Best Karaoke Rentals In Arequipa Near Me

Feeling's Karaoke Qochamama PERU ADVENTURE TOURS E.I.R.L Chaqchao Chocolates Apus Arequipa Adventures (Victour4U) Boxes Karaoke Feel Your Voice - Licorería / Tragos a Delivery en Arequipa PeruMotors S.R.L.

1. Feeling's Karaoke - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 2 reviews

Urb. Los Naranjos J - 16, Av. Dolores, J.L, José Luis Bustamante y Rivero, Peru

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2. Qochamama - Arequipa



· 521 reviews

C. Ugarte 300, Cercado De Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Qochamama: what do users think?
Evelyn Ch Villalba: night entertainment venue
Alan Urquizo Torres: Food: 3/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 3/5More
Edwin Alexis Castillo Enriquez: Cozy environments to enjoy with friends and your partner, central location, current and varied music, guaranteed security.
Karen Velásquez Rodríguez: Service: 2/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Stuart: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Lizeth Bazan: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Nelly Lidia Benavides: Cozy and pleasant place to have an aperitif or eat something, good service 👍
Sarah Flynn: Really fun place for a dance
michelle mellet caceres: The place is great although the food is not so good and the dj is a tear
juan jose osorio martinez: You spend a pleasant time here with a good menu of drinks...
Dolka Vargas Sánchez: Food: 2/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 4/5Recommended dishes Combinado de RonMore
Geraldine Chávez Zuzunaga: Cool atmosphere with fun friendsFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Maurizio Mattoni: It is well located and has good music 🎶Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Leyla Ogata: Terrible attention from the entrance of the premises...
Pabcer O: Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
karly esteban: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
David Paul Velarde Núñez Melgar: Good placeFood: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More


