Best Helmet Shops In Arequipa Near Me

Mr. Rider Specialized Arequipa EVETHOR MotoAndes STRADA BIKES strada motos peru

Business in Motorcycle parts store:

1. Mr. Rider - Yanahuara

· 4 reviews

Jerusalén 406, Arequipa 04017, Peru

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2. Specialized Arequipa - Yanahuara



· 20 reviews

Av. Ejercito 504, Yanahuara 04013, Peru

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Specialized Arequipa: what do users think?
Tijmen van Loon: Don’t know about the quality of their bike service (although I would guess it’s on point given their professional shop and friendly attitude), but Oscar helped me greatly with information and contacts to hike the Misti volcano. I came to the shop looking for a bike box and left with the idea to climb Misti instead. Super friendly people with a good command of English.
Carlos Eduardo Cabrera Godinez: Good attention and bicycles, you find everything for your bike.
José Mauricio Llerena Juárez: Everything for our pedaling
Jaime Chavez: Sale of Specialized bikes although a bit expensive but worth the investment
Lucia Delgado: Excellent service, highly recommended.
Jose Cayro: Good service, good products.
Edgar Sánchez: Excellent!
Guillermo Velarde A.: The excellent attention
Connie Valdeiglesias: The hours that appear here are a lie, it's 2:24 p.m. and the workers say they have already closed when one of their pages shows that they close at 3pm. And on this ad it says 8:00 pm. I think that if they have money to spare or it's hard for them to work, they should remove these ads from the Internet.
Cesar Salas: Personalized service, they have almost everything for the cyclist and they give you good advice. It has a workshop in the same store. And good bikes for sale, even electric.
Renzo Carpio: 👍👍👍
Bryce Mancell: Got the basics, good spot and has a bike mechanic on staff.
Carlos Valdez: Excellent products and maintenance service.
Christian Castro Socolich: Excellent treatment
Renzo Rodriguez: 👍🏼

3. EVETHOR - Arequipa

· 197 reviews

+51 922735242 Cercado Iv Independencia 1869 Urb, Arequipa 04000, Peru

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EVETHOR: what do users think?
Leonel Álvarez vega: if it is empty you are fully served. if it is full you must be quick.
yuri manzaneda: Good service and immediate attention
Yeison Manzanares: lousy maintenance
Yohnny Molina: Very good attention, for now, when I already bought my motorcycle I hope they continue the same
Mauricio Leon: I bought Motul Bamba oil, as it is possible that they deceive users, I will never buy there again.
esteban ferrer: I am Esteban el wacho motoviajero, they are going to do 4 years traveling the routes. And on my visit to Arequipa they brought me Evethor. The attention is great, super attentive and they work very well. Super recommended.
Christian F. Quichua: Good place.. everything
Automotors AQP: Once again I was disappointed in customer service...will it be exclusive or inclusive.
Diego Flores: Well, now they receive motorcycles for the workshop and the mechanic is very dedicated. He loves his work, Erick, don't let him go to the mechanic.
Alejo Mamani Antonio: Excellent report and attention 👍
Napoléon “small white cat” Medina: Quick attention and comfortable prices in spare parts for motorcycles.
Athon YT: Very good service, and they seem to have good quality products.
victor david villasante rojas: When I asked them to change the chain and leave my motorcycle, what they did is cut the old chain and put it back, they broke a disc bolt and also one of the brake caliper. And they charged me the same without telling me that they left it broken.
Frank Gutiérrez: Variety of products for all motorcycles.
Rodrigo Porras: Very good service
denis edwin condori flores: Very good attention... Excellent sale of spare parts and accessories for motorcycles
Jose Quispe: Good attention and you find everything for motorcycles
Jose Luis: Staff attentive to your needs, their workshop has specialists who leave a job 9 out of 10 in what they do.
Arcangel Yufra: Terrible service They did not want to change a camera for me in an emergency...extremely expensive prices...! I do not recommend it ..!
Yelson Soto: One day I went because they recommended it to me and they treated me badly... I felt like they wanted me to leave the place quickly. Very bad, this is how you should not serve a client
Jorge Lopez Cardenas: Everything for the biker, with the best prices and the best service, 100% recommended

