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Club Gym Gym Revo Sport Planet fitness Gym International Club Imperium Center Team training T-Rex GYM Bodytech Studio Fitness Gimnasio Smart Fit - Mall Plaza Arequipa millenium gym

1. Club Gym - Arequipa

路 128 reviews

Av. Emmel con, Arequipa 04013, Peru

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Club Gym: what do users think?
Marcos Van Michael Gil Mendoza: It's my release site! Good view and good site! nothing to object
Kimi Lipintong: I went for a month and I had a tall dark-haired trainer who treated me badly and wasn't interested in explaining an exercise to you but then he criticized you because you were doing it wrong, he trained you for half an hour and said bye. I won't come back here.
Erimar Canvar: I. Love it.. Clean and tidy
morgyn ross: A really good gym. 7 SOL day pass which is a great price. The gym is big with a large weights area, a studio and a spinning room. People are friendly and everyone gets on with their workouts. It is clean and tidy. Would recommend.
Juliana Flores: They do not serve Sundays or holidays!!!The garage does not work from 1 pm to 4 pm..... When the owner is there, everything is fine. But then the attention is lousy at the reception .......The best thing he has is his coach ..... Pablo ..... very good ..
Ana Elisa Llaza Rodriguez: The best gym!!!..Super recommended!!馃槈
Jorge L. Vizcarra C.: Bad location, many people and little space
Simon George Flores Cardenas: Good gym. Good atmosphere and good prices
Enrique Avellaneda Amaro: A nice gym with a lot of people, good service, with working machines and good services
Vincenzo Valente: Good machines, perhaps the distribution is somewhat messy.
V铆ctor Camacho Molina: Excellent environment with garage
Julio Quispe: Good place to train, very spacious and comfortable, the distribution of machines according to their function is missing, otherwise it is ok
Angela Solange Herrera Alvarez: Very clean, good attention and large environments.
Victor Herrera: Good machines and good trainers
Adrian: quite well the truth
Milangela Lista: Excellent attention and space for physical exercise.
miguel alejandro olivares gamero: Clean and with protocols
Jorge Nu艌ez: Good gym... Ferrero.... It has good weights.... Recommended
Rosmery Villarroel: It is very nice and clean. It has a good music scene.
Antuane Lazarte: Very fun classes and access to different activities.
Miguel Angel C谩rdenas Mor贸n: Very warm and pleasant environment, all the comforts

2. Strong - Arequipa



路 366 reviews

Octavio Mu帽oz Najar 240, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Strong: what do users think?
Roysi Fredy Arizaca Claros: Good place and good prices, although a few times the machine you want is not available.
Juan David CA: good one added more machines
iber: Very good. Very good machines. It is spacious and comfortable. environments for weights, cardio, dances, abs, bathrooms, showers, and the cost is very accessible to everyone. Another point in favor is that it has parking for smaller vehicles such as bicycles and motorcycles
Jose Isaac Diaz Zapata: One of the only gyms that open EVERY DAY until holidays.Good option for being in the center of the city, but sometimes it does not have the monitoring of a personal trainer who sees the order in what it is to have the dumbbells and discs and this occurs in both places, that is why I would give it the number of stars, but they do have good staff at the entrances to the gyms
Caronte: Good place, although they removed some machines but it is still good.
yuri mamani: It is big and spacious but needs a trainer to teach the new ones or simply indicate the correct way to do the exercise
Guillermo Sebastian Zevillanos Nu帽ez: Brilliant
marck antony: It was a good place, now it is very neglected and there is no control, people take over the machines and weights and leave them where they want, they don't wear a towel, they leave the machines sweaty, everything is filthy, the boxers spit in it floor...terrible, taking into account that it was a very good option due to the variety of its machines...I do not recommend it
BrOokLyN !: The place is well located and implemented with respect to any gym, the problem is in its dance halls where the maximum allowed limit of sound and volume of an environment is not respected. The noise is practically so much that having long-term problems is something that limits not only going but also even thinking about being there for hours. Very bad and little consideration regarding the decibels that stop being music to become just noise and chaos.
Guisella Zuzunaga Oblitas: I like it, good instructors.
steho x: 5 sol for a day pass. a lot of weights and bars available, large cardio area. recommended!
Ruben Paucar: super comfortable
Legion Nocturna: It stinks of feet and sweat. lousy place
Andre Fabricio: There is a lack of light weight dumbbells, but it is the gym that never closes in AQP
Evelin Galindo: Gymmm. Everything to do sports.The entrance is 5 soles
Javier Mayta S.: Terrible place, all dirty, nobody follows the protocols, there are no trainers... They practically do whatever they want... After so many years it has gotten worse, it's a pity that this place is still open.
Luis Huarancca Puma: I've been back for years... the smell in the halls is the same... it cost 1 sol... now it's 5 but it's the same... it doesn't justify the increase
Angelo Enriquez: Not bad
James Reggio: 5 soles for the day. Cardio equipment doesn鈥檛 work. Chest, back, and leg machines are fine.

