Best Courses Schools Dubbing In Arequipa Near Me

Universidad Católica San Pablo Santa Catalina Monastery Universidad Privada Autónoma del Sur La Salle University Universidad Privada de Ciencias de la Salud Catholic University of Santa María CoolBox Cibertec Autonomous University San Francisco Cinépolis - Arequipa Center

1. Universidad Católica San Pablo - Arequipa

· 216 reviews

Urb. Campiña Paisajista, s/n, Quinta Vivanco, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Universidad Católica San Pablo: what do users think?
Aishwary Shukla: Very good
vibha v: UCSP has a strong research focus, and its faculty members are actively involved in research in various fields. The university has several research centers and institutes, including the Institute of Bioethics, the Institute of Social Research, and the Institute of Energy and Environment.
Geetu Girotra: Education facilities mainly in face-to-face learning format
karthik palani: Good university
David JCV: Great University
mahesh shivamurti: University structure is very good 👍🏻
Vijay Sukka: Good university for students
Roshni Gupta: Good university for study
Abhishek Bapat: Excellent to study
mounika sanke: Nice place to study
Anoop Gupta: Magical moments...and excited to share the experiences
prawej alam: Good University for a reason
Mohammed Farmaan: One of the best universities in San Pablo.
LALMAHAMMAD SHAIK: It's good , learned lot of life skills
Rekha Singh Bidlan: Great place
Rahul Kumar: One of the great University
Rocky Singh: Great institution for higher studies
Taruneema Pal: Great place to study and nice opportunity to develop career.
Arvind Chikale: Very nice
Anandan Dey: San Pablo catholic University is one of the biggest University with lush green field and pleasant environment which make academics and study more fun
rathnakar reddy: Good

2. Santa Catalina Monastery - Arequipa



· 6571 reviews

Santa Catalina 301, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Santa Catalina Monastery: what do users think?
Carmen Alvarez: Visited on Weekend Wait time 1 hr+ Reservation recommended YesMore
Marilú Pinedo: Visited on WeekendMore
Rudy Wong: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended YesMore
Carlos Eduardo Mendoza Olivera: A beautiful and historical place in Arequipa
Lucio Ernesto Velarde Robles: Visited on Weekend Reservation recommended NoMore
Keen Torres Gallardo: Very attractive historical placeVisited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Elaine Rodrigues: Sensacional a história deste lugar, uma cidade dentro de outra, uma vida de clausura, somente visitando para conseguir entender.
Miguel Angel Alvarez: The Monastery keeps a part of the history of Arequipa from the viceregal era until the previous century, you can appreciate what the life of the religious women of that time was like. The buildings, paintings and objects are of high historical value, pride for the Arequipeños and Peruvians who have visited
Andrew Betts: Superbly preserved, and well explained in Spanish and English throughout. Took us 90 minutes, self guided. Huge.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Philip Attukadavil: A wonderful must see place in Arequipa. An ancient but elegant monument, worth visiting. One of my favorite places in Arequipa
Manuel Martin: Must visit if you are in Arequipa
Warthongful: It was going back in time with spectacular views
German Jesus Zapata: If or if take some time to visit this place.
JANNE POVIS: !! Y sacas buenas fotitos de recuerdo !!!(Translated by Google
Piero Alarcon: Spectacular!! As everyone says, if you go to Arequipa this is a point that you should go to anyway!
Ornella: Molto suggestivo. Un tuffo nel passato. Le guide sono dolcissime e vale assolutamente la pena fare un giro con loro.
Daniela Diazgranados Ortiz: Beautiful place full of stories and culture, the only bad thing was that a guide was not very friendly, so we decided to do the tour without a guide
Senna: A great way to spend a few hours of your day, and an absolute recommendation for Antigua. The monastery is very big, and there are signs in almost every room explaining the significance of certain tools/spaces in English and Spanish. I would say you won't necessarily need a tour if you search for the info signs.The colours are lovely, and it's just beautiful all around. Perfect place to learn some history.Only downside were the prices, they are quite high at 45PEN for an adult.
María Daniela Cano: Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended NoMore
bubble Globos: Wait time No waitMore

3. Universidad Privada Autónoma del Sur - Arequipa

· 11 reviews

Sebastian Barranca 208, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Universidad Privada Autónoma del Sur: what do users think?
Jesus Rojas: This place is no longer the Autonomous University of the South, it is now CAYETANO HEREDIA Institute.
fabian surco: cheat guys with that alone I say everything
Kevin Ronald Q.: The worst university charges dearly, they do not have a license and their secretaries are chaos, not recommended, there is no preparation for the future or good students for the future
Janno: , no hay espacio ni para considerarlo escuela, traes auto? Ni hay para parquear, lugar para descansar en los break? Osea por la calle, laboratorios de primaria, probable dueño es un congresista.(Translated by Google
Scarlet: excellent education
Marco Antonio Romero Vargas: Private university place of study
Wilmer Paredes: very good
OMAR ZEBALLOS: Teaching quality, a family

4. La Salle University - Arequipa

· 39 reviews

Av. Alfonso Ugarte 517, Arequipa 04011, Peru

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La Salle University: what do users think?
Carlos Valdivia: All good, but they never answer the calls
Milagros Zegarra: all excellent
Félix Asunción Cuadros García: Excellent reception.
Joaquin Gabriel Ampuero Ponce De Leon: Excelente
Jose Banda: Very good University.
Nayiba Fadel Manrique: Excellent University, guaranteed prestige
Marcelo Pinto: It is a good university, it is small but it has excellent professors
dakota balmaseda: How much is the pension hehe
Jefferson Helmer Vera Cruz: very good university
Dany Manuel Rodriguez Mendoza: The best
Williams Prada: Little by little, it acquires prestige. soon the best
Lenin Rivera Pérez: In progress. ...