4. MotoAndes - Arequipa

· 15 reviews

Campo Redondo 102 B, Cercado De Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

5. STRADA BIKES - Yanahuara

· 42 reviews

Av. Trinidad Morán I-10, Arequipa 04013, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
STRADA BIKES: what do users think?
Mijael Dávila: It is an excellent place where you can find a great variety of accessories, with people specialized in maintenance and bicycles in general.
Juan Carlos Gutierrez Calsin: A great place for bike maintenance
Oliver segales: Good attention
Atailustra: Here I bought a SCOTT rigid bike, they took great care of me and I have the guarantee. Let's see how it goes in the future. At the moment recommended 😎.
Percy Calderon Alanoca: Variety of bicycles and components. Well trained staff and good technical and mechanical support.
Cristian Maquera: Good service and good products
Giancarlo Paredes: Good customer service. They have everything.
Jose Cayro: Good service, variety of products for those who like cycling.
Carlos Lopez: Very high prices, I imagine now due to the pandemic and now out of stock
Jean Casas: Terrible serviceI went to quote and the lady who attends sent me to an elderly person who was just learning the prices and she stayed chatting on her cell phone.I liked a bike, but I don't plan to go back to that place.
Gonzalo Mansilla: Brilliant
ALVAR SANCHEZ: Highly recommended, excellent service, thanks STRADA BIKES
Enrique De La Cadena: variety of bikes
Luis Alonso Ramos Franco: Very good attention from Juan Carlos and good prices.
J a: Liars and abnormal, they made me go for fun, they told me to come back, a guy promised to do maintenance the next day and then they said no, maintenance was supposed to last one day,which is already more than in other places, so they wanted me to leave the bicycle for several days, a ridiculous amount of time, as if that were not enough, a treatment that leaves much to be desired on the part of the worker. They charge more expensive than other places and work worse. I don't recommend them at all. Do not pay attention to the reviews of the owners and relatives.
Edgard Pastor Garcia Castro: I liked their products, they served me very well
Jaime Chavez: It's weird to say but good attention 👍
Guillermo Rosas: Excellent shop specialized in bicycles and accessories guaranteed
Jhony Velásquez Delgado: The technical service is the best.

6. strada motos peru - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 59 reviews

Siglo XX, Arequipa 04009, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
strada motos peru: what do users think?
Arturo Carrillo: Acceptable variety and service
Renzo B Mendoza Carbajal: Very expensive everything overpriced
zaito alejandro: They serve you eagerly, as if they were doing you a favor
Paolo Manzanares: Variety of spare parts
Jose Luis: Variety of items for motorcyclists, somewhat high prices.
Krams Soto: Everything for bikers
yelsides duque: There are variety of products
JUAN JOEL FORAQUITA FLORES: Some spare parts are missing, maybe they don't have it in stock or they already sold it...
DJ KALIPSO: The attention via telephone is very bad, terrible, they cut off the call or you simply do not answer, they do not resolve any doubt or query that you have.
JOHN FELIX HUANCA CONDORI: It has a variety of motorcycle products
Renzo Nuñez Zeballos Cardenas: never have discounts
Anderson David Huayhua García: Here they sell motorcycle spare parts
Diego Taco: You find all the answers
Atalia Vilca Huaranca: You can find everything for your motorcycle, it is the red building with the name STRADA MOTOPARTS
David Cruz: excellent
Richard Tulumba: Good
Manuel Gamero: Good attention they have nothing always lack of stock a disappointment
Moises Marcelino Condori: I DON'T KNOW.
Carlos Lopez: Poor quality of customer service, they do not offer, they do not convince the client
Guillermo Villalobos: I did not like

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