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· 6 reviews

Av Parra 211, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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· 10 reviews

04001, Av Parra 211, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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CLÍNICA LIPO Y LASER: what do users think?
Aldana Daleshka: The best clinic in the universe, the best in 4K liposculpture and lipotransference. Excellent professionals. Beauty and safety in your procedures.
Mirian Ticona: The best in aesthetics, I recommend them 100%
maciel mendoza mendoza: Very good !!!😊excellent professional team...💛🧑‍⚕️👩‍⚕️💯% security 👍
Delia Corrales Castillo: excellent!!! A great team 🤗
Rosa Py: I recommend it, it is the dream aesthetic clinic, because of the excellent professionals it has and also because of the treatment they give you, showing themselves and being so human, empathetic and patient... they help you in an incredible way in your recovery and the results are EXCELLENT ...Thank you Laser Lipo 🤩😍
Yessika Flores: Excellent atention! 👏
Viviana Romero Llave: 100% sure!! Very good team of professionals!!
Jatzel Pastor: Excellent 🌟 super professionals!
Johan Enciso: Excelentes resultados
Ana Campos: La mejor clínica estética, seguridad y muy buenos resultados
DELFOR GAVINO AQUINO: 100% seguridad
Neida Angeli Sarca Humpiri: Lo mejor en Lipoescultura, lipomarcación abdominal y lipotransferencia.

3. Medic Majoor - Yanahuara

· 17 reviews

Trinidad Moran I 3, Urbanización León XIII - Cayma, Arequipa 04000, Peru

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Medic Majoor: what do users think?
magaly luque: Super recommended, I did a variety of treatments and got the best results. I would not change them for nothing. The attention is first class.
Nadia Mejia: I had laser hair removal, among other treatments... excellent, highly recommended, good treatment.
Helen Viviana Barrios Vizcarra: I have laser hair removal sessions with them and from the first session I noticed the changes, I always leave happy!! They are very professional, attentive and friendly! 100% recommended
Magaly Gissel: The attention in all their treatments is A1, I did the waxing and the results are incredible, the staff is very attentive and qualified
Anyela Gahona Hurtado: Excellent experience 👍 in results and attention, they are always aware of how my treatment and comfort are progressing
ale miranda: Very good! 👍🏼
Stefany Mercado: I had a hydrofacial, the attention from the beginning is excellent, 100% recommended!
Milagros Galdos vizcarra: Super recommended, the treatment is very friendly and they are specialists 😍
Marjorie Peñaloza: I had laser hair removal and the results were excellent.
Adriana J Rivaños: Very top treatments! Laser hair removal is excellent, from the first session you already see results and without hurting your skin... Au revoir little hairs!
Silvia Rodríguez: I maintain a treatment for melasma, and I really have big changes, I like to see it reflected, the attention and care are very good. I took advantage of waxing for the first time and the result is amazing. I love it, the care and recommendations are very good. Highly recommended.
Katherine Rodríguez: (Translated by Google
Alejandra Chavez: Excellent attention
Paula Castañeda: Super friendly, from the first appointment the best info and the best, incredible results!!!!
Yuly Guerra: Qualified professionals, very good attention ..!
Nadia Peralta: I recommend the Medic Majoor clinic, very qualified doctors, I recommend Dr. Alexander and Dra. Melania also the physiotherapist Karina; My experience was very satisfactory and satisfied.
Andree Z.: Excellent attention and excellent results.
Peter Amelunxen: Unprofessional office staff.
Patricio Rivaños: It seems to me the best aesthetic clinic in Arequipa, my mother loved the attention and professionalism of Dr. Melania

4. Cirugía Plástica Almendariz - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 6 reviews

Uruguay 205, Arequipa 04009, Peru

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Cirugía Plástica Almendariz: what do users think?
Rousito Luque laura: very good professional
Francis Cervantes: It has more than one deceased patient and a patient who lost the vision of one eye, a terrible clinic, do not go
Alejandra Cuba: Dr. Almendariz is very professional, as is all the staff that collaborates with him. Optimum results.

5. Clinica Revilla - Yanahuara

· 2 reviews

Cayma 04014, Peru

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· 4 reviews

Angamos 101, Yanahuara 04017, Peru

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CIRUJANOS A TU SERVICIO: what do users think?
UNIVERSIDAD DEL SUR: It was complicated at the beginning, there were several touch-ups but now I am satisfied thanks for your patience highly recommended

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