Best Discotheques Mature Arequipa Near Me

PETER Hospedaje - Restaurante - Disco Bar Imperio Freetown Papos Disco Pub XXXXX Deja Vu Forum Boxes Karaoke Limbo Disco Bar Amnesia Club Patria 209 Feel Your Voice - Licoreria /Tragos a Delivery en Arequipa Feeling's Karaoke Jazvi Pub Qochamama PARAISO'S DISCOPUB

1. PETER Hospedaje - Restaurante - Disco Bar - Miraflores

路 69 reviews

E-4, Arequipa 04004, Peru

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PETER Hospedaje - Restaurante - Disco Bar: what do users think?
Melvin Fern谩ndez: Traditional and cozy place in the Las Palmeras urbanization in the Miraflores district, ideal for having a good time as a couple.
Julian Ninaa condori: Privacy and all its splendor
Jos茅 Guti茅rrez: 馃憤馃嵒馃憤馃嵒馃憤
Elmer C茅sar Dongo Arrasco: Private and comfortable 馃槈
Luis Carlos Apaza Zulca: Nice place
Adolfo Vilca: Very funny
Juan mart铆n Campos preciado: very good place
percy huarsaya: for being very useful
Zebra Technologies Peru: Excellent service
Richar Tulumba huaratapairo: The maximum
Abigail Jfb: A quiet place to drink
Vale Pizarro: nice place
Paolita Rojas: Good attention
Davis Canazas: It is a place where they offer a lot of alcohol
sergio mendieta: A quiet and cozy place to rest
djjavier tbecas: More or less it's just a transit hotel
El Bc: (Translated by Google
Aldo Cari: Lack of warmth in attention.
Debbie: For your privacy and tranquility
Ismael Arosquipa churata: good bar

2. Imperio Freetown - Arequipa



路 1 reviews

C. Jerusal茅n 201i, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

3. Papos Disco Pub - Arequipa

路 79 reviews

C. Palacio Viejo 111, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website
Papos Disco Pub: what do users think?
Henry Mamonte: no more
danirus H H: Is working?
HUBERT FELIPE VALDIVIA ROJAS: Regular atmosphere and low prices
Aaron daniel Huancoyo: Cozy
Alejandro arturo Bellido maxi: There more or less
Papi El: More or less
Guido German Huanca Carbajal: A good place to share a moment with friends, although the drinks are not that good
Edgar Perales: It's not bad but there are better
Anper03 An: Good place
juan carlos cahuana velasquez: Bad place to socialize, a lot of alcoholics.
Miguel Puma: Cslets
wilber vara pohcco: A good place for fun
Rocely Maria Perez Marroquin: Very nice, I had fun and the music was super
Jose Angel Peinado Hernandez: Excellent
bryan tapia salazar: Excellent place
Luis G, Alarcon: Bad, not recommended place
diegon04: lack of attention

4. SUMMER PARTY - Arequipa

路 0 reviews

Rep煤blica de Chile 202, Arequipa 04001, Peru


5. XXXXX - Arequipa

路 4 reviews

C. Zela 501, Cercado de Lima 04001, Peru

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6. ENIGMA La Nuit - Yanahuara

路 3 reviews

Tronchadero 307, Yanahuara 04017, Peru

ENIGMA La Nuit: what do users think?
Frank Choque: They ran me out we no mmn
leomar rivero: Is very good

