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C. Vinatea Reynoso #110, Yanahuara 04017, Peru

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HUNTER DOUGLAS - WINDFLOOR: what do users think?
Edgard Miranda: Very happy and grateful for the attention they gave me and the advice to be able to choose the best windows, curtains, awnings and floors for my house. I have exactly what I wanted. I congratulate you for adapting to the circumstances and for being able to provide good remote care, complying with all the necessary protocols and care.
Susana Arteta: They proved to be experts and specialists in everything they do. I am very happy with how everything turned out in my house, first class products and very careful with the installation.
Maria josé Araujo: I recommend them 100%, very good service, the rollers and the furniture in my office were beautiful!!
Maria Alejandra Vizcarra: Excellent service and advice, I was very happy with my roller blinds and my wooden floor
Fernando Araujo: Excellent service!
Paola Gonzalez: Excellent products, incomparable quality service.
Jimena Portillo Diaz: Thank you Home & Office, my Bozovich wood floors were beautiful, super satisfied with all the advice you gave me
Karla Gómez gallegos: Thank you Home & Office for the service you gave me!! totally recommended
Ana Paula Miranda Postigo: The best place in Arequipa to find home finishes!!
Ana Maria Postigo: I had my blinds, roller blinds and carpets washed and maintained and they were unthinkable!!! A first class servicefully recommended
Paula M: I bought furniture for my office and put in modular rugs, everything turned out better than I expected, they exceeded my expectations!! I am very happy for the specialized attention they gave me at all times and for the quality of their products.
Jeannette Valdez: Super happy with the attention and professionalism that they presented to me. My rollers were beautiful and just how I wanted. Totally recommended !!!
Pablo M: I found what I needed, perfect thermoacoustic windows to reduce noise. I also found hardwood floors that fit perfectly. Very happy with the service and the products I found at Home & Office, they are experts!!!
Ana Paula MP: The best of the best I found in Arequipa, Thank you for the great service and advice you gave me. My Rollers and my wooden floor were BEAUTIFUL!!!
Alfredo Gama: (Translated by Google

2. Fabrica De Chocolates La Iberica - Arequipa



· 82 reviews

Av. Vidaurrazaga 131, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Fabrica De Chocolates La Iberica: what do users think?
Carina Paula Di Franco: The best chocolate in Peru, premium quality! Excellent!!!
Yury Pabel Muñiz Calvo: All their products are of high quality.
Angelo Manuel Sanchez Del Aguila: excellent
jlpjon: TOURISTS - DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. This chocolate factory was recommended to us by a tour guide, but when we got there the staff told us it was a factory only, and did not have any tours, museum or even a chocolate shop. It's also far from the centre and in a dodgy neighbourhood. Stay away.
Rebecca: A guide told us you can visit the factory. We walked there and you can’t go inside, there’s no museum or tour.
Maria Elena d'ugard: LA IBERICA Chocolate is unique and delicious, prepared with the best Peruvian Cacao!
esteban castañeda: The best 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻
colette alvan: We bought mixed chocolates with special pink tapas for Mother's Day in the Avenida de la Molina metro and what was our disappointment to observe that several chocolates had careless presentation, poorly wrapped and even had fingerprints on some of them. Unfortunately, the victim still ate it all and the taste was the same as always. What could have happened? I didn't keep the bill either, so I couldn't claim at the metro store.We recommend that you take good care of your presentation as they always do, since their chocolates are delicious and the best in Peru.
Talentos en el tiempo: How much the urban legend, which is the best Arequipeña chocolate shop. However, we will leave it to the discretion of the clients. In fact there may be many others over time could be holding the title of: the best.
CARLOS VICENTE CONDORI: Big company. Of chocolates. Good atmosphere
Miguel Angel Ch. M.: One of the most emblematic and traditional companies of Arequipa, the best chocolate in Peru
Lino Herrera: Good attention and full aroma of chocolate
carlos tapara: Being inside the factory, it was amazing, a strong aroma of cocoa, a very rich chocolate
Beckam25mb Mb: delicious chocolates
Sebastian [Tu-Y-Mil-Mas]: Very rich and very good attention
Leonardo Arana Pflucker: I have a question, is the company La Ibérica a wholesaler or a retailer?
maycold aguilar: order and cleanliness
Alvaro Cuaquira Samayani: Excellent quality in chocolates
Dante Morales: Lots of sugar not recommended for diabetics
Francisco Salcedo Soncco: Good attention

3. Concretos Supermix - Cerro Colorado

· 22 reviews

Variante de Uchumayo Km. 5.5, Arequipa 04000, Peru

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Concretos Supermix: what do users think?
jose manuel Vieira: high strength concrete
gonzalo valdivia: concrete advice
wimpac: High Resistance Products!!!
Martin Gutierrez: excellent company
Angel Nuñez P.: getting mobility is difficult to mobilize
Kev G Del Par: Very good concrete supply service
Francisco Lazo: Chill


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Prolongación de Vía de Evitamiento, en el Cruce de la Variante Uchumayo con Vía de Evitamiento, Peru

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Jorge hestip Pumacayo porcela: super cool at work
José Zúñiga: very quiet and cozy
Miguel Angel Delgado Ortiz: Experience in formwork

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