. For my x-ray results she texted me via WhatsApp and was also there for me for any questions the following days. Very professional, helpful, kind and good English!
Leo Coutant: Super clinique ! Jy suis rest茅 1 semaine m茅decins au top, endroit calme, 脿 taille humaine.
Hoie Kim: I and my girlfriend was traveling in this new country. She had appendicitis and people here treated nicely so that she can had surgery in the public hospital although we barely speak Spanish. Thank you for your service.
Kathrin H眉lsebus: Hey folks,I had during my travelling a bad parasit. A friend called a doctor cause I couldn't really move. After a few minutes the Dr. came to visit me at the Hostal and checked me out. She brought me to the clinic were I got medicine straight away. After 2 days I could get out of the hospital. The stay at the vitta clinic was very compftable too. I had my own room and a lovely treatment from the nurse as well.I would recomend everyone this place who doesn't feel good. 馃樂I also come from Germany and the clinic got contacted with my insurance (in my case ADAC) immidiatelly, so I didn't need to be worried about money and could keep on focussing on my health. The ADAC actually called me during my stay in Arequipa and asked if everything is fine, which was very nice and suprising at the same time. 馃槉Happy to had you here in Arequipa 馃椈馃椈馃椈 and thank you for everything! 馃彞Best wishes! 馃崄Kathrin 馃尰
Hamide Muqaku: We were in the dshungel last Year in december and my boyfriend got Really sick. So we went to the vitta clinic. Our doctor was dr. Mariela. She is an angel. I called her several times (even at night!!!) and she tried always to explain everything. So Really no complaints about the clinic. The only thing was the nurse... She could not speek english and our spanish was really bad. That was the reason why I was afraid at the beginning.. she seemed very new in her role and couldnt explain whats happening. All in all my boyfriend got really fast help and we could solve the language problem because of dr. Mariela. Would definitly recommend her.
Kristina Trykstad: I had a good experience staying at vitta clinic in Arequipa. The staff did an amazing job to help my recovery so I could move on with my travels;) thank you
Chiara Ginocchi: Il dott. Hector Postigo Gamero 猫 molto gentile, disponibile e preparato, come tutte le infermiere, e si appoggia a professionisti all'altezza, nel mio caso ad un pneumologo. La struttura 猫 pulita e le camere dispongono di bagno personale con lavandino e wc.

2. Policlinico Barra - Arequipa



路 48 reviews

Av. Emmel 235, Arequipa 04013, Peru

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Policlinico Barra: what do users think?
Log铆stica Emmel: Very good attention and speed
Lisbeth Molina: Excellent service, very friendly and qualified staff.
michelle bach: Excellent treatment and top doctors.
Edwin Barra: Modern and efficient, with state-of-the-art technology and the best health professionals.
Marco Antonio Quispe Regalado: My good attention
Edgy: 10/10, excellent service
Emily Salas: Excellent attention!!! A lot of kindness from the staff and adequate guidance in the procedures that are performed on the patient.
Juan Carlos Malaga: Totalmente recomendado!
Valeria Mu帽oz: Excellent Service and attention!
kevin castro: Great order, cleanliness and quality of care! recommendable
Luc铆a Molina: Good attention, and excellent professionals.
Sergio Reyes: Very good attention 馃憦
Paul Barra: By far one of the best polyclinics! Very clean, safe and Covid free!Recommended!
Rosario Congona: excellent alternative
tatiana valencia: Excellent, cordial treatment. Waiting for new specials.
Sara Polar Guitton: Excellent, good attention.
Berzabeth Gutierrez Nina: The care provided by Dr. N煤帽ez is of quality and professionalism.
Sandra BV: Excellent!
Sady Salas: Excellent place, modern, good treatment, empathetic and friendly professionals.Soon they will have specialties!
Roxana Vera: What a good service! A different and less crowded place, very friendly professionals and an excellent location, highly recommended
Mar铆a Bel茅n Abril: Great medical care and service. An excellent place to go in case of emergencies.