· 18 reviews

Calle Melgar 308 in front Museo Santa Teresa, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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PERU ADVENTURE TOURS E.I.R.L: what do users think?
Warner en Anita Tiemensma/van Brederode: Uitstekende organisatie. Reageert snel op vragen in e-mail. We hebben de private tour “DAY TOUR AND HIKE IN THE LAGUNA DE SALINAS AREQUIPA” gedaan en dit was een perfecte dag, mede door onze gids en chauffeur!
Haiduc Cosmin: Trully recomended!Well organised, good equipment and fair price!
kisology: мы брали трехдневный тур в каньон Колка и на вершину Чачани с личным гидом. В первый день на каньоне Колка мы позавтракали в 7 утра, закончили наш трек в час дня и потом два часа просто сидели на дороге и ждали автобус! Почему нельзя было организовать машину при стоимости тура в почти 700$ не понятно. Нас предлагали подвезти за небольшую плату, но гид отказывался и в итоге мы потеряли пол-дня. По плану у нас были термальные источники, но в городе мы оказались только в 16:30, все это время не было ни еды, ни даже перекуса!!! Конечно, уставшие и обгоревшие от сидения 2 часа на дороге мы побежали есть, так и не посмотрев город и источники. На след день гид сказал, что наш автобус в 9, но оказалось он ушел по расписанию в 8:30 и мы опять просто ждали автобус. Затем был обед - кусок сухого хлеба с тонкой колбаской и помидоркой, и все! Конда машина привезла нас на 5000м гид несколько раз проговорил, что машина будет ждать нас на этой высоте. Мы поднялись на 5200, мне сразу стало нехорошо, но гид не делал ничего. Сказал только выпить обезболивающее, если у меня есть. Ночью стало плохо моему парню, мы не смогли пойти на вершину, гид сказал, что надо дождаться рассвета. Сам спокойно вернулся в палатку и храпел до утра. Утром мы кое-как собрали наши вещи и пошли вниз. Оказалось, что машина нас там не ждет и у гида не ловит телефон, он никак не может вызвать машину! А если бы что еще более серьезное случилось?! Как можно так организовывать тур?! К счастью, мы встретили другого гида, она вызвала нам машину и прождав еще час, нас, наконец, эвакуировали. Моему парню было очень плохо, я чувствовала себя нормально. Наш ужин был в 6 вечера, всю ночь мы не спали, и утром тоже. Но когда я сказала гиду утром, что хочу есть - единственное, что он мне предложил - немного орехов. Я не рекомендую эту фирму для организации ваших туров, в перу много других достойных операторов. Это неоправданно дорого, но еще и опасно для жизни!
Marisol Cainero: Hay de todo eso me encanta
Mo Al: These guys are hero's!First very sincere and faithful in their work. They did their best for us to bring us in safety during the demonstrations.They took care of us the whole trip and offered food and drinks as if we were their family or friends. Saul and Carlos were driving very careful and very professional. They know the way as experts.More important is the clear communication and honesty. They knew that we were in emergency and wanted to leave the country but they didn't make use of that to ask more money. They requested exactly the usual price of the tour from Arequipa to Puno.Thank you guys, we trusted our lives in your hands and you were very adequate.
Eliáš Slunečko: Scammers. I tried to rent a car. The company asked me to send money (1500USD) on private account. All the certification on their website is more than 10years old. Definitely frauds. I consulted that case with our Embassy.
Fabienne Peter: You want some fresh air and silence? We booked the half-day trekking on the Misti-volcano. Our guides Marcello and Marco Antonio were always really friendly and told us a lot about the peruvian culture. At our top we had a stunning view at sunset. It was just amazing, thanks a lot!
El Mer: There are dozens of travel agencies but if you choose Peru Adventure Tours, you won't be least for us, it was a very good choice! First, the site of this agency is visible on the Net. It is so extensive (even to excess ;-) ) that you have all the useful and necessary explanations, ranging from the description of the different tours by category, with what is included or not, recommendations, how to book , payment methods, terms and conditions, FAQs… in short, everything from A to Z! No surprises on arrival!The adventure began in 2019 with the reservation for autumn 2020... as the coronavirus arrived, the postponement to 2021 or even 2022 was immediately proposed by Saul Ceron, the director of the agency. Peru only reopened its borders in mid-2021 and Saul advised us not to rush... the postponement to 2022 was very good advice!The day before the first tour allows us to take stock with the staff. We also met Saul who offered us some modifications. He was very good advice once again and we really appreciated the changes.Bike tour in Colca Canyon, transfer to Puno, excursion to lake Titicaca, transfer from Puno to Cusco via Langui Lake and three other lakes and bike tour, four days Inca trail trek, Maras Moray Ollantaytambo Pisac … super wow tours !In addition to the great landscapes, you can count on the competence and kindness of the guides and drivers, on their knowledge, on their humor, on equipment in very good condition (mountain bike in this case), on a car that is always very clean despite all the dust stirred up… wow wow wow! Great times! Thank you to all of you who make Peru Adventure Tours a great agency and allow us to have an amazing vacation! We will not forget your address if we return to Peru!
Raffaela Ackermann: We had an amazing adventure climbing Chachani in one day - thanks so much! Everything was perfectly organised, our guide Jarly was just perfect and we loved it!
Gwen: We hadden last minute een privé tour geboekt voor El Misti. Peru adventures heeft toch een gids die Engels spreekt voor ons kunnen regelen. Fernando, de gids, heeft veel tips gegeven wat wij in Arequipa kunnen doen. Hij gaf ook veel tips voor onze reis in Bolivia. Tijdens de tour heeft hij erg goed voor ons gezorgd. Betrouwbare tour. Top dag gehad!
