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Calle Melgar 308 in front Museo Santa Teresa, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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PERU ADVENTURE TOURS E.I.R.L: what do users think?
Warner en Anita Tiemensma/van Brederode: Uitstekende organisatie. Reageert snel op vragen in e-mail. We hebben de private tour “DAY TOUR AND HIKE IN THE LAGUNA DE SALINAS AREQUIPA” gedaan en dit was een perfecte dag, mede door onze gids en chauffeur!
Haiduc Cosmin: Trully recomended!Well organised, good equipment and fair price!
kisology: мы брали трехдневный тур в каньон Колка и на вершину Чачани с личным гидом. В первый день на каньоне Колка мы позавтракали в 7 утра, закончили наш трек в час дня и потом два часа просто сидели на дороге и ждали автобус! Почему нельзя было организовать машину при стоимости тура в почти 700$ не понятно. Нас предлагали подвезти за небольшую плату, но гид отказывался и в итоге мы потеряли пол-дня. По плану у нас были термальные источники, но в городе мы оказались только в 16:30, все это время не было ни еды, ни даже перекуса!!! Конечно, уставшие и обгоревшие от сидения 2 часа на дороге мы побежали есть, так и не посмотрев город и источники. На след день гид сказал, что наш автобус в 9, но оказалось он ушел по расписанию в 8:30 и мы опять просто ждали автобус. Затем был обед - кусок сухого хлеба с тонкой колбаской и помидоркой, и все! Конда машина привезла нас на 5000м гид несколько раз проговорил, что машина будет ждать нас на этой высоте. Мы поднялись на 5200, мне сразу стало нехорошо, но гид не делал ничего. Сказал только выпить обезболивающее, если у меня есть. Ночью стало плохо моему парню, мы не смогли пойти на вершину, гид сказал, что надо дождаться рассвета. Сам спокойно вернулся в палатку и храпел до утра. Утром мы кое-как собрали наши вещи и пошли вниз. Оказалось, что машина нас там не ждет и у гида не ловит телефон, он никак не может вызвать машину! А если бы что еще более серьезное случилось?! Как можно так организовывать тур?! К счастью, мы встретили другого гида, она вызвала нам машину и прождав еще час, нас, наконец, эвакуировали. Моему парню было очень плохо, я чувствовала себя нормально. Наш ужин был в 6 вечера, всю ночь мы не спали, и утром тоже. Но когда я сказала гиду утром, что хочу есть - единственное, что он мне предложил - немного орехов. Я не рекомендую эту фирму для организации ваших туров, в перу много других достойных операторов. Это неоправданно дорого, но еще и опасно для жизни!
Marisol Cainero: There is all that I love
Mo Al: These guys are hero's!First very sincere and faithful in their work. They did their best for us to bring us in safety during the demonstrations.They took care of us the whole trip and offered food and drinks as if we were their family or friends. Saul and Carlos were driving very careful and very professional. They know the way as experts.More important is the clear communication and honesty. They knew that we were in emergency and wanted to leave the country but they didn't make use of that to ask more money. They requested exactly the usual price of the tour from Arequipa to Puno.Thank you guys, we trusted our lives in your hands and you were very adequate.
Eliáš Slunečko: Scammers. I tried to rent a car. The company asked me to send money (1500USD) on private account. All the certification on their website is more than 10years old. Definitely frauds. I consulted that case with our Embassy.
Fabienne Peter: You want some fresh air and silence? We booked the half-day trekking on the Misti-volcano. Our guides Marcello and Marco Antonio were always really friendly and told us a lot about the peruvian culture. At our top we had a stunning view at sunset. It was just amazing, thanks a lot!
El Mer: There are dozens of travel agencies but if you choose Peru Adventure Tours, you won't be least for us, it was a very good choice! First, the site of this agency is visible on the Net. It is so extensive (even to excess ;-) ) that you have all the useful and necessary explanations, ranging from the description of the different tours by category, with what is included or not, recommendations, how to book , payment methods, terms and conditions, FAQs… in short, everything from A to Z! No surprises on arrival!The adventure began in 2019 with the reservation for autumn 2020... as the coronavirus arrived, the postponement to 2021 or even 2022 was immediately proposed by Saul Ceron, the director of the agency. Peru only reopened its borders in mid-2021 and Saul advised us not to rush... the postponement to 2022 was very good advice!The day before the first tour allows us to take stock with the staff. We also met Saul who offered us some modifications. He was very good advice once again and we really appreciated the changes.Bike tour in Colca Canyon, transfer to Puno, excursion to lake Titicaca, transfer from Puno to Cusco via Langui Lake and three other lakes and bike tour, four days Inca trail trek, Maras Moray Ollantaytambo Pisac … super wow tours !In addition to the great landscapes, you can count on the competence and kindness of the guides and drivers, on their knowledge, on their humor, on equipment in very good condition (mountain bike in this case), on a car that is always very clean despite all the dust stirred up… wow wow wow! Great times! Thank you to all of you who make Peru Adventure Tours a great agency and allow us to have an amazing vacation! We will not forget your address if we return to Peru!
Raffaela Ackermann: We had an amazing adventure climbing Chachani in one day - thanks so much! Everything was perfectly organised, our guide Jarly was just perfect and we loved it!
Gwen: We hadden last minute een privé tour geboekt voor El Misti. Peru adventures heeft toch een gids die Engels spreekt voor ons kunnen regelen. Fernando, de gids, heeft veel tips gegeven wat wij in Arequipa kunnen doen. Hij gaf ook veel tips voor onze reis in Bolivia. Tijdens de tour heeft hij erg goed voor ons gezorgd. Betrouwbare tour. Top dag gehad!
marco mayta: An incredible adventure tourism travel agency!!!
Emily Zhang: Great tour company! We did the Isla Ballesta and Huachina tour. Our tour guide ROSE was amazing! Rose and the tour company made everything super convenient and easy for us. For example, they picked us up from our hotel on time and took care of our luggage by keeping it in the car. We were dropped off with Rose to Isla Ballesta, and she handled the tickets for the boat ride. The boat tour was incredible and had English translation too! We saw many sea lions and penguins which was amazing. Ride was def windy so bring a jacket (November is when we went).Once we got back to main land, we went to Huachina. Rose was extremely knowledgable and give us a great backstory of the area. Rose was with us the whole time. We did the sand dune ride and the driver was AWESOME. The best sand dune ride of my life, the driver took many exciting and fun paths that made the ride extremely thrilling. Best part Rose came with us which was nice. Our driver also stopped at a nice top spot to watch the sunset which was not in the scheduled plan, which made the experience more authentic and genuine.Overall, my family and I had a great experience with this tour company and Rose is the best! Highly recommend.
Jose Cueva: Excellent service
Ivan Dillinger: On Thursday 23rd of January 2020 we had absolutely amazing tour COMPLETE EXCURSION TO RESERVA NACIONAL DE AGUADA BLANCA Y LAGUNA Salinas.Prior the tour I contacted Peru adventures via email. All communication was clear and good organized.We had pick up at our hotel at 6:15 am on Thursday 23rd of January. Our driver Saul Ceron and our guide Salome Gomez were waiting for us with comfortable 4x4 suv Toyota.We departed shortly after and head to national reservation. Our first stop was in small village Chiguata with beautiful church and square.After approx 2 hours we arrived to laguna Salinas. Amazing view and short trek for 1 hour around. Trek was quite challenging because of hight altitude. Our guide Salome adjusted to us. She is very attentive and she helped us with high altitude sickness. She offered us some cocca leaves and explained how them work and how we should chew them. She gave us excellent information about nature and history. As well we get to know plant Chachacoma which helped a lot.Later on we continued to rock forest of Puruña. On the way we saw plenty of lamas and alpacas. We were lucky to see Vicuñas.When we arrived, we had a snack - chocolate, banana and orange. To gain some energy. Rock forest offered astonishing views. This place is a hidden gem. We were also lucky to see El Misti mountain when clouds shattered.Followed by a lunch in small restaurant. Lunch and drinks were include with selections of many sandwiches and soft drinks.I have to say that our guide Salome is absolutely amazing. Far above expectations. She is very funny, attentive, carrying and super knowledgeable. She told us some much about Peruvian nature and culture. She took pictures of us on various viewpoints. She encouraged us on treks and had plenty of useful tips to help us with high altitude. It was genuine pleasure to spend time with her.Our driver Saul was great as well. Funny and professional. We felt very save when he was driving on bumpy roads. He definitely knows how to handle difficult roads and we enjoyed magnificent views on the way.Thank you Salome and Saul for this experience. This was absolutely fantastic tour and we enjoyed every second.Warm regards boys from Czech RepublicDaniel + Ivan + Ondra.
Hamish McIlveen: Bought a ticket with this company from Uyuni to La Paz. The blockades in La Paz caused the bus to be cancelled. No refund was given
Elena Boschini: Awesome company! Elida is the best guide ever! Super passionate and knowledgeable about her country and culture.
H. Stephen Olson: Saul Ceron in Arequipa is a very poor communicator and unprofessional booking agent. Didn't return emails, did not respond to questions and on the last day before my tour was supposed to happen I was told by the agency the tour would not happen. I walked to the office 3 times in 3 days and was disappointed at every interaction. I would recommend not using this company and instead working with the smaller more genuine agencies around the town.
becky dieffenbach: Had a wonderful experience going to the Reserva National for a half day with our trusty guide Johan. Johan was thoughtful and knowledgeable, always checking in to see how we were doing and sharing with us information about Misti and the area. I would recommend Peru Adventure Tours and especially Johan!
Clipton Mayhua Coaquira: Travel agency with different programs for all tastes
Simran Afsah: I do not recommend Peru Adventure Tours. We went in to schedule a mountain bike excursion with the agency and we were told (and confirmed by their website) that the tour would include an hour and a half ride up the mountain and 3 hours on the bike. Additionally, were guaranteed an english speaking guide. In the end, we ended up spending 1.5 hours in the car, as expected, but only 1.5 hours on the bike. Also, the guide did not speak English and even told me that at one point he could speak english conversationally, but now he cannot (I speak Spanish so i could understand all this, but my partner does not and this proved to be a difficulty.) Lastly, the guide provided no information during the tour-- he didn't tell us where we were going, how long we would be on the bikes, or anything about the surroundings--instead, he kept talking to me about his girlfriends... We requested a refund from the shop and we were given a small percentage of our money back after significant hassle. Overall, this was a bad experience!
Lorenzo Pierini: Molto precisi e affidabili. Abbiamo fatto 2 giorni in bici per il Colca Canyon e mi sento di consigliarli. Unico neo l'albergo in cui abbiamo soggiornato a Chivay, però la città di suo nn offre niente di molto meglio.