3. Gym Revo Sport - Arequipa

路 452 reviews

Paucarpata 302, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Gym Revo Sport: what do users think?
Adri谩n Mateo: An excellent gym with very good service and a variety of machines to practice what you have according to the schedule that has been given to you, only that it would be good if there were more machines since sometimes they are used by other gymnasts
leonardo miguel galindo luna: Good atmosphere but it is in bad shape, the machines are breaking down, I think it will be due to use, I asked someone who was in the gym a few months ago and the machines are still damaged, very bad use of machines 馃憖馃憖馃憖
Karla TC Meza: (Translated by Google
Milagros Rodriguez: It is the best gym in Arequipa to train or work
Brigitte Ayvar: me parece elevado.(Translated by Google
Chiqui Casta帽eda: Excellent!!!
WERNER BRIHAN TUNY ZUNIGA: Good facilities, just be careful with rush hours. Afterwards it is an excellent training club.
David Castro: Cleanliness and adequate space to train.
JESSY ALEXIS NU脩EZ ORTEGA: Good experience in the gym
Harrinson Bol铆var salazar: Good area to train, spacious and a large variety of machines
Edmundo Valverde: Limited group classes, the trainers don't guide you... They see what you're doing wrong and they don't correct you, during the pandemic they didn't consider me a six-month-old membership
Piero Gerardo Molleapaza: Everything in perfect condition 10/10 鉁
Manuel Calderon Farro帽ay: Excellent gym, with a good atmosphere, and excellent facilities, I can't wait for childcare and Sauna services to open
Edwin Ascencios: Although , a bit expensive for what they offer .
Enribel Ram铆rez: Cool
Jose Luis: A clean and tidy place, the machines need maintenance, some slip due to use. The background music they play can improve. It tends to be too crowded on a regular basis.
yohana susan llerena ventura: Spacious, clean, tidy environments, friendly service Recommended
Jhon Steel: It has a good implementation
JULIO ENRIQUE LOPEZ CARDENAS: Excellent gym for sportsThey have place for:CardioDumbbellsDanceShower and toilet areanutrition guidanceDance
steho x: 25 sol for a day pass鈥 quite expensive.
Juan Zea: Good attention