5. Universidad Privada de Ciencias de la Salud - Arequipa

· 11 reviews

Ernesto Novoa Loreto 401, Arequipa 04013, Peru

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Universidad Privada de Ciencias de la Salud: what do users think?
sachin thakur: It's totally scam. As i was connected and said to give 5star and i will be paid for it. As they do for many hotels and restaurants also. As they say to contact Winni16957 on telegram. After that they say you to pay money and don't return anything
Rohan Chaudhary: Amazing ambience, good people , positive aura! ❤️
lal verma: Bad University
vajeeha banu: Good institute for students future endeavors
Rishav Sharma: Very good place please visit once
Ashi Gupta: Good university with amazing environment and culture
Suraj Jose: Great experience
Uday Bhargav: good one
Sahebhussain Peerjade: Great place To work
Bhavika Vyas: Saras
ricky max: The education level of this is very nice.
Ramesh Gain: Google
santosh hegde: Good place
atul walunj: Nice
Anup kumar: Very good University, very nice campus
santosh bhosale: Very good culture. Good environment
Ranjith M: Great University.
RAM: Nice campus to study
Moumita Mondal: Nice campus and Best institute for studies...

6. Catholic University of Santa María - Arequipa

· 324 reviews

Urb. San José, San Jose s/n, Yanahuara, Peru

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Catholic University of Santa María: what do users think?
MaVa: Bn
Anibal Diaz: neat modern
Erick Sin Calzones: nice and proper
Rivaldo Alegria: Brilliant
José Andrés NV: Being a former student, it is sad to describe my "alma mater" in this way. But it is necessary to emphasize that the institution is in decline in terms of innovation, academic model, research and professors. The reflection is that the university no longer appears for many years in any ranking at the national level, much less internationally. The experience in administrative issues and paperwork is very poor, not to say unbearable. There are better academic alternatives, since being a private university there are options that give more value to your money and your education.
Wanditonet Studios: It looks like school 🏫😴
saurav suman: It is a very clean, orderly university, it has adequate environments and laboratories for learning.
itz chandu: Beat university
Gustavo Herrera Lazo: Totally deficient attention, a very bad experience, 3-hour queues to be attended because they only have one secretary for 300 students, many administrative problems since most of the queries are about enrollment issues, courses, etc.
Mia Meza: Someone please recommend private universities in Arequipa943 544 972
Marita Meneses: Of the best
Briana A. Carpio: excellent teaching
Giovanni Loza: Es una universidad muy limpia, ordenada, tiene ambientes adecuados y laboratorios para aprender.
Nayeli Sanchez Garcia: Linda infraestructura, espaciosa con ascensor y rampasUna universidad muy bonita con oportunidades para viajar a estudiarCuenta con cursos de idiomas y computación
John Hower Mamani Ayque: Bad attention
Carlos Ernesto Llerena Botto: The facilities of the CATÓLICA UNIVERSITY OF AREQUIPA are modern and perhaps have a well-equipped laboratory, however...With the sole purpose of economic profit, it has become a large CEMENT JUNGLE.There are no more green areas from before, spaces for recreation and sociability for students no longer exist.* It is a clean, safe, modern but not nice space.
Alfredo Lazarte Villacorta: Adequate Infrastructure and in full consolidation and growth
Bernardo Rivera: Good study environment
Juan Diego Mendoza Ibañez: My university
Raul Paredes: One of the best Universities

7. HD Importaciones - Arequipa

· 61 reviews

Av. Jorge Chávez 213, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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HD Importaciones: what do users think?
Waly Nunez: Good offers
Raffa Rodriguez: If you want to spend, fine.
Yarleni Coronado: Very small
Juan Medrano: various dishes
Christian Mancilla: There are things at good prices
Angel Nicanor Chu Zamudio: Very beautiful
JHOAN JOEL ESTRADA MEGO: Interesting store you find everything, at an import price. We find this store in La Goyoneche, near the mill where they sell cell phones, cell phone protectors......also in front we find small Movistar and Bitel stores...
Paul Efrain Apolaya Martinez: good products
Rober Rodríguez: It is very good a beautiful clean environment and above all good attention starting from the security personnel
Pamela Barra Pinto: Well.
Anyela Guzman: Missing more things
Katherine Neves: Everything in Chinese operation
Oscar: Variety of products in general Chinese products
Melina Fernandez: no good products
JOSEFINA: Sale of varied items all imported from china
Paul Bautista: It is a store with a wide variety of products, on a busy avenue like Goyeneche, some prices are good, but not all of them always have to ask...
olenka llamoca: It has a wide variety of products, but be careful with the prices, because there are cheap products and products that seem cheap and are not.
Jaime Alarcón: They sell cheap but low-quality household items, and more of the same
Delia Angélica: San Lazáro Church heritage of Arequipa.
Luis Bellorín: Excellent attention
Alejandra Andrade: I used to like it, but it doesn't have new things anymore

