Best Veterinary Clinics Arequipa Near Me

Veterinarias AQPaws Diagnovet Sac Hospital de Mascotas Teran AQP Vet Snoopy Veterinary Clinic VETERINARIA MISTER PETS Veterinaria AGO. Clínica Veterinaria Internacional Palomino CLÍNICA VETERINARIA TERAN - SEDE J.B.L Y RIVERO Doogy Vet CAMIVET Clinica Veterinaria Spa Clínica Veterinaria San Luis Yanahuara Veterinaria ZoeVet Arequipa

1. Clinica Veterinaria Pets Clean - Arequipa

· 20 reviews

Avenida Emmel F - 6 A Umacollo, Arequipa, Peru

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Clinica Veterinaria Pets Clean: what do users think?
Rosaura Aviles: X the good unconditional attention to the animals with a lot of love
Giovanna Concha Caballero: Very good attention thanks Ana C
Lourdes Cecilia Lopez Pacheco de Rivera: Very good vet, whenever my pets get sick, Anace is very accurate and gives me solutions♥️
Jhony Velásquez Delgado: All the basics for the care of your pet
ulises caldas pachas: . Very good attention and correct with the queries of my pets
Amanda Lourdes Villanueva Lima: The worst experience of my life, not only do they not realize when a cat is pregnant, but they put a medicine that caused bleeding and death of the kittens and the mother.
jorge riggenbach: Excellent atention
Gabriela Sanchez: Very good care for four-legged children.
Jorge Luis Ponce Montoya: Excellent treatment. True veterinary vocation.
concuerdas Arequipa (cristianeloyvp): Good care for pets
Kimberly Nicole: Excellent attention!!!!***** totally recommended

2. Veterinarias AQPaws - Arequipa



· 72 reviews

Urb, Urbano Cabańa Maria L-6, Arequipa 04002, Peru

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Veterinarias AQPaws: what do users think?
Lesly Thamara: Because they have a lot of patience to care for pets.
Aurora Díaz: Very good care for the furry ones ✨
Aarón: ✔ They use hot spring water to bathe pets❌ The two times I took my medium and small size pets took longer than what was indicated
Paul Paredes: Excellent attention, fast and effective diagnosis, they found the discomfort that my pet was afflicted with, after taking him to several vets. Very grateful to Dr. Ana Orihuela and her entire team of collaborators.
Lola Callacondo Velarde: Good attention.
sandra maria rodriguez rodriguez: Dr. Anita is excellent and very conscientious, she is not monetary like others.
Jenni Conza Escarcina: Quality care with competent staff, and they have a great love for animals
fernando miguel cueva chuquitaype: 👍
Harold Ramirez Romero: The best attention to the smug 4-legged
Krisel Bautista: A lot of experience and good attention, they treat the animals with love and if they are rescued from the street they give discounts for being social help. The best vet!! saved my 3 dogs
Angela Paredes: Close to Cabaña Maria
Alonso Hermoza Santos: Quiet, central place, good job with pets. Good service
Patricio Federico Lewis Zúñiga: Excellent attention, Dr. Anita, a specialist and with a lot of experience
Kevin R. Zavalaga Valdivia: They don't answer calls
Alejandro Benavides Cervantes: All excellent. Dignified and committed treatment.
alejandro fernandez baca hidalgo: The place was expanded, they attended me quickly and my pet came out well groomed, recommended
hector edu lujan: Super recommended, very grateful to Dr. Ana and her team of veterinarians for the surgery and treatment of my little one. They are very patient, empathetic and professional.
Angel: Fast and efficient care
Jesus Enrique: Excellent attention from Dr. Ana
Jorge Armando Nakagawa Yep: Good attention
Dahomey Aramburo: Excellent care with Dr Ana, and her staff