7. Deja Vu - Arequipa

路 1050 reviews

C. Zela, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Deja Vu: what do users think?
Patricia C: I liked the electronic area on the terrace but they closed it, I hope they open it soon 馃憣馃徎
Angelica Almeida: Very good especially their BBQ wings and their mojitos
Anita G.: We went on different occasions and well, now we ordered different cocktails at the bar on the first floor and they did not prepare us properly as they did before.I hope they improve and hit the spot like before or improve their staff.
Raysa De Los Milagros Figueroa Turpo: full music
RAFAEL GARC脥A-GODOS SALAZAR: A mandatory place for those who want to enjoy Arequipa's nightlife. Two environments, one with pachanga music, the other, on the terrace, electronic.
Steve Nicol谩s Brice帽o Z煤帽iga: Don't worry...
John Ch.: The music was better before ...pandemic
carlos perez: It is a place for young people, with very good electronic music, there are many girls hunting tourists, 10 years ago it was a very nice place!
Enribel Ram铆rez: Food was top notch but the music passed from one genre to another without no connection and that bothers me,if you're a musical person like me who thrives in a good music place,don't go here,if you are in need for good food and a few drinks (as I desperately needed) go here but like me you will find the music annoying by a total of 1 hour.
Nelly Lidia Benavides: Nice place to have fun, good service, good music
Noelia Castelo: Good atmosphere to meet with friends, share some appetizers, have a few drinks 馃檪馃憤
Alexandra Hancco: Good atmosphere and music were good
Elio Marquez: Horrible
Image 7colors: Excellent place to enjoy a pleasant experience 馃檪
Miguel Angel Alvarado Alonzo: Good atmosphere and good drinks
juan jose osorio martinez: Good place to dance with a group of friends
Carlos Alberto Romero Hoyos: Quiet place where you can talk on the terrace, super youthful

8. Dr. Shot - Arequipa

路 12 reviews

Cl. San Francisco 302-A, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Dr. Shot: what do users think?
gian marco s huillca: Quiet place, excellent as ta drink and dance
Patty Banda: Good attention, good music, full fun
Twei: "Nice local" lousy attentionI was in this place long enough to see that the staff is nothing short of inhumane with their customers, to those who are drunk, not the slightest consideration, from the security guards who are at the door to the bar that serves the public, totally taken advantage of the clienteleAny place with people who have some ethics would be responsible for the state of their customers, because this place not only does not do it but also takes advantage of their drunken state. Zero empathy, more than for the fact that "if you consume it doesn't matter, keep going"
Mirian Esquivel Cahuna: So bad
Anuj Waldia: Great music and ambiance
Elio Marquez: I don't like it, the attention is careless and the clients have no control.
Ryan MacDonald: Bouncer tried to get us to bribe him for money on a Sunday night when the place was empty. Nahhh
Lizzie Montesinos: Bad environment, lousy attention...
讬住诪讬谞讛: No dj during the week but nice
erick jhesus Elias: Horrible, I thought it was a registered place, nothing to do with the daiqiris, they are outrageous, the only thing they sell is beer, and the same day that I went, the security beat a boy among 5 people who got into trouble because he didn't want to pay
Joaquin Lamborda: The best place in Arequipa
Sofia Loaiza: If you want to drink and dance a bit... It's okay, but the atmosphere is not very nice and they repeat songs all the time.

9. Forum - Arequipa

路 283 reviews

Hall Central, 2do nivel Parque Cruce de Av. Lambramani con Av., Av. los Incas, Arequipa, Peru

Forum: what do users think?
Har Lop: Fun, music, dance
Alizia Cuadros: It was great! Too bad it's closed now. I hope it's only temporary.
Santiago Vargas: A place with another style of care
Javier Conde Ponce: Excellent service and tacos with their Mexican corn.
Jesus Egoabil: Ideal place to chat pleasantly
Marcelo Zubia: Good place, but they exaggerate with the prices and the music is not that good.
Jania Rodriguez Butron: I like it a lot to go out for dinner.
Candy Condori: 馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤
Mauricio Emilio Ramos Cornejo: Good atmosphere, good service
Jackeline Juliana Rodriguez Paco: You have to improve.
Luis Miguel PM: Good place for previews
Lusani: Ok
Nilda Palma: Nice music
Luis Angel: Regular atmosphere, lousy music.
SAM TR: The place is very nice and the people who serve are very friendly.
elvis carlos: In the afternoon the bar is great for conversation.
Elba Villanueva: If you are looking for a nice place, good music, good service, a varied menu of drinks and snacks, this is the place.First floor only bar, free entrance. Second floor nightclub Income paid.After five years it is always the first option compared to other places.Highly recommended!!!
Lisel: I recommend it
Jesus Delgado: Very good
Marcos Pinto Valdivia: lousy music
Andreina Bracho: Excellent place to have a good time and have fun, good music and attention

