Best Histamine Test Arequipa Near Me

1. ALS Geochemistry - Arequipa - Paucarpata

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ALS Geochemistry - Arequipa
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Address: A-3 Paucarpata, Urb. Industrial El Cayro, Arequipa, Peru

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +51 54 463649

Business type: Laboratory

2. ALS Life Sciences - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

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11 reviews
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ALS Life Sciences
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Address: Av. Dolores 167, Arequipa 04009, Peru

Telephone: +51 54 424570

Business type: Laboratory

ALS Life Sciences: what do users think?
edward yucra
edward yucra: great place to work
Lia HR
Lia HR: All ready
Junior Soto
Junior Soto: It is a very pleasant work environment
Miguel Mamani
Miguel Mamani: A first-class laboratory with state-of-the-art processes
Alberto Martin Zaira Rojas
Alberto Martin Zaira Rojas: One of the best companies and laboratories in Arequipa.
Alembert Portugal
Alembert Portugal: Professionalism at all levels
William Joseli Ortiz
William Joseli Ortiz: Provides alternative solutions in environmental monitoring and analysis

3. Sedapar - Arequipa

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105 reviews
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Address: Virgen del Pilar 1701, Arequipa 04002, Peru

Schedule: Open until 3:15 PM

Telephone: +51 54 606262

Business type: Water utility company

Sedapar: what do users think?
Rick carlos
Rick carlos: Place to do paperwork for water supply.A lot of people and it takes time for $ claims to resolve.To process a new meter directly with the owner, it takes 30 to 50 days and many observations on the plans and indications to correct and to request water pressure at home, it takes 30 to 50 days to be requested in sepadar.there is no guidance... and the abuse of the processors is a high cost.They are the same companies that place the water meters when the contract is made to connect from the main water tube.
Pao Carbajal
Pao Carbajal: The attention was pleasant, but they should have an exclusive box for preferential attention.
Jose Luis Apaza Quispe
Jose Luis Apaza Quispe: I recommend changing the opening hours on your page, because it shows closing at 3.15 and today I arrived at the establishment and closing at the windows shows closing at 3.00 pm sharp and I emphasize "o'clock"
Joseluis Urday
Joseluis Urday: Gentlemen, this is serious, change to the bad element that you have as an operator, morning shift, it is terrible, it has no empathy and I don't know what is in that position that always answers after half an hour. The one on late shift who even identifies himself, Mr. Teof.vilca does it well.
ketty roca
ketty roca: Because they cut off the water, they tell us until when SEDAPARRRR they work and do their job well, for something they are paid they are more competent
Pati Arauzo
Pati Arauzo: On the page they indicate call center numbers. I am trying to communicate since approximately 9 am and they do not answer the calls. The waste of time is unfortunate.
Andrea Marin
Andrea Marin: Does not notify about scheduled outages
Wilson Daniel Apaza Apaza
Wilson Daniel Apaza Apaza: Why don't they update the information about the opening hours? They only serve until 3 pm
Frank Lewis Zambrano Pedraza
Frank Lewis Zambrano Pedraza: Public entity...
Krissie Tupayachi
Krissie Tupayachi: Terrible service at their telephone exchange, 15 minutes on hold and they never respond
Eduardo Leon
Eduardo Leon: (Translated by Google
Puri C
Puri C: A piece of crap I'm calling an hour because of a problem with the drainage box that was flooding my house and they don't answer you're ##### from sedapar.
Francisco López
Francisco López: They serve fast, ok
jonathan jhp nko
jonathan jhp nko: The worst service there can be
Felipe Ramos Mamani
Felipe Ramos Mamani: The bad experience I have is that the telephone operators do not answer, I don't know why they put that option, every communication with an operator practically does not exist.
Eloy Enrique
Eloy Enrique: Mrs. Good afternoonWe urgently need you to solve this incident since other homes are affected without drinking water at home.
Gonzalo Ramos
Gonzalo Ramos: A queue forms outside and the doorman lets you pass according to the procedure you will carry out.
Lulu Rodriguez
Lulu Rodriguez: The requirements for the procedures are on the SEDAPAR page.
Renzo Albarracin Pacheco
Renzo Albarracin Pacheco: Terrible attention in all its areas, the telephone number never answers, its website does not work. It is a company that despite subsisting with the contribution of users gives us a lousy service, they should have trained people and not take advantage to fill it with friends and family
CarlosAlberto Zevallos Gambarini
CarlosAlberto Zevallos Gambarini: Terrible service
riki rios
riki rios: The schedule that appears on the Google map says 3.15pm does not correspond..I went to pay receipt 3.07 pm it was closed.It does not have a schedule at the main door and clear information ... terrible.It does not help the user.