3. Diagnovet Sac - Arequipa

· 22 reviews

Mariscal Benavides 301 Urb. Alto Selva Alegre Cercado, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address WhatsApp
Diagnovet Sac: what do users think?
kathya Alban: kindness and professionalism
Alonso Beltran Muñoz: Terrible care service, it was as if they were doing me a favor by curing my pet, zero empathy, zero professionalism, I went to the vet looking for an ultrasound that was only available in this establishment, there are 3 more ladies who attend there that I sincerely doubt are graduates, only one does her internship, the most anti-professional of all named Kristel, they only do what the doctor tells them, they made me take tests for my pet that cost about 150 soles and when I asked for the results, the supposed veterinarian didn't I didn't know or didn't want to answer, well, later I realized that they didn't want to answer so they could continue getting money from me with tests when they already knew what he had, according to them urinary infection and they gave him a 4-day treatment, and when I took him to be perform the treatment each of the ladies put different amounts in their dose, when I asked them they responded in a vague way almost meaningless, I did not They wanted to say what they were injecting him with, they didn't want to tell me or couldn't tell me my pet's diagnosis, total incompetence at this location and very bad practice a week later, my pet got sick again because the treatment was poorly carried out and It was also not a urinary infection, to make matters worse they had made a wrong diagnosis, on top of that they wanted me to come back to do more tests, these types of people are simply drones who are only interested in profiting from the pain of others and with the despair of seeing their loved one Bad pet, they take advantage and charge what they want.Be careful where you take your pets. It seems to me that the girls are not yet qualified and they have a long way to go to be able to work as veterinary professionals, not counting the lady from Venezuela who works and attends there as a veterinarian without having papers in order to support her Here in Peru.
Hethzel Diaz: no se comunica entre sí2
Raúl Feliciano Gamero: Super good with the animals, I even saw a sheep
María Fernanda Adaui: Super recommended vet. With a highly trained staff, supportive and attentive to the needs of our pets.One night my dog ​​got very sick, she was shaking a lot and complaining. I was quite scared but I was able to communicate with the Vet, even though they were out of hours they were able to provide me with their services since it was a very delicate situation that required prompt attention. They treated her with great care, the best medicines at a reasonable price and even scheduled check-ups to continue her case until she was found to be perfectly healthy again.I invite everyone to visit the establishment, they will always be ready to help and guide so that our smug people are healthy. They have a clean environment with sufficient ventilation, adequate spaces and modern equipment for all situations, safe analysis with results without a long wait.Without a doubt, excellent veterinary clinic 💯
raul Hernan Condori Luque: Very good attention... Good attention and with one of the best doctors... They treated my shina well who had tvt but she is now 100% thank you very much!
Carmen Luque Fortún: They treated my Schnauzer Luna excellent, diagnosing her correctly and on time I am very grateful to them 🤗👍
Kmila Delgado: . El servicio muy amable y el precio accesible. Recomendado.(Translated by Google
Diego Alonso Granados Quezada: Good service, full equipment for treatment and diagnosis.
Paul Zegarra: The problem is the doctor is not empathetic at all but his collaborators give very good attention
WILSON MICHEL MENDOZA CALIENES: Barker's food is way too expensive compared to other places.
SirTempus: They operated well on my dog ​​👌🏻
carolina espinal: Excellent service 💯
Zoya Villalba: Thanks for social support
Dennis Ramos: Good service and high quality of care
Chelo Huarachi: Very good attention, excellent treatment of our pets
Ricardo Augusto Mendoza Chambi: A personalized attention
Alison Puruhuaya: Excellent veterinarian has all the medical equipment and helps pets very good doctors and with a good heart
Milagros Barreto: Excellent service in this pandemic ♥️ all protocols are taken into account, very good professionals and good customer service and our pets.
Camila Quispe Yañez: A complete veterinary clinic, with quality care. Excellent professionals and good customer service.