marco mayta: An incredible adventure tourism travel agency!!!
Emily Zhang: Great tour company! We did the Isla Ballesta and Huachina tour. Our tour guide ROSE was amazing! Rose and the tour company made everything super convenient and easy for us. For example, they picked us up from our hotel on time and took care of our luggage by keeping it in the car. We were dropped off with Rose to Isla Ballesta, and she handled the tickets for the boat ride. The boat tour was incredible and had English translation too! We saw many sea lions and penguins which was amazing. Ride was def windy so bring a jacket (November is when we went).Once we got back to main land, we went to Huachina. Rose was extremely knowledgable and give us a great backstory of the area. Rose was with us the whole time. We did the sand dune ride and the driver was AWESOME. The best sand dune ride of my life, the driver took many exciting and fun paths that made the ride extremely thrilling. Best part Rose came with us which was nice. Our driver also stopped at a nice top spot to watch the sunset which was not in the scheduled plan, which made the experience more authentic and genuine.Overall, my family and I had a great experience with this tour company and Rose is the best! Highly recommend.
Jose Cueva: Excellent service
Ivan Dillinger: On Thursday 23rd of January 2020 we had absolutely amazing tour COMPLETE EXCURSION TO RESERVA NACIONAL DE AGUADA BLANCA Y LAGUNA Salinas.Prior the tour I contacted Peru adventures via email. All communication was clear and good organized.We had pick up at our hotel at 6:15 am on Thursday 23rd of January. Our driver Saul Ceron and our guide Salome Gomez were waiting for us with comfortable 4x4 suv Toyota.We departed shortly after and head to national reservation. Our first stop was in small village Chiguata with beautiful church and square.After approx 2 hours we arrived to laguna Salinas. Amazing view and short trek for 1 hour around. Trek was quite challenging because of hight altitude. Our guide Salome adjusted to us. She is very attentive and she helped us with high altitude sickness. She offered us some cocca leaves and explained how them work and how we should chew them. She gave us excellent information about nature and history. As well we get to know plant Chachacoma which helped a lot.Later on we continued to rock forest of Puruña. On the way we saw plenty of lamas and alpacas. We were lucky to see Vicuñas.When we arrived, we had a snack - chocolate, banana and orange. To gain some energy. Rock forest offered astonishing views. This place is a hidden gem. We were also lucky to see El Misti mountain when clouds shattered.Followed by a lunch in small restaurant. Lunch and drinks were include with selections of many sandwiches and soft drinks.I have to say that our guide Salome is absolutely amazing. Far above expectations. She is very funny, attentive, carrying and super knowledgeable. She told us some much about Peruvian nature and culture. She took pictures of us on various viewpoints. She encouraged us on treks and had plenty of useful tips to help us with high altitude. It was genuine pleasure to spend time with her.Our driver Saul was great as well. Funny and professional. We felt very save when he was driving on bumpy roads. He definitely knows how to handle difficult roads and we enjoyed magnificent views on the way.Thank you Salome and Saul for this experience. This was absolutely fantastic tour and we enjoyed every second.Warm regards boys from Czech RepublicDaniel + Ivan + Ondra.
Hamish McIlveen: Bought a ticket with this company from Uyuni to La Paz. The blockades in La Paz caused the bus to be cancelled. No refund was given
Elena Boschini: Awesome company! Elida is the best guide ever! Super passionate and knowledgeable about her country and culture.
H. Stephen Olson: Saul Ceron in Arequipa is a very poor communicator and unprofessional booking agent. Didn't return emails, did not respond to questions and on the last day before my tour was supposed to happen I was told by the agency the tour would not happen. I walked to the office 3 times in 3 days and was disappointed at every interaction. I would recommend not using this company and instead working with the smaller more genuine agencies around the town.
becky dieffenbach: Had a wonderful experience going to the Reserva National for a half day with our trusty guide Johan. Johan was thoughtful and knowledgeable, always checking in to see how we were doing and sharing with us information about Misti and the area. I would recommend Peru Adventure Tours and especially Johan!
Clipton Mayhua Coaquira: Travel agency with different programs for all tastes
Simran Afsah: I do not recommend Peru Adventure Tours. We went in to schedule a mountain bike excursion with the agency and we were told (and confirmed by their website) that the tour would include an hour and a half ride up the mountain and 3 hours on the bike. Additionally, were guaranteed an english speaking guide. In the end, we ended up spending 1.5 hours in the car, as expected, but only 1.5 hours on the bike. Also, the guide did not speak English and even told me that at one point he could speak english conversationally, but now he cannot (I speak Spanish so i could understand all this, but my partner does not and this proved to be a difficulty.) Lastly, the guide provided no information during the tour-- he didn't tell us where we were going, how long we would be on the bikes, or anything about the surroundings--instead, he kept talking to me about his girlfriends... We requested a refund from the shop and we were given a small percentage of our money back after significant hassle. Overall, this was a bad experience!
Lorenzo Pierini: Molto precisi e affidabili. Abbiamo fatto 2 giorni in bici per il Colca Canyon e mi sento di consigliarli. Unico neo l'albergo in cui abbiamo soggiornato a Chivay, però la città di suo nn offre niente di molto meglio.

