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Tottus - Parra Tottus - Porongoche Hiper plazaVea Arequipa Oriflame Plaza Vea - Ejército Metro - Lambramani Saga Falabella Ripley - Porongoche

1. Tottus - Parra - Arequipa

· 2462 reviews

Av Parra 220, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Tottus - Parra: what do users think?
greengo tattoo: It's small and a bit confusing to walk to
marcll marcell: Excellent attention
Lisbeth Rodriguez: It is a small but well distributed Tottus. If you live nearby or pass through the area, it can help you in trouble 😁
Manuel Lozada: Por las fiestas de fin de año, un poco lentas las cajas. Por lo demás todo muy bien. A partir de mayo 2023 cuenta con cajas de auto facturación. Rápido y eficiente.
Jesus Enrique Esquivias Llerena: Buenos productos, buena atención.
Rosa Villanueva: Buena atención. Aveces un poco desordenado
Naomi De la Cruz Pari: Agradable y acojedor... Personal muy servicial
Luis Dugarte: Muy buen lugar para hacer compras buenos precios y los descuentos que existen de lunes a domingo
Leonardo Cabrera: It is the most comfortable, easy access, you do not pay for parking
miguel gomez: Variety
Ricardo Silva: Quite a few products, but no furniture like in their other branches.
Saulo Renato: There is everything.
Pao Carbajal: Maybe a taxi company with which they manage the mobility service
Slip CUT: Good, but bad attention from cashiers
Jorge Quicaña Vera: Clean, with parking and access for disabled people...
Romel Ross: It is not that big, but a reasonable market, there is not much cleaning, much less in the bathrooms
LORENA Fajardo: It brings back good memories when I go to buy wines, there are all kinds of liquors.
Nicolas Godofredo Pinto Arana: Se vende comida para servirse en el lugar, han reacomodado los productos, más operativo.
VICTOR HUGO BECERRA VALDIVIA: Es la tienda de más fácil acceso, tiene de todo y a buen precio...
Keith Manrique: Es pequeño pero tiene gran variedad de productos
R Pastran: Variedad de productos, suficientes cajas para pagar, por ello la fila de pagar pasa rápido

2. Tottus - Porongoche - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero



· 5648 reviews

Interior del Mall Aventura plaza, Av. Porongoche N° 500, Arequipa 04002, Peru

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Tottus - Porongoche: what do users think?
Fernando Cordova: There is everything and for everyone
Yumi Angela Arcaya Florez: I found what I was looking
jose quispe: Supermarket store you find everything and at all prices
Juanita S. R: Very pretty
guido ferly bedoya gomez: Super market that sells a wide variety of products where there are days that offer offers for different products
Joha Ll: This store has other promotions that other tottus stores do not have
Wilton Orosco: Very good excellent prices of everything we can find
Jara Wong: Perfect in almost everything, but THE BATHROOMS DO NOT WORK
Lorena Delgado: almost everything you need
carlos antonio tovar garcia: You can buy what you need for your home in food, it is spacious and it has a beach to park your vehicle
Cristhoper Lluncor Montalvo (Xtofer): Acceptable
Cesar Collanqui: you find everything
Juan Herrera: Of everything
Kevin Chacon Arias: Excellent place for service.
Hever Antonio Iriarte Valenzuela: an extraordinary place
Ronald Rony Mamani Chambi: Good prices, good attention in the post-sale module
Germán Abarca: Variety of products at good prices
Eliana Escobedo: nice and with a variety of products, you can visit, walk enjoy and buy products of all kinds
Bruno Cueva: There is everything, for all tastes, good offers, it is always good to compare prices, there are products that can be cheaper or more expensive,