2. Plaza de Armas Arequipa - Arequipa



· 33899 reviews

JF27+F6H, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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3. Fundo Sabandia - Paucarpata

· 121 reviews

Los Pastos, Arequipa 04012, Peru

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Fundo Sabandia: what do users think?
Estela Miranda: Beautiful place to learn, especially for the little ones, the animals are very well cared for and the kindness of the staff that works there, a very good experience and a nice plan to get out of the daily routine.
Eleana Manrique: It is the best place I have been with my family
jose andres alvarado morveli: It needs better furniture, to maintain the green areas, and a place to park
Diego Perales: Ugly
Juliana Peralta: Nice experience...nice place, peaceful. A little expensive. I think that just with the rental of the venue you should have the possibility of using and doing a minimum of experiences and then maybe 1 or 2 per person...just charge for the other games.
Juan Carlos: Beautiful place, nature, animals, they give you food to feed the animals, games and some fun
Jose Postigo: To escape from the city and have everything you need for activities with children, it is one of the best places
Keith Stevens: This is a nice place to spend a day with the family only a short way outside the city. It has terraces where there are barbecues that you can rent your space with large picnic benches with screen roofs that can seat about 8 people easily. The staff are on hand to bring more chairs and use pallets to provide small extra tables if required. The staff are exceptionally polite. There are clean toilet and hand washing facilities. It has a area of animals with ducks, guinea pigs, rabbit and a pair of vicuna that the staff will show you . For about $40 for the whole day its a great value. Also a trampoline and great country views across the valley of terraced landscape.
Vicmary Sanchez: Excellent
Martín Ignacio Bejarano Garcia: a place to be with family
Ana Patricia Pacheco: Nice outdoor place to spend time with the family, excellent for the little ones in the house, they interact with animals from the farm. The only problem is that if you don't go by private car to the exit you have to walk quite a bit to get a taxi; for the entrance there are about 400 mt of trail.
Ariana Urure Flores: Very cozy, spacious atmosphere, just improve a little the organization of games.
Jackeline Juliana Rodriguez Paco: Excellent place to change the environment and share with the family, the capacity and social distancing are respected.
Natasha Molero: Beautiful place and excellent service!
Anyeli Sanchez Yana: Spacious, to enjoy with the family.
Marita Romero: nice outdoor place
Ursula Medina: A very nice place to share with the familyhighly recommended
Ole Pinto: The place is spectacular and the attention first class. Highly recommended.
Fiorella Denegri: very nice and funny
PUMA FEROZ: perfect for walking
Björn Winter: Good energy. Beautiful place. Super for families!

