Best Adeslas Clinics Arequipa Near Me

1. Clinica Arequipa - Yanahuara

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Clinica Arequipa
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Address: Esquina Puente Grau con, Bolognesi S/N, Arequipa, Peru

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +51 54 599000

Business type: Medical clinic

Clinica Arequipa: what do users think?
Diego Salcedo: It is a lousy clinic when you have an emergency, there are no doctors, nothing, and the nurses treat patients badly.
Jessica Salazar: More than half an hour to attend an emergency, they take their time as if emergencies were an outpatient consultation! the last straw
Maria Bernal: I have been very disappointed in the Arequipa Clinic, I don't know what kind of professionals they are hiring, today I took my 14-year-old daughter for an emergency and she was treated by the pediatrician Cynthia Karen del Carpio Corrales, a "professional" who leaves much to be desired I will detail why:1st... He called my daughter fat and told her that she was obese for weighing 70 kilos "with warm clothes because it's bad" and without taking into account that she is 1.73m tall, incredible! Totally without criteria!!!2nd... He said that a fever of 38, 39, even 41 is NORMAL, and that he did nothing, that the fever that my daughter had presented of 39 was NORMAL, that it was nothing.3rd... He asked me if I prescribed an inhaler or syrup, which can cause tachycardia, despite being told that my daughter had a history of arrhythmia, he asked me if I prescribed it or not and I was still in a hurry to answer it because "I had more patients" and there was no one waiting.4th... My daughter and I had stops to make her report, and among the questions and incoherent statements that she made, the one that caught my attention the most was the one she asked my daughter "What hurts you the most, the fever? or the throat? Because according to that he was going to prescribe an antipyretic+analgesic, or just analgesic, and here he indicated that the paracetamol was only antipyretic but not an analgesic, when I told him he was wrong he told me that it was an analgesic but "a little"🙄 and in the end I was wondering what I was going to prescribe.5th... She laughed alone at everything, nothing professional.6th... His diagnosis was unspecified otitis media and acute multiple site infections.7th... My daughter poked her chest, and she told her that it was NORMAL because of the cough, despite having told her that she had a cyst in her breast and that she was suffering from arrhythmia. I had to remind her that it's not normal, that the chest doesn't hurt when you cough, that my daughter hurt because of her cyst or perhaps because of her arrhythmia.8th .. Despite all the symptoms of my daughter: fever of 38 demonstrated with a photo to the doctor for which I had to give my daughter 1 g of paracetamol, persistent cough, irritated throat, inflammation in the ear, pulse of 113 in rest, pressure of 9/6, dizziness, chest pain, etc. For the doctor everything was NORMAL, and it was not an emergency.9no... Finally I had to take my daughter without proper review, I was practically the one who gave the prescription and I feel like I gave my money to the clinic.
