Best Dressage Lessons Arequipa Near Me

1. Club Hípico Los Criollos - Socabaya

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Club Hípico Los Criollos
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Address: Av Salaverry 17, Arequipa 04012, Peru

Schedule: Open until 3:00 PM

Business type: Horse riding school

Club Hípico Los Criollos: what do users think?
zaito alejandro: It is a beautiful place full of trees and large horses
Patricia Hidalgo: The best experience I've had in a long time.What good instructors do they have?Highly recommended
Arturo Carrillo: pure air is breathed
A LICIA: I love this place... They provide personalized riding lessons
Nori Bernedo: Beautiful horses
Carlos Panchi: The place is very pretty, country. It has everything necessary to be a renowned club. The treatment of the teachers with the children is excellent, I recommend it.
José Abraham Romero Díaz: They improve signaling and will be a great taste
jose maria alvarado linares: Very good
Luis Efrain Patiño Abrigo: Nice place brought me memories of yesterday riding a hamster and garrotazo, national champions in equestrian jumping
mayana 22: It is a nice place to learn horse riding, aphipac is also here, an association dedicated to therapy with horses.
Daniel Farfan Enriquez: equestrian competitions
Maritza Salas: Good care clean and lots of green
cesar lazo: Well
Jorge Lazo Rosado: Schöner Reitclub
Renzo Borda: Very nice and neat.
jorge riggenbach: nice and elegant
Juan Carlos Abusada Heresi: Excellent one of the best in Peru
Yanet Cueva: Good place
Pedro Velarde Gómez: BEAUTIFUL
Gisela Ely: Lo máximo!!!
Milagros Gloria Velasco Aza: Lindísimo lugar

2. San Francisco Xavier Graduate School - Yanahuara

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7 reviews
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San Francisco Xavier Graduate School
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Address: Calle Yanahuara, Misti 412, Arequipa, Peru

Schedule: Open until 2:00 PM

Telephone: +51 54 273626

Business type: Graduate school

San Francisco Xavier Graduate School: what do users think?
Ignacio Lizarraga: Business School of high level and trajectory in Arequipa. It offers specialized courses, diplomas and specialized certifications in the legal, business and real estate fields. Great infrastructure and ample space for recreation with modern study premises.
Jose Zevallos: good teaching center

3. Believe Academy - Yanahuara

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17 reviews
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Believe Academy
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Address: Urb. Juan XXIII MZ D, Arequipa 04430, Peru

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +51 915 163 247

Business type: Language school

Believe Academy: what do users think?
Nothing Nothing: Thank you Believe Academy!
ickk ck: I never thought it would be so easy to master the Japanese language, but this Institution made it possible. Thank you Believe!
Camilo Andres Guerrero Rosas: Positive:Communication,Quality
Angela Angermüller Gallegos: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality
Javier Valerio Martínez Álvarez: Professionalism and sympathy
Renata Marinho: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
Leonardo Josue Garcia Salbatierra: Excellent in every way
Yessica Lemus: Positive:Professionalism
Kathy Castillo: Positive:Quality
GERENCIA BELIEVE: Positive:Communication
Mae Yalán: Very good academy, they helped me a lot in the English language.super professionals
DIRECCION ESTRATEGICA: I learned a lot and I lost my fear of speaking, the teachers were very good
Betsy liliana Maestre ariza: Positive:Value

4. CEICA Peru Spanish Language School - Yanahuara

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75 reviews
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CEICA Peru Spanish Language School
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Address: C. los Arces 257-A, Cayma 04017, Peru