4. Pablo Tour Travel Agency - Arequipa

· 27 reviews

AB-1, C. Jerusalén 400, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Pablo Tour Travel Agency: what do users think?
Ornella: Si paga più degli altri tour? Sì! C'è un motivo? Eccome!!!Tour di due giorni, solo per noi (eravamo in tre).Guida preparata, guidatore attento, sistemazione ottima, pasti buonissimi.Tour lontano dalla folla e molto interessante.
Angela Hunter: This tour agency was recommended in Lonely Planet, although more expensive than other tour operators in town we couldn't fault them! Edwin was very helpful & their tours are more bespoke than others, we would highly recommend them. We did the Nature & Culture tour to Colca Canyon & it was excellent, as was our guide, Marcelo & driver, Ephraim.
Y A: We are a retired couple, and we really enjoyed receiving personal, efficient, attentive, prompt and very professional service from Mr. Edwin, the owner of Pablo Tour. We chose two-day tour plan in Colca Canyon. Every detail of the tour plan prepared by Mr. Edwin was carried out to our complete satisfaction. The tour included just the two of us, together with the excellent guide Mr. Honorio and the skilled driver Mr. Efrain, and we traveled in a comfortable, clean and well-equipped jeep. Mr. Honorio was very sensitive to our needs all along, treated us well and took care of us with great attention.The tour was instructive from a historical, social, geological, botanical and cultural point of view as well. We had a very good experience, which we will remember for a long time
Karla Olivera: We did the semi/private 2 day Colca Canyon trek. We were the only ones on the tour so it ended up being a private tour. You get what you pay for!! We had the best experience with this tour company. Their route is different from the other tours and it works!! We didn't see any other tour companies in our route. The food was good. The accommodations were perfect. We had the oasis to ourselves and we were able to spend plenty of time in the hot springs. The tour guide was punctual. He said he was going to be there at 4am and he was at the door exactly at 4am. Both the driver (Efrain) and the tour guide (Marcelo) were very friendly, knowledgeable and patient. I couldn't ask for a better team. Marcelo was very patient and stopped for breaks when we needed to. Just in case you are wondering if you are physically able to do this trek, I go to the gym everyday but I do zero cardio. I only weightlift. My boyfriend does zero physical activities but he has an athletic built. I'm 43 and he is 39yo. We completed the trek with no issues. Of course it's challenging but we are so glad we did it. The views are amazing!!!I took protein bars to eat in between meals, trail mix and water. 1 change of clothes and pj's for 1 night. Bathing suit and sandals. They rent towels at the oasis and the hot springs. If it's rainy season, bring a poncho. You'll need it!! Hat and sunscreen. Walking poles. Bring a headlamp or a flaslight for the 2nd day. Bring cash if you want to get snacks or water on the way.If you are wondering about the political turmoil in Perú, we didn't encounter any protests.There was police presence in most touristy places that we visited. We felt safe everywhere we went.
Jamie Halpin: An incredible experience from start to finish climbing Volcano Misti.Reaching the summit was unforgettable and something I'd recommend to anyone. My girlfriend and I opted for a private tour which meant we could climb at our own pace.Pablo's Tours were incredibly responsive and helpful, with everything running smoothly and on time. The equipment that we borrowed (tent, sleeping bag, ski jacket and trousers, etc) was all in excellent condition.Our guide, Johan, and our porter, Harley, were first class: professional, patient and very helpful. We would not have made it without them.Highly recommended.
Simea Bachmann: Marcelo and Ulysses created a wonderful Colca-Cañon-experience for us. Well organised, equiped, attentive and informed, they tailored the hiking-tour to our needs. We definitely recommend Pablo Tours for their high-quality services.
Jesús Villar Fernández: We did the 2D/1N excursion and the experience is 100% recommendable.Marcelo is an excellent guide with whom we were able to get to know the Salinas y Aguada Reserve, do some treks that were not touristy at all, try 100% local food and enjoy the condors and viewpoints of the Colca canyon at little-traveled times.The accommodation in Cabanaconde was also excellent.
Lucia Gonzalez Contreras: The experience doing the cultural tour of the Colca with this agency was wonderful, the best choice without a doubt. 100% recommended, we would repeat without thinking about it. Special mention to our Guide Marcelo, an excellent guide.
Maciej Piekarski: Together with my wife we did the 2 day Colca Canyon trek with Marcel, one of their guides.Since it was a low season, we got a private tour but usually its up to 6 people. Marcel made everything go smooth and on schedule but at the same time let us enjoy the trek at our own pace.Going the opposite direction is definitely the way to do it. You won't get stuck in traffic with other tours and arrive at the oasis before lunch - best time to go for a swim in the pool. The climb back up on the 2nd day is less steep and covers more distance, giving you a better chance to enjoy various views of the canyon in the soft morning light.We got significantly better (and more) food than other groups and everything was included in the price (no hidden costs) which also made the whole experience better!
Víctor Sevillano: Three times as expensive as the rest of the agencies on the same street. They don't even give valid information, and they try to scare the tourist into hiring their tour, when it can be done for free, without problem. Waiky and Quechua agencies are much better!!
Pablo Villa: Excellent experience with this agency. We wanted an experience away from the typical tours and crowds as promised and it is exactly what they finally offered us. Edwin is a very close and committed person, he attended us despite booking very little in advance. Once the tour started, we met a French couple who undoubtedly added great value to the experience. Honorio, our guide during these two days. He is an absolute crack... he is a great professional, with outstanding teaching skills and a great cultural background. I hope we meet him again one day. I cannot fail to mention Vidal, a great driver and person.I definitely recommend doing the Colca tour with this agency. The price increase compared to other tours is more than justified.
Óscar Jiménez Arranz: Excellent experience! We were able to see the Colca Valley in a different way than the rest of the tours, without crowds and at our own pace. Edwin was great with us and Honorio, our guide, phenomenal doing his job and excellent in the personal treatment. I would repeat without hesitation!
Sonia Rodríguez: en el tour más el guía y el conductor. El guia inmejorable, Honorio sabe muchísimo, nos explicaba todo super bien y nos ha encantado como profesional y como persona. La ruta que hacen es genial, ves todos los sitios sin aglomeración de gente y prácticamente solos, algo que nosotros valoramos mucho. El hotel donde pasamos noche muy limpio y lindo y las comidas realizadas durante el tour también muy ricas!!! De verdad recomiendo al 100% este tour.(Translated by Google
NATHALIE CANY-GODARD: Nous avons choisi Pablo Tour, pour une visite de 2 jours dans la vallée du Colca.Nous adressons à toute l’équipe nos très sincères félicitations et remerciements pour l’organisation du Colca Tour dont nous sommes revenus avec de très belles images et souvenirs.La restauration ainsi que l’hébergement nous ont satisfaits.Quant au guide Honorio, il a été absolument parfait, de la gentillesse, du professionnalisme.Nous les recommandons chaleureusement.
szabó éva: I went to Pablo Tour Agency with a lot of questions and Señor Edwin gave me all of the informations I needed. He was very friendly, competent and patient. I can highly recommend to go there if you need professional advices.
Alessandro Soj: Agenzia super affidabile che permette di fare il trekking del colca senza ressa muovendosi nella direzione opposta.Un applauso particolare a Marcelo, una delle migliori guide mai incontrate nei nostri viaggi!!
angel izquierdo: Unfortunately, we coincided on many occasions with other tours, and it was impossible to escape from the great mass of tourists, despite contracting with this agency and paying almost triple to avoid it.
Eliška Michlová: I did the 2D1N colca canyon tour and for me it was 6/5 stars! The tour is a bit more expensive compared to what the rest of the agencies offer, but it’s totally worth it. Communication with Edwin when booking was very easy and straightforward and he explained everything regarding the tour when I came to pay it. Paul was a very good driver and i felt safe on the bus with him. Onorio was our passionate guide who knew a lot about the history and culture of the Colca Canyon & Valley and Peru in general and was always there for any of our questions or requests. We’ve seen and learned so many things it felt like we’ve been travelling with them for a week! We’ve seen volcano eruptions, alpacas, vicuñas, guanacos and llamas. We were also very lucky to see a fox, viscachas and many condors without all the crowds, as we did different timing than the rest of the groups. Thank you very much for this unforgettable tour!
Alexander Castle: In our opinion totally worth the extra penny as it does come with severak benefits (e.g. increased chance of turning into a mostly private tour). Shoutout to our guide Marcelo, who did a superb job.
Simon Jones: The 2 day trek with Pablo Tours has been our highlight of Peru so far. Our guide Marcello was exceptional; really friendly, knowledgeable and good at keeping the group well paced with breaks. My partner and I trekked in a small group of 5, we had a great rapport with the others and had the canyon paths completely to ourselves doing the reverse route. The pools and food are included unlike other tours so you can really relax and not worry about surprise extras - definitely worth paying for!
Mariane Ponsy: Nous ne sommes pas passés par eux car leur prix sont beaucoup plus élevés que les autres.

