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1. La Floreria - Arequipa

· 23 reviews

C. Lazo de Los Rios, Arequipa 04013, Peru

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La Floreria: what do users think?
Carlos Santa Cruz: Very good service
Datner Cáceres caceres: Where is
Janina Garcia Delgado: The best flower shop in apq and A1 attention
Alonso del Carpio: A flower shop with a variety, fair prices, and good service, they dye flowers in advance, they deliver your order on time, they deliver, and they can make bouquets or arrangements for you!
Jorge Ccosi: beautiful details
Michelle Trujillo: Always good attention
Tito Concha: Excellent place to buy your flowers
Hever Lopez: Excellent
paola Herrera: They make very nice arrangements.
Alisson Bocanegra: Flowers within the average, but their prices are high
flavio espinoza esquivel: Nice place
Danny Flores: Good
Andrea Ney: They have a variety of flowers, they make very good floral arrangements and they make decorations for weddings, fifteen-year-olds, etc.
xoxo 3nriqu3z: Excellent taste with the arrangements And they know their job very well.
Andrés Montes: I recommend the best flowers and arrangements you can find for any occasion you need.

2. Magica Flor - Yanahuara



· 26 reviews

Calle, Av. Emmel 207, Arequipa 04000, Peru

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Magica Flor: what do users think?
Arturo Ñaupa: courteous attention Limited variety of arrangements. fresh flowers. pretty arrangements.
Daniel Iván “Daniel” Urrutia Vizcarra: Very good quality of work and fast and efficient
angel raul lazo rosas: The best details for those special moments.
Hugo Paulo Zegarra Valdivia: Excellent service and the owners answer any questions, comply with the biosafety protocols.
Wilder Sayco: Very good attention.
Anthony Villanueva: Variety of flowers for all kinds of tastes
Claudia G.: Excellent work with top quality flowers.
Gustavo Urquizo Rodriguez: pretty flower arrangements
Juan Jesús Saniz Briceño: saved me
Argenis Escalona: The best of arequipa, all very nice and excellent attention... 👍
Rocìo Caparò: The service is good, but the prices are a bit high, but you can find flowers that you can't find elsewhere.
Julio Ramos: It has nice arrangements and good price
Victor Begazo: Super.. The best of the best

3. Florever Arequipa - Lambramani - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 18 reviews

Av. Lambramani E-6, José Luis Bustamante y Rivero 04002, Peru

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Florever Arequipa - Lambramani: what do users think?
Miguel Huarhua: Very nice store... very good service, I imagine that because of the location they charge a lot.
Esteban Indarte: Their attention to the public is non-existent...and on top of that they delete comments on unformal company.
Ricardo Gianfranco Guitton Palero: They do not have the variety of flowers and less of arrangements that they offer
Clara Gil: nice attention
Daniela Valdiviezo Quiroz: Great job.
Luis C Tejada Alvarez: Great experience
Miguel Lazo De La Vega Vizcardo: With surprises for mom
Luis Huarancca Puma: Place where you find a variety of gifts, both floral and stuffed animals, wines, details, for a special occasion
Elmer Eduardo: Exquisite place with good attention

4. Florería Mely Flor - Yanahuara

· 15 reviews

Av. Quiñones, Arequipa 04013, Peru


5. Spring Flower Shop - Yanahuara

· 4 reviews

Antiquilla 216, Arequipa 04000, Peru

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Spring Flower Shop: what do users think?
Ivan Camasacari: Excellent attention, super personalized and a wide variety of flowers 🙃
Fernando Márquez M.: Highly recommended, the roses are beautiful 👍👍

6. Florever Arequipa - Cayma - Yanahuara

· 23 reviews

Av. Trinidad Morán I8, Cayma 04013, Peru

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Florever Arequipa - Cayma: what do users think?
Clinica de Electrodomesticos EIRL: Amazing!!
Piero Mollo: I wanted to buy a product for this 14th and what happened they told me they don't have stock but after 3 days I had already talked to them, that same day they told me that if I took a screenshot of the product minutes later they took it out and then I spoke on They said yes, I have to transfer the product, I told them, no problem, the days go by and they tell me that they don't have it, it's over, but how are they going to sell something that wasn't on the page the same day I talk to them and they tell me that if there is a lack of transparency, I am a tourist and I wanted something for my girlfriend in Peru, thanks, bad attention and lack of commitment.
JIVECH Vela Chavez: The service is totally amazing, they are always waiting to serve you with the best disposition, the responses are quite fast and they are all very friendly, I am really happy and I highly recommend them!
Karolina Mendo: (Translated by Google
Matthew Aponte: It needs more variety
Axel Porras: Good attention
jhohana medina: I loved the flowers, they are beautiful, they gave me some roses and they lasted more than 3 weeks, they are the best
Katherine Milagros Ramos P. (Katherine Mil.): Quick service, good quality products.A bouquet of twelve red roses, has a value of 115 soles, they ship with the additional price.
Milvia Alejandrina Condori Nina: nice details
velotus tx: Good place, quite a variety
carolina espinal: Excellent attention, very good quality and variety in their products 💯
Andrea Bazan: Los recomiendo 1000%(Translated by Google

