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Alerta Records Yonny Granda - Fotógrafo Profesional - Arequipa Takuni Producciones Laura Import - Music Store Fernandez Music Store Studio Fitness Plaza de Armas Arequipa HUNTER DOUGLAS - WINDFLOOR Abigail Spa Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa Chaqchao Chocolates CoolBox Free Tour Downtown Arequipa Os Gemelos Doblemente LiberDance Studio Selina Arequipa

1. Alerta Records - Arequipa

· 11 reviews

04000, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

2. Yonny Granda - Fotógrafo Profesional - Arequipa - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero



· 56 reviews

Paraguay 101, José Luis Bustamante y Rivero 04009, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Yonny Granda - Fotógrafo Profesional - Arequipa: what do users think?
Gelva Galindo: Nice experience, a very comfortable environment to work, Yonny's support to suggest and correct the postures is very good. Thank you.
Ursula Torres: Excellent work! He has the right team and above all the good eye and talent! Highly recommended 👍
Marycielo Briceyda Paredes Camargo: Patient, motivating, professional, I love the results of his work
Roberto Franci: Very professional, definitely recommended.One of the best in Arequipa
GARDENIA APARICIO LOAIZA: We highly recommend the very beautiful session, excellent work Jonny Granda great professional photographer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Caterine Ramos: He is very professional with his work, he gives you posing tips for the photos if it is the first time, and his patience goes without saying... He gives you confidence at all times so that you feel sure of yourself, he loves his work at 💯 📷⭐👏Jonny Granda the best!!!
Fiorella Casapía: The best ✨
Brenda Angela Molina Tocto: Excellent service! clear photos, punctuality on the day of the event. SUPER RECOMMENDED 🤩
Greg Rodriguez: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,Value
victoria Yana Ito: Highly recommended...I loved it...all a great professional...
Andrea Zegarra Meléndez: A good professional knows how to direct you and looks for your best angle.He has patience with children and adults.He gave us advice from the first day and we have loved the photos, thank you very much Yonny
Nathalia Gonzalez: Excellent professional, he guides you in the sessions which facilitates the shots and makes one feel comfortable. The photos are of high quality and highlight the best of the client, thanks Yonny!
Ashley Romero: Super friendly and great job
Maryorikk H: Yonny left a very good impression on us. The photographs captured just what we wanted. He understood what we needed to capture for our family album.Punctual, professional and very friendly, he made us feel comfortable so that we can get our best smiles. 100% recommended. We will look for it for our next session. Thanks Yonny!
Brenda Quiroz: Very kind... excellent work. I really liked the quality and the result.Thanks for your patience and advice.
Giamnina Guerra cornejo: Great job, you are very patient. Thank you very much for the advice and the final result
Pedro Leiva: Excellent photographer 👌
Yhomira K. Ali Bedregal: Excellent, he was quite patient, he knew how to guide us for the photographs.very nice treatment100% highly recommended and many expectations in the final work 🤓
Esteban Molina: The best in your job.• there was creativity• too much patience• You can see the passion he has for his work.EXCELLENT JOB..😊😊😊😊😊
Janny Concha: I had a very good experience with Mr. Granda. I came to Peru to baptize my baby and I took some beautiful photos of us. Very punctual, responds to messages immediately. A very professional person. I recommend it 100%.

3. Alive Studio - Arequipa

· 8 reviews

C. Jerusalén 620, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address WhatsApp
Alive Studio: what do users think?
Carlos Mendoza Fakhie: Only in frying because the niariscos fish are fresh and anything can happen, the ceviche 6 points, the service is good, they have no other option
Alwaysmile: I would like to know I plan to travel from New York to Peru if I can record there and how much it would cost
JOEL CHICATA: Very good studio, with all the comforts
Marco Antonio Chire Rosas: Very comfortable and quiet place

4. Takuni Producciones - Cerro Colorado

· 2 reviews

Urb. ADUCA C-17, Cerro Colorado 04000, Peru

Address WhatsApp
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5. Laura Import - Music Store - Arequipa