4. Hospital de Mascotas Teran - Yanahuara

· 99 reviews

Av. José Abelardo Quiñones 72, Arequipa 04013, Peru

Address Website
Hospital de Mascotas Teran: what do users think?
elizabeth SUAÑA: Terrible attention, I do not recommend them a few days ago, I took my kitten and they gave him a bad diagnosis, they almost let him die, they are not good professionals, they only care about charging more, not about the well-being of the little ones.
ELIZABETH RODRIGUEZ: Terrible attention, I took my pet to be bathed and he was handed over to me limping.I do not recommend it.
Katty Foreigner: Terrible attention, do not go
Yuliana Apaza: They took care of my kitten and treated him well, they were patient with my feline and the vet suggested a treatment that had excellent results. The hospital has several specialties.
Nancy Maria: BAD ATTENTION. On April 3 at approximately 10:30 am I went to the headquarters of Yanahuara. A young lady in a blue uniform, black hair with curlers and glasses, slim, approximately 1.60 m tall. Unfortunately, he has a terrible attention since I went urgently with my little dog, indicating that there was no solution and that she was going to die that day. Since he is a loved one, I went to another vet where they gave me a treatment and happily my pet IS 100% DISCHARGED. FOR THE TERAN CLINIC MY DOG IS DEAD.
Jose Antonio Calla Rodriguez: excellent attention
Lorena Munoz Gamero: Vets accurate in their diagnoses.They have all the necessary medical services.
Ysabel Huarilloclla: Comfortable environment and the attention of the doctors is very good but the attention of the Miss Reception was terrible.
alejandro visa: They are a silver sack
BRESCIA LEON ESCOBEDO: I don't give it even one star, they don't deserve it, they don't treat people and animals alike, or it's because we're not from a privileged class like most of their clients, or because they don't know how to carry out their profession, we take our puppy was seriously ill, but instead of treating him, all they did was bandage him, give him IV, admit him and that's all, they just want to get money, my dog ​​died due to his lack of values.
Elsa Estares Nuñez: Very good attention, very good professionals. They have all the equipment and specialties for our pets.
Ida Ylla Sihuincha: My opinion that dogs are not treated equally I had an experience we took a dog for care but it was from the street terrible treatment by a doctor nothing is given to us for free everything is paid for she did not want to hospitalize it I put IV and antibiotic on it they charged us 225 soles and the dog died the next day it seems to me that there is no
Richard Castro: Like all veterinarians, it has good things and others that are a little lacking, but certainly one of the most advanced and complete in the city... congratulations!!
Catibel Amparo Perez Olmedillo: Excellent care, professional doctors, they have the necessary equipment to care for your pet and they work 24 hours a day for emergencies.
Linda Espinoza: What can I say, they treated my little pukita very well... but it brings back bad memories because I lost my little girl.
Fabian Barreda: Good attention, but the prices are very high
Francesca coletti Espinoza: Excellent treatment and excellent veterinary doctors.
Norma Rocío Cano Mendoza: Although it has all the services, they do not work together. And they are rough in attention
Victor Chavez Vera: Excellent attention
BIANCA BATALLANOS ARCE: Everything clean I liked
Maritza Salas: 24 hour attention

5. AQP Vet - Cerro Colorado

· 67 reviews

Av. Villa Hermosa 721, Arequipa 04017, Peru

Address WhatsApp
AQP Vet: what do users think?
Franco Neyra: Good treatment with animals
Yuri Quispe: Excellent atmosphere and good service
Joseph Zavaleta: Very friendly quality care
cielo huacasi Zeballos: Very good care, very friendly and professional doctors
Sara Quiñones Ticona: It's good but it's expensive
Martín Ignacio Bejarano Garcia: Very good service I highly recommend it but sometimes the pets are still quite hairy
Dana Torreblanca: Very good attention, fair prices and they have all the necessary exams ☺️
Andrea Pilar Mansilla Garate: They treat the pet well
Darwin 24: Good attention and good treatment what I did not like is that the prices are high
Kathy Carpio Vargas: Good service and attention. I've been going for more than 4 years and I always leave happy either for health or for baths and haircuts.
Wilson Quispecorimanya: clinic
Angel V. Zeballos Rodriguez: very professional
Luis Alfredo Moscoso Delgado: Very good care
Karen Maryze Mamani Condori: A good place for the attention of your pets
SAMUEL Huaynasi C.: Excellent service and good treatment
Clara VP: Excellent service for pets
Karina Rosas Choque: Excellent atention.
eduxgamer: Good treatment to your friends...
frannier calatayud: Excellent attention... punctual when diagnosing diseases. Good job grooming..

