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1. Arequipa's Cooking Classes - Yanahuara

· 5 reviews

Mz K Lt 1B, Segundo Piso Avenida Trinidad Moran Cayma, Cercado de Arequipa 04014, Peru

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Arequipa's Cooking Classes: what do users think?
Ray Franco Correa Arquiñejo: Don't call that number, it doesn't exist anymore.
Fernando Maquedano: Amazing place; Chef is super knowledgeable and his passion for food and Arequipa made the experience truly unforgetable! I learned more about Peru here than in any museum! You learn all the stories about Peruvian cuisine and Peruvian culture, and of course food was delicious.
Mie Winstrup: We spend a lovely sunday at Arequipa Cooking class making delicious peruvian food.

2. Uchu Cooking Classes Arequipa - Arequipa



· 2 reviews

Cusco 203, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Uchu Cooking Classes Arequipa: what do users think?
Lieke Milder: This fairly new cooking class is of really good value. Chef Harol taught us classic Peruvian dishes like ceviche, lomo saltado and as a dessert the famous 'Pisco Sour'. These dishes aren't too complicated, but they were full of flavour. Weird to say about something you prepared yourself, but it was the best ceviche and lomo saltado I've had so far, and I tried many more before in my travels. Also the place is cosy and the kitchen is spotless.
Michi Niederberger: I loved it! Great experience - had a great time, definitley recommend!