3. Clinica San Miguel Arequipa - Arequipa

路 4 reviews

Av. Mariscal Castilla 322-B, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Clinica San Miguel Arequipa: what do users think?
Santiago Gonzales 2: Why hire staff if they are not even going to pay them?
Giovanna Teresa Maldonado Nina: have good care

4. Clinica Arequipa - Yanahuara

路 101 reviews

Esquina Puente Grau con, Bolognesi S/N, Arequipa, Peru

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Clinica Arequipa: what do users think?
Diego Salcedo: It is a lousy clinic when you have an emergency, there are no doctors, nothing, and the nurses treat patients badly.
Jessica Salazar: More than half an hour to attend an emergency, they take their time as if emergencies were an outpatient consultation! the last straw
Maria Bernal: I have been very disappointed in the Arequipa Clinic, I don't know what kind of professionals they are hiring, today I took my 14-year-old daughter for an emergency and she was treated by the pediatrician Cynthia Karen del Carpio Corrales, a "professional" who leaves much to be desired I will detail why:1st... He called my daughter fat and told her that she was obese for weighing 70 kilos "with warm clothes because it's bad" and without taking into account that she is 1.73m tall, incredible! Totally without criteria!!!2nd... He said that a fever of 38, 39, even 41 is NORMAL, and that he did nothing, that the fever that my daughter had presented of 39 was NORMAL, that it was nothing.3rd... He asked me if I prescribed an inhaler or syrup, which can cause tachycardia, despite being told that my daughter had a history of arrhythmia, he asked me if I prescribed it or not and I was still in a hurry to answer it because "I had more patients" and there was no one waiting.4th... My daughter and I had stops to make her report, and among the questions and incoherent statements that she made, the one that caught my attention the most was the one she asked my daughter "What hurts you the most, the fever? or the throat? Because according to that he was going to prescribe an antipyretic+analgesic, or just analgesic, and here he indicated that the paracetamol was only antipyretic but not an analgesic, when I told him he was wrong he told me that it was an analgesic but "a little"馃檮 and in the end I was wondering what I was going to prescribe.5th... She laughed alone at everything, nothing professional.6th... His diagnosis was unspecified otitis media and acute multiple site infections.7th... My daughter poked her chest, and she told her that it was NORMAL because of the cough, despite having told her that she had a cyst in her breast and that she was suffering from arrhythmia. I had to remind her that it's not normal, that the chest doesn't hurt when you cough, that my daughter hurt because of her cyst or perhaps because of her arrhythmia.8th .. Despite all the symptoms of my daughter: fever of 38 demonstrated with a photo to the doctor for which I had to give my daughter 1 g of paracetamol, persistent cough, irritated throat, inflammation in the ear, pulse of 113 in rest, pressure of 9/6, dizziness, chest pain, etc. For the doctor everything was NORMAL, and it was not an emergency.9no... Finally I had to take my daughter without proper review, I was practically the one who gave the prescription and I feel like I gave my money to the clinic.
Tv Box: Bad attention, they are not clear with their rates, they even charge you for indicating which office you should approach.And apart pay your attention again.bleeding clinic.
SilverBack: Very high prices.
Mical BVA: Terrible telephone service.
Franco Rojas: You have to go from one place to another on foot because not all cashiers pay, not all windows are open. Valuable time is wasted.
Jos茅 Andr茅s NV: For being one of the oldest clinics, if not the first in Arequipa, their customer service leaves much to be desired. One of its main shortcomings is the emergency area, being one of the busy ones, they have VERY LITTLE STAFF IN CHARGE. Their attention times really leave a lot to be desired, the few staff do their best to care for the patients but with what they charge, it is surprising that they do not have more staff available. NOT RECOMMENDABLE.
Beatrice Ornaghi: Hygienic, friendly staff.
j cornejo: The attention was fast, lack of some personnel in the emergency sector.
Jorge Vargas Torres: Very good attention and they have a supply of medicines
Vanessa Weber: Administration is slow in the emergency department, and waiting times were mediocre. The doctor who saw me was excellent, though, and his English was very good.
Macario Bustamante: It has many specialties.
Gian Carlo Espinoza: internista que hab铆a llegado primero y se hizo el loco luego que fui a reclamar a atenci贸n al cliente y empezaron a hacer control les dije que el dr no respetaba el orden y me dijo que si lo hac铆a. Le reclam茅 que era un mentiroso y se puso agresivo queri茅ndome pegar. Cuando se dio cuenta que lo estaban grabando se escondi贸 como cobarde. Tal vez tengan buenos profesionales pero son p茅sima clase de personas.En otra ocasi贸n, saque consulta con neurocirug铆a y me pidieron hacer un estudio, me dijeron que vaya a una hora y cuando lleg贸 me dicen que es por orden de llegada y hab铆an varios pacientes. Me anim茅 a quedarme pensando que ser铆a r谩pido pero demoraron como 02 horas y a煤n faltaban pasar pacientes. No dan indicaciones claras y piensan que son la 煤nica cl铆nica en Arequipa. Dejan mal el nombre de Arequipa.He ido a la cl铆nica Vallesur y todo es mucho mejor. M谩s orden, los doctores no se creen lo m谩ximo, el personal tiene buen trato y se saca por cita, llegas y te atienden a los pocos minutos y no tienes que esperar.(Translated by Google
Jeanpier Chavez monta帽ez: A good service
Grace Suarez: The emergency care in the clinic is deplorable, in addition to the terrible treatment of the cashier, there is only one nurse to give injections, they focus on a single patient and indicate that the attention time is more than an hour than all the doctors and the nurse on duty are with that critical patient.It is a prestige clinic, incredible that there are not more staff. Being a clinic that charges so expensive, the attention leaves much to be desired.
david alvar...: Terrible care, they don't even have staff to heal a wound
Deyvit Gutierrez: Terrible attention makes you waste your time, they diagnose you when they don't even see you when you go to your appointment and they don't even notify you, I really don't know where professionals come from so you can't even talk to them about a problem, they tell you first make an appointment, they they look more like an ATM than like a living being
Jose Alberto Chavez tito: Good attention
Ariana Camila Ch: Well organized