7. Florerías en Arequipa - Petalos - Cerro Colorado

· 12 reviews

Av. Perú, Cerro Colorado 04014, Peru

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Florerías en Arequipa - Petalos: what do users think?
Edmundo Jhon González Zúñiga Suarez: I have been buying for more than 25 years
Jorge Luis Reyna Carbajal: The prices are somewhat high.
Mar Corp: Recommended
Carmen Nuñez: I did not go
Carlos Mendoza Fakhie: Buwna but expensive
Juan Pablo Pinto: The arrangement is not the same as what they show on their page. I think that those Venezuelan people who run the business can make them run
Daniel Roberto Jimenez Pachao: Xvrs
Arnaldo Condori Martinez: there are very good flowers
Manuel Lozada: Very good prices, timely delivery, quality product.
Mariachis En Arequipa: The best flower shops arequipa
freymar herrera: Excellent models the Best Flower Arrangements in Arequipa The best flower shop for all kinds of occasions the freshest flowers. Give Joy Give Flowers
steve neyra: good prices
Jesus Huaracha: Google should update your data
Rafael Cuadros Gutierrez: A lot of variety but the treatment is not adequate

8. FloreAmor Boutique - Arequipa

· 22 reviews

C. Palacio Viejo 518-A, Cercado 04001, Peru

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FloreAmor Boutique: what do users think?
Rocio Gabriela Ccori Florez: Excellent service, very beautiful and fresh roses.I loved the punctuality of the delivery
Dante Mayta: The best florist, excellent service, my mom loved her roses, her attention is first class, I recommend them.
Alejandra kristell Quispe navarro: Excellent service, I recommend them, nice details and punctual
Joe Rojas: Very punctual delivery, excellent service, highly recommended
Lorena del Pilar Olvea Medina: Thank you for the arrangement, it was very beautiful, the roses are the most beautiful I have ever seen.
Luis Vilca espinoza: I loved the attention and the excellent product.
Jose Antonio Manrique: Excellent service and beautiful arrangements
Antonio Rios: Everything very cute! Thank you
Wilber Jhon Magaño Fernandez: Excellent service and beautiful flower arrangements. Very satisfied with my order.
Omar Alfredo Mendoza Orellano: I recommend this flower shop, their arrangements are very beautiful
Marisol Calizaya: I received an arrangement from Floreamor Boutique, I was delighted with the arrangement and they offered me an excellent service, I recommend them👍👍😊
Francisco Mostajo: They have the most beautiful boxes of roses, I loved it. I recommend it
Jose Vera: Excellent variety, a detail never hurts..
Beatriz Reynoso: They sent me a beautiful arrangement thanks to Floreria Floreamor for your kindness
Victor Gomez: Good service, with very pretty flowers
Julio Rivero: A large flower shop where I find the most beautiful flower arrangements
Alejandra Avendaño Reynoso: Excellent service and punctuality, beautiful roses and tulips, highly recommended.
marisol tinoco chacon: Excellent attention, 100% punctual.

9. Florería Tatiana - Arequipa

· 2 reviews

Av. Daniel Alcides Carrión 512, Cercado De Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Florería Tatiana: what do users think?
Patty Meza: Very professional, courteous and fast in delivery.
Danitza C: I recommend this flower shop in general. It is difficult to leave a relative and it is much more difficult being far away that makes it impossible for you to be closer to your loved ones, whether for work or financial reasons. I found this page on the internet and I am eternally grateful, because it turned out as expected and also grateful for the attention. Thank you so much.

10. Floreria Rosas y Motivos - Arequipa

· 1 reviews

Esquina Javier Delgado con, Ciro Alegría 123, Arequipa 04000, Peru

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Floreria Rosas y Motivos: what do users think?
GABRIELA PAMELA CHAMBILLA CHOQUEPATA: It was closed, but they recommend this place
Rommel Rou ALVACOR: Good service

11. La Floristeria - Arequipa

· 2 reviews

Av. Victor Andrés Belaunde b12, Arequipa 04013, Peru

Address WhatsApp

12. Victoria Florería - Arequipa

· 6 reviews

C. Moral 119, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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13. Petalos de ensueño - Arequipa

· 1 reviews

Urbanización Ampliación La Negrita C-17, Arequipa, Peru


14. Vive Detalles Floreria - Yanahuara

· 2 reviews

Av. Ejercito 500, E 04017, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Florever Arequipa - Miraflores - Arequipa

· 7 reviews

Av. Progreso 645, Miraflores 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

16. MOON ROSE PERÚ - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 1 reviews

Urbanización, José Luis Bustamante y Rivero, Peru

Address WhatsApp

17. Florería Dilo Con Detalles - Arequipa

· 2 reviews

Coop. Vista Alegre k-3, Alto Selva Alegre, Peru

Address Website

18. PETUNIA Florerías - Arequipa

· 3 reviews

Av, Ricardo Palma 109, Yanahuara 04400, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Florerias en Arequipa - MegaFlor - Paucarpata

· 1 reviews

Av. Mariscal Castilla 1701, Mariano Melgar 04006, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Floreria MILAGROS - Cerro Colorado

· 6 reviews

Av. Aviación, Cerro Colorado 04017, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

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