3. cooking classes Peruvian Flavor - Arequipa

· 15 reviews

Violín 102, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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cooking classes Peruvian Flavor: what do users think?
Abhishek Warrier: I recently had the pleasure of attending a Peruvian cooking class organized by the talented chef Arthur, and I must say, it was a fantastic experience!From the moment I walked into the class, I could feel the passion and expertise of Chef Arthur. He had everything set up perfectly, with all the necessary ingredients and cooking tools neatly arranged on the countertops.The class began with an introduction to Peruvian cuisine, and Chef Arthur gave us a brief history of the different flavors and ingredients that make up this unique culinary tradition. He also provided us with helpful tips on how to properly prepare and cook each dish.Throughout the class, Chef Arthur was patient and engaging, guiding us through the steps of preparing a delicious Peruvian meal. We learned how to make classic dishes such as Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, Chicha Morada and Pisco Sour, and each one turned out absolutely delicious.One thing that really stood out to me was Chef Arthur's attention to detail. He made sure that each dish was perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection, and he was always on hand to answer any questions we had.Overall, I would highly recommend Chef Arthur's Peruvian cooking class to anyone who loves to cook or is interested in learning more about this fascinating cuisine. Chef Arthur's passion for cooking and his knowledge of Peruvian cuisine make this class an unforgettable experience that I would definitely attend again.
Felice Rivellese: Amazing experience. Arthur was very welcoming, more than just explaining and guiding you through the recipes he shared his love for his country and the Peruvian cousine. This is a true experience, not simply a touristic activity. You get to use a professional kitchen and Arthur shares a few basic techniques for cutting, stir frying etc If you are in Arequipa and you like cooking/eating (no previous experience is needed) this shouldn't be missed!!
Mareike Englich: Toller Kochkurs, leckeres Essen, schöne ErfahrungHat unseren Aufenthalt in Arequipa bereichert ☺️
Katie Killeen: This class was one of the highlights of our trip in Peru! Learned so much about cooking from Arthur. The ceviche and lomo saltado were top quality and we done everything from scratch ourselves. Lots of fun too 😊
Charlotte Kuziek: Wir haben einen Kochkurs mit Arthur gemacht und es war einfach fantastisch. Wir hatten eine tolle Truppe und jede Menge Spaß. Da wir nicht so gerne Fisch essen, konnten wir alternativ zu Ceviche, Causa de Pollo zubereiten. Wir können den Kurs in jedem Fall weiterempfehlen!
David Scheppus: Super Kochkurs! Wir haben extrem viel Wissen vermittelt bekommen. Jeder konnte alle Schritte selber machen und dazu seine Messerfertigkeiten ausbessern. Wir haben uns gefühlt wie richtige Kochlehrlinge! Wir haben zwei Gänge gekocht und bekamen noch Getränke dazu. Absolute Empfehlung für alle Koch- und Essensbegeisterte aller Niveaus!
Simon Schneider: This cooking class was great! We learned about cooking techniques, knive skills, perviuan food culture, a bit about food science and the best recipes for ceviche and lomo saltado.Compared to other cooking classes this one does not skip the most interesting steps and you will cook everything from scratch. Arthur can share his cooking knowledge in fluent english (and surprisingly with bits of Dutch, German and other languages).The class was fun and he encouraged the communication between guests. We even finished the afternoon with the other participants in a bar closeby.Two nitpicks: the knives were a bit dull and I would have loved to also learn a classic Arequipan dish.
Denise: Very good experience! Besides the recipes we also learned a lot about cooking techniques. Making the lomo saltado was very spectacular with a LOT of fire. Also it was the best lomo saltado i have eaten in peru!
Peter Pan: Strong recommendation! Arthur has lived in Europe for several years, speaks an excellent English and will explain not only explain some technical details but also how you will be able to make your delicious meals at home when not all ingredients are easily available. Great teacher with much knowledge.
Connor: We absolutely loved our cooking class through Peruvian flavours. Arthur taught us some culinary tricks to improve our cooking at home, took time to describe the dishes and steps ahead of time, and was very helpful during the cooking process. He was very engaging, had fantastic English and even took pictures and videos throughout the class for us! Can't recommend this enough!
Martin Einarsson: Great experience! Arthur is a very pedagogical teacher that explains and shows how things should be done and then you try it yourself. We did the Criollo menu and both the Ceviche and Lomo Saltado de Alpaca turned out great. Highly recommended!
J J: Fabulous cooking class and experience with Arthur, highly recommend!!
Ninja R.: Me and my partner went to do the Criollo cooking class. It was an amazing experience!!! Super tasty welcome cocktail and the chef and owner of the rather fancy restaurant is a great teacher, providing us with tons of new information and knowledge. Super fresh and beautiful ingredients and a great outcome. Amazing value for money, we loved it. If we had more time in Arequipa, we would do the other two menus as well. Thank you so much for the lovely afternoon.
Victor Liu: Cordón Blue style of instruction.. my sister and I cook casually at home but we were able to follow along with Chef Arthur. He explained the subtleties very well. The Chupe de Camarones and Rocoto Relleno rivales the ones made by the Picanterias :). I will definitely be coming back for more classes next week. I've done cooking classes in Napa Valley in California before and this was way better. High value, under marketed. Can't miss!
Brent Bovenzi: Amazing cooking class. Food came out incredible. Instructor was super informative and friendly. Even gave us a ton of tips to enjoy our stay in Arequipa.
Jane Z: The chef and restaurant owner had enormous knowledge with Peruvian cuisine. Trained and worked in the Michelin star restaurant in France in his previous life. The class is delivered very professionally and super organized. The commercial kitchen is THE place to learn cooking. Being a semi professional chef myself highly recommend it.
Clothilde Petitjean: Cooking classes at Arthur's restaurant are an amazing experience ! Arthur's is not reluctant to share his technics and is really a good teacher ! I also recommend going on the market tour with him, he knows his way around ;-)
Joe Mou: Chef Arthur is a great teacher! Dishes were made with great quality in an excellent commercial kitchen.
Xander Macfarlane: Arthur is a true expert. Ceviché was outstanding
Charles CG: Très agréable. Le chef Arthur est passionné et très gentil. Une expérience mémorable 😃