5. Policl铆nico Esp铆ritu Santo - Arequipa

路 48 reviews

C. Palacio Viejo 420, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Policl铆nico Esp铆ritu Santo: what do users think?
Ruth Mogrovejo: This qualification is especially for Dr. Jose Guillermo Abarca Zuniga, traumatologist. His patient care is terrible, he is very arrogant and without any patience. He does not know how to explain the problem that the patient may have, nor the options for his treatment. It is forgotten that the patient deserves all possible respect regardless of their social or economic class. He thinks that because he is a Dr. he is far above everyone and he forgot the motto by which I swear!To the Director of the Polyclinic: you should evaluate your doctors in the quality of service they provide to their patients.
carla nina: Good doctors, good attention, the doctors treat you with kindness
Liset Mamani: He has excellent care.
BrOokLyN !: If they put a phone number at least answer. It is not the first time nor am I the only person who has been complaining about the lack of response to a phone call.
袪械薪械 袣懈褋锌械: This place used to be a better choice, they used to be more patient focused attention, nowadays people working there are rude, careless and money focused, they often mix lab and other tests results, you can easily get someone else's samples tested as yours.Not recomendable anymore 馃憥
Zoila Hernandez: Lots of people, you have to wait a long time to be served
manuel fernando salaza sarmiento: Economic
Mildred G贸mez: Excellent service
Marita Tavera: In the specialty of Ophthalmology, the treatment did not give results.
Yvan Su谩rez: It is a modest clinic but with good services.The prices are affordable, and the staff is friendly and helpful.The environments are always clean and with very good order of furniture and indicator signs.Points to improve, the offices are very small and the spaces reduced, since it has been a house conditioned to be a clinic.I understand that in the mornings there are a lot of people and there are queues to get appointments, in my case, it was not urgent, I went in the afternoon, when there are few people and I made my appointment calmly.Excellent cost/service ratio.recommendable
Stefany Estremadoyro: I started with Dr. Edson Manrique in the branch of Dermatology...very good attention...the consultation costs 30 soles...he is patient...he explains many things...I was treated at the Espiritu Santo Polyclinic that is in Alto Selva Alegre... to make an appointment you can write to the WhatsApp number of the polyclinic and they will provide you with all the information.
Oscar Martinez Rodr铆guez: Very good patient care, and helps the elderly
Macario Bustamante: Cheap rates good service
raul rospigliosi: Good doctors, many specialties, only very small environments
Raphael Sierra Calsina: Effective and pocket friendly
Eduardo VG: Good clear and concise attention! Not like the clinic in front of the general hospital 馃榿... Keep it up 馃ぉ
Karla franshesca ojeda vasquez: They did not respect distancing or the mandatory use of masks
Claudia Jasmin Nina Bejar: Telephone service is terrible. They respond to you grudgingly and don't even give you the information you need.
Eggo S谩nchez: The establishment is small and they only have a consulting center for 20 patients who have an appointment in some specialty and they take a long time waiting, apart from the attention is terrible, you have to be clear that this center is private and you pay to be attended to, Terrible place, I do not recommend it
germanico3 zea: Excellent attention
Kiara Llanco: Very poor attention in general medicine from Dr. Jes煤s, he dispatches people quickly, does not listen, thinks that because one is young his ailments are mental and calls anxiety when one is ill, prescribes medicines without having evaluated the patient. Terrible service, I do not recommend it