Tv Box: Bad attention, they are not clear with their rates, they even charge you for indicating which office you should approach.And apart pay your attention again.bleeding clinic.
SilverBack: Very high prices.
Mical BVA: Terrible telephone service.
Franco Rojas: You have to go from one place to another on foot because not all cashiers pay, not all windows are open. Valuable time is wasted.
José Andrés NV: For being one of the oldest clinics, if not the first in Arequipa, their customer service leaves much to be desired. One of its main shortcomings is the emergency area, being one of the busy ones, they have VERY LITTLE STAFF IN CHARGE. Their attention times really leave a lot to be desired, the few staff do their best to care for the patients but with what they charge, it is surprising that they do not have more staff available. NOT RECOMMENDABLE.
Beatrice Ornaghi: Hygienic, friendly staff.
j cornejo: The attention was fast, lack of some personnel in the emergency sector.
Jorge Vargas Torres: Very good attention and they have a supply of medicines
Vanessa Weber: Administration is slow in the emergency department, and waiting times were mediocre. The doctor who saw me was excellent, though, and his English was very good.
Macario Bustamante: It has many specialties.
Gian Carlo Espinoza: internista que había llegado primero y se hizo el loco luego que fui a reclamar a atención al cliente y empezaron a hacer control les dije que el dr no respetaba el orden y me dijo que si lo hacía. Le reclamé que era un mentiroso y se puso agresivo queriéndome pegar. Cuando se dio cuenta que lo estaban grabando se escondió como cobarde. Tal vez tengan buenos profesionales pero son pésima clase de personas.En otra ocasión, saque consulta con neurocirugía y me pidieron hacer un estudio, me dijeron que vaya a una hora y cuando llegó me dicen que es por orden de llegada y habían varios pacientes. Me animé a quedarme pensando que sería rápido pero demoraron como 02 horas y aún faltaban pasar pacientes. No dan indicaciones claras y piensan que son la única clínica en Arequipa. Dejan mal el nombre de Arequipa.He ido a la clínica Vallesur y todo es mucho mejor. Más orden, los doctores no se creen lo máximo, el personal tiene buen trato y se saca por cita, llegas y te atienden a los pocos minutos y no tienes que esperar.(Translated by Google
Jeanpier Chavez montañez: A good service
Grace Suarez: The emergency care in the clinic is deplorable, in addition to the terrible treatment of the cashier, there is only one nurse to give injections, they focus on a single patient and indicate that the attention time is more than an hour than all the doctors and the nurse on duty are with that critical patient.It is a prestige clinic, incredible that there are not more staff. Being a clinic that charges so expensive, the attention leaves much to be desired.
david alvar...: Terrible care, they don't even have staff to heal a wound
Deyvit Gutierrez: Terrible attention makes you waste your time, they diagnose you when they don't even see you when you go to your appointment and they don't even notify you, I really don't know where professionals come from so you can't even talk to them about a problem, they tell you first make an appointment, they they look more like an ATM than like a living being
Jose Alberto Chavez tito: Good attention
Ariana Camila Ch: Well organized