8. CoolBox - Yanahuara

· 48 reviews

Centro Comercial Cayma, Tiendas 19-20-22, Av. Ejercito, Cayma, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
CoolBox: what do users think?
CESAR DFS: modern
Khey Palomino: Interesting
Helmer ramirez bustamante: Today they deceived me in the Cayma store, selling me an echo show 5, making me believe that it is from the fifth generation, when in fact it is from the second generation. I hope that in the next few days they will change the product.
Amell Tejada: Good attention
gabo skere: Very bad I arrived excited to buy some wireless headphones and the attention was terrible on the part of a lady who only had eyes on her cell phone and when she went to sit down I bought the headphones that I currently have in that store but the bad attention forced me not to buy any
Lacrixupt: It has everything in terms of accessories if you are looking for a quick exit or you are missing a cable it is according to the place to get out of trouble.
José Rolando Diban Valdez: It solves all my electronic problems, chargers, speaker cables, etc. Once a defective product came and they changed it without problems, there are interesting things, mini drones, old radios and turntables with bluetooth, etc. Cheve that store.
Anthony Starc: I always buy my cell phones here, at coolbox, very good prices and promotions, and above all, a guarantee.
Yeny Arali Sequeiros Catalan: Variety in technology
john Villa: variety of products
bryan rafael huacho: good promotions
Miguel Salas: Technological here it is!!!!!
Carlos Javier: Good attention... You can try the articles without any problem, they guide you and recommend articles...
Randú Chale: Good deals are on sale
Daniel Concha: Excellent atention
Carlofranco Ruiz Daza: Central location. It is not very crowded or crowded. The store follows the protocols and controls the capacity
Michael Yanqui (Gato): I am from Arequipa and I went to the Army Av store and what I did not like was that the staff is not well informed about the items they sell such as battery life and benefits or advantages and disadvantages of some products
Josef Essenwanger: Cool

9. Cibertec - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 24 reviews

Av. Porongoche 500, Paucarpata 04002, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Cibertec: what do users think?
Stancy Caceres: No lo recomiendo para quienes quieren horarios flexibles, ya sea porque trabajan o otro motivo.Al igual que la enseñanza y la organización que tiene la institución, al principio de mi carrera todo iba bien, pero ahora puedo decir que me quedo decepcionada de Cibertec.
Erick eeuu: Los profesores son muy creidos y encima se creen muy profesionales que trabajan por lastima así nos dijeron como 4
Jorge Luis Choque Salazar: Pésimo con los horarios, argumentan que dan flexibilidad cuando es todo lo contrario, mal trato por parte de la administración
Fidel Figueroa: good infrastructure
DiegoIshyan: I do not recommend it at all, they have a very poor attention and they give you many turns to undo the registration, I have been with this problem for 3 years
Lito cruz: I am a parent, I am going to suggest that the exams should be taken during class hours because my son works and it is not fair that they should be taken at night and until long hours in the morning since the next day many have to get up early to work I will appreciate it please take note thank you very much
Danny PDG94: Do not expect much from this institution, it disappoints you more and more
Joaquin Zevallos yufra: A complete robbery does not help or solve only those who do not write money to their children on this site a comet scam
Kevin Astuhuaman: I thought the campus was bigger
Mendicel7: They are a gang of scammers who take advantage of the pandemic to profit illegally
Luis Morales: One of the best institutes to learn design and communication
Franklin Yerson Huaranga Marin: The classrooms and security areas are very well distributed, it has all the security implements
Yeni Herrera: I am the mother of one of the students...what happens is the beginning...very good...but later...the worst...only screen...when I send emails...they never read them they wash their hands...they don't solve the problems...say they send an email to Lima...and you never get an answer and meanwhile your children miss school...Today August 25...and nothing so's been more than a week since I sent emails to Mr. Nuñez and nothing.WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Flores Cueva: A place treated me very well with kindness and respect.
Anthony RA: Good site
Carlos Calla: The largest Institute in the country, excellent level of training, very good human team. It is a pleasure to be part of the CIBERTEC family.
Erick Rendon: I don't like their facilities :/
k ec: (Translated by Google
Kevin Alvarado: A very small space but with good teachers
Woz Smirnovff: Excepcional

10. Autonomous University San Francisco - Tiabaya

· 10 reviews

H92X+5VH, Tiabaya 04013, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

11. Cinépolis - Arequipa Center - Cerro Colorado

· 2372 reviews

Arequipa Center, Aviación 602, Cerro Colorado, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

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