6. SERMEDI Arequipa - Arequipa

路 26 reviews

Av Parra 324-326, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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SERMEDI Arequipa: what do users think?
Brayan ChambiCalizaya: The worst misfortune of attention that can exist ... horrible place
Daniel Moto: This health center does not have any functional communication channel. They only have a service number, but they never answer. They have a bad customer service approach.
Bruno Valencia: Good service, properly organized and with good Covid protocols.
Moises Rojas: No one answers the landline.
Rony Oviedo condori: No. They report the results of the Occupational Examination on time....Emp. Concor Sac. Rony Oviedo...
Ximena Nu帽ez Vargas: They never answer the phone
Aldo Maradiegue: Good attention and fast
Alessandra Nahui Zegarra: Very good care, it is a very modern clinic with good facilities.
Diego Gutierrez: Excellent care and service, highly qualified staff, recommended.
Fernanda Llanos: The best healthcare clinic in Arequipa, friendly treatment by everyone and the medical team cares about the patients.
Carlos Alberto Huallata Monge: Excellent service, and quality staff very cordial and predisposed.
Victor Zaferson: In my opinion it is one of the worst clinics in Arequipa, if it can be called a clinic since the most correct thing would be a center for mandatory occupational medical examinations, the evaluations are superficial and with no intention of listening to any consultation or ailment from the patients so they are limited to follow the route like robots
Cesar Dennis Loayza Carbajal: Tidy... Quick attention