2. Clinica San Pablo Arequipa - Cerro Colorado

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Clinica San Pablo Arequipa
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Address: Av. Metropolitana, esquina con Calle 7 Urb. Teresa de Jesús, Cerro Colorado, Peru

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +51 54 410100

Business type: Specialized clinic

Clinica San Pablo Arequipa: what do users think?
Alonso Apaza: Bad experience for how expensive it is. They don't even give copies of the clinical exams for which one pays. A right to copy is paid and it takes approximately 7 days, they say. We took him from there to our family member and to the Enmmel clinic, much better treatment and much lower costs.
Eder Choquehuayta Huahuasonco: They do not have good specialist doctors.
Mariam Begazo (mayita): I'm not complaining about the doctors, but things go from bad to worse, the operators are disgusting and the customer service is horrible, their laboratory nurses don't even know how to take blood, it already seems unhealthy.
Madelyn Jessie Salas Mallma: timely care
CapV: The staff is not sufficiently trained to provide information, attend when there is a large flow of patients. Doctors are rarely at the appointment time. The elevators collapse, emergency collapses and the cost is very high for the quality of service.
Elmer Pinto: The connection is very bad every time the gps is deactivated, and likewise it changes the route every time, confusing me, and making me arrive late at the destination, and in other cases my clients cancel my services every time that when they continue my journey they see that I am not there Going to your point to pick them up, please ask that the maps and GPS service be more effective. Thank you
Rodrigo Gomez Casafranca: I think it is the best clinic in Arequipa currently
javier rojas zuñiga: The attention is terrible, reception both by phone and at the counter leaves much to be desired, rates have gone up but the degree of attention is low and a lot.
Ernesto Bernales: In our case, the attention was excellent, neither son entered due to an emergency and I was hospitalized overnight, the experience was very good, my wife was similar without being hospitalized, the attention to me so far has been good from 5 various doctors, tests and exams, very possibly they have improved, even the emergency quality part continually asks if everything is ok, it seems excellent so far
Celia Camacaro: The administrative staff is very very slow estimated waiting time 30 min.
MeliFully Delgado: Terrible attention, one comes for an emergency and they leave you practically like a dog, it is supposed to be an emergency, not a medical consultation
Eduardo Torres: Terrible service, they give you an appointment and they attend you an hour later
Jhade Gómez: It is a hospital that has good infrastructure but it does not have stairs, it only has two consultants and one has to wait a long time depending on the day's movement.
CARVIV INVERSIONES: To make an appointment by phone is a disaster, you can spend more than an hour calling and they don't answer you, they cut off your calls. Very bad.
Johnny Medina: without a doubt very professional
Sebastián Gerardo Tapia Gutierres: Very good
María del Carmen Riveros: Good service, personalized treatment
Javier anton avendaño: Teleconsulta is terrible, I had a virtual appointment at 12 noon... they forgot to send my prescription to my email, he insists and nothing was forgotten again, the worst thing is the delivery of medicines at home, terrible they say that he arrived at a a certain time and I arrive at night... the teleconsultation service is lousy.
Lahm Veredict: 07/15/22 I went for an occupational medical check-up, the attention was good from the reception staff and guide, they were cordial at all times, modern and clean facilities, the doctors also treated me well.I suggest creating a space to park bicycles, since it was the 1st time that I was treated at that clinic and I did not have such a space.When I saw the reviews, I thought that the treatment would be lousy, but hey, maybe they already changed administration 🧐🤠😎
Luis Angel Muñoz Manrique: A total disappointment, I went to the emergency area with a fever of 39 and they didn't give importance to the other one, I'd better go for sure if I feel like staying cold
anelice aramayo: Terrible service, there is no order of attention, they leave you adrift in an emergency, I was waiting 3 hours for a doctor to treat me, not even in the insurance they treat you like that. In the end I left without being attended to