4. Chaqchao Chocolates - Arequipa

· 1307 reviews

Santa Catalina 204, Cercado De Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Chaqchao Chocolates: what do users think?
Andrew Betts: Just popped into the shop. Found the range a bit limited, and bought a 55% slab but found it too bitter for that.
Christos Lianos: I had a course about chocolate at this place. Learned history and how to distinguish real from fake chocolate. I definitely recommend if you have time to attend a course. It is fun
APES FIT my private training: L'atelier chocolat est une superbe experience.Vous en apprenez beaucoup sur l'histoire du cacao et vous faites vos propres chocolats, avec lesquels vous repartez.Andrea était vraiment super ! Il nous a fait passer 3h extra et très ludique.On manipule le cacao, on le concasse pour parvenir à en faire une pâte, ...Et bien sur, on goûte les différents types de chocolats.Je vous recommande vivement cet atelier. Vous passerez un très bon moment.
Emperatriz Perry: Pleasant its taste
Marcell Sierra: Delicious as always, always take care to know your cake menu by heart. The waiter told me that there was no banana cake or red velvet and when I went up I realized that if they had, I happily did not order until that moment.
Solen Cs: J'ai adoré le cours de chocolat, très complet ! Je recommande vraiment très intéressant
Brooke Szucs: We really enjoyed the chocolate class! This was one of our highlights in Arequipa. It was super fun, and Josué was a great, fun guide! We learned a lot about chocolate and now feel we have graduated to be chocolate snobs! Haha. I especially liked pouring out all the Peruvian flavours for our take home chocolate~
Gustavo Cano: They took a long time to attend, everything else was super good
Maddy Jenkins: Andreas was absolutely amazing!! Had sooo much fun on this 3 hour class and learned a ton!! Got to use my fav.. white chocolate which was a nice surprise. Highly recommend this class and try to get Andres if you can, he surpassed our expectations
Paul Jacyna: Andreas was an amazing guide we loved our experience and left with so much knowledge of cacao ! 10/10 !!!!
Sophie: I really enjoyed the chocolate workshop, it was so much fun and so informative. Andres was great, so engaging and perfect English and the chocolates tasted amazing! Highly recommend to do this in Arequipa!
Ricardo La torre: Nice place. I recommend
Tuomas Kiviranta: I can highly recommend the chocolate making workshop for all friends of chocolate! Andres was an enthusiastic instructor and the class is well organised.
HENRY CESAR FERNANDEZ OJEDA: Chaqchao Chocolatería is a store selling organic chocolate with a delicious flavor, where cakes, desserts, sandwiches, drinks, coffee, cocoa, and a wide variety of organic products based on chocolate and coffee are also sold, widely visited by foreign national tourists and local residents.
Natalie Hulme: We had a workshop today with Andres, and it was AMAZING. We learned a lot, the amount of things you do in the time you have is such good value for money, plus you get a little bag of chocolates to take away. I absolutely loved the workshop. Andres was funny, engaging and an excellent teacher. This is a must for a visit to Arequipa!
OSCAR J BONIFAZ Cossío (Chosky): could be better
Katherine d'Elloy: Nous avons fait l'atelier sur la fabrication du chocolat, c'était génial ! Très complet, nous avons appris plein de choses de la fève de cacao à la fabrication du chocolat. Nous avons fabriqué une boisson au cacao et aussi nos propres chocolats. Et en bonus il y a eu un petit cours de dégustation de chocolats. Ultra intéressant. Vraiment à faire !
Andrea Vera: It is a beautiful place to have breakfast, they have a wide variety of coffees and craft beers!I would love for there to be one in Lima and to be able to drink that delicious Hazelnut Latte again!
David Radau: We did the chocolate workshop and it was one of the best experiences we had. Learning the history of chocolate and cocoa, have the tastings and also produce or own chocolate pieces made it a fulfilling experience. We only can recommend it to everyone.
Angélica Vilela: postres increíbles, tienen el mejor cheesecake que haya comido en Perú (cremoso y con un ligero sabor a canela
azeida paz diaz: The food is very good