7. Cl铆nicas Auna sede Vallesur - Arequipa

路 69 reviews

La Salle 116, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Cl铆nicas Auna sede Vallesur: what do users think?
Gabriel Puma Calcina: Their doctors look more like merchants... I don't recommend it.
Wilson Larico Mamani: More than the Experience I would like to know. The price of a rhinoplasty and what would be the procedure for the intervention
Rafael Villafuerte: Too bad, I'm seriously thinking about disenrolling from the insurance to a premium. The attention of the doctors is good, the problem is the administrative side, it already seems Essalud, there is a huge bottleneck in admission, that is where they take too long, delaying the attention, it was not like that before. In the laboratory, everything is just as bad, the staff leaves a bad impression when they are talking about their personal issues, distracting themselves from taking samples and delaying everything, it seems more that they are going to have a social life than to work. They made an effort to attract affiliates but not to improve the administrative part. The only salvageable thing is the treatment of the doctors in consultation.
Mario Victor Borda Arroyo: On Saturday, February 4, I had to wait 20 hours for admission attention at window number 6, the street did not call my ticket number, alluding that it was on a first-come, first-served basis, but did call other ticket numbers that were taken later. they were serving 2 streets and there were almost 15 people waiting
David Chumacero Vel谩squez: The best clinic so far in Arequipa
Planificacion LO JUSTO: Good morning gentlemen, since last week I have been trying to communicate with you through your central office but the recorder always answers. I need to make an appointment for my annual cancer checkup. I have tried through the web but it is only for consultations directly with the office.Please answer the center.
C茅sar Lutgens: There is a lack of organization and more empathy from the administrative staff who attend the modules.
Nestor Holguin: Request the same appointment that was accepted, scheduled; and today, the day of the appointment, he does not show up, he reserves me, now it is worse than before, its administrative staff is very inefficient, some doctors that the clinic says are the best are not far behind, but many of them seem to have studied and graduated from In the middle of a pandemic that it is scary to do and attend to with them, the clinic only grew thanks to the high costs it charges to patients and even more so during this pandemic, what a shame.
Alexis Matos: Unfortunately, they convinced me to take the Auna insurance and I made the mistake of doing so. Today I went to the pediatric emergency room at the Auna Arequipa clinic because my son had a fever and vomiting. I found the worst care with great freshness. They tell me there is a queue of 7 children and approximately the wait is 2 hours and at this time the doctor on duty went to the office, well he was surprised, I mean, a child could be dying and there is no one to attend to him and the same thing happens in emergencies at the Delgado clinic in Lima and one thinking about looking for the best clinic for the family's health ends up being the worst.
CapV: They do not provide clear information at the service windows.
domilys caramo: Very good attention, receptivity
alexandra Evelin H. Z.: Very good care, A1 doctors
Renzo Quiroz Menacho: Messy clinic, lousy and extremely slow attention, its technical staff has no idea what to do in an emergency
Nadia 脕lvarez: Very attentive and helpful staff, clean environments.
Ren谩n Arce: I don't see the point of making an appointment, I had to wait more than an hour to be seen. A lot of people, it looks like a state hospital and the expensive consultation.
Evelyn Vargas: The attention is slower than the social security, the system is always broken and the queues are more than 2 hours. Everything is very stressful in the clinic. I'm not coming back Don't even think about getting insurance here
Sandra Lazo: The clinic has grown enormously The structure has been used but the quality of the service Has worsened in an emergency there are many receptionists and none knows how to give adequate information For a simple injection it takes 2 hours in the area Discarding covid 19 They do not know the procedures to follow to collect a report that they say that it is in an hour is 2 hours because they send it to one side and they send it to the other The quality of the service is not good at all
Carmen Nu帽ez: good care from the doctor
Florese Flores: Very bad attention, you will wait a long time to be able to pay and give you the medicines... there is no virtual claim book. Very Very Bad
Gian Carlo Espinoza: Emergency care is not the best.However, the attention to queries is excellent, there is order and the receptionists are friendly.They also give you the option of making appointments by schedule. You arrive on time and you don't have to wait long.The opposite of the Arequipa clinic
Jimena Alexandra Aroni Paz: Terrible attention with the gastroenterology doctor, a terrible way of behaving and explaining, I do not recommend it at all.

8. Medical Arequipa - Yanahuara

路 5 reviews

C. Alfonso Ugarte 206, Yanahuara 04017, Peru

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Medical Arequipa: what do users think?
alan javier ramos valdivia: Good care and good service
samuel conocuica carbajal: Very good information, lack of details of shortcuts to get there faster Ami destination
Amanda Alvarez: no one answers the phone
Andre Medina Perea: Excellent service!!!
Veronica ramos: Good attention and excellent care
Deyvis Bravo Tito: Good attention especially with patience

