Best Cheap Mobile Phone Shops In Arequipa Near Me

Cell Store Arequipa Phonekey tec Smartking super smart peru Plus Smart Express Store Cayma Plus Smart -Express Store- BELLSHOP Compuplaza Arequipa

1. Plus Smart Perú - Compuplaza - Arequipa

· 80 reviews

Calle Octavio Muñoz Najar 223 interior 325 - 326 -327,Tercer Piso C.C.Compuplaza, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Plus Smart Perú - Compuplaza: what do users think?
NAIX RICE: very good service and delivery
Imelda Maria Aldivar Diaz: Me time attention and quality
Jesus Maquera: Where do you find everything for your pc
BrOokLyN !: Good catalog and good prices, in addition to the fact that the quarantine did not stop us from giving a good service.
Franco Arenas Mamani: I like the product, however it took 30 minutes longer than indicated at the time of delivery. Otherwise the service is very good.
Jhosep Chevarria: Fast delivery and very friendly service.
alex TC: Hello 👋 I would like to ask a question or know the S20 plus cell phone price.
MILTON HANZ CHAMBI ZEA: Very good attention from Ms. Kiara, always aware of my questions and very kind.
Ricardo Paricahua: The products are good, they are 100% operational and they are fulfilled with the delivery.
Rodrigo Ccallo: One question, what brands of cell phones are there?
GABRIEL JESUS MEJIA CHOQUEHUANCA (가브리엘 예수): Good service I recommend it
Mariela Lopez: Good attention
Eaner: This store saved me in times of study
Helard Polar: Excellent delivery service, very good WhatsApp attention, the equipment delivered, sealed in its box, with a guarantee, satisfied with the purchase
Hans Christian Aviles Campos: The attention is very good and scratchy once you are served, however the response time to WhatsApp would improve
Melissa Roque: Very good service, recommended to buy for delivery. Fast home delivery. They comply with security protocols.
imanol motta: I would like to know if they sell psp sony
OSCAR CHOQUE: Someone tell me if they sell xiaomi phones and by the way where is it located in areauipa or pedregal and currently it is still open or not
Milagros Martinez: Very good empathy when making inquiries, they care about clearing up your doubts and give you different options. they always support and comply with the dates, times and asepxia... thank you
devhora yepez: I'll eat a cel here, I'm doing super well

2. Cell Store Arequipa - Arequipa



· 35 reviews

Av. Siglo XX, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Cell Store Arequipa: what do users think?
Florentino Mamani Borda: Good experience
Mario García: The best
Marilyn Costilla Pantoja: The great road is much better👍
Juliana Valdivia: They guided me very well in the purchase I made
Geraldine Monroy: missing products
William Ivan Alcalde Gallardo: Very good
Raul Paredes: I liked it, it has products for cell phones, from cases, and screen protectors for cell phones and cameras, of very good quality, there are promotions!!! But what I liked is the patience and quality of service that the staff have when serving you and helping you choose the best product for your cell phone.
Adeodato sisnepiuqera: (Translated by Google
Axel Porras: very rich everything
L. LENIN C.: No permanent protocol.
Marilyn Patiño: Unbeatable prices.
Julio Efrain Postigo Zumaran: Very good service
Miguel Salas: Unlimited stock of cell phone accessories, the most!
Andy LeOnardo Adco Rosas: Good place
Beky Quincas rojas: Not bad
Erik Loza Amao: 10/10
Paco Sabe: Personally, it seems perfect to have better supplies
Jesus Velasquez: Variety of computer services, personal computers and assembled equipment, as well as communication and surveillance equipmentAlso spare parts and consumables
Carlos Patron Indacochea: They work fine. recommendable
Arturo Carrillo: proper care

3. Phonekey tec - Arequipa

· 8 reviews

Av. Juan de la Torre 116a, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Phonekey tec: what do users think?
GRUPO MONKEY COPY: Good service, recommended
Gabriel Ojeda Vasquez: They did not have the proper equipment, they provided very ambiguous information, the guy who helped me was nervous.
olger alferez: Good service
Fernando ORDOÑEZ: Excellent technical service
veronika gutierrez cieza: First class attention and professionalism at all times, also punctuality and satisfaction when repairing my cell phone.
Manuel Gustavo Tintaya Mollo: They took longer than indicated, they left my computer screen with a dead pixel. I do not recommend it.
Jaime Portugal Galdos: Excellent service.
Karen Seisen Chaquilla Cayo: A trustworthy place, it has everything and its attention is fast, reliable and very good.
Briggitte Quispe Ale: Excellent service
Carlos Manuel Arribasplata Tejada: work well

4. Smartking - Arequipa

· 2 reviews

Calle, Octavio Muñoz Najar 223, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Smartking: what do users think?
Yomires Colino Perez (Rakun): 👍
BrOokLyN !: I bought the Samsung note 10+ a week ago and the truth is that the product is going great, no faults and in case something happens, I have a one-year warranty and technical service in the store, a good price, good service and a wide catalog in store from mid-range equipment to the top premium range of Apple or Samsung. 👍
Lidia Quispe: Excellent service and products with full warranty, great store recommended

5. BITEL Arequipa - Arequipa

· 170 reviews

Calle Pte. Bolognesi 143 A, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Roger Sánchez: The best place to migrate to Bitel 👍🏼
Antonio Sánchez: Excellent attention
Daniel moreno: The attention is moderately good
Francisco Muñoz: Please is there any benefit for Christmas campaign,
Ruber Ruiz: Bad service
yulyana dueñas gonzales: I am happy with your services but I would like more coverage for your use THANK YOU.
Rommel Reategui: lack experience
Edna muñoz de ojeda: By the way, good telephone equipment, not very cheap,
Arca Luz: Is growing
luigui: Terrible internet service
Marco Peralta Salas: An excellent telecommunications company
Robert de la Vega: Bitel was already what it was before
David Cruz: Good
Cesar Pan: good plans
Angela Santos: lousy
Andres Añamuro Quispe: very small place
Jorge Vargas Torres: You do not have good equipment offers on credit
Marcos Luna López: Good attention, better treatment than the one in Jerusalem.
David Quezada: A store and customer service center like any other of the bitel line, focused on providing telephone services to the general public and the sale of mobile equipment, the service is good in general and the services have small flaws but are acceptable.
Luigi Ernesto Villa Erquínigo: attentive

