Best Analogue Photography Courses Arequipa Near Me

Estudio de Grabación, Mezcla, Masterización, Audiovisual - Productora Play Back Key - Arequipa Deboss eventos MANX Studios CoolBox


1. Estudio de Grabación, Mezcla, Masterización, Audiovisual - Productora Play Back Key - Arequipa - Arequipa

· 4 reviews

C. Mercaderes 411, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Estudio de Grabación, Mezcla, Masterización, Audiovisual - Productora Play Back Key - Arequipa: what do users think?
academia AES: Excellent Professionals, Excellent Teams, Super Recommended!
Internacional AES Academia: A Great Professional Recording Studio, High Quality with Comfortable Prices

2. Deboss eventos - Arequipa



· 2 reviews

Avenida Dolores calle Carmen 170 Cercado Arequipa Cercado, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

3. MANX Studios - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 1 reviews

Ayaviri 217, Socabaya 04009, Peru

Address WhatsApp

4. CoolBox - Yanahuara

· 52 reviews

Centro Comercial Cayma, Tiendas 19-20-22, Av. Ejército, Cayma, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
CoolBox: what do users think?
CESAR DFS: modern
Khey Palomino: Interesting
Helmer ramirez bustamante: Today they deceived me in the Cayma store, selling me an echo show 5, making me believe that it is from the fifth generation, when in fact it is from the second generation. I hope that in the next few days they will change the product.
Amell Tejada: Good attention
gabo skere: Very bad I arrived excited to buy some wireless headphones and the attention was terrible on the part of a lady who only had eyes on her cell phone and when she went to sit down I bought the headphones that I currently have in that store but the bad attention forced me not to buy any
Lacrixupt: It has everything in terms of accessories if you are looking for a quick exit or you are missing a cable it is according to the place to get out of trouble.
José Rolando Diban Valdez: It solves all my electronic problems, chargers, speaker cables, etc. Once a defective product came and they changed it without problems, there are interesting things, mini drones, old radios and turntables with bluetooth, etc. Cheve that store.
Adolfo Vilca: Good offers
Anthony Starc: I always buy my cell phones here, at coolbox, very good prices and promotions, and above all, a guarantee.
Yeny Arali Sequeiros Catalan: Variety in technology
john Villa: variety of products
bryan rafael huacho: good promotions
Miguel Salas: Technological here it is!!!!!
Carlos Javier: Good attention... You can try the articles without any problem, they guide you and recommend articles...
Randú Chale: Good deals are on sale
Felipe Sarmiento: Very good
Luis Mecklenburg: Excellent attention
Daniel Concha: Excellent atention
Carlofranco Ruiz Daza: Central location. It is not very crowded or crowded. The store follows the protocols and controls the capacity
Michael Yanqui (Gato): I am from Arequipa and I went to the Army Av store and what I did not like was that the staff is not well informed about the items they sell such as battery life and benefits or advantages and disadvantages of some products
Josef Essenwanger: Cool

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