5. Cusipata - Arequipa

· 9 reviews

C. Jerusalén 402a, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website
Cusipata: what do users think?
leslie dowson: Excellent crew, first class service from start to finish. Unreservedly recommended
Martin Gonzalez Ramirez: Excellent experience river rafting. Scenic and fun. Done rafting in quite a few different places and our boat guide (Elmer) was definitely the best one I've been with, and made it even more enjoyable. Great guy!Would definitely recommend signing up if you have a few hours to spare in Arequipa.
Erick Yepez: Excellent experience
Laura: We had a lot of fun at the river rafting. They guys are professional and fun. We felt in good hands and enjoyed the trip.
C M Kong: Fun, organized rafting. A little weird to go to a house to dress up into gear. Gear has seen better days. They provide wetsuit, safety vest and helmets. Awesome team, Hunter was our guide and made it easy, safe and fun. Team has an external photographer on shore, picts were ok - they takes a couple of days to email.
Marco greco: Professionale, divertente! Decisamente da fare a Arequipa

6. Kanuwa Rafting - Arequipa

· 25 reviews

Melgar 119, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp
Kanuwa Rafting: what do users think?
Karina Strange: Jose and the team gave us an amazing experience. Absolutely love it - was thrilling but felt like we were in safe hands. Must do while in Arequipa!
Petra Tomková: Great Chili river experience, a must try!It was a blast to meet José and Kanuwa Rafting and join him on rafting in Arequipa. We didn’t have much water (even though it was supposed to be a rainy season), but he made it a lot of fun and adrenaline anyway! But don’t worry, we arrived safe and sound. 😊 It happened to be a great preparation for us for Futaleufú River in Chile. It was really nice chatting with José, he is really the right and nice guy. Thanks to Kanuwa we had a calm and safe arrival at the airport after the rafting (it was big demonstrations time and it got a bit crazy), thank you sooooo much for that again, guys! 🙏🏻 Don't forget to get also the photos, they are fun to have. 😈 And I shouldn't forget to say - look up when you go down the river, the canyon around Chili river is stunning. Go for Kanuwa! 🔝
José Martín de Miquelerena Piana: Good experience in a category 3-4 rafting on the Chili River. The team treated us very well
Alicia Arias: Amazing experience! Jose was a great guide and made us feel safe. Highly recommend for anyone visiting in the area.
Coline Volpi: On a passé un super moment avec José, il est très gentil et arrangeant! Le rafting c’était très drôle et hyper accessible à tout le monde
Jakob Sailer: Jose is a really nice guy. Had a really good rafting experience! Nice to meet you friends
Mario Garcia: Everything was perfect. From the reservation until the end of the rafting. Great experience, cool instructors and good vibes. Thank you for the fantastic day José!
Andrea Estrada: quien fue muy confianzudo respecto al trato con turistas mujeres y muy confiado en el manejo del bote (terminó volteándose
Jur Btinkhuis: Raften was echt top! Prachtige rivier tussen de rotsen en alles goed voor elkaar 👌Onze kapitein José was ook echt een top vent 💪
Jeanine Wilson: Our guide Jose was great and made sure we had a fun time going down the river. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for an adventurous day out
David Palacios: Incredible experience, the whole team is amazing!! It is very close to Arequipa, it is worth a morning of cold water
Manuel Strieder: Super Erlebnis in Arequipa. Sehr nette und erfahrene Guides. Sie sprechen auch englisch!
Jaco Evers: Aanrader! Echt een hele gave ervaring. Bijna anderhalf uur plezier met een sterk stromende rivier. Best so far!
Coline Bonna: Une expérience au top, de belles sensations, le tout avec une équipe très sympathique et souriante qui rend le moment encore meilleur !
Krishley Ozuljevic: I had never done rafting before and it was an incredible experience, I had a great time from the beginning, in addition to everything being very safe, the knowledge and commitment of the guides was noticeable, I recommend it 100%.
toon Brilman: Supergave avontuurlijke tocht over de Chili river! Gave stroomversnellingen, een prachtige omgeving en goede gidsen, bedankt voor de trip José!
Suus van de Sande: Super leuke ervaring wanneer je in Arequipa bent voor een paar dagen! Een avontuurlijke en gezellige trip met leuke guides in een prachtige omgeving op de Rio Chilli rivier!Gracias José🙌🏼
Maria Cristina Pons Lezica: Excellent experience!! It's worth it…👏👏👏😃
Tobias Weber: Great half-day trip from Arequipa. I can only recommend!
Alex Hayes: Brilliant half day trip from Arequipa on the Rio Chili. Guides were fantastic, river was really fun and very beautiful. Would highly recommend it
Eloise Allen: (Translated by Google