4. Gimnasio Kratos - Arequipa

路 41 reviews

C. De谩n Valdivia 103, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Gimnasio Kratos: what do users think?
Edgar Rodr铆guez (Gocho): , y sin instructores inyectados que est谩n tras tu dinero...(Translated by Google
medusa la tuna: Before covid I remember that the ticket was 2 soles, does anyone know how much it is now?
AQPTEQUIEROVERDE: Everything you need to get in shape
Mario Paricahua: It has what it takes to perform your routines, it's fine for the price, it's usually empty.
Michael Benavides: Gym fierrero 馃挭馃徎
Sujey Altamirano Lazarte: good gym
GLADYS ALONDRA TITO CORNEJO: need to fix the site
Alejandra Romero Rodr铆guez: Disgusting, they do not fix anything, everything dirty, broken mirrors, and many more things in poor condition.
Yuki Orellana: The maintenance of the place seems to matter less and less, broken mirrors, bathrooms and/or dressing rooms in poor condition, equipment, etc.
NAZARETH CHUMBES: lousy facilities
christ ya帽ez levano: The most economical gym in all of Arequipa, complete, gymnasium fierrero
Irene: They treat customers very badly to go for information
Cesitar Luyo: Good gym for those who want to give themselves up..
Anonymous Number: A very cheap place with good service c:
jesus dario montes guevara: Good
ryder ccori: ok calm down
UNDERGROUND TV: for what the entrance is, it has everything you need and a mecca for former champions, the mythical kratos is great
Sof铆a S.H: Horrible.
Jose Ramos Carbajal: The best
Josselyn Carlo: Excellent 馃榿
DanceWithDey: A good spare part and it would look good

5. Planet fitness - Arequipa

路 6 reviews

Ca. Jos茅 Santos Chocano N106, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Planet fitness: what do users think?
Manuel Bello: Good attention greetings 馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

6. Gym International Club - Arequipa

路 105 reviews

JF67+77F, Arequipa 04017, Peru

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Gym International Club: what do users think?
Alexandra Galindo: Comfortable facilities, modern machines, changing rooms and clean toilets.
Luciana 没w没 holis: Very good full training
fatima benavides mogollon: Great, let's exercise, the trainers help a lot to combat laziness.
CIA. PHARMAX PERU: excellent my club
Daniel Carpio: Good place to exercise on machines.
Pamela Velasquez: It has improved a lot, it just remains for the members to be more aware and clear the lockers, so that there is enough for everyone.
Ernesto Mu帽oz: Well
Luigi Ernesto Villa Erqu铆nigo: Well, with all that it takes
Alejandro Rodriguez: Investment in new equipment is observed very well, the lady in charge of the gym in the early hours of the morning could use a course of treatment with the partner, it is unfortunate
Susan CaRo: Complete
Humberto Franco: Very well organized. Fairly good.
Jose Z谩rate: A club for the family
Carolina Dianderas: Half the machines don't work
VICTOR HUGO BECERRA VALDIVIA: Great gym...good trainers
Fabrizio Renato Garc铆a Guti茅rrez: Meets expectations
hugo obando: Fabric, the same machines in the gym from 15 years ago
gabriel fuentes: Excellent place
Braulio Linares: Clean and organized
Henry Jorge Moya Jimenez: Very good
Victor Curi: Spacious and personal supporting exercise routines.

7. DG Gym Madrid - Arequipa

路 33 reviews

Av. Victor Andr茅s Belaunde 409, Arequipa 04013, Peru

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DG Gym Madrid: what do users think?
Anthony Milko Mu帽oz Ramos: Very shantytown, you can't play the records properly in the machines, very ugly music, pure reggaeton. Very clean, impeccable bathrooms, a variety of machines but there are no weights distributed so as not to be walking from one floor to another. The machine for saws has been broken for more than a year and they have not fixed it. Comfortable prices within the reach of all pockets.
Stephany Chambi Ramos: I loved!! It has just enough to train, there are also dance classes, the machines are in good condition, I loved that there aren't many people, the only flaw is the receptionist at the gym counter, she doesn't treat you well 鈽濓笍
Yeni Chacon: I train there
Axel Porras: It is an excellent opportunity for Tahuaycani and surrounding areas
Marcos Gabriel Vergara Aparicio: I've started training here and it's cool
Agni Ariezmy Colmenares Lozano: Excellent gym.
Hernan Villanueva: An excellent place to do what one likes, keep fit, very good and friendly service.
Alan C茅sar Manrique Valencia: Good atmosphere
Sol Paiva: Is good gym for quick train
Edson H.: The best if you are looking for a nearby gym that has what you need
Shirley C谩ceres Ch谩vez: the old machines
Marco Antonio Ticona Tarifa: Good place to exercise
Alessandra Rodriguez: I feel comfortable going, it is good for those of us who have just started since you can pay per day you go.
Grace Valdeiglesias: Gym with all kinds of machines, unfortunately there is not much space

