Best Lacoste Arequipa Near Me

Ripley - Porongoche Saga Falabella

1. La Riviera - Arequipa

· 8 reviews

C. Piérola 411-A, Cercado De Arequipa 04001, Peru

La Riviera: what do users think?
guillermo lopez: Terrible attention, the girls who attend are only there to see their nails, 8 people and they cannot find a useless product. The only thing I can tell you is not there and I did find said product that was for a gift.
FacHo: Do you have Lacoste perfume?
Edith Vilca Villa: It is a cozy place I like it
Sonia Maria Salazar Lazo: Good prices and attention
u gonzales: Excellent beauty products at a good price. Excellent attention
Rommel Reategui: This perfumery has a great variety of perfumes and material for beauty in general, its prices are very competitive, you could say the best in the market, the attention is very good and fast

2. Ripley - Porongoche - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero



· 6842 reviews

Av. Porongoche 500, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Ripley - Porongoche: what do users think?
Kevin Chacon Arias: Many things, and good seasonal promotions.
CARLOS TORANZOS: Exclusive products.
celin fuentes: It would be great if they increased lighting in the fitting rooms.
Jose Banda Perez: distraction good prices
Jorge Huanca: Most promotions are a waste of time.
Kevin Roger: good mall
Chris Gramajo (Vin): Good!!!
juan pablo heredia duran: Meets the standard of a chain store in South America, varied products and a good location
Vicente Ruiz: Good prices and variety of items.
Juan Herrera Quispe: Excellent
Alexandra Hancco: nice family place
ALEDAGAR ALEDAGAR: Diverse places of distraction and entertainment...
geraldo abraham zevallos luque: The prices are high and there is a lot of mess in the sale
Jilmer Medina: Correct the hours they show, supposedly 10 am is open but apparently they just opened 11...
MILAGROS CASTREJON: (Translated by Google
Lisbeth Rodriguez: The truth is that I don't buy much at Ripley's because it seems to me that it has more expensive prices, but sometimes you can get things that you can't find in other stores.
CESAR DFS: Very slow the.attention
Maikell Failoc: Good service and a wide variety of clothes and appliances

3. Perfumerías Unidas - Cerro Colorado

· 2 reviews

Av. Aviación 2500, Cerro Colorado 04017, Peru

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4. Saga Falabella - Yanahuara

· 10235 reviews

Mallplaza, Av. Ejército 793, Cayma 04014, Peru

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Saga Falabella: what do users think?
Erick Alvino: Very good
Paola Arias: super comfortable
Noelia Busto: Variety of clothes and quality.
Julio Meniz: Excellent place for shopping. Pleasant atmosphere.
Wilton Orosco: Excellent very tidy everything and good prices
marcll marcell: Pleasant atmosphere
Miguel grimaldo esquivel vera: I improve the order
Antonius: Just for taking out a bottle that I did not pay for, I told the guards that I was going to put it in but they told me to take out my ticket and they called more. The worst service 😡
Ruben lisauro Salazar chuquitaype: Excellent attention.high quality garments
Luis Linares (AmazonMK): Clothing store the best sideboards
YILBERT Ccanchillo: It was great very good to spend with family
Paola Carpio: Variety of stores
Raul Paredes: You can find clothes in this place, they have their electro zone.
julio mori: excellent
Carlos Patron Indacochea: Variety of products. Comfortable. Boxes a bit slow
Marlene Davila: You find clothes and appliances
Rommel Zegarra: Everything is fine, there is a variety of clothes and the service is good, so far I have not had any problems, the only thing that I would highlight is that the prices have increased, at least in the men's section I have noticed that some clothes are expensive but their quality is mediocre so they are not worth the price they show.
María del Rosario Cutipa: Good offers
Marisol rocio condori perez: many people can not buy well

5. Falabella - Porongoche - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 3249 reviews

Mall Aventura Plaza, Arequipa, Av. Porongoche 502, Paucarpata 04008, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Falabella - Porongoche: what do users think?
Maikell Failoc: Good place although holidays or weekends are very crowded
Wilton Orosco: Excellent I liked everything perfect
Giovanni Loza: Clean, tidy, they respect the protocols, good attention
Yofre Huaco: Genial, pero el sistema de recojo online es maaalo
Jose Salas: La atención es pésima para el recojo de productos comprados por la web solo atienda una persona y encima fines de semana cuando todos tienen tiempo en la semana para poder recoger pesimo
boris1: excellent shopping place
Alexandra Hancco: Cool
Alan Villanueva: APPALLING.The checkout system is too inefficient, the queue doesn't seem to move forward and it's so irritating to see the cashiers serving as if they had all day and also some girls just walk around without paying attention, this situation is really horrible and quite disappointing.
Rodrigo Gomez Casafranca: Checkouts can take a long time, they don't have a quick payment system per app like Ripley pay.
Santiago Benavides Zegarra: The attention to collect purchases online is terrible, there are very long queues, the service in general is terrible and I do not recommend it
Yeny DL: Too slow, to pick up a purchase over the internet, the queue does not advance more than an hour and nothing.
Eliana Escobedo: Wide and very assorted, you can walk and buy
Italo: Picking up at the store takes longer than indicated and there is only one person to pick it up, so there is a huge queue that never seems to move forward
Briana A. Carpio: To collect orders from the online store takes a long time
Alí Avila: Incredible prices
Jose G Colmenares V: Its name already gives this store a highlight but it really has a wide variety for all audiences and excellent prices
Henrry Alvarado Ubillus: Everything for everyone
Jose Corrales: Recommended for shopping
Gloria Reyes Tineo: falabella. Porongoche, excellent
Margot Fanny Sucasaca: Terrible attention, there are not enough boxes, little ventilation

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