7. La Mansión del Fundador - Jacobo Hunter

· 1436 reviews

Av. Paisajista s/n, Jacobo Hunter 04011, Peru

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La Mansión del Fundador: what do users think?
Federico Villasante: This place is very well preserved, it is a place that must be known when visiting the white city.
Rubén Rivera Jáuregui: Beautiful place to learn a little more about the history of Arequipa. Apart from the museum house, it has a lot of space for picnics
Rafael Brown: Nice place, very relaxing experience
Eduardo Antonio Molinari Novoa: Beautiful viceregal place, not colonial, of Arequipa, the second city of Peru. Perfect to celebrate or visit a day.
Armin Zuñiga Solis: Visit it, very nice.
Miguel Anaya: It is a place with a lot of history. In its facilities there are old paintings, furniture from the colonial period with environments rarefied by the smell of the old. It is surrounded by well-kept gardens. The view from inside through the windows is very beautiful where the greenery and the blue sky contrast. To get here you must hire a tour or you can also do it on your own, but it is somewhat remote. You have to pay to enter. If you are lucky you come across some llamas and alpacas.
Antonio Iparraguirre: Beautiful mansion.
Cedric Piva: Lieu très propre et accueillant
Enrique Odar: Nice place all nature around
Marilyn Costilla Pantoja: Admission is 10 soles unfortunately they only let you stay for 2 hours.... but what they don't tell you at the ticket office is that 🤔 you can pay 15 for a full day... in my case they told me when I left 😡
Valia Judith Quispe Zuni (VA): What a beautiful place, well cared for... The colors... The forest... The gardens... The style of the house... The furniture... Especially the history... It represents Arequipa
Renata Miranda: Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended NoMore
LDGPJCSF: On August 15, 1540, Don Garcí Manuel de Carbajal founded the city on behalf of the Spanish crown and drew up the current Arequipa. The founder consolidated a large amount of land in the area known as Huasacache, where his eldest son lived until his death. Today, that place and the building that occupies it are known as the Founder's Mansion.Built in the 16th century as the hacienda of the founder of Arequipa. The architecture of the house has baroque characteristics with spaces such as gardens, portals, halls and more. The interior of the mansion has relics brought from Europe such as furniture, velvet cloths, sculptures, canvases and more.The original house no longer exists, the periodic earthquakes and consequent reconstructions modified its face. The great house of Huasacache felt its foundations from opulence to abandonment, when in the years 58 and 60, due to strong earthquakes, which seriously damaged it, it was left uninhabited.In 1978, its restoration began, preserving as much as possible the original design. Built with ashlar vaults and buttresses, it is the only surviving example of a civil construction of such magnitude in the Arequipa countryside. You can see a large central patio where all the rooms converged, and a chapel, a contribution from the Jesuit Order. .Its most famous rooms are the chapel area, the armor room, the main dining room and the main patio. In each space there are relics that come from the colonial era. Today, it is one of the most important museums in the city of Arequipa.
Ibeth Lopez: Very nice tour, beautiful facilitiesVisited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Mónica Covarrubias Aguirre: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended NoMore
Sugey Leyva Jaramillo: Nice place, just bad attitude of the lady who attends the reception.
Dora Mendoza Rios: Architectural Beauty
emil dios silva: A beautiful place with a lot of history, recommended 👍
Miguel GB: I will visit in the next round.
Pamela Orihuela: nice to appreciate
Jorge Marimon: Nice house where they do eventsVisited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More