8. Imperium Center - Arequipa

路 262 reviews

Salaverry 112, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Imperium Center: what do users think?
DTrawangan: Nice gym12 sole a day
Paty Cruz ymata: Good place
Karla TC Meza: The truth is that I only know this gym and the Revo, I love the attention here. But, at certain times it gets so crowded and since the place isn't that big it ends up feeling heavy :(
Elluz Valdivia: Very good treatment, the gym is clean, the instructors are very good and they are patient when teaching. They always fix the machines so that they work well.Personalized primers don't work much, they are similar for everyone and the exercises are very simple.
Leo Teran: The place is small for the number of people who attend, there are no dumbbells, although perhaps it is due to the summer season
Romel Ross: In many aspects better than the revo sport, since the instructors give you more attention and explain very well what you should do, although some have a bad temper and are dedicated to doing other things instead of their work.
Bruce Anthony Belizario: Regular machines, regular installation, it's regular
Nadia Suyo: The gym is very well equipped, clean, and almost complete, the vast majority of the workers are friendly, except for some instructors with a bad temper and not very easy to get along with.
Erick Ren茅 MOYON GUZM脕N: The coaches are very attentive, especially Jos茅 from the first shift, Massiel guides very well.
fisio1 vida: I especially recommend the XBox or COMBAT classes 馃挭馃挭馃挭 Professor Diego Durand is the best the best full adrenaline you work coordination strength energy and memoryMonday Wednesday Friday 715 pm Saturday 830 am Sunday 9 amProfessor Franco Monz贸n Tuesday and Thursday 750 am 馃挭馃挭馃挭馃挭
Alberto Salome: Bad sales deal.
Jaime Valdivieso: Too many people
Luz Miranda: Good all round training place.
Nelson Quispe Gamez: Humm the last time I went I didn't like being at the venue something was missing I think it was charisma on the part of the coaches... Let's hope they improve
Edmundo Valverde: Varied schedules for group classes, cleaning of the rooms at the end of each session, attentive and cordial staff, permanent supervision so that health and safety regulations are met
NERY BRENDALY CUYO ESCATE: Good place to exercise, very attentive trainers.
Oscar Cruz Lopez: Excellent, very good

9. Team training - Paucarpata

路 10 reviews

John F. Kennedy 709, Arequipa 04000, Peru

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Silvia 脥beros coaguila: Chevere to train
pablo G M: good instructors

10. FitClub - Arequipa

Calle Juan 111, Cercado de Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address WhatsApp

11. Gimnasio kratos - Arequipa

路 1 reviews

Virgen del Pilar, Arequipa 04002, Peru


12. Racing Training Center - Arequipa

Av. Progreso 103, Miraflores 04004, Peru


13. T-Rex GYM - Arequipa

路 2 reviews

Ernesto Novoa Loreto, Arequipa 04013, Peru


14. Arequipa FITNESS - Miraflores

路 6 reviews

Urb alameda de salaverry mz H1 casa 27, Miraflores, Arequipa, Peru

Address WhatsApp

15. Slim Gym World - Muay Thai - Jos茅 Luis Bustamante y Rivero

路 26 reviews

HFGF+4F5, Arequipa 04002, Peru


16. Bodytech - Arequipa

路 77 reviews

HFQJ+P4G, Arequipa 04002, Peru

Address WhatsApp

17. Diego fitness&health - Arequipa

C. Rivero 406, Arequipa 04001, Peru


18. Studio Fitness - Arequipa

路 55 reviews

Ricardo Palma 215, Cercado de Arequipa 04013, Peru

Address WhatsApp

19. Gimnasio Smart Fit - Mall Plaza Arequipa - Yanahuara

路 163 reviews

Av. Ejercito 793 3er piso C.C Mall Plaza Arequipa, Cayma 04000, Peru

Address Website

20. millenium gym - Arequipa

路 87 reviews

500A, Prol. Av. Jesus, Paucarpata, Peru

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