6. Snoopy Veterinary Clinic - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 95 reviews

Urb. la Melgariana D - 39, José Luis Bustamante y Rivero 04009, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Snoopy Veterinary Clinic: what do users think?
Yadhira Eguia Caceres: The doctor is a good professional, he has always managed to diagnose my pets and he acts immediately to give them the best treatment.
Victoria Meza: excellent
Erikc Morales Zanabria: Good care and treatment of patients
alonso cornejo: Good attention.Enough experience of Dr.
Daniel Antony Achahui Leon: I took my rabbit to be sterilized, of course, it is by appointment and it was quick and my rabbit is fine now, no excellent symptoms
Dennis Sandro Chrinos Conde: What a horrible place, it seems funny to make animals suffer
Estefani Vargas: The vet is one of the best in Arequipa. You can book an appointment. He takes care of one case at a time because the office is a bit small, but clean and with what is necessary. The price is reasonable.
Doris Solis: Very good attention and a lot of affection with the pets
Dan Luna: Good attention and service
Joc Ricardo Gonz Bel: They carry out the operations with separate appointments, but they always took good care of my pets
Alejandra Neyra: Very good vet, highly recommended
carlos tapara: Very good service, I seriously recommend it, I feel very grateful, thanks for helping me with my pet
Daniel Zavala: The best vet I know 🐶
Moreno Flore: The staff is well trained and efficient.
Virginia Manrique: 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Luisa Maria Salhua Tincoso: Immediate and attentive treatment
Jose Daniel Gonzalez: It is a small place but with everything you need for your pets, the veterinarian is very attentive, very professional and takes good care of pets. It has all the regulations of the veterinary school and issues vaccination and health certificates for trips in record time.
Sandra Hernandez: Good attention, good professional.
raul miranda: Good
Breshstar Villanova: A good place to care for your pet, the veterinary doctor is very kind

7. Veterinaria "TECHI'S - Alto Selva Alegre

· 93 reviews

C. Los Andes 1002, Arequipa 04003, Peru

Address WhatsApp
Veterinaria "TECHI'S: what do users think?
Jimmy Rodrìguez Valdivia: First of all I will allow myself to give a good recommendation addressed to the veterinarian. Mr. Mariano Lopez CMVP 11175, I feel very grateful for the intervention on my pet, an 8-year-old male puppy, who after the surgery did not have any complications with the stitches or any other mishaps.
Luis Oviedo: Care, health and feed your pet
Italo: Good service.
Viktor Aguilar: The doctor is always attentive and takes care of the pets as if they were his own.
Lucia Saldaña: I like they took good care of me.
Teli S.: It's not the best but it's not bad
Daniel Martinez Rodriguez: Good attention 😃
Cesar Augusto Canaza Pari: Good attention, my dog ​​was run over and broke her heel, she was successfully operated on, thanks to all the staff
Omar Salazar: Friendly and knowledgeable staff
Jim raynor: very good attention to furry friends
CARMEN SILVANA CANAZA AGUILAR: Very good treatment for your pet
jessica rivera huarachi: good attention they treated me and operated on my cat kokoa I recommend it
Denia Fabian: I don't know what service the vet provides, but for a consultation she charged me 60 soles and I only make an appointment the next day. I don't have confidence because he paid more attention to his football game than he did to my puppy. There are definitely better vets. I don't recommend it.
OSCAR FRANCISCO: It also has a beauty salon for your pets and if you go very early there is a cell phone number to quote or schedule an appointment!
Darkchakgame: Good place
Luis Alberto VALDIVIA ABRILL: Very good first class professional attention Thank you Dr. Jorge Garrafa.


· 27 reviews

Av. Victor Andrés Belaunde A-5, Arequipa 04013, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
VETERINARIA MISTER PETS: what do users think?
Vanessa Reyes: good doctors
Gabriel Anco: Very good experience
CESAR DFS: Good deal
EDGARD BELTRAN: Very good excellent 👍👍👍👏
Cesar Pan: good attention
Andres Ramos: The place no longer exists
Wilmer Enrique: It offers care service for pets, and also has online care service
Maritza Liliana Moyano Avalos: Brilliant
José Sierra: They say they serve 24 hours but they never answered me. :/
Miguel Salas: Good service
Fernando Jose Arias Talavera: Good care for your pets
Mauricio Aybar: because attention was good
Adolfo Vilca: very efficient