8. ColcaTrek - Arequipa

· 28 reviews

B, C. Jerusalén 401, Arequipa, Peru

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ColcaTrek: what do users think?
Katherine d'Elloy: We had a great time discovering the Colca Valley with Vlado. He has so many stories, an immense cultural background and took us to absolutely breathtaking non touristic places. Go and book that tour it is so worth it. The Colca Valley and its surroundings are an absolute must do when in Arequipa.
Nicolò Piccione: L'esperienza con Colca Trek è stata indimenticabile! La nostra guida Vladi era preparatissimo e il nostro driver Michi super simpatico e anche un ottimo fotografo per le foto ricordo. Ricorderò sempre il baile del condor che ci hanno insegnato.Sono stati giorni stupendi, abbiamo visto panorami unici, che toglievano il fiato, e imparato moltissime cose: tour consigliatissimo!
EDGARD BELTRAN: Good attentionWith experience in tourism
Luuk Deen: Vlado is the best guide. Thinks about everything and makes you feel extremely comfortable
Lotte VDE: Our 3 day visit to the Colca canyon was just what we wanted: in a group of 6 people with Patty, our very kind and professional guide and Erly, our very kind and safe driver. Golden duo, it was very nice to travel with this agency! We were able to visit the Colca canyon in very calm and charming way, with avoiding the big crowds (e.g. we were alone at Cruz del Condor). Last but definetely not least, we had the opportunity to sleep in the amazing Colca Trek Lodge. Highly recommend!
Helber Paredes Tairo: I went to the Cotahuasi canyon, not the Coloca
Simon Cuerden: I did the two-day Colca Canyon tour. The tour was undoubtedly good but it was not great.Firstly, the staff were definitely amiable although the information I was given beforehand did not adequately prepare me for the trip.I was specifically told to bring insect repellent. I have no idea why. This was completely unnecessary because I never had to use it. Secondly, nobody bothered to give me the most important piece of advice: bring warm clothes! Nobody in my small group had done so either. In fact, a group member told me that before the tour she had explicitly asked if she should bring warm clothes and was advised it was unnecessary. I was freezing cold at night. This annoyed me because I had warm clothes – back in Arequipa! Yes, it may be hot during the day, but the temperature drops dramatically at night. Nobody bothered to tell me this.I was expecting a lot more information on the tour but didn’t receive very much. If I contrast this to my Sacred Valley tour near Cusco, we were constantly informed.The first part of the trip involved an off-road visit to some striking rock formations. Our guide took us on a short walk. However, we got to a point where we were at the bottom of a short but steep incline. It was tough to scramble up and felt dangerous. If I’d fallen, I could have hurt myself. I thought this was an unnecessary risk.The walks we did were pleasant but were nothing extraordinary. One involved stopping on the road and walking alongside observing local wildlife – but we were walking along the side of the road! I had expected something a little more uplifting than this.When we arrived at our hotel, it was pleasant but very cold. This could have easily been avoided if someone had told us to bring warm clothes! (Yes, I know I’m harping on about this, but this issue would have been so easy to avoid.) We went for an early evening walk nearby. It was okay, but I wasn’t too impressed at the amount of garbage on the footpath. It was pretty depressing to see. Once we got to the edge of the canyon, our guide asked if we wanted to proceed further. But we were all so cold that we asked to turn back.On the second day, we went on a bicycle ride. Most of it was downhill so it didn’t require much effort. The views were lovely, and this was fun. This was an enjoyable excursion.The food at the lodge was decent and basic – but it wasn’t exceptional. By the way, the lodge doesn’t have internet. Although my cellphone provider, Claro, had an excellent signal, it would have been nice to know about the lack of internet in advance. After all, for better or worse we live in a connected world – and it would have been better to have known this beforehand.The van we travelled in was comfortable enough, but the door rattled slightly. This made for quite a noisy journey. I know this may seem trivial, but for a long trip, it matters. The constant juddering was a bit jarring.We were asked to complete a questionnaire at the end of the trip. This is always a good idea, but for a questionnaire to accurately reflect people's opinions, it’s much better to give guests the privacy to complete it. Then you are more likely to receive an accurate reflection of what they think. Why so? Well, some people are happy to discuss things in person while others are more non-confrontational and prefer to privately give their thoughts on paper. This was not possible, as our guide was hovering over us the entire time and immediately read the questionnaires after they had been completed.As I said, this tour was certainly good but not great. Judging by how much this cost compared to other tours, in my heart I cannot really recommend it.
Tim Peelen: Perfect information provided about hiking in the region by vlado. Most kind and helpfull person you will ever find :)
Robert de Vos: We did the 2 day/1 night Colca Trek and it was great! We were picked up early in the morning at our hostel by a private bus from Colca Trek. Here we met our tourguide Savino and our driver Michi. These two really made our trip even more special because they were so much fun together! Very high knowledge level and always time for some jokes (often at expense of each other :) ). The first day you drive towards Colca Canyon and make multible stops on the way to look at nice places, nature and animals. At the end of day one you arrrive in their beautiful lodge with a magnificent view of the canyon. There is a nice fireplace where you can have a drink and relax. The second day you have a walk along the canyon towards the viewpont of the Condors, also beautiful (we saw 3!). After this you have a bikeride down and enjoy the magical scenery. All in all a great experience, Savino and Michi thank you!
Martin Gonzalez Ramirez: Had a great experience climbing the Misti with Johan Zarate. I have climbed a few similar-profile mountains and he's the best guide I've encountered so far. Without his support and management, both mentally and physically (setting the right pace), our group wouldn't have made it to the top. Very glad we climbed with him and thanks to Colca Trek for organising it at such short notice (36 hours).