Schedule: Open until 3:00 PM

Telephone: +51 51 250722

Business type: School

CEICA Peru Spanish Language School: what do users think?
Thiago Cruz: A escola é incrível, ótimos professores e coordenadores. Acolhem muito bem o estrangeiro, que se sente em casa. Além da qualidade pedagógica, o lugar é muito inspirador, arborizado e iluminado pelo sol arequipeño, um encanto.
Paul Girard: Healthy ambience. They're a supportive family and staff of locals who are charismatic! They genuinely want to help you learn and improve your speaking, listening, reading and comprehension of Spanish. Karla was professional, understanding, grounded yet open to a good laugh while exercising her modalities of teaching. Definitely, I felt at home with Carmen and Sofia because they both shared parenting qualities which demonstrated that they wanted the best for me during my time avaliable to learn. Lessons in the garden whilst in the school environment...Considering all aspects of the school, It felt like a utopia! Lessons, learning and Blessings. Gracias a los todos.
Sandra Schacherer: WE Had a good Look around Arequipa to find the perfect Spanisch school for us and We dicided to go for Ceica, which was a great choice.Although We only stayed one week, We could refresh and improve Our Spanisch a Lot.The nice little Garden where you learn gave it the perfect Ambiente.Besides we also stayed in the Apartment on the second Floor of the school, which We shared with some Others Students.It IS really nice and even has a great balcony.I can highly recommend the school, the teachers (Ada and Rocia), the owner/Organisator Sofia and the Apartment.All the best for you.
Nancy Samson: I highly recommend CEICA Spanish School as it will greatly enhance your ability to communicate in Spanish. It is a warm and comfortable environment (the classes are held outside in a pleasant garden) and the class time flies by quickly. My teacher Ada was very helpful and extremely patient as I worked to improve my basic understanding of Spanish. She was very creative in applying various teaching styles and practices as she pushed me to improve my spanish vocabulary and communication skills beyond the beginner level. It is surprising the amount of progress one can make in a small amount of time while attending the school.
Clemens Schroeder: We stayed in the lovely accommondation in Ceica school for one week and really enjoyed the Spanish course there! Sofia was super helpful with everything and is running a very well organized Spanish school. I learned a lot from my teachers Ada and Rocio, they were super friendly, helpful and always in a good mood. The 1 to 1 course helps a lot to improve your Spanish, I really enjoyed the time at Ceica! Muchas gracias!
Ginny Catanese: I spent a week doing the travelers class at CIECA and had a wonderful time. The space is lovely and my teachers and other staff were wonderful - welcoming and professional. At the end of the week I felt completely satisfied with the level of Spanish I obtained while with them and look forward to continuing to learn while I travel around Peru :)
Jamie T: I had a wonderful experience at CEICA Peru Spanish Language School! It is run by a lovely family who made me feel like part of the family. All the classes are one-on-one and the teachers I had were professional, kind, and made the lessons fun. I signed up for a program where my teacher also guided me through town every afternoon to see the historical sites and learn about Peruvian and Arequipan culture. Sofia, who runs the school, also made all the arrangements for trips to Colca Canyon and Lake Titicaca. I chose to live at the school, where I had a nice suite. Another student lived with a local family. Sofia will arrange whatever accommodations you prefer. I was traveling alone, but didn't feel alone once I arrived at the school. I highly recommend CEiCA Peru!
Daniel Tanner: Ich bezog 2 Wochen à 3 Std. pro Tag Privatunterricht mit Emilio Zuniga. Vom ersten Moment an hatte die Chemie gestimmt. Der Unterricht fand im gut gepflegten Garten im Innenhof statt. Emilio hat den Unterricht auf mich individuell angepasst und ist sehr systematisch vorgegangen. Er hat das Maximum aus mir herausgeholt. Auch das Backoffice unterstützt einen, wenn nötig. Den Unterricht in Ceica und speziell mit Emilio kann ich sehr empfehlen.
Rory White: I spent a week and a half at Ceica Peru and had a great time. The classes were 1 on 1 and my teacher was extremely helpful so my Spanish improved a lot. Everything was very well organised and the service was brilliant. The accommodation was great and in a good location for shops and not far from the centre. And if I ever needed anything e.g. a taxi or medicine, then Sofia was always there to help. I can't recommend Ceica Peru enough.
Annemarie Briggs: Had such a lovely experience at this school, Sofia does an amazing job running the place and making me feel at home while I was staying in the apartment at the school and settling in Arequipa. My teacher was also great and really helped me improve my Spanish so quickly in the 2 weeks I was there. Would recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn Spanish in a comfortable environment and have time to explore the city while you’re there.
Kurt Provost: Positive:Quality,ValueI spent 3 weeks living and studying at Ceica, it was an incredible experience, and exactly what my Spanish needed! Arequipa is a beautiful city to live in, much better than Lima if you're wondering 😆 The one on one tutoring ensured my Spanish improved rapidly, thanks to the great teachers at the school. I can't wait to return!