· 66 reviews

Calle Pizarro 213 tda 300 "Galerias el dorado"" Arequipa, Cercado De Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Laura Import - Music Store: what do users think?
Juan Augusto Añasco Chile: Excellent service. first class care
Edgard Alonso Andía Calderón: Excellent place to buy musical instruments and accessories. 😎
MILTON VALENCIA: Good place to buy musical instruments, they advise well and recommend you for beginners and advanced.
Jorge Vargas Torres: Variety of products
Marcelo Pinto Begazo: Nice place has instruments of all kinds and at an affordable price
Alexander “RubenAl” Tintaya Quispe: Very good serviceThey have a good variety and a good price.
Eliezer Salazar: very varied
Sin Miedo Al Éxito: Excellent service and good prices
Moises Lazo: For the province ok, what I suggest is that somehow a solution to the client of what is not in stock
Berly Zegarra Gutierrez: Good attention has everything. For all. The. pockets
Carmen Ojeda: They give guidance, kindness in attention and treatment
SE “solsticio lunar” CJ: Very good specialized attention, good prices and discounts if you pay cash or transfer.
Ronald Washington Chambi Hilaje: Good products and the cashier takes a long time to collect
Daniela Suarez Cabrera: I found better prices quoting in stores in the same area, but it has a good variety and is one of the best known in Arequipa
Rafael Dextre: excellent store
Victor M. Lucano: I bought a piano it's good my daughter is happy but she doesn't accept cards
Renato Fabricio Medina Quiroz: Wide variety of quality and good quality musical products
Evelyn Roddy Valderrama Silva: Variety of musical products and good service
Andre: Good store, some products are a little more expensive than other sites but they also have good deals.The employees, at least the ones that have served me, are good and know what they are selling.
Headbanger Hb: cumplieron con el envío, llegó en perfecto estado.Gracias(Translated by Google
Eddy Hugo Loayza Pino: School of Music and sale of instruments

6. Fernandez Music Store - Arequipa

· 39 reviews

Calle Puente Bolognesi 304, Calle Pte. Bolognesi 317, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

7. HUAWEI Punto de Servicio y Venta Autorizado Mallplaza Arequipa - Yanahuara

· 141 reviews

Av. Ejercito 793, Cayma 04013, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

8. Studio Fitness - Arequipa

· 55 reviews

Ricardo Palma 215, Cercado de Arequipa 04013, Peru

Address WhatsApp
Studio Fitness: what do users think?
maximo martinez: It no longer exists in this place, now there is a rather quiet wake or with the possibility of leaving a vehicle very close.
Jesus Barreda: Nice gym, with good machines and a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, it has good music and very good trainers.
Daniela Torres: Clean, useful, good price but the establishment is a bit small
Joel Sotil (Jojeso): Excellent!
Diego Lopez: It is small but it has all the machines, it is clean and has what is necessary
Marco Peralta Salas: It is a small gym but very practical and economical
Cristian Nicolás Quintanilla Velásquez: Good training place, with all the necessary machines and tools to achieve your goals. Trainers always willing to help and correct your routine. With nutritional support to achieve your goals. Good atmosphere with music and all the staff very friendly.
Rafael Cuadros Gutierrez: Very good gym, if it were a little bigger it would be perfect. For everything else very good with its offers in supplements
Miriam He: Best gym in the city, its trainers are the best, they assist you in every movement
John Lopez: Nice place, they should change the music
Fernando Llaguno Romero: Excellent place, good trainers, good machines, excellent care.
Jose Montoya: The best place to train
Alvaro Astete: Good gym.
Estefania Reinoso: an amazing atmosphere
Anthony Milko Muñoz Ramos: Excellent treatment and the best machines and trainers
Jesus Rivera: Variety of machines and very good advice
Daniel Flores: The best gym.
Rocio Quispe Sandoval: good 👍
Eddy Eder Sucapuca Cruz: Gosu
Claudia Requejo: Good service and advice
Alan Rubina Escobar: The best gym in aqp

9. Plaza de Armas Arequipa - Arequipa

· 33900 reviews

JF27+F6H, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

10. STAR LINE MUSIC - Arequipa

· 6 reviews

A, Pizarro 103, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp


· 19 reviews

C. Vinatea Reynoso #110, Yanahuara 04017, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Abigail Spa - Arequipa

· 17 reviews

C. Jerusalén 218, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address WhatsApp

13. Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa - Arequipa

· 1522 reviews

Plaza de Armas, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Effo - Arequipa

· 6 reviews

Calle Pte. Bolognesi 219, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address WhatsApp

15. Chaqchao Chocolates - Arequipa

· 1307 reviews

Santa Catalina 204, Cercado De Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

16. CoolBox - Yanahuara

· 48 reviews

Centro Comercial Cayma, Tiendas 19-20-22, Av. Ejercito, Cayma, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Free Tour Downtown Arequipa - Arequipa

· 75 reviews

Santa Catalina 204, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Os Gemelos Doblemente - Yanahuara

· 23 reviews

Las Orquídeas 105, Cayma 04017, Peru

Address WhatsApp

19. LiberDance Studio - Arequipa

· 7 reviews

Av La Marina 200, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Selina Arequipa - Arequipa

· 412 reviews

C. Jerusalén 606, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

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