yanet bellido: 🤬
Debora Martins: Disappointed with the food served.
Gard Hulzen, Van: Mooi maar niet heel bijzonder omdat je door steile wandelingen niet erg ver komt in twee of drie dagen . In drie dagen. Is de trip goed te doen, in twee dagen doe ik of dag 1 veel.
Christian W.: We made a tour to the Colca Canyon and we loved it. We was never be a part of the crowd and could see each stop with a good explanation of the guide. The night in the lodge was very comfortable with an amazing view. And of cause, our group was first to see the condors.
angelica c: Bit hard, accommodations in the oasis were very simple
Angéline Berthet: We had a wonderful trip with Mihail Soto alias Michi, a human person who did everything to make us stay the best trip ever away from others tourists.Thanks a lot colca trek and Michi to organise our trip of fantastic 4 days
Thiago Moulin: The Colca Canyon is a great place to see, but I would not recommend doing a tour. Rather, it seems to me that it is a better value to rent a car, drive around there and stay in a nice hotel (such as the Colca Lodge with hot springs).I will start from the beginning: If you plan do book this online know that they do not have any system implemented and everything is done over email (more prone to mistakes too). You have then to wire $100 to them to make sure you have a spot. This was more complicated than it seems with my bank and there was a $20 fee involved. Colca Trek made an exception and I transferred them the money over Western Union, which saved me such fee. Still, very cumbersome process.I booked the 2 day tour. Initially, it was advertised that we would be picked up from our hotel and that we would go to hot springs at the end of the second day. About a month prior we received an email stating that they would not be able to pick us up, rather, we would have to go to their store to get the van. About 15 days prior to the tour we get another email stating that the hot springs are too crowded and that we would do a hike instead. It surprises me that being in this business for so long they could not anticipate how the hot springs would be and not falsely advertise such a feature in their tour.Very well, we go on our tour. First thing to know is that the Colca Valley/Canyon is a 3h drive from Arequipa. Add in the stops to pee, have lunch, see animals (llama, vicuña, etc) and some rock formations and you've spent pretty much all of your first day with very, VERY skippable things. After dropping our stuff off at the nice hotel they have there, we go on a short hike down to where the Valley narrows down into the Canyon and watch the sunset. This was great, but lasted 30 min, maybe less.The second day starts early. We go to the Cruz del Condor and arrive there around 7:30. No condors in sight but it was quite nice seeing the beautiful canyon with no tourists around. We go to our downhill bike experience. This lasted 30 min max, which was such a shame. Instead of touring down slowly and appreciating the vistas, our tour guide rushed the way down. Given that we were instructed to stay together and follow him, we all finished this activity so much faster than it should have been. The views are incredible. The valley and the ancient terraces are wonderful. Unfortunately we were not able to enjoy it as much as we could. We then head back to the Cruz del Condor, around 9:00 and this time we see so many condors. It is now packed with tourists too.To end the day we go on a pretty mediocre hike to a lake. Why we didn't use this time to see more of the canyon/valley is beyond me. We then go back to the hotel, have lunch and then head back to Arequipa.Now here's why I think you should go to the canyon but not do a tour: the best thing about the Colca, by far, is its geography and the terracing. The condor watching is also another highlight. None of this requires any knowledge. There's no hidden gems. It's right there. If you drive around, stopping at the miradores that you think are nice you'll have a much better, unique and exclusive experience, not having to share it with a 16 people tour. Our tour guide, Sabino, was a nice guy, but the information he offered is not worth the price you pay - in money terms (US$190/person) but also in having to pace yourself with the other 16 people, never really having solitude in a place that kinda requires quiet admiration, etc. Also, the food we ate was ok (I think it's almost impossible to eat bad food in Peru) and the hotel is nice, but, again, not worth $190/person.If you are a couple, and decide to rent a car and stay in the Colca Lodge, for example, you'll spend less, stay in a much nicer hotel, spend as much time as you want admiring the canyon and can then use the savings to buy a good book on the history of the Colca ;-) .
Patrick Dec: Wir hatten eine unvergessliche Zeit während unserer 2-tägigen Tour mit Colca Trek. Alles war von Anfang bis Ende super geplant und organisiert. Auch auf einen kurzfristigen Streik in Arequipa wurde bestens mit einer Alternativroute zum Colca Tal reagiert. Unser Guide war extrem freundlich und hat uns unglaublich viele interessante Sachen zum Tal, der Natur, den Menschen und den Tieren erklärt. Der Fahrer war ebenfalls absolut klasse und hat uns sicher und zuverlässig von Ort zu Ort gefahren. Die Übernachtung in der Colca Lodge war auch ein super Erlebnis, die Leute alle sehr nett und das Essen war extrem lecker! Wir würden sofort wieder über Colca Trekk buchen, die Tour war ein absolutes Highlight unserer gesamten Peru-Reise!
Guillermo Caballero: An unforgettable experience, descending into the depths of the Colca and feeling the micro climates is fabulous, the richness of the valley, the use of pre-Inca platforms and the landscapes make this trek something fabulous.
Imke Schoppink: We had an amazing tour with Colca Trek to the Colca Canyon. At first we wanted to do a tour where we would hike more but we're glad that we didn't because the altitude hit us harder then expected. In stead of walking we biked a lot which was a very nice alternative. With the tour we drove to a beautifull lodge with a lot of stops on the way to watch wildlife and nature scenes. The lodge is wonderfull with an amazing view over the mountains and very nice staff. It gets super cold at night and they put warm water bottles in our kingsize bed.The absolute best thing about out trek was our guide Sabino. He was born in the canyon and gives a lot of interesting information about the flora and fauna in the region. He is very friendly and helpfull and takes very good care of the people in his group, especially if you suffer from altitude sickness. He also taught us how to make amazing pisco sours.And he makes sure you get to see Condors!