3. San Juan de Dios Clinic - Yanahuara

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San Juan de Dios Clinic
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Address: Av. Ejército 1020, Cayma 04017, Peru

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +51 958 958 124

Business type: Hospital

San Juan de Dios Clinic: what do users think?
Rick carlos: Place of recovery and high complexity care according to the evaluation of the patient requires.In physiotherapy rehabilitation there are only 30 minutes, it is not long, and the high demand comes from the province and the city.medium high costExternal consultation from 90 soles.
Emilio Montesinos: Terrible attention, the box takes more than an hour
Franklin Mestas: There are no receptionists in ADMISSION TO PHYSICAL MEDICINE APPOINTMENTS, lousy 2 weeks ago I continue every time I go it is full because there is only one staff, otherwise in the first level A1 doctors the emergency care is also good.
René Apaza: Very expensive prices supposedly general medicine should cost cheaper but nothing, they still take an eye out of your face.
Massage Suite Arequipa: A health center with a high human and professional level...
YESSICA OVIEDO: One goes to the clinic to be treated quickly and they give you an accurate diagnosis but there are many times that these doctors make me wait a lot and it is not that they are with patients they are ALONE in their offices, they leave a lot to be desired that they will believe that we are going because we have nothing to do, in any case, I'll go to insurance if I'm going to expect the same and on top of that I don't pay anything, there should be more control with the kind of personnel that is hired who at least have a vocation for service 😡😡😡 it makes me desperate So slowly it seems that they are modeling I think they made the wrong career, even when with the same, the clinic directory should take action on the matter because just like me and many we will not return, very bad experience.
Reyes: I would not give a star in the Dentistry Area, the doctor was super abrupt with his attention, not friendly, very rushed when taking care of you, so I did not let him attend me for those reasons and the hygiene was super bad, it had a smell of a public bathroom, I almost vomited inside the Luckily, the office was wearing a mask and the doctor didn't notice and, well, I was able to see how dirty his deposits were, etc., and everything was messy. Anyway, I never plan to return again, and I have 100% insurance at that clinic.
Steve Gonzales Valdiglesias: los médicos y personal tienen poco compromiso con las preocupaciones del paciente y la familia.Fui por un tema de gastro para que atiendan a mi esposa, los resultados al dar negativo, el médico dio una medicación genérica para un supuesto virus, y esta no sirvió para nada, al día siguiente con los mismos malestares, volví por la tarde a la Clínica San Juan de Dios ya que el pago sigue vigente un día más, para consultar por otra medicación ya que la que nos dieron fue incorrecta, pero no quisieron recibirnos, a pesar de que ellos demoraron en sus servicios, no escuchan y solo exigen más pago para nueva consulta.Finalmente tuve que buscar otro servicio y acudimos a la clínica Daniel Alcides Carrión, fuimos atendidos mucho mejor por medicina general con un médico de turno, que fue más empático, profesional y dió la medicación correcta.(Translated by Google
Orlando 17: Terrible attention, I made an appointment and I was waiting more than 1 hour for the doctor to arrive because although my appointment was at 10am the doctor never came, I waited for him until 11:10am and I had to leave, how irresponsible.
Gina Vilca: Very bad, to be a clinic. I'd better go to a hospital and the attention would be the same. They take a long time to respond.In an emergency, lousy professionals took my dad and he almost died from an overdose and they never did anything, happily nothing happened to him
Jorge Andrés Paredes Sierra: Excellent care, service and security are top notch. The doctors and staff in charge are top notch.The gentleman at the reception is very friendly and courteous.
Santiago Luperdi: It is 07.13 today, Jan 19, 23, and the cashier has just opened, a queue of 14 people from 7 o'clock to pay. BAD ATTENTION, see the cameras and VERIFY COMPLAINT.
Gonzalo Ramos: Very bad attention, they only think about charging, they are not interested in the health of the patient.
Ramiro Urday: very friendly staff
IVAN FREDY ISLA VERDI: Many told me that it was the worst clinic in Arequipa and today I confirmed it, the air of physical medicine walks you with the dates for therapy sessions, the worst I have seen in my life.
Ges Cdve: una atención más humana pero este señor lo único que hizo fue hablarnos con sorna y sarcasmo.Por lo que leo en otros comentarios ese maltrato es recurrente en esta clínica.(Translated by Google
Andres Abed: One of the worst health centers you can go to. They focus more on seeing how to get money from people than on attending emergencies and they never take responsibility for poor service if they make a mistake. Not to mention the little knowledge and lack of professionalism of the staff. I do not recommend anyone to go
Renzo Gallegos: Excellent
Àngel Ernesto Velàsquez Velàsquez: Good service overall...
July Diana: , se les dijo que el dinero estaba en camino y ellos negaron la atencion a la paciente.La paciente fue atendida solamente cuando el pago fue realizado en caja, pero lamentablemente falleció.Un infarto es una situacion de urgencia, es de vida o muerte, cada minuto que pasa agrava el estado del paciente; es INADMISIBLE que se le haya negado la atencion necesaria.Ningun respeto por la dignidad humana.NO LA RECOMIENDO, sobretodo si estan entre la vida y la muerte(Translated by Google
darwin huamani narrea: Terrible Attention. They have no guidance. Doctors are very grudging and make you wait for an emergency when attention should be immediate.

4. Clínicas Auna sede Vallesur - Arequipa

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Clínicas Auna sede Vallesur
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Address: La Salle 116, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +51 54 749333