5. Apus Arequipa Adventures (Victour4U) - Arequipa

· 20 reviews

Santa Catalina 203, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Apus Arequipa Adventures (Victour4U): what do users think?
ana virginia cuyun velasquez: Excellent tour! the attention and transportation highly recommended
Eva Patricia Velasquez: A city, clean, and cozy, I loved it, I would gladly return
Fernando Chaucayanqui Valdivia: This agency is very excellent!
Albert Gol: The two-day tour of the Colca Canyon was incredible, as well as very complete. On the way you are making stops to see alpacas, llamas and vicuñas. Then at a viewpoint with beautiful views and finally you arrive at Chivay. There you eat at a pretty good buffet, it must be said, and with many varieties of food from the country. In the afternoon if you want to go to a natural hot springs, the place is idyllic next to a river with an old stone bridge. And at night you are going to have dinner in a place where they play typical music from here and put on a show with traditional dances. Then you go to rest and the next day you get up early to see the condor fly in the Colca canyon. We got lucky and could see 3 in the distance, we wish they would have gotten closer but this is how it goes. And it was also a little cloudy at first, but it still has spectacular views. We then ate at the buffet and came back. Highly recommended.
Rainer Schmucker: Schöne Touren mit guten Guides! Hat Spaß gemacht 😃Die Unterkunft im Colca Canyon war nicht optimal.
Laurent Cmt: All was perfect in the tour organized by Victor, that comes to our hotel to explain us about the tour he proposed. Finaly we went to the Colca Canyon and we had the best guide in Perù since our beginning of our trip ! We learn a lot of things with him. The experience of the Colca Canyon was so much better than what we imagined. Thank you so much.I definitely recommand that agency !
Federico Orazio: Ottimo tour di 1 giorno al Canyon del Colca! Ben organizzato!
Omar García: Victor is always super attentive to each tour, indicating all the details that each one consists of, respecting the time at all times as planned. The guides are always attentive to tourists, indicating every detail of each trip and stopping at strategic points to be able to taste the best of Arequipa food as well as to be able to take the best photos of the tourist places. Finally, Víctor is always open to hearing feedback to continue improving at the end of each tour. Excellent experience.
Tanya Leung: Victor was really responsive and helpful. He helped me book onto the Colca Canyon 2 day / 1 night trip in the evening to set off the day after. There was good communication and hotel pick up was within the allocated time frame (3:00am - 3:30am).It was a bit confusing when we got to Cabanaconde as to who (the guide) I'd be doing the trek with, as I was in a van with others and we all got split up into different groups afterwards and we were sitting around for a bit waiting to be told while other groups had already set off. Turns out there was an incident the guide had to go deal with. It was nice that he remembered everyone's names and made an effort to talk to everyone.The viewpoints were great and trek was of a good pace. Seeing the stars at night at the lodge was magical. I would like to have seen the guide give more context + commentary about what we were seeing, and the meals can be improved. There was also good communication from the guide as I exactly knew what we'd be doing and where I had to be when. When you get to the lodge, you won't know who you'll be sharing a room with as many groups stay over at the same accommodation.I would happily join another tour with them.
Mirella Aranibar Vildoso: An excellent service from the agency 🤠 highly recommended 😉😎🤗
frank alexander gamarra laos: Excellent stay in the white city of Arequipa 100% recommended...Víctor is the guide, he is the best, everyone is cordially invited to enjoy the experiences they have never will not regret it....
Sergio Rocha: Totally pleased by the professionalism shown by everyone connected with this tour company. Thumbs up!
Marioska Tapia Aviles: Very friendly, helpful and punctual service
Oscar Igreda Igreda: Excellent service. The attention is cordial and friendly, the guides know the places and know how to make a pleasant and fun tour happen, and at the end of the day they value your opinion very much, asking you how you had a good time. 100% recommended
Fiorella Isabel Ferro Vergara: Great tours to Colca, Pillones waterfalls and stone forest! We are very happy with Víctor's service and support with his recommendations in addition to the excellent service on the tours!
Melissa Romero: Excellent tour, the guide was very kind and the experience was pleasant. Likewise, Mr. Victor was aware of the service provided.Recommended!
LUIGGI ALBERTO VaSQUEZ BERROSPI: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,Value
manuel zevallos: Very good and kind attention
MIGUEL MORE: Good afternoon: It was a very nice experience of the places that were known, and everything was also due to the good organization that Mr. Víctor had with the itinerary that he gave us, being aware at all times that what was indicated was fulfilled. This travel agency is recommended.
Fabiola: Very good service, Mr. Victor was very attentive and aware of every day that I was in Arequipa and Puno, he complied with each tour offered... 100% recommended
Dabiz Orchards: My free tour guide in Arequipa placed me on a tour of the Colca Valley for two days and one night and at all times he was very attentive that everything went in perfect condition. A professional. Thanks from Madrid!

6. REMAX - Yanahuara

· 1 reviews

Av. Trinidad Morán H18, Cayma 04102, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
REMAX: what do users think?