Kit Garnett: I only intended to stay for 2 weeks but ended up getting lessons for 7! This language school is by far the best, and most affordable, one I've ever been to, I'd thoroughly recommend it. Malena and Ada were amazing teachers and I hope I can come back again one day!
Sarah Hoffmann (S_h_watermelon): Da ich gerade durch Süd- und Mittelamerika reise, habe ich mich dazu entschlossen in Arequipa einen Crash-Kurs Spanisch zu machen-Spanish for Travelers. 20h in 5 Tagen. Ich habe mich super wohl gefühlt und viel Spaß beim Lernen mit meiner Lehrerin Claudia gehabt. Es war eine tolle Zeit, ich habe viel gelernt und auf meine individuellen Bedürfnisse konnte Claudia jeder Zeit super eingehen. Der Unterricht fand auf Grund des schönen Wetters im schattigen Garten statt, was die lockere Atmosphäre noch unterstrichen hat und ich mich nicht in meine Schulzeit zurückversetzt gefühlt hatte, wo man bei jeder Nachfrage des Lehrers halb unter dem Tisch verschwunden ist, um ja nicht dran zu kommen. Ich kann die Schule nur jedem empfehlen. Auch Sofia, die alles super organisiert hat, war sehr nett. Rund um zufrieden. Nun heißt es für mich weiter üben üben üben und die gelernten Grundstrukturen festigen.
Melissa Rogan: I spent 3 weeks studying basic / intermediate spanish here in feb 2020 whilst staying with a host family organised by the school. I cannot rate this school highly enough. The staff and teachers were incredibly accommodating, in that I was able to go through the material at my pace and focus on improving my conversational skills. My lessons each day were conducted one on one in the lovely garden, with the occasional hummingbird dropping by.My host family were lovely and I was able to spend breakfasts and dinners at the table with the family immersing myself in Spanish conversation. Both the school and the homestay in Cayma were a comfortable walking distance (20 minutes) from each other and the main town centre.Would highly recommend to anyone 😊Y gracias de nuevo CEICA por la maravillosa experiencia, ahora yo sueño en español 😊
jürgen barthelmes: in february 2020 i spent three weeks at the Ceica language school. initially i only wanted to take a two weeks course. but i enjoyed it so much, that i decided to stay was obvious that my profesora had a lot of experience with language students, she was able to make difficult contents entertaining for me and the time passed by quickly.i never had the feeling of pressure or that i felt stupid.the textbook was accompanied by short stories, that were really interesting and gave you additional views on latinamerican culture.the lessons generally take place in the garden behind the building. it is quiet there except for the birds (i.e. colibris) that come to visit the garden.i can definitely recommend this school.jürgen barthelmes
Iseul Lim: Very kind and very good study!
Marcin Kurnal: 5 beers and lessons at this school = fluent Spanish.But in all seriousness, great lessons with Ada. Learnt a lot. School missed a bit activities so that’s probably one thing that could be improved.Recommended!
Gavin Greenberg: Had such an incredible experience at this Spanish School. I just finished taking a months worth of classes with Ada. The way Ada taught was just unreal. She kept me focused, interested, and speaking constantly without ever feeling embarrassed by messing up or saying something wrong. I learned way more in this last month than I had in the previous year or trying. I highly recommend Ada and this school.
Jenna Jones: What a great experience! I just spent two weeks 10 hours a week learning Spanish with Janina. She is so welcoming and kind and it put me at ease. Going into my first lesson I was very nervous but as soon as I got to the school I felt very welcomed. From one teacher to another keep up the great work and thank you for a wonderful experience here in Arequipa!
Martha Otice: I spent a month at Ceica School and found it to be a great experience..I gained more knowledge of the Spanish language..the instructors were very competent , especially Sonia..the family of Carmen, Sophia and Jose made me feel welcomed..estoy muy feliz y le recomendaría a Ceica.😊👏👍
Carmen Schuurman: Best experience to learn the basic Spanish language due to a good organisation, teacher Ada and a lovely family stay in Arequipa

5. Peruvian German Cultural Institute - Arequipa

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16 reviews
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Peruvian German Cultural Institute
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Address: C. Ugarte 207, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Schedule: Closing soon: 12:45 PM

Telephone: +51 958 796 299

Business type: Language school

Peruvian German Cultural Institute: what do users think?
Analu Mejia: Good attention.
Andrea Villena Caceres: Incredible
Alvaro Umpiri: Pleasant, good native teachers. Their only problem is that there are few students and you cannot progress that well
Jose Ignacio Terán: I am going to assess it exclusively for the building, I have no information or experience to assess the teaching that is taught in this center
Karol Bernabé Mogrovejo: I love this institute, even though the classes are small, they are quite welcoming. Something that makes me very funny is that each class has a particular name like "Das Geisterhaus".The teaching is very good, and the teachers are first class.
Axel Jogia: Brilliant
Elver Huancahuire Alama: German Peruvian Institute prima¡¡¡¡

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