Business type: Medical clinic

Clínicas Auna sede Vallesur: what do users think?
Gabriel Puma Calcina: Their doctors look more like merchants... I don't recommend it.
Wilson Larico Mamani: More than the Experience I would like to know. The price of a rhinoplasty and what would be the procedure for the intervention
Rafael Villafuerte: Too bad, I'm seriously thinking about disenrolling from the insurance to a premium. The attention of the doctors is good, the problem is the administrative side, it already seems Essalud, there is a huge bottleneck in admission, that is where they take too long, delaying the attention, it was not like that before. In the laboratory, everything is just as bad, the staff leaves a bad impression when they are talking about their personal issues, distracting themselves from taking samples and delaying everything, it seems more that they are going to have a social life than to work. They made an effort to attract affiliates but not to improve the administrative part. The only salvageable thing is the treatment of the doctors in consultation.
Mario Victor Borda Arroyo: On Saturday, February 4, I had to wait 20 hours for admission attention at window number 6, the street did not call my ticket number, alluding that it was on a first-come, first-served basis, but did call other ticket numbers that were taken later. they were serving 2 streets and there were almost 15 people waiting
David Chumacero Velásquez: The best clinic so far in Arequipa
Planificacion LO JUSTO: Good morning gentlemen, since last week I have been trying to communicate with you through your central office but the recorder always answers. I need to make an appointment for my annual cancer checkup. I have tried through the web but it is only for consultations directly with the office.Please answer the center.
César Lutgens: There is a lack of organization and more empathy from the administrative staff who attend the modules.
Nestor Holguin: Request the same appointment that was accepted, scheduled; and today, the day of the appointment, he does not show up, he reserves me, now it is worse than before, its administrative staff is very inefficient, some doctors that the clinic says are the best are not far behind, but many of them seem to have studied and graduated from In the middle of a pandemic that it is scary to do and attend to with them, the clinic only grew thanks to the high costs it charges to patients and even more so during this pandemic, what a shame.
Alexis Matos: Unfortunately, they convinced me to take the Auna insurance and I made the mistake of doing so. Today I went to the pediatric emergency room at the Auna Arequipa clinic because my son had a fever and vomiting. I found the worst care with great freshness. They tell me there is a queue of 7 children and approximately the wait is 2 hours and at this time the doctor on duty went to the office, well he was surprised, I mean, a child could be dying and there is no one to attend to him and the same thing happens in emergencies at the Delgado clinic in Lima and one thinking about looking for the best clinic for the family's health ends up being the worst.
CapV: They do not provide clear information at the service windows.
domilys caramo: Very good attention, receptivity
alexandra Evelin H. Z.: Very good care, A1 doctors
Renzo Quiroz Menacho: Messy clinic, lousy and extremely slow attention, its technical staff has no idea what to do in an emergency
Nadia Álvarez: Very attentive and helpful staff, clean environments.
Renán Arce: I don't see the point of making an appointment, I had to wait more than an hour to be seen. A lot of people, it looks like a state hospital and the expensive consultation.
Evelyn Vargas: The attention is slower than the social security, the system is always broken and the queues are more than 2 hours. Everything is very stressful in the clinic. I'm not coming back Don't even think about getting insurance here
Sandra Lazo: The clinic has grown enormously The structure has been used but the quality of the service Has worsened in an emergency there are many receptionists and none knows how to give adequate information For a simple injection it takes 2 hours in the area Discarding covid 19 They do not know the procedures to follow to collect a report that they say that it is in an hour is 2 hours because they send it to one side and they send it to the other The quality of the service is not good at all
Carmen Nuñez: good care from the doctor
Florese Flores: Very bad attention, you will wait a long time to be able to pay and give you the medicines... there is no virtual claim book. Very Very Bad
Gian Carlo Espinoza: Emergency care is not the best.However, the attention to queries is excellent, there is order and the receptionists are friendly.They also give you the option of making appointments by schedule. You arrive on time and you don't have to wait long.The opposite of the Arequipa clinic
Jimena Alexandra Aroni Paz: Terrible attention with the gastroenterology doctor, a terrible way of behaving and explaining, I do not recommend it at all.