10. Boxes Karaoke - Arequipa

路 215 reviews

HFQC+FF4, Av. Dolores, Arequipa 04002, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Boxes Karaoke: what do users think?
franck monteagudo: Food: 1/5|Service: 2/5|Atmosphere: 3/5More
Elizabeth Bejar: Terrible place, both as a worker and as a client, I worked one night in the place, because they required staff and I went, they scammed me with a false bill as payment, when I went and complained, the manager or supervisor hid and did not show his face, the person who It was the administrator who took care of me who lacks the capacity to manage said place, in the end they did not pay me what they owed me, they very arrogantly denied me any solution, and they refused to pay me for the work, they pay 60 soles a night for 7 hours, they keep 35% of the tip you generate, it is advisable to tip them in cash if you want it, and as a customer they take a long time to serve you, they deny food products, they prioritize those who pay or ask for the most, and those who they don't just leave you waiting, lousy place, I don't recommend it for work or to go and eat
Lucia Ramos: very dreary
Leonardo Favio Velasquez Mendoza: Good place to go with friends, with good drinks and decent food.
Raquel Silloca Castro (Pandita :3): A good place to hang out with friends. The food and drinks very rich.
Hugo Tumpay Pizarro: very excellent
Luis: Good food
Francisco Iv谩n Arag贸n Parra: It is a very good place to spend singing. Delicious food and drinks too. We were attended by Montserrat who was very kind. Good one!
Yuli Nieto: 35 the private box, good service, good attention
Suleyka Aguirre: Excellent place to sing, to go in a duo or private groups 馃憦
cecilia lar: You do not pay entrance, only consumption but... I did not like the drinks, they had no flavor, the attention was very regular.
Mario Gamero Diaz: Excellent placeExcellent service
Javier Angel Rodriguez: Piola, to share with friends!!!
Image 7colors: Excellent place, pleasant with ample space for group enjoyment, a first-rate environment for all ages!
Edison Luigi Madue帽o Ponce (Edi): An exclusive place, with excellent attention and privacy, recommended
Carmen Albarracin: super place!!!!! I had so much fun!!!!!
Abimael Saico: The best in karaoke.. It gives you privacy and comfort..
Sergio Rodriguez Bom Simas: Privacy, attention to detail
Alejandra Obando: The last time I went, it was many years ago and the experience was very bad back then. Today I was invited to a birthday there, and I see that the service has improved a lot. There is still room to continue growing and improving, but I have a pleasant experience today.I hope they continue like this
Gabriel Puma: It has several pleasant environments.

11. Limbo Disco Bar - Jos茅 Luis Bustamante y Rivero

路 2 reviews

C. 10, Jos茅 Luis Bustamante y Rivero 04009, Peru

Address Website

12. Amnesia Club - Jos茅 Luis Bustamante y Rivero

路 2 reviews

Av. Dolores 119, Jos茅 Luis Bustamante y Rivero 04002, Peru

Address WhatsApp

13. Disco Bna - Arequipa

C. Mercaderes 404, Arequipa 04001, Peru


14. Patria 209 - Yanahuara

路 1068 reviews

Tronchadero 209, Cayma 04017, Peru

Address WhatsApp

15. vyp - Arequipa

C. G贸mes S谩nchez 210, Arequipa 04001, Peru


16. Feel Your Voice - Licoreria /Tragos a Delivery en Arequipa - Arequipa

路 1 reviews

C. Peral 211 - A, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Feeling's Karaoke - Jos茅 Luis Bustamante y Rivero

路 2 reviews

Urb. Los Naranjos J - 16, Av. Dolores, J.L, Jos茅 Luis Bustamante y Rivero, Peru

Address WhatsApp

18. Jazvi Pub - Paucarpata

路 108 reviews

Av. Mariscal Castilla 2006, Paucarpata 04007, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Qochamama - Arequipa

路 565 reviews

C. Ugarte 300, Cercado De Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

20. PARAISO'S DISCOPUB - Paucarpata

路 2 reviews

Jesus 2024, Paucarpata 04007, Peru


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