6. Xiaomi Aqp Store - Arequipa

· 76 reviews

Calle Bartolomé Herrera 103-A Cercado, 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Xiaomi Aqp Store: what do users think?
Victor Vasquez Tanta: Very good service, highly recommended, I would buy again in the store
Frank Mateo: I found them through their Facebook page.I bought a Black Shark 5 pro with shipping to LimaVery good store, trustworthy, I recommend them 👍🏼
Papo Senpai: Excellent service. I am from the province and everything arrived in good condition.
John Paye: Excellent
Arturo .Morin: I ordered a moto edge 30 ultra/moto x30 pro and it arrived normally in the province. The attention was very personalized even since there is no case for this equipment, they offered me to get one for me, they were very kind and the equipment is excellent and arrived in perfect condition
Jhon Sedano Sedano: First purchase, low prices and shipments to the province with total security; highly recommended 😊
juan saldivar: excellent equipment at a good price, thanks for trusting you
hiikaru yuuki: Super recommended...Good service and trustworthy
joe garcia hurtado: A store with many offers and promotions. Arrives very quickly and in good condition
Juan Carlos: Good store, I'm already buying twice and both times they attended me well and fast, the shipping without problems and trustworthy. Thank you, I hope you keep advancing and growing
sebastian castro: first buyI bought a redmagic7pro 16gb-512gb+cooler+headphonesIt arrived quite well and the packaging 10/10The attention lasted a few days while he answered my concerns 100%I was very suspicious because it was a fairly high sum but the shipment was the day after I made the payment.No problemI will buy again in the future without hesitationnow I will continue testing it in these weeks how it runs and works
SONIA OPORTO: Good information about the product of the xiaomi 11 T cell phone and excellent customer service... highly recommended... thank you 👍
TQ๛ 『Elias』: Excellent attention regarding response time, even while waiting for the product, highly recommended from the beginning, the store generated a lot of confidence in me, place your order without hesitation 10/10
Luis Angel Caurino Mercedes: Very good reliable service, the products arrive in perfect condition and very well packaged, everything is good, good attention, I bought the Redmi K40 Gaming and everything arrived in order, thanks for your services and successes that continue to grow
MrMonkey 2.0: I give it 5 stars because being out of the country..I was able to buy a cell phone for my daughter who is in the areaAnd super patient care.They give you details and options to choose from.Super recommended AND ESPECIALLY RELIABLE thanksGreetings from Chile
Maridza Lla: Good service I asked for a xiaomi charger and they brought it to my home elismo dia keep it up xiaomi aqp store.
Juan choo: Reliable and delivery of products in good condition
Elvis M: Very good customer service, when I bought the red magic 6R equipment with shipping, I had my doubts if it would arrive or not and in the end if the equipment arrived as I ordered it in its sealed box, I would definitely buy again with great confidence In your store either with shipping or in person, thank you very much xiaomi aqp store I am very happy with my new gamer mobile. 😁
Jeremy Málaga Miranda: It's been a year and a little more since I bought my redmi note 10 and everything was fine, the young man's attention was good, he was very good at explaining some things and everything was very good, when I arrived at the place it kind of made me doubt a little that they would attend a house behind closed doors, but everything ok 👌
Vero H. Melendez: Excellent attention. I highly recommend them 👍
Carolay MSG: Good service, they deliver the sealed product, it is reliable and cheaper than in other placesThey respond very well and faster than in other stores. Original and authentic product, it has a guarantee, I am satisfied with the cell phone that I bought, thank you very much and I hope to buy more things. Pdta: Posted from the k40 gaming edition

7. HUAWEI Punto de Servicio y Venta Autorizado Mallplaza Arequipa - Yanahuara

· 141 reviews

Av. Ejercito 793, Cayma 04013, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

8. super smart peru - Arequipa

· 2 reviews

Octavio Muñoz Najar 223, cercado de arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
super smart peru: what do users think?
Luis W: Happy with the purchase of the redmi note 9s, I recommend it.
mely halanoca Quispe: Excellent place for your next purchase

9. Bitel - Arequipa

· 3 reviews

C. Jerusalén 109, Cercado De Arequipa 04001, Peru


10. Plus Smart Express Store Cayma - Yanahuara

· 7 reviews

Av. Cayma 619, Cayma 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

11. Plus Smart -Express Store- - Arequipa

· 66 reviews

Av. Lambramani 158-B, Arequipa 04002, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Samsung Experience Store - Kiosko SES Cayma - Yanahuara

· 4 reviews

Mall Aventura Plaza Cayma, Av. Ejército 793 M-33 Piso 1, CC, Cayma, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

13. BELLSHOP - Arequipa

· 13 reviews

Centro Comercial La Gran Vía, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address WhatsApp

14. Compuplaza Arequipa - Arequipa

· 859 reviews

Octavio Muñoz Najar 223, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Bitel - José Luis Bustamante y Rivero

· 2 reviews

Avenida Porongoche, 506B Jorge Luis Bustamante y Rivero Cercado De, Arequipa 04007, Peru

Address Website

16. Mercado Móvil - Arequipa

· 7 reviews

Bastidas 159, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

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