5. SANNA Clinic South - Yanahuara

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57 reviews
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SANNA  Clinic South
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Address: Av, Francisco Bolognesi 134, Yanahuara 04017, Peru

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +51 54 604060

Business type: Medical clinic

SANNA Clinic South: what do users think?
Yunilda Martha Arenas Coha: Terrible care, I went to the emergency room and waited for about two hours, they didn't take care of me because there were no stretchers, I don't recommend it, I had to put zero but there isn't
Zahir H.: Terrible care from the clinic, they rescheduled an ENT exam twice and because of that I spent 25 soles on one-way tickets and I lost hours of work due to the irresponsibility and lack of communication from the clinic, it's not just the hassle of coming and wasting time is that they do not provide a solution and they only reschedule the appointment, wasting time on the client and forcing them to come on other days, also the attention per call is terrible, they do not give accurate information and they always send them to come to the clinic for any question, TERRIBLE SERVICE.
luis acosta: Its infrastructure has improved a lot.
Raúl Porras: Good service.
Violeta Díaz: If I could give them 0 better... You pay 100 soles for an appointment but it does not include the physical examination, that is paid separately, like 90 soles more, that is, my 100 soles for the water because I just sat down to talk to the doctor and she tells me that I need an ultrasound and he sends me to pay.... Terrible and the laboratory tests 600 soles 🤯🤯🤯🤯
Zoila Hernandez: It's expanding, I'm running out of time and I liked the facilities ⛄🤶
Andrea FreeFit: You pay for pleasure, the doctors in this place are arrogant, they have zero empathy, but when it comes to games, they dump patients, they are disorganized, they don't give you all the instructions and you find out at the last minute, nothing to do, and their appointments in some special examination takes more than 2 months. What's this? social security?
Elva Tapia: I give it three stars for the attention of the doctors in the office, because if it comes to admission and pharmacy, they would owe me stars.
Maria Nuñez: Excellent professionals! Attention on time, already 2 years attending us and very well!
Alicia Canabal: I made an appointment for 12:30 p.m. and the doctor arrived at 1:00 p.m. and began to give extras and attend to the extras first and literally at the end she attended me, and they were not operated on or people with disabilities.
Mauricio Medina-Garnica: One star, for the good attention from the medical specialists, however the attention in admission is terrible, it seems like a market you have to shout to be heard, when there are problems due to appointments they are unable to provide a solution, the same happens in telephone attention They never give a solution to anything, not to mention pharmacy care, they do not want to sell prescription drugs by the specialist who knows the patient's situation, they give the pretext that the insurance does not cover them, despite the medical order, the clinic is getting worse every day
wilder bedoya: Good attention, within normal times
Jason Salazar: Terrible attention, the doctors make you wait longer than normal, they tell you there is no system and the prescriptions cannot be generated. The nurses are lousy, they take care of you anyway, you ask them something and they don't answer you, the waiting time and the facilities are super limited, I really do not recommend it, there are better clinics in Arequipa and unfortunately I fell into this one.
kimberly mamani solano: If there were less than one star, I would give it 4 hours to get service, lousy service.The estimated waiting time is literally 4 hours.
Rene Espinoza: personalized attention
Jessica Milagros Chavarri Vasquez: Terrible experience, there is NO Doctor in emergencies, three hours waiting, there is no separate room for COVID patients, all together in the same room, exposing non-COVID patients. If there were zero stars I would rate it that way without a doubt. Do not come.
Ismael Maldonado: Very bad company!!! They exploit their workers with super low wages!!! They don't make payments at the agreed times, they don't renew contracts just to avoid meeting certain payments that must be made for seniority, it's all pure appearance, but in reality the vast majority of their staff is unhappy.
X Salas: I put 1 star because I think you can't put 0, because I made an appointment in endocrinology yesterday, the appointment cost 100 soles, lasted 5 minutes and only consisted of asking me for a series of medical tests. I took the exams today because they were fasting exams and it turns out that if I want a reading of the results I have to pay 100 soles again and wait 1 week for them to read them. I do not recommend it, a thousand times better I have been treated at the DAC
Piero Yanez: The staff very well. But for an emergency, although they did tests on me, the doctor on duty did not know how to give me anything for the infection. He prescribed many medications. Which in the end were not used for that. They just enlarged the ballot
Lucy Fortaleza: Terrible personal laboratory attention without patience or experience, my baby received 4 punctures to no avail. Absence in customer service area. Agglomeration of people in the admission area.
Fatima Cusirramos: Very good treatment and fast attention.

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