9. Ventura Travel Arequipa - Arequipa

· 2 reviews

Cruz Verde 300, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

10. Peru Baby Lama - Arequipa

· 3 reviews

Portal de San Agustín 143, Arequipa 04001, Peru

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Peru Baby Lama: what do users think?
Jérémy Collet: Nous avons été guidé par Nelson pour descendre le canyon de Colca et visiter les villages en haut du canyon. Super guide ! Il prend le temps de nous raconter son histoire et celle des endroits que nous visitons, et avec beaucoup d'humour!Je recommande fortement ce guide !
Piotr Nosek: Very chaotic, the stops are only for you to buy some stuff and pay for something. The zipline is really bad, not worth the money. They ask you to switch places in the bus because other people come and they need your seat. I wouldn't recommend it.
Giovanni Baldovino: muy adecuados para el grupo y las distancias recoridas.Todo muy recomendable. Tomamos estos serviciosentre el 30 de diciembre 2022 al 02 de enero del 2023.(Translated by Google
Flor Mamani: They delete the real reviews, be very careful with them, they hide their bad service and high prices compared to those offered by other agencies, my family and I had a terrible time even when we made the claim, the manager treated us in a rude and arrogant way, They didn't give a ticket either, just a simple ticket.
Ana Belén Ramos: y porque estuvieran mejor los que estaban mal.2. Cañón del Colca: solo contratamos el transporte (de Arequipa al inicio del trekking, en San Miguel, que lo hicimos por libre
Chris G: I did the Colca Trekking 2D1N. I actually booked through a different agency but they tend to swap guests aroundThe tour was about as excellent as I could expect. Food was delicious and plentiful, the guide Eddie was amazing, and the transport was nice. The accommodation was basic but this was stated in advance.Be warned, the trek is fairly short, but very demanding. If you are not very fit you might want to consider a non trekking tour!
Jaco Evers: Professionele en meedenkende organisatie. Tijdens de heenweg naar de Colca Canyon kreeg mijn vriendin erg last van hoogteziekte. Zodanig dat we moesten besluiten de trektocht van 3 dagen af te blazen en terug te gaan. De gids van de heenweg regelde dat we met een bus mee terug konden. Tijdens deze bus werd de hoogteziekte erger, maar door professionele, goede zorg van de tweede gids kwamen we goed aan in Arequipa. De volgende dag besloten we langs het reisbureau te gaan en hebben we een compensatie gekregen, erg netjes! 2 dagen later via Peru Baby Lama nog een rafting trip gedaan. Was erg leuk! Aanrader.
Byron Arriola: .2. Trabajan con la peor compañía de viajes que he conocido "Phaway Viajes". Tener mucho cuidado con los estafadores de Phaway.3. La guía del Tour de la campiña (Sharon
13titorobert: We had the bus to ourselves, the guide Lizandro was very nice and we learned a lot with him.
Tom Ammerer: We booked the 2 Day Colca Canyon Tour and a Bus from Arequipa to Puno. Everything was fine. But there is room for improvement regarding the Colca Canyon hostel, the rooms there a really bad. Thanks a lot to Judy for the support. Communication was easy due to her perfect English.
Idara Campos: , yo ya habia ido al tour anteriormente pero con otra empresa en el cual me habían cobrado 25. Lamentablemente tuve que cancelar el full day al Colca pues me lastimé la pierna y se me imposilitaba caminar tanto tramo, como aún faltaban 24 horas antes del servicio pude cancelarlo pero el trato que dio una de sus trabajadoras fue nefasto pues ellos se dedican a atención al cliente al menos tienen que cumplir con su función, yo habia yapeado 140 soles por dos personas y me devolvieron en 3 billetes de 50 en el cual uno de ellos estaba sumamente deteriorado, le pedí a la señorita que me lo cambiase y solo puso una cara de fastidio e hizo un comentario desatinado para alguien que se dedica a atención al cliente y luego de eso supuestamente cambio el billete pero me dio el mismo. Comento que son oportunistas pues mientras esperabamos la devolución del dinero le entró una llamada donde al parecer unos turistas querian tomar la ruta del sillar y entre los trabajadores se pusieron a discutir que precio cobrarles! Yo que soy peruana se aprovecharon no quiero ni imaginar como lo haran con los turistas extranjeros.(Translated by Google
D Sanchez: .El grave es que se supone que nos venían a recoger a la puerta del hotel a las 3 de la madrugada. A las 2:50 recibo una llamada de quién organiza la excursión pidiéndome que vaya a la plaza de armas ya que estaba cerca, dije que a esas horas es peligroso, él dijo que no es peligroso y que no pasaría nada. Tras insistir me pidió que le mandara la dirección del hotel, cosa que me hizo perder la confianza en esta compañía, ¿Como puede ser que no sepas la dirección dónde tienes que ir a buscar a tus clientes? ¿Y por qué el cliente tiene que estar buscando la dirección y facilitandola si ya la tenían? ¿es molestar por molestar?Pero lo grave no es esto, lo grave es que Arequipa es peligrosa a las 3 de la madrugada, preguntando a cualquier persona local te dirá eso, no entiendo cómo la agencia prefiere poner en peligro la vida de sus clientes por ahorrarse unos minutos para ir a buscar a sus clientes(cosa que está incluida en el precio, por cierto
matan vesirmen: Excellent Evgeny, book with theme bus back and forth to puno, as wall as a day in the islands 🏝 there and a day in culcon velly, very good prices for all of these things 😀 and good English instructors on all of the daily trip with them
אביחי אזובל: עשיתי דרכם טרק של יומיים לקולקה קניון. ארגון טוב מאוד, לא ציינו שצריך לקנות מים לכל אורך הטרק
Chris Tian: We booked a two day tour (2D/1N) to Colca Canyon through Peru Baby Lama Adventures and had two really fantastic days. The guide was very professional, explained a lot and spoke perfect english. The driver was also great so we felt very safe. We can recommend the tour to everyone, because you really see a lot on the trip.Extra tip: It is best to book one of the better hotels (at extra cost). Just ask for it.
Mate Horvath: Friendly and professional staff, Judy was really helpful when we were asking about the possible trips. We went for a 1-day tour to the Colca Canyon, it was flawless and the price was great. Our guide Angel was also very professional and the bus was comfy. Why the 4 stars? The agency booked us for a 1-day trip to the Punaya Geyser, Stone Forrest and Pillones Waterfall. It turned out on departure that the trip was organised by another agency called A BORDO. Avoid then at all costs! The van was uncomfortable, the guide was barely able to speak English - even we booked a tour with EN guide - and there was a lot of delays, almost zero control from the tour guide. So Baby Lama is a great agency, but they should be much more careful when they sell other's trips.
Julio Adrian Guerra Davila: Excellent service, safe transportation, the very funny guide with stories and anecdotes throughout the tour, the delicious buffet and very good service
Elaheh Ordoni: We had a 2-days Colca tour with this agency.The hiking was definitely difficult, specially the first day. It is loooong, all the way going down, and too hot. It was all in rush, no time to enjoy the views!Be prepared for it.The food was definitely not enough, except the last breakfast that was buffet. Our leader Janatan was great.
Jerahmeel Massiel Rodriguez Ancajima: We bought three tours with them! They were good as we expected! They picked us up on time, the guides were prepared to respond any questions and very friendly! We came back on time to the city 🙌🏽 The communication with Victor (who sold us the tours) was good and friendly! He solved some doubts we had before the tour! Totally recommended!
Elie Chaaya: Dès notre arrivés à Arequipa, nous sommes tombés sur cette agence et nous avons rencontré Julien et très frenchement je le recommande j'ai rarement eu un suivi aussi honnête et réactif !Que ça soit sur Arequipa ou Cusco il nous a organisé toutes les activités avec des prix très intéressants !Merci à toi Julien
Pedro Ramos: Bad city tour, the guide did not explain anything, he kept looking at his cell phone, they charged admission even for entering a simple house where no volcano was visible, we almost collided with a light pole because of the driver and the high speed with The one I was driving was a bad investment

11. Trekking Colca Incaventura - Arequipa

· 4 reviews

av. gutemberg c, Av. Gutenberg 405, Alto Selva Alegre, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Carmen Alto viewpoint - Yanahuara

· 2416 reviews

Ramon Castilla, Arequipa 04017, Peru


13. Trek The Colca - Arequipa

· 8 reviews

Santa Catalina 219, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Estadio Monumental Virgen de Chapi - Arequipa

· 2941 reviews

Facultad de sociales de la UNSA Av. Venezuela paralela Cercado, Virgen del Pilar, Arequipa, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Free Walking Tour Arequipa - Arequipa

· 7 reviews

Santa Catalina, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Giardino Tour Operator Perú - Arequipa

· 45 reviews

C. Jerusalén 604 A, Arequipa 04001, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

17. OK PERU VIAJES - Arequipa

· 2 reviews

D, C. Jerusalén 300, Arequipa, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Estadio Melgar - Arequipa

· 2350 reviews

Cercado, Gutierrez F, Arequipa, Peru


19. Apus Arequipa Adventures (Victour4U) - Arequipa

· 20 reviews

Santa Catalina 203, Arequipa 04000, Peru

Address Website WhatsApp

20. Puente Grau - Arequipa

· 3532 reviews

C. Puente Grau, Arequipa 04001, Peru


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