4. Peruvian Cooking Experience - Arequipa

· 17 reviews

Av. San Martin 116, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Peruvian Cooking Experience: what do users think?
Joost de Groot: Unfortunately, not a very good experience. The class started late. During the class “experience” it was not clear what was going to be cooked. No recipes were provided to the people participating. Following we solely needed to cut some food preparing for the cooking which was done by the instructor and not by the participants. Cooking techniques were not clear. The dishes were not tasteful. All in all a strange and disappointing experience.
Rik Kotter: We booked a cooking class this morning through our hostel that was supposed to be at 4pm (they also have an 11am option). However, slightly after 11am they called us to cancel our class. Since we're leaving tomorrow to Colca Canyon and the morning class has just started, that means we can't a cooking class anymore in Arequipa because of this cancellation.Although we would have still preferred the 4pm option, would they have communicated earlier that they would cancel it, we could've lived with the menu of the morning class, but not even that was possible now.And yes, we know today is the feast of Santa Rosa de Lima (a holiday), but that does not excuse the poor communication on their behalf.
Oli Theo: Schöne Erfahrung in toller Umgebung. Alles war gut vorbereitet, es wurde fließend Englisch gesprochen & das Essen war lecker. Rundum gelungenes Programm.
Teresa Noriega Diez: Bad food and bad serviceVisited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Diane Morsillo: Visited on Weekday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended Not sureMore
Alexis Dupuis: ParfaitVisited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes …More
Jonathan Bywaters: Great class! It was just us 2 but the teacher was really helpful and informative, they laid pout the table door us to eat our food and had prepped everything so we came in, learnt how to cut and then cook the food. it was delicious!Bi lingual teacher so we could have the lesson in English, really enjoyed it and look forward to making the dishes when we’re home with the instructions
Juliana Valdivia: It was a very interesting, fun and rich culinary experience. Very tasty Peruvian recipes.
Maud Hubidos: Super expérience 😊 nous avons adoré apprendre à cuisiner des spécialités péruviennes puis les déguster ! À faire 🧑🏼‍🍳🇵🇪
Cristian Ortega Albornoz: Very good
Mikael D: We had a great experience where the head chef was patient and explained the dishes, the ingredients and their purpose. Really tasty food.
Kadri Haxhija: Tolle Erfahrung. Sehr nette Lehrerin!
Peter Wright: Fantastic experience. Ale was a very knowledgeable and fun host. Great company, food, atmosphere and taught in a manner that will be brought back to my kitchen.
Eloise Bluck-Madden: Had a great time and the Peruvian Cooking Experience and learned a lot about the history of the dishes and the area. The hotel and kitchen were beautiful and the host was friendly and helpful. The food was delicious, can't wait to try to recreate it at home
alonso espino: It is a fascinating experience, the people who give the lessons are very capable and always attentive to each one when they need it, I consider one of the best in arequípa
Kayla Abouly: C'était GENIALISSIME !Nous avons passés un super moment pendant cette cooking class.Nous avons appris à cuisiner une entrée papa rellena et un lomo saltado comme plat principal.En plus d'avoir cuisiner de A à Z nous même, nous en avons appris beaucoup sur la culture péruvienne. Chacun prépare (et peut décorer à sa guise) sa propre assiette, les ingrédients sont d'excellente qualité nous nous sommes régalés !Je conseille vraiment cette activité c'était super!Merci beaucoup ! :)
maureen ba: First of all the activity started 15min late while we were asked to arrive 10 min in advance... Not nice.We did the Lomo saltado class, we were 3 people. We paid 75 soles each for 2 hours class. It went well, we did one small meal and then Lomo saltado. It was OK because the chef is really nice but if I have to rate the class, it was not the best.First of all the class lasted 1h45min and during it we ate the meal so we only cooked 1h15min maybe. It did not learn much as the was not technical part, it was really basic.I did not learn anything about Peruvian history or culture and the ingredient were basic, nothing so local.I spent a good moment thanks to the chef but honestly the class is disappointing.
Rebecca Law: The Andean menu food was tasty, but undercooked in order to rush us out. There was no explanation of the history or culture of the foods. Overpriced for what it was.
Hakim Benkara: The experience was excellent. Great staff, great recipes and a marvellous meal at the end!!
Christina Mastantuono: Amazing experience. A must try in Arequipa. Lady, the chef, is an angel and the food is great.
Erika Casa de Avila: A great activity ready for you wveryt day in Arequipa except Sundays.

5. Peruvian cooking Experience - Arequipa

Calle Universidad 109, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Peruvian cooking Experience: what do users think?
David Diaz: cocinamos una causa, un lomo saltado y para terminar un pisco sour.Todo riquísimo. Inolvidable experiencia.(Translated by Google
Sascha Günther: Great experience, highly recommended for anyone visiting Arequipa


Tahuaycani D -34, Sachaca 04013, Peru

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7. Cooking Class Arequipa, Cooking Perú - Arequipa

Av. Gutenberg 405, Alto Selva Alegre 04000, Peru

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8. Escuela de Gastronomía Cefotur Perú - Arequipa

· 1 reviews

Av. Goyeneche 326, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Escuela de Gastronomía Cefotur Perú: what do users think?
Hugo Miranda Centeno: Excellent place and quite demanding to study gastronomy