3. Hiper plazaVea Arequipa - Arequipa

· 4834 reviews

Av La Marina Nro. 300, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Hiper plazaVea Arequipa: what do users think?
LUIS FERNANDO CARBAJAL NUÑEZ: Less people than in the mall
gian marco s huillca: Almost complete there is always something to improveBut good to go
Fernando Cordova: It would be an excellent supermarket if they implemented a design that allows people to come with their pets. I think it's an excellent opportunity for innovation and they would be the first Petfriendly Supermarket 😀
riki rios: Regards, sirs. Plaza vea today, October 12, I went to plaza vea arequipa av. the marina surprising me that they didn't let me in because orders to close were before 9.50 pm.if the schedule is until 10:00 pm I feel mocked by the pure ones, I go where the good customer service is.'??.I MUST ADD THAT THEY TAKEN MONEY FROM MY CARD OH.. EVEN THOUGH THEY CALLED ME AND I SAID BLOCK.. I WENT TO MAKE MY CLAIM. SURPRISE.. THEY GOT MONEY THROUGH THE INTERNET. ASK. IF I HAD THE CARD AND I DID NOT ASK ANYONE FOR ANYTHING I GAVE THE CARD. I DID MY LETTER 3 TIMES IN THE END THAT I HAVE TO PAY... THERE WAS NO INVESTIGATION... THE INTEREST CAME... I HAD TO PAY THE DEBT TO GIVE ME RESULTS AND NOTHING. DEMAND BY INDECOPI.. THEY ONLY PUNISHED HIM AND THERE WAS NO REFUND OF THE MONEY..FOR CASH PURCHASES. YEP.CREDITS. NOT
Jeff Vardi: We bought prepared milanesas of chicken and cooked them at home. All three of us are with a horrid stomach bug. Also the selection of breads is bad and expensive. I DO NOT recommend going!
Ysabel Clot: I like Plaza Vea de la Marina more than other locations of this company. I like the distribution of the areas, it is more spacious than other super markets. It's a little expensive sometimes but there are always good deals. I like their women's clothing line, the crockery, the bookstore section is much more complete than, for example, Tottus or Metro. It is a quiet, safe and clean space to buy. It also has a variety of bread and coffee.
Cinthya Moscoso: Good promotions and variety of products for Mother's Day
Cynthia: Excelente atención y variedad de productos
Gichanest 기차니스트 (Gichanest): 아르마스 광장에서 제일 가까운 큰 슈퍼마켓.많은 상품과 간단한 푸드코트도 갖추고 있다.
Jesus Enrique Esquivias Llerena: Buena atención al público. Amplia variedad de productos alimenticios. Productos frescos.
Lisbeth Rodriguez: Es el plaza vea más grande y completo de arequipa, puedes encontrar alimentos, electrodomésticos, celulares, farmacia, ropa, zapatos, productos para tus mascotas, artículos escolares, entre otros 👍El estacionamiento es bastante grande, siempre he encontrado puesto.
Carlos Patron Indacochea: Good local assortment good prices ideal if you go by car
Roberto Carlos: Tidy and clean. But sometimes you don't have stocks in some products. That's why I went to Plaza Vea on Av. Del Ejército and found everything.
michael gouch: Good variety and prices...
joel rivera: Supermarket with ample parking, a wide variety of products and offers with the Oh and Agora card
ebert Jose Callapiña Torres: Good service but the boxes are still extremely slow and insufficient
Gabriel H. Fernandez Davila Molina: Variety and fast service in boxes
noel diaz ventura: The preferential box does not work
Carmen Mendoza Rabanal: Lack of price details
Cecilia Ballón: It is a clean and tidy place where one can find good prices and good offers, cashier service, excellent

4. Tottus - Ejército - Yanahuara

· 1037 reviews

Av. Ejercito Nro. 793 Characato, Cayma 04013, Peru

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Tottus - Ejército: what do users think?
Liz Enriquez: Good prices, many varieties of items 👏 👌 clothing, foods, cleansing products, beauty, etc.. you must go 💯 ♥️ 💯 recommended 👌 👍 😉
Stella Vainstein: Lately they do not attend enough boxes or the cashiers are very slow
Noelia Busto: You find everything you need
riki rios: Their health protocols and their variety of things eaten and fruits and vegetables.Electronics..It's annoying to have to check at the exit...they don't know...and to touch the that they put a doodle...Saturation in the boxes attention.
Pablo Villanueva: Lots of variety
jesminia llerena torres: There are good things to buy
Luis Miguel Chavez: Well-stocked self-service, located in the Cayma district.Wide and with a lot of variety. There are many other businesses on the premises.
Hugo Petit: Good atmosphere. Variety of products. you find what you want
Carlos Patron Indacochea: Good place. Comfortable. good 90s music
MILAGROS CASTREJON: Variety and very good prices
Alvaro González: Tidy clean well stocked friendly people
Charles Morquencho: Variety of products
Nelson Guerrero Vargas: Chevere there are many things... Offers
Julio Meniz: Good place to buy. It is spacious, everything is found.
Alexander Ch L: Especially on Sundays they should enable all the boxes to do a better job and faster
Jersson F Lopez García: Very expensive compared to other supermarkets
Nacianseno Berrocal Escalante: Yes all ok
Ahitob Cordero: Best prices on all types of products
Edgar Pip Huamán Gonzales: Heavily damaged buy cars
Luigi Ernesto Villa Erquínigo: Very stocked, somewhat expensive
Cecilia Ballón: Variety of products and some are cheap

5. Avícola Don Quijote - Cerro Colorado

Av. Los Incas 216, Arequipa 04014, Peru

Address WhatsApp

6. Oriflame - Arequipa

Jacobo Hunter 04001, Peru

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7. Plaza Vea - Ejército - Yanahuara

· 2631 reviews

Av. Ejército 1009, Cayma 04014, Peru

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8. Metro - Lambramani - Arequipa

· 2783 reviews

Mall Parque Lambramani Nivel -2, Av. Lambramani A-01, Arequipa, Peru

Address Website

9. Saga Falabella - Yanahuara

· 10130 reviews

Mallplaza, Av. Ejército 793, Cayma 04014, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

10. Ripley - Porongoche - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 6778 reviews

Av. Porongoche 500, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

11. Oriflame - Arequipa

· 1 reviews

Pje. Sta. Rosa 212, Mariano Melgar 04001, Peru

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