7. Boxes Karaoke - Arequipa

· 215 reviews

HFQC+FF4, Av. Dolores, Arequipa 04002, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Boxes Karaoke: what do users think?
franck monteagudo: Food: 1/5|Service: 2/5|Atmosphere: 3/5More
Elizabeth Bejar: Terrible place, both as a worker and as a client, I worked one night in the place, because they required staff and I went, they scammed me with a false bill as payment, when I went and complained, the manager or supervisor hid and did not show his face, the person who It was the administrator who took care of me who lacks the capacity to manage said place, in the end they did not pay me what they owed me, they very arrogantly denied me any solution, and they refused to pay me for the work, they pay 60 soles a night for 7 hours, they keep 35% of the tip you generate, it is advisable to tip them in cash if you want it, and as a customer they take a long time to serve you, they deny food products, they prioritize those who pay or ask for the most, and those who they don't just leave you waiting, lousy place, I don't recommend it for work or to go and eat
Lucia Ramos: very dreary
Leonardo Favio Velasquez Mendoza: Good place to go with friends, with good drinks and decent food.
Raquel Silloca Castro (Pandita :3): A good place to hang out with friends. The food and drinks very rich.
Hugo Tumpay Pizarro: very excellent
Luis: Good food
gimena rodriguez: Very good
Francisco Iván Aragón Parra: It is a very good place to spend singing. Delicious food and drinks too. We were attended by Montserrat who was very kind. Good one!
Yuli Nieto: 35 the private box, good service, good attention
Suleyka Aguirre: Excellent place to sing, to go in a duo or private groups 👏
cecilia lar: You do not pay entrance, only consumption but... I did not like the drinks, they had no flavor, the attention was very regular.
Mario Gamero Diaz: Excellent placeExcellent service
Javier Angel Rodriguez: Piola, to share with friends!!!
Image 7colors: Excellent place, pleasant with ample space for group enjoyment, a first-rate environment for all ages!
Edison Luigi Madueño Ponce (Edi): An exclusive place, with excellent attention and privacy, recommended
Carmen Albarracin: super place!!!!! I had so much fun!!!!!
Abimael Saico: The best in karaoke.. It gives you privacy and comfort..
Sergio Rodriguez Bom Simas: Privacy, attention to detail
Alejandra Obando: The last time I went, it was many years ago and the experience was very bad back then. Today I was invited to a birthday there, and I see that the service has improved a lot. There is still room to continue growing and improving, but I have a pleasant experience today.I hope they continue like this
Gabriel Puma: It has several pleasant environments.

8. Feel Your Voice - Licorería / Tragos a Delivery en Arequipa - Yanahuara

· 2 reviews

Francisco Mostajo 321, Yanahuara 04008, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

9. Previo's bar & karaoke - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 10 reviews

Av. Dolores, José Luis Bustamante y Rivero 04002, Peru

Address WhatsApp
Previo's bar & karaoke: what do users think?
Vane SY LQ: Improving customer service seems chupodromo chichero
Joel Antonio Alosilla Ortiz: Never go there, my cell phone was stolen there and the workers who saw and witnessed it, in trying to help me, did the opposite... Terrible service, terrible attitude, and the drinks without the security stamps... I better keep it to myself my opinion...
Alexander Gamarra: The owner is good
Yohana Karolina Perez Lipe: Buena pero el ambiente debería mejorar un poco
Jhoseph Martinez: Buen lugar
Alberto Rodríguez Montoya: Poca ventilación
ricardo barboza: Muy buena atención Buenos precios buena muchos, realmente agradable
Jenny Portilla: Por su barman. Nos pedimos un pisco sour y lo, no estrañe el mejor pisco sour de mi tierra Arequipa.Mis felicitaciones para Junior, por su buen pisco sour, buena atencion, buena persona y multiple en todo.
El León de La Salsa Y su Guaguanco: Excellent for couples to start with a few beers and conclude in a larger disco dancing, perfect to start, you can talk over the music and it helps motivate the couple. They have karaoke
Marco Antonio Fajardo: Because those who serve are Venezuelan men and women and their Venezuelan friends come in and they take good care of them And they please with music from their land and the rest of us have to put up with that music and we Peruvians have no way to claim to be better treated since the waiters and the dj even the security are of that nationality... the last time I went with my friends we were treated very badly.....
Nadya Diana Quispe Mendoza: Good attention, excellent music.

10. PeruMotors S.R.L. - Arequipa

· 10 reviews

La Gruta 304, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

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