9. Instituto Superior Stendhal - Arequipa

· 16 reviews

C. Álvarez Thomas 307, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Instituto Superior Stendhal: what do users think?
jesminia llerena torres: A good gastronomic institute with specialties
GRECIA MELUZA QUISPE LOPEZ: Spacious and very well equipped facilities! Excellent!
Emilio Zuñiga: I went to ask for information about the gastronomy and pastry degree and the lady who attends was not friendly at all and like a robot she repeated the information very quicklyOn the other hand, they agreed to send me theinformation by whatsapp in 10 minutes and 2 days have passed and so far nothing
Hemerson Mercado lipa: It is a complete institute, I recommend studying there, it has professional chefs and good teaching
Juan Carlos: The rector is somewhat special, the only thing that matters to them is money, they do not think about the well-being of the students, it is understandable, it is a for-profit business, but its target market is human beings and it should give certain priorities to people before money.
Yilda Yuoo Colque: A quality institution, I consider that Stendhal is one of the best Institutes of Gastronomy
Mathieu Stephany: Oui bravo pouce bleu
Paola Vera: (Translated by Google

10. Instituto del Sur - Arequipa

· 171 reviews

Salaverry 301, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Instituto del Sur: what do users think?
rh v: Many teachers forget about the students who are in virtual mode, they forget to record, present material, not all of them, but many do, there are good teachers
Gabriela Jzu: If you want to study multimedia Graphic Design, I don't recommend it, the teaching is very basic and old-fashioned
Daniel Iván “Daniel” Urrutia Vizcarra: Institution of prestige and recognized trajectory
SysData-TI ComPany (SysData): The best
Fernando Cardenas: good study place
Ebert Gustavo Aponte Valdiviezo: The Instituto del Sur was founded in 1988 in the city of Arequipa with the aim of creating a study alternative that provides young people from our region and the south of the country with quality training. Today, with more than 32 years of experience, thousands of students have passed through our classrooms and we currently have close to 4,000 students studying a career with us.
Juan Prado: One of the best institutes in Arequipa
Rosy Carrillo: Nice, I hope you have a very nice weather ^^
Angela Paredes: es completamente básico, son cosas que puedes aprender mas rápido por cuenta propia estudiar aquí no ayuda en nada.Varios profesores solo evalúan de acuerdo a lo que les gusta, no importa cuanto te esfuerzas o cuanto mejores si no les gusta no tienes una buena nota y nadie necesita que unos poco profesionales den una nota y opinión basada en nada, poniendo una rubrica que no siguen.También es una perdida de tiempo en este semestre hubo un curso en el que me hacían ir 15 minutos solo a estar sentada y esperar a que el profesor revise el avance de un dibujo lo cual no ayudo en nada, incluso cuando le hacia alguna pregunta no respondía o no sabia que responder.Se aprende mas en Google porque ellos mismos te piden buscar cada cosa, cada tarea y toda la información.NO AYUDAN, NO SIRVEN, NO LES IMPORTA APORTAR ALGO.Este instituto al igual que muchos mas solo es una perdida de tiempo que puede ser utilizado en algo realmente mas útil y en aprender mas cosas que jamas te van a enseñar aquí.(Translated by Google
Braulio Linares: Place with parking, cafeteria and spacious classrooms
Jorge Cuadros: Exclusive study center where you can find different careers at the forefront of the market with competitive careers
Jhade Gómez: These careers have them: í interior design or administration what number could I contact since I call the phone no one answers I appreciate your information
Jacqueline Liliana Fernandez Yana: Good
Steve Nicolás Briceño Zúñiga: It does not have parking. On his forehead.
Adolfo Vilca: Excellent attention
Federico Santos De La Colina: Excellent!!!
ivan apaza: Nothing very expensive happens
Jaime Chavez: High professional training center.
patribanda ong: Place of studies

11. ESDIT - Arequipa

· 16 reviews

C. Jerusalén 400, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Instituto Pérou Gourmet - Arequipa

· 4 reviews

Pablo 6 segunda etapa O-21, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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13. buffet palacio - Arequipa

· 156 reviews

Gral. Móran 119, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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14. Chef Parrillero Grill - Arequipa

· 1920 reviews

Avenida Dolores, Los Rosales B-2, Cercado De Arequipa, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Buffet Gran Chef - Yanahuara

· 5 reviews

Arequipa, Yanahuara 04013, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

16. El Chef Sumare - Yanahuara

· 17 reviews

Las Lilas 102, Cercado De Arequipa 04001, Peru

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17. Mérida Cakes - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

Av. Porongoche 705, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Chef Antonio Representante independiente de Rena ware - Arequipa

· 3 reviews

Ricardo Palma 202 B, Arequipa 04013, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Chef Estragón - Miraflores

· 3 reviews

Calle Alameda Salavarry, C-35, Miraflores, Cercado De Arequipa 04004, Peru

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20. Spanish School Arequipa - Arequipa

· 15 reviews

Av. San Martin 116, Arequipa 40001, Peru

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