4. Arequipa Peru Temple - Yanahuara

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160 reviews
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Arequipa Peru Temple
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Address: Cusco 115, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +51 54 640300

Business type: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Arequipa Peru Temple: what do users think?
Yumi Angela Arcaya Florez
Yumi Angela Arcaya Florez: The best place on the face of the earth... The Temples. A place full of peace, revelation and inspiration.
Lucia Saldaña
Lucia Saldaña: I loved the temple
Ramiro Urday
Ramiro Urday: The Church of Jesus Christ
Palmas 1 Brazil Brasília Mission
Palmas 1 Brazil Brasília Mission: Sou missionário em Brasília Brasil, e eu sou de AQP, moro lá kkk.Más é lindo o templo, só posso ver ele por fotos.MBB 22-24. EDCM
Germán Abarca
Germán Abarca: A little piece of heaven on earth...
Mario Pari
Mario Pari: The most, a holy place
Eliza: The house of the Lord is a place of Peace and Love on this earth, all
Nilton Revolledo
Nilton Revolledo: The temple of Arequipa, wonderful place. For us members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, let us not forget the importance of the temple in order to be on the path of the sacred covenants. And for the visitors, know that in this temple the presence of God the father and creator dwells and is present; because this temple is on sacred ground that was chosen by him. Let's make our agreements and enjoy that moment of peace that this wonderful place that is the house of God grants..Its surroundings are full of green areas, the maintenance of the temple in its entirety is excellent. There is always staff doing maintenance in some area. Its flowers, its fields and everything around it is something that you can freely enjoy..As for the interior of the temple, we know that only those who have a recommendation from the church can enter. But if you did not have the opportunity, I can tell you that inside you will only find the best, because once again, I repeat, this is the house of the Lord 😊💜
hugo Beltran
hugo Beltran: A very good place clean tidy and quiet
Alberto Perez Perez
Alberto Perez Perez: More than a Church, it looks like Area 51 ... what are they hiding? Why so much surveillance service?It was shocking to me.
Timber: I loved it, I'll be back.
Hugo Herrera
Hugo Herrera: a holy placethe house of the lord
meliza merma quisocala
meliza merma quisocala: Place of wonderful architect and you can also contemplate beautiful landscapes
Virú Pueblo Perú Trujillo South Mission
Virú Pueblo Perú Trujillo South Mission: It's wonderful and glorious to be there
Victor Mamani Mamani
Victor Mamani Mamani: Lugar de fácil acceso desde la plaza Yanahuara a media hora a pie desde el Jr Jerusalén - León Velarde - calle Alfonso Ugarte - Ovalo Cusco - Jr. Cusco y directo al templo.
Sandra Rosmery Gutierrez Llavilla
Sandra Rosmery Gutierrez Llavilla: The Temple of Arequipa is a place that generates tranquility and peace.
Jorge Zeballos
Jorge Zeballos: The fall of God
jorge Herrera
jorge Herrera: Bacam
Miguel: The best place to go to feel an incredible peace, in which you can make special agreements with the Lord, it is a very beautiful place on the outside but what it really means and what it does inside is really beautiful... I invite you to visit it constantly constantly as they have never done, just as the prophet are cordially invited to come and be part of the great work of the Lord
Marco Arana
Marco Arana: Holiness to the Lord, The House of the Lord.A wonderful place to prepare for Eternity.
Alisson Zuni Coa
Alisson Zuni Coa: very nice 3

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