9. Centro M茅dico Blue Medical - Arequipa

路 24 reviews

Calle Clorinda Matto de Turner 132 Esquina Calle Jos茅 G贸mez 100 y 100A, Peru

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Centro M茅dico Blue Medical: what do users think?
M&E's Trips: Nous sommes fran莽ais et avions peur de la prise en charge des 茅trangers mais cela 茅tait tr猫s bien !Nous avons prit rendez vous sur le site le matin m锚me et avons pay茅 la consultation de m茅decine g茅n茅rale pour 30 soles. Ma compagne a eu une 茅chographie abdominale et a pu avoir une prescription du m茅decin pour plusieurs m茅dicaments.Cela a 茅t茅 rapide et s茅rieux. On recommande ++
juan carlos nu帽ez: Very good attention and comfortable facilities.
Jonathan Huachaca: The attention is cordial and the sample taking is fast. It is always advisable to go early.
Camila Barrientos: Excellent professionals.
Hade Palomino: I liked the attention, I was able to resolve my doubts with the doctor.
TANIA FLORES AGUILAR: They gave me good care
paola flores: The attention was quite good, they took good care of my nephew, the waiting time in the case of babies should perhaps be a little faster
Elizabeth H S: Thanks for the good attention.
Paciente Xx: Good attention, just what to expect
Freddy salazar: Excelente servicio y muy buena atenci贸n de todos
Flordeamaria Arana Gomez: Bien
Jose Franklin Torres Colquehuanca: Muy buena atenci贸n, r谩pido y eficaz.
Dorita Valencia: Excelente servicio y atenci贸n, brindan ex谩menes con resultados exactos en el tiempo indicado.Recomendable
Vanessa Alejandra Le贸n Prado: Muy buena atenci贸n y amabilidad de las personas q atienden , recomendado
Willianna Tirado: Buen dia el blu mecical 100% recomendado por su uena atencion
maura marisol salazar condori: Una atenci贸n d primera gracias las se帽oritas muy atentas
maria vargas limascca: Very good attention 馃槉
MAURICIO HELARD VALDIVIA ABARCA: A special thanks to Ms. Patricia from Customer Service.Atte.Dr. Mauricio Valdivia Abarcamedical oncologist
Aurora Chambi Herpanocca: Excellent atention


路 31 reviews

Av. La Paz 4ta, Cuadra 424, Cercado De Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
INPPARES AREQUIPA: what do users think?
katherine moscoso saico: I went for a Papanicolaou and a flow test, when I returned for the results, they told me that I had to do the pap smear again, they didn't tell me anything else, when I returned on the day they told me, there was no one to do the test. They told me to come back later and I did, but still nothing, I had to come back the next day and the lady at the reception was very rude, a very bad experience, on top of that when I asked for the results of my flow test, the lady was the same, poor service, I prefer to go elsewhere before returning to inppares
Kim Kim: I would like to have the implant placed in my arm. How do I contact you? Is it by appointment?
Felix Varhen: good institution
Alejandra: Good installations
Jose Alexander Benavides: IM volunteer
Ronaldo Berrocal: Lousy attention.
Jhon Prada: Family planning center. Very good attention and all the information on family planning.
Elizabeth Quintanilla: 馃
Ofelita69 Salas: Bad
Danaey Palo: Specialist doctors who provide very good care
Cristhian Sanchez: Good service, low prices
Giancarlo Paz Su谩rez: Although not ma...
Juan Carlos Cerpa: dental things
Joyce Liz Puma: It is a very crowded place, the attention is very bad, the lady is unfriendly and they made me wait more than two hours for an injection. I do not recommend it for attention.

11. Cirug铆a Laparosc贸pica - Arequipa

路 1 reviews

Av. Goyeneche 105, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address WhatsApp

12. Policlinico Medico Greco - Arequipa

路 1 reviews

Av. Jorge Ch谩vez 112, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address WhatsApp

13. Cl铆nica Aliviari - Yanahuara

路 6 reviews

Le贸n Velarde 406, Yanahuara 04017, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Clinica Paz Holandesa - Jos茅 Luis Bustamante y Rivero

路 21 reviews

Av Pizarro 230, Paucarpata 04009, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

15. CL脥NICA INTERNACIONAL Medicentro Arequipa - Jos茅 Luis Bustamante y Rivero

路 6 reviews

Av. Porongoche 500, Paucarpata, Per煤, Arequipa 15036, Peru

Address WhatsApp

16. Centro De Salud Estetica TaOZen - Arequipa

路 1 reviews

Av. Emmel 403, Arequipa 04013, Peru


17. Medical Assistance - Local &Travellers Health Service - Cerro Colorado

路 18 reviews

Casa 6, Quinta la Colina de los Arces, Cayma 04017, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Clinicentro Absi - Yanahuara

路 11 reviews

Edificio Nasya, Av. Ej茅rcito 101, Yanahuara 04013, Peru

Address WhatsApp

19. Centro M茅dico Monte Carmelo - Arequipa

路 13 reviews

Calle Francisco, Gomez De La Torre 119, Arequipa, Peru

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路 4 reviews

Angamos 101, Yanahuara 04017, Peru

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