9. Veterinaria AGO. - Miraflores

· 44 reviews

Av. Progreso 980, Miraflores 04001, Peru

Address WhatsApp
Veterinaria AGO.: what do users think?
Jorge Luis Rodriguez Pinto: Excellent service from start to finish highly recommended for the care of your conceited
Nelly Carrillo: Excellent service ✨😊
Ernesto Ballon: Very good care for our pets
Ivonne Leonor Fuentes Echegaray: It is the second time that she has recovered my pet, she is an excellent professional. Highly recommended.
Romina Vega C: Friendly treatment. Very professional.
JAISON MANUEL SALAZAR OTAZU: Expensive and terrible service, since they do not know how to make a good diagnosis. Not recommendable.
Lionel Mancieri: Excellent attention...
Elizabeth Mendoza Rosell: Do you cater for exotic animals? could you tell me please
Andreina Quispe Belizario: Excellent attention, they saved my panchito, a little thanks
Anyana SousleVent: Its professionals really care about pets, no matter what they need, they are in good hands
Pamela Chavez: Too friendly and very good service
Juan José Guzmán Benavides: Excellent attention, very friendly and a lot of concern for our pet.
Jean Vásquez: Excellent vet my son very well cared for
MELBI GOMEZ GUEVARA: The attention is very good, they are very kind, it shows that they love their work and the animals.- They operated on Chato and everything went very well. Grateful to Veterinaria A.G.O.
Victor Manuel Calderon Silva: Well
Armando Delgado: Your attention is great, as always...
Krissie Tupayachi: Animals are treated well
Elías Josué Puma Chávez: very kind

10. Avant Grand Veterinaria - Arequipa

· 122 reviews

Pje. Ronda La Isla 222, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address WhatsApp
Avant Grand Veterinaria: what do users think?
Camila Andrade Taype: The place is highly recommended with professionals who provide good care to our pets.
Mayte S: . Tienen área especial para cirugías. Lo recomiendo.(Translated by Google
Cristhian Beltrán: Excellent care for our pets
gigiostar x413: always willing to help
Brigitte Villavicencio P: Excellent professional Dr Lam and his team, 100% recommended. Very good attention.
EDY SALAS CORNEJO: Excellent atention. They take the necessary time to take good care of the pets. highly recommended
Nelson Valdivia: Excellent service
JUAN CARLOS PALACIOS: Excellent atention. Dr. Lam is very accurate. 100% recommended
Angely Castro Pinto: More empathy with the animals please!I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS VETERINARY.
Kelly Mellado: They did not find the correct diagnosis of my dog, since the main veterinarian only attends operations, the other consultations and treatments are carried out by different practitioners or inexperienced veterinarians. They use reused materials, even with blood from other puppies. My dog ​​was getting worse instead of better and they downplayed the observations on her behavior and health that I gave them.
Jenny Pinto: NOTHING RECOMMENDEDI had a bad experience, more empathy with the animals
Ariana Rodríguez: I would like to give it zero stars, the attention is very bad, they do not explain it well and there is very little empathy with the animalsNOTHING RECOMMENDED.
Nadhia: 4 stars in the cutting service; Miss Maryori is the best, the only bad thing is that they take a while. For the rest she is the best my puppy is aggressive and with her he is like a little angel
Mariela Montesinos: Excellent attention from Dr. Lam and the two doctors who treated Roky
Rosita Monsalve f: Very good attention.
Maria Isabel Cuba Macedo: They have good care.
Angel Caceres: It seems good and correct
D'jamila Valqui: Good place, good doctors... Although for my taste it needs to show a little more interest in pets.
Carlos Luna: I like it
PAOLA: You have to make an appointment in advance. Personally, I did not have the best experience. My dog ​​had a terrible allergy as soon as she came out. He was scratching a lot and his vet told us it was because of the products they used.

11. Clínica Veterinaria Internacional Palomino - Arequipa

· 101 reviews

Taboada 127a, Miraflores 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

12. CLÍNICA VETERINARIA TERAN - SEDE J.B.L Y RIVERO - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 53 reviews

Av. Perú 304, Arequipa 04009, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Doogy Vet - Yanahuara

· 17 reviews

Avenida Trinidad Morán, A-17 Urbanizacion Leon XIII Cayma, Arequipa 04013, Peru

Address WhatsApp

14. Centro Veterinario Marquéz - Arequipa

· 43 reviews

Av. los Incas Mz, Cercado de Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address WhatsApp

15. CAMIVET Clinica Veterinaria Spa - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 33 reviews

Sta. Catalina J1, Arequipa 04008, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Araoz Vet - Arequipa

· 4 reviews

Urb. El Molino, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website

17. Clínica Veterinaria San Luis Yanahuara - Yanahuara

· 147 reviews

Urb Valencia E 18, Yanahuara 05154, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Clínica Veterinaria Milan - Arequipa

· 42 reviews

C. el Palomar 200, Cercado Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address WhatsApp

19. VET MED AREQUIPA - Arequipa

· 7 reviews

Quinta Sta. María F-2, José Luis Bustamante y Rivero 04002, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Veterinaria ZoeVet Arequipa - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 8 reviews

Alberto Laveau 216, Arequipa 04002, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

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